What is your favorite way to landing the ultra?

My personal fav is the knee tick to ultra.

i most often land it off a dizzy combo cuz i abuse the headbutt, but my favorite is punishing blanka’s ultra. it just makes me happy knowing he can’t thow that move for free

on opponent’s getup, crouch hp focus cancel dash into ultra
not really expected and usually works in first match… anything after usually don’t but fun if lands

Any way i can.

c.mk to ultra is fun

In general, trusty ol Neutral jump vs a jump in. A classic, and when they land right into it they always feel dumb for falling for me Neutral jumping for no reason.

Vs Akuma, when he tries to use his air-fireball trap to raging demon. Block the fireball and then ultra off the block. It beats Raging demon comming at you… spiffy clean.

The most satisfying is whiff green hand into ultra

Empty jumps are always fun. It’s that “Hey! You were supposed to toss something out!” moment that makes the opponent thump their head in agony.

After landing a Focus Attack is always fun. Anyone who’s played Gief enough knows how incredibly worthless it is against a good opponent. But if you can land that sucker against someone who misjudged their distance or their jump-in against Gief, it’s beautiful.

Right after recovery from a lariat is fun. If you make the opponent scared to toss out anything while the Red Cyclone is spinning, it’s just comedy to buffer the 720 and land the ultra.

The absolute best though, is the “Grand Slam” usage. 3rd (or Final) round, the opponent has pecked you down to a sliver of life, that level2 Ultra is just shining away, and the opponent has a good 50% of life left. They screw up just one move - trying to bait you or whatever - then you pull out the ultra on them. Game, set, match, Zangief Wins. As a Gief user, that’s like doing a Daigo full-parry comeback win.

at 1:22
(this is me btw)


Oh man, been there. Many a times. Brought a tear to my eye seeing that. Off a psycho crusher at that, just beautiful. Ever landed that on a blanka horizball? I had some serious hatemail in my PSN message box after I did that one time - purely wakeup spam, as the guy was handing me my ass, and he tried to land the crossup horizball that hits you on the other side right as you get up. Something along the lines of “that’s f’ing bullshit! you can’t do that!”

Nah, I never did that before. The Blanka I have to play is smarter than your average Blanka lol.

haha, might as well turn this thread into different ways we can land the ultra lol.

when they block your crossup, i’ve done lariat to fadc to ultra. it suprises the shit out of them. they expect to block all 3 attacks of lariat and proceeds to punish you,but no! you pull a fast one on their ass.

didnt know you can fadc c.hp. must try that heheheehheeh.

werd . . . . whiffing green hand to ultra is super sweet. I think i need to get a joystick and practice cuz I only play with controller . . . the ps3 controller. hahahaha but it feels great simply cuz i use the controller.

on akuma when he teleports i just jump back and is soon as i land hes done

punishing a missed/blocked dragon punch with lk, hk target combo into space opera symphony.

dragon punch deez nuts biatch!

edit: whoops wrong character, but mashing 720 against blockstrings and having it land is too good

Taunt to Ultra. I do this when the opponent is dizzy, or if I just feel like I can afford doing something randomly stupid.

Wake-up Ultra. Don’t get close to a waking beast!

Dash to Ultra. Taste the punishment.

Standing 720 ^^’

is it possible with the regular controller?

Or do you need a stick? Cuz I tried the other day (i only have the regular contrller) and it just makes my thumbs hurt alot.

Still, the look on your opponents face after landing a standing 720 must be priceless lol.

i do this too and i laugh everytime. suck it akuma.
you can jump it even when he is really close just not right next to you

I think you need a stick ; ;

I finally found an Icon btw :smiley: Anyone like it? Haven’t seen it yet.