What MOV tried to teach me

I was just in Tokyo this past month and ended up playing quite a bit with MOV. One thing he kept trying to tell me was this option select where instead of teching a throw, you press the 2 buttons for throw and jump away ( almost at the same time). Because of the language barrier I wasn’t quite understanding everything 100%. I dont have a console to check but maybe some of you guys can do some testing on it. I think what happens is if they try to throw you tech but if you miss the tech throw timing you superjump away? I really don’t know. All I know is when I played him, it was very difficult to throw him as he was always jumping away. Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve never heard of that one but I’m tagging this thread so I can hopefully read the answer!

Seems about right, I remember when we were all in japan and I said it was fucking hard to throw him. I watched his hands when he played other people, I think he buffered the throw between the down and up of the sj. Dunno about the exact mechanics to it, though…

Maybe its an option select incorporating a low parry (using the down part of the super jump?), a throw tech, and a super jump all in one?

Wish I knew. 3S is so damn complicated LOL.

thats sick if there is an option select to it. i distinctly remember trying to throw him and wiffing a throw as he jumped back many times. i just assumed mov was just jumping away from me instead of teching to avoid the situation all together.


Basically you can throw tech if you get thrown while in the initial frames of a jump/super jump.

On a related note I guess:

Can you tech throws during a backdash? I notice Kuroda’s akuma flinching backwards on opponents wakeup and teching throws, and other times making opponents wiff throw (followed by low forward xx bla bla bla).


omg im soooooo stealin that shit

EDIT: wouldnt super jumping at the same time as pressing the 2 buttons lead to you doing a sj lp? or does it not come out due to the super jump frames?

^ yeah wot u sed

Zak used to do this a lot against me. From point blank range he’d do a straight jump with the throw tech AND a forward parry.

Spend 2 mins in training mode and you’ll get the timing

I would figure it went something more like d+throw -> ub/u/uf

hmm come to think of it i think this was a technique i saw KO use vs momochi in the 1st round of there match at SBO

it could be possible he did…damn this is the reason why i love 3s…i never wouldve thought about some shit like this until like a year or 2 from now or something

EDIT: maybe we should make a general thread for players who go to japan to post up the lil tricks and such that they learn from the top players over there similar to what Let Blood Run posted here

it would really open up a lot of doors for players in most areas who dont know or understand much

This has some sick possibilities

ino told us about this at evo 2k7 in training mode, someone try to pm fatbear he probably remembers it better than i do.

3rd Strike: Option-select - The Game

You can’t throw normal/super jumps on the way up anyway…

…so I guess the super jump input is for if they attack immediately > low parry, if they throw immediately > break, if they delay attack or throw > super jump away with no action (in theory)?

Dunno if I’m understanding this right…

Does this work with a normal jump? I haven’t tested, but it wouldn’t work as well with a normal jump because I think you’d get jump-back lp (sj delay makes it so nothing happens). You could still throw in a parry on the ground and avoid throw but you’d be free in the air.

Seems like this would work with d/b as the first input too, which would be safer than the low parry option.

d/b~throw~ub~parry hmmmmm…

so if i understand this correctly the c.jab + short is hidden in the actual SJ frames so that if done correctly nothing should come out on the ground right?

im about to test this and edit the post but figured i would throw that out beforehand

you have to do it during the first few frames of jump before you can get jumping jab. don’t know if it works with cr. tech or option select dp/throw tech, but i believe it works with the latter - similar to how ino uses ex tsurugi/parry karakusa option select

If you do it correctly nothing comes out on the ground or air.

The thing that I don’t get about MOV’s option selects is how he gets out of Makoto’s post-hayate mixup.

If you use the SJ option select, some post-hayate followups would be:
karakusa => whiff due to jump
st.lk xx lp.hayate | ex.oroshi => down parried, jump over hayate/oroshi
lp.hayate => hits grounded (no air juggle due to extra startup frames for SJ)

The handful of times I’ve played MOV, it’s almost always:
karakusa => whiff due to jump
st.lk xx lp.hayate | ex.oroshi => down parried, thrown
lp.hayate => air parried

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to merge an SJ option select with an instant air parry and not be hit by the lp.hayate followup (at least I can’t do it).

Off topic: Here’s a strange game mechanic. If you play Mak vs. Mak and do neutral jump followed by instant air parry to beat lp.hayate and subsequently j.hp on the way down, you’ll get diagonal jumping fierce instead of neutral jumping fierce.