What happened to Ryu in the SF2 tournament (Official wise)

I was reading Tiamat’s faq for the first time, and on the sagat’s bios, it says that Ryu might have gotten eliminated by someone earlier.

  1. Did Ryu actually participated in the SF2 tourney?

  2. If he did, who beat him?


No one knows…

First, it is NOT OFFICIAL that Ryu was eliminated early (or at all). I’ve always hated that Tiamat put that in his FAQ because its strictly conjecture on his part and not in any way part of the canon. That’s just his opinion, nothing more. It isn’t Capcom-stated fact that Ryu was beaten by anyone. But yes, Ryu did participate in the tournament… and that is all we know.

Truth is, Capcom hasn’t stated what all went on at the SF2 tournament or who was going to fight Bison. We don’t know what happened to Ryu. All we know is that Akuma jumped in (he wasn’t registered to be an actual participant) and fought and killed Bison (like in SSF2T, if you meet the requirements to fight Akuma, before you fight Bison, Akuma jumps in and kills Bison, then you fight Akuma instead of Bison). The only other thing we know is that Ryu and Sagat didn’t get to fight. That’s all we know. Anything else that someone may say is just speculation and shouldn’t be taken as official.

What bothers me most about the SF2 storyline (besides it not having a conclusion) is that Ryu and Sagat didn’t get to fight. Capcom builds up the rematch, and it still has not happened. To throw salt on a sore wound, there really isn’t even any reason why they should not have fought other than some bs about Ryu or Sagat possibly feeling that they weren’t ready yet. I mean c’mon, you run into the guy that you’ve been training to beat for the last couple years of your life at a tournament and you somehow end up not fighting him!? Sounds like cold feet. Capcom could at least throw us a bone here.

All Capcom reveals is that Gouki killed Vega(Dictator) during SF2. They do not reveal who won the Tourney.

The rest of this Post will be speculation most of SF Fans draw too.

The two most likely candidates to win the SF Tourney are Guile and Chun-Li. Chun-Li because of Urien’s statement in SF3 TS that Chun-Li’s legs destroyed Shadowloo. But there are a lot of ways to destroy Shadowloo without defeating Vega. Not to mention, Shadowloo was on it’s last legs during SF2. Sagat was no longer a lord of Shadowloo, Vega was a lot weaker and there where no Dolls. You can argue Shadowloo fell after SFZ3. Guile because of all the SF2 endings, his ending is the only one that needs to happen by him defeating Vega. Capcom states that Guile is now with his family and the only way for that to happen his ending needs to happen. Gouki most likely killed Vega afterwards.

Here’s what I think happened to Ryu. Remember, this is all opinion based on speculation.

Ryu beat Dhalsim. He has a win quote he makes to Necro that states that he used to beat a man from India who could stretch his arms too. This leads me to believe that Ryu beat Dhalsim once in SF2 and once or twice during the SFZ series, give he said he used to “Beat” a man from India I think they’ve fought more than once.

Ryu and Ken fought and Ryu won. In SF3TS he tells Ken that between the two of them, Ryu has the better win record. Ken beat Ryu during SFZ2 giving him the headband, so it would make sense for Ryu to get a win during SF2 and more overall wins during their years of training.

After Ryu beat Ken, he dropped out of the Tourney. Ryu and Ken care nothing about winning SF Tourneys and only care about their rematch. This is evidenced by Ryu’s original SF2 ending where he doesn’t hang out for the ceremony plus the fact that Ken dropped out of the SF3 Tourney when he learned Ryu was beaten by Oro.

For Ryu, there’s very little reason to continue in the Tourney. He beat Mike Bison(Boxer) in SF1 (Or someone that looked a lot like Mike in SF1 since Capcom hasn’t confirmed they are the same exact peron) he knows he’s not ready for Sagat just yet and he had a hand in taking down a way more powerful Vega(dictator) in SFZ3.

Two other possibilities are that he sensed Gouki’s presence and went after him - another theory I’ve heard. And there is also a much much slighter possibility that he backed out to give his friend Chun-Li a chance for revenge.

But if Studio Udon decides to have Ryu beat everybody up they won’t get one complaint from me since he’s my favorite!

No one knows…

“(guess Ryu might have gotten eliminated early)” is the kind of statement that only a complete idiot who’s paying no attention at all would take as official. I guess I COULD theretically add in “or he left the tournament early” statement, although unlike Sagat, I can’t fathom any possible reason why Ryu would have dropped out since that seems the exact antithesis of a character like Ryu, especially while his big rival of whom they promised a match to each other is still in the tournament and waiting to fight him (it would be rather insulting to just bail on Sagat when he knew that Sagat was there waiting specifically for him). Ryu, unlike Sagat, tends to focus more on the fight in general, not any specific rivalry, so I don’t think he’d drop out for various personal reasons. Whatever the case, it’s pretty much impossible that Ryu stayed in the tournament longer than Sagat did (if Sagat were to be humiliated by being eliminated earlier in the tournament than Ryu, I’m quite sure his ending would have had a VERY different tone and atmosphere), ergo, the only logical possibilities are that Ryu was eliminated earlier than Sagat or that Ryu dropped out, again, the latter of which I can’t fathom why someone like Ryu would do.

