What happened at the Northeast Championship 15 in Philidelphia?

When I finished reading this article, I realized that I got zero information from it. I was just left with a (very) vague distaste… for the author. Maybe the article was directed at people who were present at the championship, but as someone who wasn’t watching it–-the totally unspecific, wishy-washy phrasing makes it sound like a bunch of political bullshit.

My immediate reaction to something this simultaneously vague and demanding of change is “You’re being vague because you know I won’t care otherwise.” In making this thread, I am assuming that the complaint is a legitimate one and I’m just ignorant of what actually happened. Could someone tell me what the big deal is?

Agreed. I just wanted to comment: “So…what happened?”

I’m in the same boat : I have no clue what happened there.

And assuming everyone knows is not a good way to raise awareness on something. Isn’t the first step saying what you are talking about? O_o

I did try lokking averywhere I could cause I wanted to understand what was the subject, but couldn’t find it

Someone started a Tumblr to call out bullying in the FGC. The Tumblr, for those who have stories to share: http://fgc-bullyingandharassment.tumblr.com/

From that Tumblr: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sj23sh

Bitchmade motherfucker caught feelings over one sentence, catchs feelings over the “incident” being known to others, then decides to broadcast about the incident he apparently doesn’t want others to know about.

SRK frontpage’s shittiest producer writes vague article of vagueness admittedly more effort than his beggining career of burying actual news under torrents of spammy 1 sentence and a combo video “articles” and closes comments because FullMcintosh motherfucker can’t take any scrutiny.


See how simple that was?! There was no need to even name names.

Transgenders need to grow the fuck up. Don’t be bitching because people are curious about your lifestyle, and just because one random asshole is a dick, doesn’t mean you have to get all emotional. Losing your dick (or not) doesn’t give you the right to cry about everything and expect the entire world to carry you on a pedestal and be your greatest friend.

When did the front page of SRK get turned into a reality show, why is the whole FGC getting thrown under the bus for the private actions of 3 people who knew each other?

Because the person making these articles doesn’t give a shit.

It’s just gone from lazy 1 sentence + linking someone else’s youtube video articles to clickbait, I assume the switch was caused by being told that a writer of an article needs to have contributed more than one fucking sentence and clickbait is the next easiest way to do things.

Hard headed shit like this is why the comments weren’t open. Dudes can mind their own business, unless we’re promoting the type of people who ask random girls what their bra size is at the bar.

The guest column or whatever was still far too vague, just left people to get defensive since nobody ever deserves to take the blame or be in the wrong.

I don’t even care about the specifics of what happened there, but the fact that the article was posted with no chance to even comment on it is kind of absurd for a site of this nature.
While I don’t condone this type of behaviour, there’s a few things completely wrong with that article.

  1. It is NOT NOT NOT the TO’s responsibility to babysit the people at the event. They have enough freakin’ work to do as it is than to have to take time to make sure “X” person isn’t making rude/bullying comments to “X” person. A tournament is a public event. You are in public. DEAL WITH IT OR LEAVE. If you went to a concert and someone there was making fun of/being rude/bullying you… do you go to the person who organized the whole event? No. That’s just an extremely childish attitude. GROW THE FUCK UP.

  2. Maybe the reason people were telling this guy it’s no big deal, or to not want to talk to him about it, is because it seems as though this was a situation between a few select people who need to work shit out on their own. As others have said here, why is the entire FGC being blamed for this. Sounds like someone has sour grapes and when you approach certain people like that, they don’t want to hear it. Or maybe the situation is a lot larger in your own head because you’re the one involved.
    Again, GROW THE FUCK UP.

I could go on bout this but I honestly don’t even care. That whole article sounds like someone is butthurt and needs someone to blame. I’m sorry his friend didn’t have a good time at the event, but shit happens when you’re out in public or at a large event. That’s life. Get over it and move the fuck on without having to start some large “movement” you think is necessary.

This is the issue with the way we are raising kids today. They get bullied in school? Well let’s start a big anti-bullying campaign which does absolutely nothing!" Instead of, you know, teaching kids how to actually deal with the problems they will face in life. This is why we have a generation of gigantic self-centered pussies these days.


So this one person gets mad at some other person’s comment about their gender at a fighting game event…and thinks that’s what the whole community is all about bullying and hate?

The fuckery is this Degrassi shit?

You’re just doing the same in reverse, don’t throw all transgenders into the same pot. This about one person who felt uncomfortable and one person being an insensitive bastard. Neither the FG- nor the LGBT community as a whole should be involved or held responsible for any of this.

And I agree that it is not the TO responsibility to look out for hurt feelings, sorry.

This is some real kindergarten shit here.

Things I want to make note of with the article:

  • makes a personal problem into a community problem, way to throw everyone on blast and under the bus for the actions of one guy
  • ask’s people to fix a problem but won’t actually identify it

Well, that’s all I needed to know.

Pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for explaining what that article was talking about; too bad they don’t do that in the article—it would have helped.

Bad news friends; apparently we’re dealing with a full blown SJW infection. RIP FJC; the only cure is to self purge, but that never happens once you’ve been infected. I’ll remember the good old days when you could make comments about Kayo Police without getting permabanned and auto-dq’d from EVO.

I’m curious what Karaface’s opinion is. She strikes me as SJW zealot who will mindlessly strike the party line, but she’s been in the fgc for a long time now.

I too was frustrated at why:

  1. the article did not mention names or the exact nature of bulling/harrassment
  2. why in the world SRK would actually close the comments.

Nothing makes any sense. THEN, Soviet posts and EVERYTHING makes sense.

Let me explain. Most of you don’t know this but there are these people called Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) out there. Had the author divulged that bullying happened and that the target was a transgender there would be serious repercussions over the internet and in real life. These SJW’s have serious power when it comes to shutting down events and boycotting. They protest and the government usually just sides with them without any trial or court case. SRK decided to censor itself and ban comments simply out of self preservation. Think I’m overreacting? Look at what happened to 4chan.

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It doesnt matter if they didnt say what happened. Kotaku would just pick up the details from the article, wouldnt talk to anyone involved and just criticize the fgc again for the next 2 months.

We ALL know that theres bullying amongst beginner players and longer time players and that needs to end if our scene is to get bigger. All that happens when you make new players feel like they dont belong is stifle the growth of the community, and if you dont think thats a bad thing you need to shut the fuck up and keep your stupid comments in your pocket.

I’m going to assume SRK posted the article the way they did to do some damage control knowing that eventually the transgender bullying thing would eventually leak. This is so SRK can proudly say they tried to address the problem when the shit hit the fan with the SJWs

iantothemax tweeted that he closed the comments because…

which was followed by:

Obviously was on the level of some of the responses here, or worse. Was he wrong for doing so? That’s up for debate too I guess.