What is your BP and ranking

I’m enjoying ranked battles so far. Though it’s getting a little tedious. But I’m interested to know everyone’s BP and rank so far.

Mine is C+ and I stand around 2600 BP. I honestly can’t play that long without having to do something else. I wanted to get to B class by the end of the week, but I heard it was 5k BP to reach that and I don’t think I have that kind of patience.

I’m at 5000 or something, I don’t really even care about rank. Online ranking doesn’t really mean shit and the only reason I play ranked is because not enough people play the other modes.

Technically it’s the PP that’s important. I’m around 4800BP and 1900PP. Still learning…

I am 2471 PP and my guile is 5238 BP. I gained like 2000-3000 BP in one day playing new commers. BP is not skill, is just who plays more. PP measure skill

2850pp 2800bp

I don’t think either is a measure of skill really. I just asked about BP, because if I’m not mistaken, isn’t it character specific? In either case, I understand it’s more of a grind that anything. But I think this ranking system is a bit more interesting than the last one, since this one appears to be loosely based on the Japanese ranking system. In either case, I started playing pretty late (probably around Saturday night) and I was able to get about 1k BP in a day. A lot of the new characters have given me a lot of issues initially, but I’m starting to figure most of them out. I am primarily an offline player,and love to go to tournaments. I think ranking is good to see if you can play and adapt against random playstyles with your character.

sure thing, I got serious against the new characters. Somehow they pull something that is not familiar and I cant recover. Sucks how you lose one and it is -100,you win 20 matches and maybe it is only +20 points since almost everybody is below 1000 right now.

Imo PP are not that important because everytime when you start to learn a new character you are gonna lose tons of PP.
But anyway I have atm about 5300 BP,but I am still learning to get better.

caring about where you are ranked is all a bit gay anyways imo. it basically just means you play online a lot more than all the people in the world who are actually really better than you. i mean, if i really wanted to i could play in ranked for the whole of next week and probably become the top ranked guile on psn. is this going to get me any recognition/money/asian women who like combos? no.

I’m at about 4750 bp and fluctuate between 2200-2500 pp (losing or trying different characters hurts a lot). Yea, it doesn’t “really matter,” but it’s still nice to work your way up a bit.

yup, If I were to try new characters I will just use another account while I learn. And yeah, ill rather have my guile ranked up eventhogh I understand that the best ones dont play online. Sad, some of us are restricted to online play because we live in places were offline is just not popular. Also for the PP, you can always avoid or kickout a player who you know will give you a hard time to beat. So online ranking does not give the best picture, although in most cases a player with 2000PP will often give you a decent game. The 3000pp will often go to a third round tie breaker. The 3500+ are the elite online. Expect hell from them.

I just got kicked out of a room because " I used the same move most of the match"

I just made it to 5000 bp and i think just under 3000 pp, but won’t be able to play for the next 2 weeks. Anyone met alot of ragequits? I can’t remember any

On psn: 2500 ish pp; 3.5k bp
Rank 20 something in Europe (Guile)

On X box: 2.5 bp; 4.2k bp.
Rank 15 something in Europe (Guile)

Too many newbies on both consoles. Gonna play some more team battles and endless matches for a while. Maybe even pick up a new main.

Edit: I got a rage quitter today a few hours back. Guile vs Guile, 1 round. I had the life lead (he was on 30% I was at 60 ish). We’re both at opposite ends and he suddenly stops for a few seconds (probly realised he was low on hp and not much time on the clock).

I stop too, waiting for him to make a move. He doesn’t, so I put on my shades. He dcs.

p.s; I’ve not had any negative messages. Quite the contrary, I’ve actually had a few ggs here and there.


rank 1 :euro
rank 41 :world wide
Char:Guile :slight_smile:

Some people might not think so, but I think that’s pretty impressive. Way to represent. :wink:

i think i have 200

am i winning yet?:karate:

I hate the fact that you only get 1 player pt for beating some people. Once you get up so high, it’s hard to find people who match your pp so the system doesn’t reward you as much.

That’s not the attitude of a Guile player. Do it, make /sure/ we don’t get the aforementioned bonus material, then post.

1 st euro

34 world wide


**32 world wide is Poongko who name is Effzang