Of course, “the only logical possibilies” should probably be taken with a grain of salt not because of their own validity but just because they exist within a tournament that has no real logical way of playing out for the most part when taking into account the conclusions (endings). Which is probably why Capcom never announced who won the SF2 tournament. …why the hell didn’t I add that statement to the guide yet? Blech.

same here!:smiley:

anyway guile beats bison for revenge then lets him live just like his ending. while bison is on the ground recovring akuma hits the raging demon!

What about Cammy’s? I think there’s a pretty big implication there that she fought with Bison…

Seriously, since every ending goes under the assumption that said character was the winner of the tournament, endings are a difficult measure to judge the storyline by. Although many endings contain portions that are canon (Ken marrying Eliza, Guile going back to his family), the whole ending still contains some mention of the character defeating Bison.

Actually, the majority of SF2 endings don’t seem to mention Bison’s defeat at all (or at the very least, I’m sure Ken’s doesn’t :P). Ones which I’m sure DO mention it in some way or fashion though range from Ryu’s (which doesn’t mention he beat Bison so much as Ryu was the champion), T. Hawk’s, Cammy’s, and Guile’s. Ironically, Chun-Li’s doesn’t, really (she just says to her father’s grave that she took down Shadaloo in general). Anyways, when people say that Guile’s ending required Guile to beat Bison, they really mean that it’s just that Guile had to have a chance to kill Bison for his wife to have to convince him to stop, whereas technically all T. Hawk and Cammy really had to do was meet then ask Bison a question (the answer of which Bison probably would have happenly given without a fight, I think, given that both answers allow him to mess with their minds).

To be perfectly honest, i dont think Ryu actually gets beaten. I mean, that would wreck what happens between him and Sagat. Ryu DOES fight for fight, but he is also competitive. If you look at the anime, which worked with capcom, Ryu is completely focussed on fighting ken again(he doesnt seem to care much about winning though). If you look at alpha its all about Akuma. Honestly, i think Ryu just vanishes from the tournament BECAUSE of akuma. I read somewhere, where Ryu and Akuma fight for a second time, around the time of the tournament.

Since someone said something like the worst part about SF2 story was… IMO its…

how they said ryu turned evil more or less when he shoryukened sagat.

I will never let capcom live that story change down.

(anyway not really much to do with the thread, just felt like budgeing in and adding my 2 cents lol)

If ryu DOES get beaten, who does it?

I think chunli actually won the tourny. Guile probably never got to meet bison cause his family came after him and he left the tourny and stay with his family. sagat drop out cause ryu drop out. Ryu probaly drop out cause he beat ken at the beginning and ken went and married eliza. cause if ryu was to be the one to face bison, then he would’ve fought akuma when akuma kill bison at the end. Im guessing chunli was to fight bison, but when she saw akuma kill bison, akuma didnt wanna fight her cause she was too weak so he left laughing and she was crown the champion. or it could be that ryu felt sorry for chunli and ryu let her win and he drop out, thus telling sagat to drop out too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the conundrum that is the Street Fighter 2 tournament’s storyline.

Why is it that in the Canon guide, all of the games have everything worked out plot-wise EXCEPT for Street Fighter 2:rolleyes:

Actually, there’s a few SF3: TS storylines that have not been confirmed/denied like Urien’s ending.

Don’t forget SF1 where we don’t know how the heck Ryu got passed Gen.

The more I think about it, the most likely scenario is that Ryu dropped out of SF2 when he sensed Gouki’s presence and went after him.

As for what happened to Sagat, the most popular theory is that after Ryu dropped out, he dropped out as well. I don’t like this theory because it suggests Sagat didn’t do anything during SF2. So here’s what I think happened to Sagat, but be warned it’s just my opinion and this only occurs in “sanoland.”

When Sagat faced Guile who I believe won the Tourney, he saw how he wased fused with rage and vengeance (Guile is always depicted as being out for revenge and nothing else. Chun-Li sometimes lets a fun side of her personality come out.) Sagat remembered how lost he was when he was fueled by revenge, when Adon managed to beat him, and how he overcame that to let Dan win. He probably walked away from Guile in the middle of the match saying something like “Vengeance is not the way of the true warrior.” causing a forfeit. Perhaps Sagat’s words echoed in Guile’s head and aided in him not killing Vega(Dictator).

Cammy could of just walked up to Vega and asked him about her past. Vega doesn’t seem to care about Cammy or the Dolls anymore who he considers a failed project and would give up this info relatively easy.

