What People Message You After Beat Them - P4A Edition

“Spamming POS all you shitty Yukiko players are the same”

Not my fault you kept running into fans all day sorry. Plus I don’t really want Kanji in my face, thought that would be obvious.

I’ve had a fellow Yukiko player sending me hatemail… even after he won in a close match. I wasn’t even angry. I would have thought someone who uses the same character as you would be more understanding…lol

I haven’t gotten any hate mail, but I did play one guy who got really sore over losing three PSR points. People who play online by themselves and use a headset continue to baffle me.

I’m playing Mitsuru, my title is “Mr. Auto Attack”, at rank C beating A/S/S+ players more often than not (despite dropping like every combo ever that doesn’t start with a corner throw), sometimes repeatedly and all I get are “Good game!”, “That was good” and friend requests.

I feel like I’m in some kind of fighting game bizzaro world.

You’d think that stealing victories off of grab->Mudoon would get the hate mail flowing but I have yet to receive a message. Full screen “fuck yo zoning” EX Dive Grabs have failed to bring people’s ire as well.

I’m… a little disappointed, really. I thought these characters would really bring in the hate. :C

dat auto chombo so OP!

I was playing as Kanji against the dumbest Yukiko I’ve encountered yet. He didn’t zone me out, he hardly threw any fans, and he missed his insta-kill. He messaged me, saying I’m a scrub, then after I told him it wasn’t my fault that he fell for everything, he told me “i didnt know the air dive was unblockable. stay free”. I’m sorry for overusing overused memes, but this was my exact reaction:

How the hell am I free because you don’t know that you can’t block grabs/grapples?! Some people…

^ ---- ROFL.

What? He didn’t say he didn’t know you can’t airblock airgrabs, he said he didn’t know the air dive is unblockable (which means he didn’t know it was a grab). Also not knowing some obscure thing like that doesn’t make his statement technically wrong.

And why are you using that air dive if you aren’t punishing something the opponent is doing?

I’ve yet to receive any mail from opponents, hate or ggs.

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I guess, but you would figure after trying to block it so many times he would try some sort of anti air to counter it, you know?

And like I said to him (in another message), the only reason I was using the air grab was because it was working against him.

Not knowing what the grappler’s grabs look like isn’t exactly my definition of “obscure game knowlege”.

It’s not an obscure thing. If you keep trying to block something and it doesn’t work you should stop doing that. If the guy can’t defense against it keep on doing it. It’s his own fault for allowing it to work.

I don’t even get ragemail anymore. I just get ragequits and avoiders.

Closest thing to ragemail i got was “Lol, 700 psr?”, when the game’s been out for like 3 or so weeks and you can get that in just 2 days.

I did have one funny moment where I was playing this guy. I just bursted him into the corner on the beginning of the second match and just ran up, autocombo’d up to the boomerang swoop, quick step in, grab and another boomerang swoop into stun and linked instant kill. as soon as the red “!!”'s hit, it just said “Player disconnected from the match.”

That guy I mentioned before? He must be lurking around here. He’s sending me more messages about my post (with explicit words replaced with less offensive ones)

Him: "hey [female dog] I saw what you posted on shoryuken [woman’s privates]"
Me: "Hey buddy! Long time no stupid argument! I see that you’re rather displeased about my post on shoryuken. Tell me why I should care and maybe I won’t think you’re as stupid as I thought."
Him: "[fornicate] u [person of African descent] that was a [female dog] move hahah"
Me: "Still laughing, huh? Looks like the doctor is in. Tell me, you young, rage induced Internet warrior, how did you feel after you lost to me, the free, scrubby Kanji player that abused the fact that you didn’t know a basic concept about fighting games?"
Him: "well doctor [homosexual] I really didn’t care at all"
Me: "Quite, yes, I see… Well if that’s the case, seeing as you didn’t care in the slightest, why did you send me that first message? You obviously cared somewhat about your bloated ego enough to send hate mail, right?"
Him: "[fornicate] u [female dog][gluteus maximus][female privates][african american][female dog]"
Me: " Wow, you can say racial slurs? You have a more extensive vocabulary than I thought!"
Him: "[fornicate] off!"
Me: "Gladly. Two more things though:

  1. Thanks for giving me more material to post on SRK
  2. umad?"

No response after that, he probably had to go plan a funeral for his ego.

EDIT: He sent me another message right after I posted this
"ur not a real doctor…"

I can’t even begin to explain how many time’s I’ve been called a fa***t by crappy Kanji players.

I’ve only gotten one, from a Ahkiko player who I dominated, and all it said was “Nice fans, faggot.” I just responded with “Thanks man! :)”

I like how you censored the words xD

:eek: You definitely have to respond with a thank you and a spirited message afterward.

I got one from [redacted] pretty much saying “u suck with her tho” and all sorts of whatever, and I just told him, “Thanks! I’ll keep doing my best! :D”

Love makes the world go 'round, man.