What made Matriarch a lesbo. A Z! True Bollywood story

Bunch of vaginas in this thread made this true Bollywood story a Lounge exclusive.

You know, I’ve seen and done a lot of things in a short period of time. Traveled to a lot of exotic places, met lots of interesting people. You know one thing I still haven’t done yet? Laugh at a Sonicabid post.

So… we complain about people giving Matriarch too much attention for little to no reason, then make posts and threads dedicated to Matriarch which garner even more attention?

Okay :coffee:

I don’t understand why you are trying sooooooooo hard right now my friend, but if you want to get banned so much maybe you should do the time honored tradition of posting dicks…

Do us a favor,

Sonicabid’s attempt to tell a hetero-sexist joke on SRK.

I’m speechless because of this post so I’ll let this picture do the talking for me.

I thought I posted this in FGD or another section of the site after seeing all the vagina replies. :rofl:

Lounge is the only safe bastion left where people don’t have clits for dicks.

Has nothing to do with having a vagina, has everything to do with the fact that you just weren’t funny. Sorry man.

You’re not Dennis. You will never be Dennis.

Man, it’s just you been trying so often and so hard for reasons unknown to us that know I am genuinely interested in what your boggle is my friend. Maybe @Matriarch with her fancy degrees in brainiology can figure out what that is?

I’m thinking you overdosed on that shitty tv show myself.

If I made genuine attempts at that I’d be in jail or dead by now. :rofl:


Alpha 2 > Alpha 3. :tup:


Only boring people get bored, case and point.

Anyways your punishment is to watch at least 3 comedy specials of comedians you have never watched before. You will then have to turn in no less than a 300 word essay on what you felt were their strong and weak points during their routines.

Good day sir.

You got some LOLs in the lounge and had to keep pressing. Sheesh, and you guys call me an attention whore.

Also, stop thinking about my vagina. (Protip: It’s not brown, because it, like me, is 75% white)

Someone’s been watching Mad Men. :coffee:

T. Hawk doesn’t spread lies, it’s against his nature.

I’m going to need physical evidence of this claim, not for me but for certain chimp fighting interested parties that would pay quite handsomely for said evidence. That being said, you just got me thinking, if your chocha isn’t brown then what about your asshole? Is it one of those slightly darker ones or are all you all hollywood like this dude said and get that Brazilian with the bleaching?

Talk about ***ass***imilation

What a horrible place, this is.

I like that percentage tho…

I just don’t know why you think harassing people endlessly is funny. Come on man, this is high school level shit.