What grinds your gears in BB?

We all love fighting games, obviously. It’s why most of us are here on this website. But every fighter has certain quirks in it that just make you sour, whether it be scrubs that spam, dropping combos, or not being able to beat the last boss in the single player mode.

Blazblue, is no exception to all of these sour moments. So tell me, what grinds YOUR gears in this game? For me it would probably have to be Arukune’s curse bullshit…once you get locked in by that you might as well slam your head into a glass counter.

(PS. God willing, this is the right forum to post this in…but knowing my luck it’ll get closed for whatever reason. Dx)

Noel. Drive. Nonsense.

Every thing about Noel ever. Her absurd autopilot drives, PLEASE LET THIS LAND, her running slide that beats anything other than an absolutely perfectly timed 2C and recovers too fast to be punished on block, and her stupid hat.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to win with Noel:

1.Turn the stick in circles
2.Mash A (or X if you’re on PS3)

I hate the updates. I hate having to repeatedly learn new combos for every. single. VERSION. And having to relearn damn near ALL the matchups, because aksys doesn’t seem to believe in changing characters “a little”.

I actually thoroughly enjoy that, breathes a lot of life into stale gameplay. Having to re-learn my main in CS was annoying, but also forced me to try new things that I had never practiced before and I got better overall because of it.

I just wish they’d GET IT RIGHT. >.< Honestly, I don’t see the whole “Tiers are closer in Extend” thing with the way Ragna walks all over most of the cast. Why, can anyone tell me, if the idea was to REDUCE the damage everyone does, did they give Ragna (and Hakumen) TONS OF BUFFS?

Oh, and they nerfed Tsubaki, in spite of the fact that she really wasn’t appreciably stronger than Ragna in CS2. Does not compute. Makes me angry.

this is my first BB, so idk anything about the previous versions, but…

stick dashing. I’m sorry, but i hate stick dashing, it sucks. I wish I could just use two attack buttons to dash, especially stuff like Hakumen’s combo when he sjC dA adf dA…the stick dash fucks me up, which can’t I airdash like marvel [/whine]

You’ll get it with practice. A lot of people new to stick have the problem of not letting the stick get back far enough towards neutral before inputting the second forward.

Er, what? How is dashing here different from Marvel?

In Marvel you press two buttons.

I play MvC2 on stick, this isnt my first game on stick…I just hate stick dashing XD. It would just help me alot for stuff like that little loop ragna has where you dash cancel to standing D

Hate when people are pressing buttons non-stop(while blocking) ruins the purpose of mixup.

You’ll get use to it, also Ragna’s 5D>Dash 5D is worthless an stupid, no one does it, the tut was just explaining characters have that(Ragna, Jin, Noel)

Also @ Airk the tiers imo are closer overall you don’t have overly weak characters getting dominated by the best, I’ve played Litchi since CT watched her go from Bottom-Mid to High/Top back to Mid and now at bottom-mid again, I have trouble in certain match ups, but I still beat Ragna’s I’m just a better player than some opponents I run into which is the deciding factor. Now in Tsubaki’s case yeah she got screwed hard.

Tsubaki with stock. That shit is just straight up dumb.

Dumb as in BAD, if you’re talking about EX. Look at me! All of my drive moves are super negative on block and end up with me right up in jabbing range of my opponent! It’s brilliant!

Heaven forfend that a character that has to sacrifice pressure and oki to fill up her special magic gauge have drive moves that are useful as anything other than combo fodder.

Sacrificing pressure to build meter has been how it always is.
@Bolded section. Why are you approaching with drive and assuming to be safe? If good/knowledgeable players are exposing you for doing dumb shit it’s your own fault, get a better approach.

Sacrificing pressure to build meter means that meter should be GOOD for something other than just moving my damage up from “Poor” to “sortof OK”.

Previously, it was possible to spend drive stocks to improve Tsubaki’s mediocre neutral game. Now her neutral is worse, and it’s not safe to use drive moves in neutral either, due to their being punishable on normal block in most cases.

Things that used to be smart are now dumb. I think I’m within my rights to be upset about that. Especially when those things involve spending hard fought resources. And double especially when people claim “that shit is just dumb” as in “annoying”; Sorry mate, but if you somehow can’t punish Tsubaki’s -9 on block drive moves, you have bigger problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

can i add listening to match videos to this?

i thought id watch some vids and get a general feel on gameplay etc. I was watching winter brawl finals, and god the commentary is just sooo bad. dry and boring.

matches were nice though, learned alot (after i turned it to mute)

Training mode is not supposed to be the game. Versus is the game. Forcing me back into training mode, because they made changes which nullify hours of pervious training mode time? Unfun. Annoying. I shouldn’t feel like I’m relearning the game, for what is supposed to be just an update. I shouldn’t feel like my previous experience with a character doesn’t matter.

Bang; for a comedy character he is kinda hella boring to watch.
Disclaimer: I am well aware he is canonically one of the most powerful members of the cast after Ragna, Rachel, Hazama and Hakumen.