What fighting game should i start off with?

i trying to decide what fighting game i should pick and play. (sfxt , umvc3, blazblue , or skullgirls )

Neither. Play Super Turbo so you can understand how capcom will disappoint you in the upcoming games.

Skullgirls is the best of those

Play whatever the fuck you want. It’s that simple.

try all of them and see what you like best

Play Melty

Street Fighter II. For real. It’s best to start with the game that started this thing of ours.

Street Fighter 4.

[S]play Guilty Gear[/S]

[S]out of the choices you selected, BlazBlue because we need more people playing and recognizing[/S]

but seriously, try out each one and make your own judgement

which one(s) appeal to you the most
which one(s) you’ll see yourself playing for a heavy amount of time
it wouldn’t hurt to browse the specific forums for the games here, or in other places like Dustloop (for BlazBlue and Skullgirls)
or maybe watch a few YouTube videos of each game in action; see what sparks your interest

[S]play Guilty Gear[/S]

as some say you should try them out and see what you like. All game have something to offer. But out of the choices you made…skull girls. Though I feel you should try older generation games as the meta game for have been developed far more than these generations of games.

Playing the classics is the best way to learn the principles of fighting games. My advice would be to play some SF2 before you get into the modern era games, and if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and want to learn what training to play a fighter is all about try some MvC2.

Don’t waste your time playing fighting games and posting on SRK.
Do something better with your life.

I wish there was an option to “Love” posts.
I really do.

That sounds a like a grand advice. why don’t you follow suit on that.?

Umvc3 and SfxT if you want something easy to pick up

If he enjoys his time playing them, I don’t really see how he’s wasting anything.

Unless there’s some sarcasm involved that I didn’t get…

Sorry, I don’t really have much to add to this topic. But if you’re going to play online a lot, remember to take a look at GGPO.

Dark Souls

My advice is, to play the most popular game, that’s easiest to pick up. (I guess that would be SF4 at the moment, although maybe SFxT might overtake it in the future, dunno.)

Since you’re new to fighting games, you havent formed a strong preference for anything yet, so you might as well play the game that you’re most likely to find opponents for. (Unless you have some friends that play another game - in that case, play what they play.)

If you find that SF4 doesnt satisfy you, or other games look more interesting, then you can switch later on. But if you’re satisfied with SF4, then why bother with a less popular game?

Disclaimer: I hate SF, MvC, SFxT, and Tekken. I’m pretty sure my reason for hating them isnt because they’re popular, I just hate various things about those franchises. So I’ve always ended up being a fan of less popular games - VF, KOF, Melty, BB, Supreme Commander. So I understand the annoyance and pain of being a fan of a niche game and seeing games you dislike being so popular. Which is why I advise you to form your tastes based on the most popular game first.

Pick up SkullGirls when it comes out a week from now.
Why settle for shit when you can play something good?

Whichever one you think looks the best? We can’t make that decision for you, everyone’s just going to say the game they like the best.