What People Message You After Beat Them - P4A Edition

Oh man. Inspired to make this after a couple of hate messages this morning while playing ranked…

Had this one dude who was playing a auto combo kanji… literally did nothing but hop around until he got close then mashed the A button like quick time event… since I play Naoto I then pretty much just put traps everywhere and processed to put bullets in him which he welcomly walked/jumped into… blocking? Not even once…

What proceeded was the longest most hate filled voice message I’ve received in my xbl career… didn’t recognize much outside the cuss words and racial slurs but he did recommended I go “back to call of duty” which was clever…

Second one wasnt really a message but during a match vs an Elizabeth I kept being called all kinds of pussies who hiding behind my gun… yeah… even though she has a full screen beam that beats my shots which he never used once guess cause its not in the auto combo… but yeah persona break then rush in rinse repeat salt…

All that aside I’ve ran into a lot of good players and sent a lot of GGs…

How y’all in boxes lookin?

Damn that sucks man but if you playing Naoto thats what u got to do I get so sick of playing some of these people online cause all they do is do the auto combo and they send messages to u dissing you if they beat you. If i had a choice I would only let the auto combo go up to like 3 links then let the player take over but honestly this game just holds scrubs hands. Oh sorry I play Akihiko so I got my work cut out for me I am thinking bout picking up Chie till they do something with him cause right now all they got going for him is his damage.

Saying Liz has a fullscreen beam that beats shots is a bit misleading since you can B+D~6X it on reaction.

I’ve gotten a few messages saying “stop doing that dumb infinite” (re: SMP loop), but I’ve gotten more plug-pullers than that. Fewer of those since the first week is over, though.

No hatemail but a lot of salty players :slight_smile:

In one lobby a player was very irritated of me winning with Kanji. After every loss he demand the host to skip all the players just to have a rematch against me which the host ignore. After whooping his ass constantly, when our match was up, he demand the host to kick me out for using a “cheap OP character” since he doesn’t like that Kanji’s moves/special attacks take a chunk of his health and also that he can’t “dodge” all of his moves. At the end I perfect him having the whole lobby call him out as a scrub/salty player. Was hoping to receive a hate mail from him but no luck :confused:

“Even my grandmother can beat me using the boss” - some guy getting crushed by my Shadow Labrys.

Surprisingly I get more compliments on my Yukiko and S.lab than hate mail. Maybe because they are not commonly played characters? What has the world come to when I can’t get hatemail for good spacial control and keep away.

I’ve had a few good games. I got one hatemail after winning with Akihiko for using his kill rush and double uppercut.

I get a lot of salt online from people who seem to think Liz is some kind of god tier cheap character or something, regardless of if I win or lose. I had one guy tonight, badas4u, messages me about how I play a “cheat character”. I got hate mail also tonight from an Akihiko who tried to call me out on being “pathetic”… this despite a close match he barely won, and a second match that I won pretty handily.

This game definitely seems to bring out the salt in people. I’ve never gotten hatemail in SFIV, KoF, BB, or SFxT.

Not exactly rage mail but Ryusuke_Resteem is a high rank/win rate Kanji player who got completely demolished against me in a 4 bar max connection (this guy must live in my city) and pulled the plug on his last 5% health in the second round. Guy was an utter scrub, must have disconnected like 100 of his games to keep such a record.

I had people disconnect on me in a player match. It not like it really counts or degrades you like in a ranking match, so why bother?

Player match has it’s own win/loss record and you can level up from it so peeps are probably trying to preserve that.

On week one I had a speculator call me a scrub for abusing Kenji.

I’ve beaten a few people with Kanji and had no issues. Have any of the other Akihiko players gotten hate for using the kill rush stuff? xPR Barbiex had a problem with me, and I had a few others as well.

So far, no messages. Hell, I even sent a message to a fellow Yu player I just beat and he ended up on my friendlist.

Go back to your Mitsuru Hentai you A******.

This was my current favorite I’ve received.

“Coward, Skip better players more often” Idk what they even meant by that… o.O

One guy plugged in his mic and yelled at me for putting a consecutive win limit. Calling me a scrub for not letting him “dominate” the lobby with his 30 minute Kanji. -_-

He means you beat up on players that are lower rank and leave the room if someone high rank joins.

I’ve never done that. I was the one hosting the room and I never left. :confused: I’m a C rank so there’s really nothing special about me. I mean, F- ranks beat ME up HE left the room immediately after sending that message actually.

Well you shouldn’t listen to what random people tell you especially if they don’t know anything about you…and yeah it doesn’t make sense for him to say that if you’re only a C rank.

Apparently I end up in a Kanji lobby and received a message from another player who used my motto against me. “No luck. No skills. Just Mashing” After questioning him about the message, this guy apologize as he realized he got the wrong profile :confused: Next thing I know the he/ put his mic on and talk shit through out the lobby toward other players that were mashing Kanji’s B+D Thank god for mute :slight_smile:

When i first started playing, I had numerous players who’d run from me the entire match and get blown up by it. Now that I’m better and understand how to get past it, I’d instantly turn the entire match into something less than 10 to 15 seconds and beat the shit out of them. Needless to say, once they realize they have no clue how fastly they lost, they just ragequit before I can get my points.

It’s hilarious, seeing how the beat me every time and one crushing win is all it takes for them to suddenly want to avoid me.