What have you discovered with Gouken in AE?

Jump back MP cancelled into Tatsu will produce a forward moving tatsu for a combo

Against floaty jump characters you can dash forward after a fireball and EX tatsu someone jumping forward from full screen away

Although we lost Kongo FADC LP palm in AE, you can use st.HK instead.

cl.st.HK has less pushback. You are able to connect c.lk and .cmp afterwards, but not sure anything else will combo from there. EDIT: Can combo tatsu in the corner


All Tatsus are too slow to connect. 7 frame start up is the fastest tatsu and only a +5 on cl.HK

I want to say opponent is too far after the c.lk or c.mp but it’s a 1 frame link off the cl.hk into those two so it may work off of them on a fully linked combo but if you mis the link the tatsu is out of range

No you can’t hit with the Tatsu after cl.HK>cr.MP/cr.LK. Gouken is too far and the tatsu. even EX whiffs. It’s kinda WTF! So now, there is no reason to go for cr.LK. You might want to link the cr.MP for an extra 56 damage.
Jump HK–cl.HK does 210 dmg. Adding the c.MP link does 266 dmg.
You can link sweep after cl.HK for the untechable knockdown. This will be the best option to set up mix ups.


kongo FADC mp dash punch connects!
kongo FADC EX hurricane connects and sucks em in for 350 damage

Works in corner, and you know how the crouching opponent shit goes. :frowning:

Has anybody been able to reproduce his kara kongo? I can’t seem to get it work now that there are only punch buttons used. Even the normal into EX.

Jump back mp to forward tatsu eh? Good stuff.

I noticed that proud strawberry has played half as many matches as bullcat and has the same BP, maybe he’s actually the better player.

I don’t hoard meter anymore, but I notice that ex tatsu moves you forward a lot so you can’t use it for jumps that are crossup ambiguous.

So nice grabbing people out of 3 frame jabs after st.mp!

Details in the video description.

Played around in training mode for a while last night and could not get anyone to fall out of a tatsu :slight_smile:

Kongo properties were a little harder to test. It would appear to be position based and not move properties which is a royal pain in the hoop.

So wait, they fix the EX Tatsu fall-out but now have Roundhouse Tatsu dropping the Cammy after a back throw?

Is this new?

Non-EX Gouken Fall dive kick hit box felt nerfed. The cross up timing and spacing felt a lot tighter, situation before where they can’t duck or even dash out of, seem to misses completely now.

After messing around in practice a bit, you can kara kongo from mp kongo into EX, but I can’t get non-EX kongo to come out. Guess days of using it to build meter and pester people that chase their fireballs are over. Somebody please prove me wrong? Interestingly, you can now kara from roundhouse into kongo and get an advancing kongo. Kind of like Sagat’s kara tiger shot.

I really don’t see how much use a 1.5 spacing Kara Kongo would have personally. What even is the point of talking so much about Kara kongo?

Anybody know what you can link after using cl.st.MK? I know its a 3 frame startup now, so technicall its a good move, but what are good followups after landing it? I have not seen anyone use it extensively. Any ideas?

Well the name of the thread is “what have you discovered with Gouken in AE”. How about posting something constructive instead of being annoying :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, kara kongo from super was good for building meter, ultra, randomly eating supers without taking chip. It wasn’t a key factor in his gameplay but it is something that seems to be removed. As for advancing kongo. Meh. It’s new. Maybe it will have a use eventually. Or it’s just an interesting piece of trivia.

I like it for frame traps. If you hold forward for half a second after cl.mp, you can link to cl.mk with lp palm buffered.

So cl.MK serves as only a follow-up? If I land a cl.MK on its own to create a frame trap, what do I follow it with? I don’t like the idea of buffring in a move on the first hit of a frame trap-- It’s better if its like the cl.MP scenario where you frame trap with the cl.MP, see it connect then link to cl.MK buffered into special. So I just wanna know if there is anything i can do like that but leading off with the cl.MK since it starts up much faster.

So: cl.MK > ??? x Special … Is this type of thing possible? Thanks

cl.mk doesn’t grant enough hit stun to link in to any normals afterword. Best you can do without canceling is a long ranged normals like cr.lk or cr.mp. You are still in range to hit but there is time for them to block/reversal/etc