What is your rank in halo 2?

i just got a new online name and i’ve gotten to rank 12 in just a couple days in team slayer. i only play slayer because the other modes sucks, so i was just wondering what everone’s rank is. also does anyone else hate that fucking sword?

When I’m bored, I turn on my Xbox, put on Halo 2 and always/only play Team Skirmish (level 12, I think) and I find it to be quite fun. As for the Energy Sword, I love that fucking sword. :stuck_out_tongue:

i`m a level 12 solo and a level 10 in team slayer, only because i play need for speed underground 2 wayy too much, lol

im 12 in rumble pit and in Team Slayer.im on the verge of turning 13 :karate:

I have got to play you in Guilty Gear X2reload on live. My rank 12 bout to go to 13.

Must play you in Guilty Gear x2 reload on live. ok please. lets have some good games.

just send me a friend request and i’ll play you, i also have capcom vs snk 2. i’ll play anytime.

Oh cool thats awesome alright. lets have some good games.

I’m level 9 (Team Slayer, the only one I play), and I don’t seem to be able to make any progress into moving to any othr rank. So I guess 9 is my actual rank :frowning:

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I’m 14 in Skimish and 12 in Slayer…If I play Halo 2 (Rare) thats pretty much all I play.

13 in big team battle. But going to trash this sucky game soon so I can play some street fighter and area 51 and doom 3.

I back and forth between 12 and 14 in Big Team Battle

Your in CAL right?

No he cheats, that is probably how he got his level in skirmish. It’s people like that, that are going to cry when bungie fixes the cheats.

I played Sum1 who used stand by on me i was pissed like hell…

Yeah standby is the worst. They used it on us, they were blue team and suddenly the flag disappeared. Then blue team scored in like 2 seconds. So we figure, ok, they cheated, we’ll win the fair way and since we’re red, we’ll win if we score. Nope. We got the flag halfway home, but standby. There was not an enemy in sight, and it was a GUARANTEED score, but after we got out of the blue screen of doom, we were all dead, game over, we didn’t score. FUCK HALO 2.

Yea,were you playing MIDSHIP by any chance?

Nah it was Zanzibar I think.

Damn I’m hella shitty then. I can’t get passed my rank of 9 in Halo. But I really don’t have too much time to play anymore.

This week though, I will definitely be playing more, trying to get better. Training is my friend.