At the end of Chun-Li’s SF2 Revival ending, she remarks how her work is not done yet. Perhaps after SF2 she systematically took down the last remnants of Shadowloo down under Mike Bison’s (Boxer) control and that’s what earns her the quote Urien makes to her.

Ah, just me thinking out loud.

You know, it IS a CANON guide. Despite the gajillions of disclaimed conjectures strewn about the thing, it really can only go so far if Capcom themselves doesn’t give out ANY specific canon info about something (in this case, Street Fighter 2 has had NO official statements in it besides that Akuma killed Bison. We don’t even know exactly WHEN in the tournament Akuma did it). Even conjecture in the guide is better off with a base or hint of some kind.

Eh hee hee

Right call this an off-shot or whatever but there might be a small loagical reason for all of this “not saying how Street Fighter 2 happened”.

Street Fighter is a game. Not a story, or anime or comic or book or film, but a game. In the end how things happen, or occured, is up to the player isn’t it? If capcom suddenly decides that the Street Fighter 2 tournament must go this certain way then isn’t that kinda of borring for the player?

With Street Fighter there was one main character, Ryu, and a second player character Ken, so there wasn’t much choice over who won it in the end. But we don’t hear why or how (Except with the Dragon Punch - which later became a glimsp into “evil” Ryu Dragon punch - so they even changed there minds on that) because the path and how the fights went is down to the player who so happened to beat the game (or for the ones with an active imginaton).

Same with SF2 except its even more frustrating to try and get an offical story because of ALL the fan favorites who would probably honestly kill them should they “screw them over” - or at least what the fans view as screwed over.

Sure there a certain elements to the backstorys that should be there - but how exactly it all happened should never be said and set in stone when it involves the tournament. All of the fights that defiantly went down shouldn’t be told either because it kinda spoils the mood of the game.

This is why I don’t mind all these different interpretations of the Street Fighter Story or get upset about things that I may not of seen happen actually occur in them because I don’t believe it should be that set in stone and that Stret Fighter is more about the characters and the fighting rather then an complete defiante story.

Of course what I believe on this probably won’t stop them saying “Oh yeah this defiantly happened” anyway - and then change there mind on it again, and again.

So I have a cop out answer of “Play the game with Ryu” see that? Thats how the tourney went. (For the Ryu question. Play it with Chun-li to see how it went for Chun-Li, Guile for Guile and so on.)

But Capcom had no problem saying that Alex won SF3 which also had more than one playable character.


Well not much to say against that is there? Course I will but its a fair old point.


M’not Capcom but maybe they figured nobody cared too much who won SF3. Certainly didn’t hear much of it myself. Perhaps because Street Fighter 3 is so seperate from the other games that they find it easier to mess around with it. I mean, would you want to completely say who won SF2 while trying to please ALL the fans. The same fans who see Ryu and Chun-li as a couple… and as I remember, Cammy being Guiles daughter (I still have no idea where that came from - excepy maybe they’re both blond).

Still, did they say how exactly he won, who he defiantly faught all along the way? How everyone else did or who they faught and how exactly it happened? I bloody well hope not cause like I said, it kinda ruins the whole “game” thing.

shrugs again one last time

I’ll leave it alone though because I honestly don’t care too much one way or the other. I’d prefure it being open but eh, whatever.

laughs again

So here’s what happened in Street Fighter 2. Dhalsim won. His was the only ending that relied him being on the number one stand to tell his son it was him from a previous life. But more on that victory later.

Guile was going to kick Bison’s sss but before he stepped in his family stopped him - then Akuma handed Bisons his own butt on a plate so he thought screw it and went back home to paint his house wall. Chun-li was too busy destroying all of Shadaloo to be there unforantly, so she never got to wikness those final moments. Ken had buggered off to get married. Blanka found his mom with his amazing growing bracelt. Zangief was dancing with his favorite guys in the Purple Man Lace club. E-honda suffered a stroke and was in hospital that day. Ryu was off doing his wondering thing again, forgetting about the SF tournament when some random teenager challenged him in Honk Kong.

Lots of other stuff happened to but…

The final match was between Dhalsim and Akuma with Dhalsim being the number one man at the end. You see for all of Akuma’s greatness he couldn’t out match the power of Dhalsims mind and Yoga. Akuma used his big ass move twice on the Indian but because of D-mans pure soul and ability to clense the mind he was totally uneffected by the Hell sending power. A couple of Yoga flames, fires and long drawn out rounds, he won. Got his picture taken, Saved enough money to build a couple of wells and a few fish nets for his people, and ate dinner with his son.

Thats how it went down. Dhalsim obviously had to win because his ending needing him to be on the stand. Case closed.

Unless if Ryu won and Dhalsim jumped on the stand as he wasn’t there and got someone to take his picture. Whatever works for you.


I think this is losing an argument with an overly long post. sorry.