What rude/harsh behaviors have the world burned into you?

I’m talking bad/rude stuff you’re “forced” into doing because you know the alternative has nothing but a shitty road ahead. This isn’t you putting yourself first as much as knowing to save yourself the drama.

I make it sound way darker than it is. It can cover a wide variety of “lessons” though. Maybe you complete ignore ex girlfriends because they turn out psycho, or maybe you don’t even bother talking to someone with a foreign accent when you call tech support. It doesn’t all have to be traumatic.

Some vital information for your everyday life:

1.) Don’t talk to any grown man who isn’t wearing a shirt at night time. Nothing good is coming out of this–ever, and you fucking know it.

…one generic thing is the need to lie. Lies are essential to cover a large number of scenarios in the average person’s life, whether they are lies of omission, or some deception that is more “pure”. The truth usually just brings up way more trouble than anyone has time for. The truth can often end various types of relationships, it can get you fired, arrested, etc. etc. etc. The truth tends to make life a lot more difficult and aggravating than it needs to be. Heh, seriously…imagine if your average guy were to tell the absolute truth to women he’s romantically/sexually interested in… he would only guarantee a lifetime of loneliness, with no hope of any change in the future. That’s what the goddamn truth gets you. “Honesty is the best policy!” What a fucking joke from a pansy ass kindergarten/pre-school/gold-star-on-your-tricycle mindset. …such laughable, pitiful bullshit.

the way I direct anger at people that don’t deserve it–and trying to patch up the relationship afterwards. Everybody’s different though–some don’t want drama, some people just want me to say I’m sorry, some people just want me to go away, some people want me to break out in tears and cry into their laps. I can’t read minds.

I am pretty much 100% honest with people. This means I will say you look fat in that dress. I will tell you if I think you are a fucking idiot and have no respect for you. I just don’t pussy-foot around, and I’m not politically correct.

Peoples first impression of me is usually that I try too hard to be a badass. Really I’m just honest and wont cater to people. If you can’t take it, go away, you serve no purpose for me.

Holy shit, this is like the #1 rule of my life.

No shirtless man walking around after the sun has set will ever contribute anything good to your life. Stay away.

Also, clowns. Those fucking clowns, never trust any clowns.

Nootube danger close, Commando, Care packages

I am blunt with people. If I know they’re wrong, I might sugarcoat it, but if they try staying in denial, I crush their spirits swiftly.

I never ask for help because I know I’m gonna have to repay that person somehow. Might as well make a mistake and learn from it or learn from example.

my attitude has pretty much become, unless you’re a friend of mine or family you can go fuck yourself. there are too many assholes and morons in this world to bother wasting time with.

Edit: this only applies to normal people. Gamers and otaku I give the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves not worth the little kindness i have to offer.

Ohhhhhh man, you are SO badASS. Do you have some kind of brochure that shows me how I can live like you?

You are trying way too hard.

oh and random, allegedly homeless people out there…life also eventually teaches you to not waste time giving them money. There’s scammers out there all the time that simply play the role just to get whatever extra change they can get, then there’s another category of actual bums who are just going to use that extra cash to get a “drank” or some more crack or whatever. Besides, there’s also better options of being a charitable person anyway. On top of all that, it’s not like I make a lot of money anyway, so I’m not going to give money away… I’ll leave that to those in the upper-tier tax brackets.

One of the great, assholish rules to life is “Look out for #1.” One should care about his/her own financial situation wayyyy before even considering handing out cash to random folks on the street, and even then, it’s still a questionable/foolish thing to do, imo.

“Looking out for #1” also applies to the traffic situation. Driving like a selfish asshole on occasion tends to get you to your destination faster and more efficiently than being the “nice guy” on the road. Unfortunately, I have a natural tendency to be Mr. Nice Guy on the road and in life too damn much. Selfish, greedy qualities in life get you RESULTS.

i can’t even pay attention to homeless people anymore. maybe it’s bcuz when i go out with my friends i’m usually the only black person inn our group, but these niggas are always coming up to me like they know me and trying to converse, so now i get real old white woman-like around homeless people these days.

Pretty much what I was going to post, except for the tendency to be Mr. nice guy. I tend more towrds Mr. Cunt

So, you do you go up to random strangers who dont bother others and say “honest” shit to them when they didn’t ask for your opinion?

Harsh lesson: Kindness can go a long way, but, after being the nice guy for too long, sometimes you just have to be a plain asshole to get shit done.

not a morning person, so waking up at 4am everyday to go to work im pretty much out of it…so dont expect me to say “good morning” when im coming in, occasionally I do but not everytime…so people think im rude

also I cannot tolerate clowns, not the circus ones, I mean the people clowns…those who try to hard to act hard or “gangsta”…females are not exempt from the clown rule

This hasn’t happened to me before. But if I witnessed a crime or a serious accident while on my way to some place where I’m expected to be on time, like school or work, I would probably drive on and not waste my time answering questions as a witness. The real world isn’t very forgiving when you’re late. And as far as I know, there are no good Samaritan laws where I live. Plus there are other things to consider, like whether or not you’re going to have to appear in court, or be placed in witness protection (and REALLY **** with your schedule/life).

The world is harsh, don’t let it depress you by obsessing over it.

I have no faith in humanity.


These are the qualities that constitutes the hearts and minds of 99% of the human population. The truth is right in front of their faces, but they are too scared and selfish to acknowledge it. Instead, they let society dictate how they live and think. They let society dictate your values and beliefs. They never question anything, for fear of the answer. Why? Because that would require taking a long, hard look at themselves, and people are too week to endure that.

They are no better than animals: slaves to our desires, too small to see the big picture.

So basically, I assume that every person I meet is an idiot. Although not everyone I know is an idiot, most are.

Yeah because they obviously rely on your judgement and will be utterly, spiritually destroyed if you don’t approve.

Some people in this thread giving way too much credit to they self.

Stop feeling yourself. “Everyone is an idiot but me.”

What you think you’re some illuminated dude who knows shit no-one else does?

Newsflash. Almost every other person you meet thinks exactly the same way you do. “Man these people are stupid. They just don’t know that SOCIETY is OPPRESSION man. Such CONFORMIST SHEEP.”

You’re thinking the guy you’re talking to is an idiot, but at the same time he’s thinking the same about you. You’re not smart, special, enlightened or whatever. You’re just as fucking stupid as everyone else. You’re a part of humanity. Get used to it.