What is the difference between meaties on wake up and mid combo meaties and also

can u do meaties during air recovery ?

Wake-up Meaty: Timing your attack so that its active frames coincide with when your opponent has a hurtbox again during wake up. If timed lated, so that the later active frames of the attack hit, this can open up certain links due to the hitstun being the same, but there being less frames left to recover from.

Combo meaty: I figure this is when you use an attack mid-combo that somehow manages to hit during later active frames rather than at the first active frame. This can have the same effect as described above.

I’m assuming by air recovery you mean if you can stick out a poke and have them land on it during air recovery. In that case, the answer is yes. They can block it of course, but yeah, you can meaty someone in that situation.

Meaties traditionally only meant the former.

You can meaty someone any time they go from a non hitable state into a hitable state assuming your attack intersects them during the last few active frames.

Essentially you hit them as late as possible as soon as they CAN be hit for maximum hit-stun and the least amount of recovery on your end.

or during a reset can u do that ?

I guess you mean if you both land perhaps after an air trade or a clean hit, but you land first and stick the button out as he lands? I guess in theory yes, but playing fighting games for so long, that also happens to be a usual spot for a player to use a reversal, so I wouldn’t recommend what you are saying (if it’s what I think you are saying), at least against an average - poor player. A bait right there would be my play, character dependant of course.

With Evil Ryu as your avatar though, perhaps you are talking about meaty fireball set ups, which is slightly different.

oh i mean resets can u do meaties during resets.

Yeah, don’t see why not, it’s all in the timing. Some characters get different combo’s from meaty’s, like overheads. I play Sagat though So my reset knowledge is about zero…

if u whiff a jab during a hit during reel animation can u get mid meaty off it ?

You really need to learn to be more articulate and specific with your questions. Whiff jab off of what attack? What range? We have no idea the amount of hitsun/recovery the move you’re intending to cause the reel animation has. What move are you trying to hit late in it’s active frames and to what end?

ok say im evil ryu and i do a jump in specfically a jump in heavy kick at at a distance where it is max range but inside the range where it can still actually the training dummy like and he is crouching and it is on a big hit box like barlog.

and try crouching light punch into crouching heavy punch link the rufus specific link on barlog
now crouching lp has 14 frames of hit stun so i don’t know if this link would work.

Ok, first ask yourself 2 questions:
[] Why would I want to hit this link?
] How would I test this?

I for one don’t understand why you would want to try and land this link over doing something simple off the jump roundhouse to gain better positioning or a knockdown, for instance jump roundhouse>sweep. What does landing crouch jab into crouch fierce get you? Are you trying to land a special or super after that? If not, why bother? Sweep is probably a better idea.

As for question 2, go to training mode set Boxer to crouch and block after first hit. Try to land a crouch jab after the max range jump in and see what happens. My guess is it whiffs after a max range jump in, so it’s a moot point after that. Now try crouch fierce, that probably whiffs too. Now try sweep betcha it works.

You make a lot of posts focused on these mid-combo “meaties” and links but don’t appear to understand the concept of when or why to apply them and want other people to figure it out for you without testing it for yourself. Chances are you will understand the concepts a lot better actually having to work them out. If you want people to help, post specific situations (hopefully a video too), state what you are trying to do and ask why it isn’t working.

Also, most of your questions appear to revolve around very specific Evil Ryu combos and situations, why not post them in that character specific forum. Bonus points if you work on your grammar and punctuation, it will make your posts easier to understand and easier for others to help you.

no i don’t understand the concept of mid combo meaties hence why i came to newb dojo section of the site to ask. 2nd does spacing have alot to do with how meaties work like is doing things in max range how mid combo meaties work.

It’s a matter of hitboxes and timing, so yes spacing effects it. Characters can get pushed out of things. People discover these things by testing them. You have that ability too. If you are keen on seeing if something works, set up the scenario and try it. And then post video and then ask. People don’t appear to be looking for the same things you are. Right now you are asking us the equivalent of “Can you fix what’s wrong with my car?” over the phone. We have no idea what’s wrong and what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you want to learn and experiment with hitboxes and combo creating people have made lovely tools such as this:

Download and try it out.

…can I just pop in and say that this stuff really isn’t very important before you reach a very high level of play? =V

so basically in frame trapped when i hit them look at difference between u hit them at point blank range and the way they reel back and then when i hit them at max range and the way they reel back.

correct ?

Animations are less important than hitboxes/hurtboxes and many hitboxes in SFIV are janky.
See here.

And Naeras is right, you’re probably putting the cart ahead of the horse.

im trying to hit this combo with evil ryu on the bigger hitboxes like rufus seth abel sagat barlog hugo etc can u tell me what im doing wrong here im going to upload a video of it.

i have the training dummy on crouching and it’s on the bigger characters like seth etc and im trying to do a meaty crouching medium punch into crouching heavy punch.

need a feed back on this video

You don’t understand what a meaty is. What the fuck is a “mid-combo” meaty?

A meaty attack is used after you’ve knocked your opponent down. You time this move so that it will hit during it’s latest active frames, and on the earliest frames of your opponents wakeup. Ideal example: I press medium punch timed so that the LAST active frame hits the opponent on the FIRST frame that they are able to be hit upon waking up. Therefore anything they do that doesn’t have invincibility on FRAME ONE means they get hit.

As far as I can tell you’re just trying to do a combo. The reason no one can help you is because you are unable to communicate.