What happened to the "godlike training mode"?

It does have the replay function… but apart from that, it’s pretty underwhelming.
The options are about 6 or 7.

And where the hell is the hit box display? Didn’t they say it had it?

Pretty dissapointed with the training mode =/
Anyone else feel the same way?

What happened to ‘‘Take my Money Capcom’’?

A good training mode could have been the saving grace of this game considering the inevitably crappy online play, yet they couldn’t even get that right!

FFS! I can’t even describe how pissed I am at this shitty training mode!

You can’t even set the dummy to record. That is pretty basic. I know this game was made a decade ago but there’s no excuse for not patching that in. How the fuck am I supposed to learn Aegis Reflector set-ups without a record option? How about safe jumps? Option selects?

This is complete bullshit. The only people who are hyped about OE are the old men who used to play this back in the day and are jizzing all over the nostalgia factor. Shitcom did it again. One of these days I will learn my lesson.

Did I missed an “Input Display” option on training mode, ir the game lacks this too?

Game lacks it as well.

I was hoping many months ago. Oh well. I’m still enthralled by 99% proper arcade timing.
Hoorah! I’ll take what I can get!

jesus … I don’t even …

While its not ideal, you can use the Parry Training as a ghetto record function…

things i dont like…
1.training options dont save…so you have to keep changing them back to the way you want it
2.you cant exit out of the menu with the circle button. you have to restart the training by choosing a training style
3.not able to switch characters in-game (most games let you switch by pressing down on the analog)
4.when choosing opponent, they only use the first set of colors, even if you have the second checked off
5.no option to change screen settings in the menu
…let me know if im wrong on any of these… cause i find them pretty annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont remember start+select working to reset out of charselect and other stuff.
can someone double check that

The biggest problem aside from the lack of a real recording feature, - a major fuck up, by the way - is that everytime you press Start, it resets everything into the starting point. It’s just annoying.

Not having the Input Display is imo by far the most glaring omission. That would have gone a long way in helping people learn the x2 short super.

Not directly related to training mode, but since people are answering questions here, I have one. I can’t seem to adjust the settings to arcade mode, I mean there’s an option for it in the settings menu but the rounds and the difficulty stay at their default settings regardless. I like to set my rounds to 3 out of 5 and highest difficulty to practice combos on the CPU, I could do that in GGPO but I can’t in this game. Anybody have the same problem?

The settings only affect offline vs.-mode apparently.

fuckin wow

difficulty definitely changes.

Training mode is a damn mess, that’s what it is.

  • stun OFF does not work;
  • start button resets the position;
  • no input display
  • no dummy record
  • no hit/hurt boxes

I also did not notice an option to put a 2P as a dummy. Are they for real?

Qft, and the stun option is funny. It has two choices on and off-- ON, means the dummy is set to 99% stun, while OFF means the stun gauge is normal.

I’m thinking they rushed it for some reason.

btw… is there a versus CPU in this game?..or only the arcade mode for that