What gaming platform?

Hope this is the right place for this thread…

Basically I’ve been without a console for a year or so, since my 360 up’d and died on me. I’ve pretty much been gaming casually on the PC since.

I’m looking at picking up something to play Street Fighter (IV and 3rd Strike Online) and was wondering if the best choice would be PS3 or 360? Pretty much looking for a debate on which console has the better online community for SF. NOT which is the superior system.


That is a dangerous question in Tech Talk. Some flame-war bate right there.

Okay you want the honest break down,

Xbox 360 has the better online, but you know XBL isn’t free.

PS3 had the better console hardware, but some multi platform games like Street Fighter is actually a frame or 2 slower on the PS3.
Online is still free on the PS3.

Keep in mind there some games that are better on the PS3, and some are better on the Xbox 360.

for online SFIV, 360 hands down.
It has a larger online base than PS3 and as Dark mentioned, runs slightly better.

PC is pretty good too and you can find the game on steam sales for next to nothing

Lol that did cross my mind before posting, I must admit.
Thanks for the info, yet again dark. :slight_smile:

I did have a feeling this would be the case, just wanted to get a little confirmation really.

Keep in mind I dislike Microsoft and I am a Sony Fan boy.

I’m all for hate-mongering on M$ (despite loving the 360–pay2playonline is bullshit that we have to eat because the dreamcast died ;-:wink: but I can honestly say that PC or 360 is the way to go.

On PC I can play with people in Eastern Europe without lag. PSN you’re limited to like 1/4 that area, lag and yellow bars everywhere and those 2 frames slow make me want to slit my wrists.

if u play sf4 on steam we can play against each other and i prove euro>us

I generally play Capcom games on my Xbox 360 and almost all other fighters on PlayStation 3. If you plan to play any anime fighters then I would suggest picking up a PS3 since most of them are only going to be PS3 exclusive but if you are going to only play games like Marvel or SF4 then get the Xbox 360.

So technically the PS3 has more “fighters” if you care to play them all.

Cool, loads of good advice here, cheers guys.

So a 360 kinda sounds like the best option… I was hoping to hear different tbh lol. Paying for online has always raged me out, also the fact I’ve owned 4 360s in my time and they’ve all fucking red ringed, makes me resent getting another one.

It seems as though steam for SFIV could be one way to go, but that still leaves me without a way of playing 3rd Strike online unless I get a console. Seems like overkill getting 360 then buying the game, then paying £40 for live.

3S is still on ggpo isn’t it?
If so you can play it online on there.

I recently got ggpo and the sf3 is on the list of games but its grayed out. Don’t know if its not playable on ggpo since its on console or what. I mainly got it to try and play samurai shodown 5s, and kof 98,00 and 02. But if I can play 3s that would be awesome

I’m a PlayStation guy, have been since psx. But another cool thing about 360 is u can get it Modded and play backups of your games. My buddy has aton of games.

3S isn’t on GGPO because naomi emulation isn’t where it needs to be.
3SOE isn’t even considered a good version of 3S but it’s better than not playing 3S.

If you don’t want 360 then don’t go 360, there’s still enough people playing on PSN–just always play on training stage and only play with green ping players.

PS3 is master race for fighting games because the library is way better (larger)–but you came to tech talk and the fact is Capcom suck shit at making ports. Direct X is easy to use so SFIV and marvel 3 are all about DX, then they made a shitty port to ps3 which runs a few frames slow because programming is hard.

If you want a Ps3 get a Ps3, but Capcom games run better on 360 as far as tech is concerned so that’s the advice you got. If you don’t care (like I don’t give a shit about CvS2 or 3Soe–competitively that is) because you’ve given up the dream of taking top 8 at evo then does it matter? There are online warriors on PSN doing random stage select, dealing with that -2 frames and “netcode”

Keep in mind the PS3 is amazingly hard, fantastically hard, astronomically hard to program for, more so than the Xbox 360. The PS2 was very much had the same issue with its two vector chips.
It is why Sony switch to a x86 family processor, a semi-custom 8 core AMD APU. Same reasons Microsoft switched to AMD and Apple switched to Intel, the X86 architecture has some 30 years of documentation.
No one at Capcom knew how to properly utilize their code to use the most out of the Sony PS3 hardware.

I did a paper on the Cell Processor–still waiting for Toshiba to drop the bomb with cell powered TVs, Monitors, Printers, MRIs, the whole shebang.
Sure nobody at Capcom knew how to utilize code for the cell processor, but IBM attempted to flood everywhere with the tools and skills to program for it.
Beyond that, Arc System Works, Bandai Namco, and Examu seemed to figure it out just fine, it’s inexcusable what capcom delivered.

It’s not like it’s a complete and total shafting, but it’s not exactly something I feel you can defend. I mean literally their job was to make sure SFIV ran on Ps3.

It feels like they got it to a state where it was “good enough” then ran with their fix forever, and at this point it’s just a fact of life.

Play whatever systems your friends play on. You’ll be happier in the long run.
That being said, I play most everything on my PS3 or my PC, and everyone in my local group seems to play on 360. Ah well.

3S isn’t on Naomi (it’s CPS3).

And also, the Dreamcast version of 3S is balls since it’s based on the 990608 revision that nobody likes.

In all honestly, while we do tend to hate on it. In terms of being close to the arcade original, it’s as good as you can get. Obviously, the game was tuned for CRTs and modern LCDs will always add a bit of lag, but stuff from the arcade should transfer over easily once you get the timing down.

Whatever Console you want.

Sony also offered training, and tools for all there 3rd party publishers to addition of what IBM was giving out.
Issue is even if Sony and IBM giving away training for free, Capcom and other publishers have to send their employees out.
And no one ones to work for free, even if it is training courses so these programmers who go for training still have to be paid by there companies.
And if those programmers had to travel for their training, their companies had to cover the cost of travel and accommodations.

The Cell Processor bombed so badly, IBM had moved out of the hardware business altogether, they are only waiting for there current contracts with Sony and Microsoft to expire (as they make the processors for the PS3 and Xbox 360). Another reason next gen went with x86 over the Power PC architecture.

Fixed. I mean c’mon, fighting games on Steam is slowly becoming a thing, plus you have all the classics that you can easily emulate and netplay.

Really consoles at this point are only good for 3D fighting games like Tekken, and Harada says he’s considering bringing Tekken to Steam… I just pray it’s not Revolution.