What fighting game move do you have trouble on the most?

For me it has to be geese’s rasing storm

I can do this move but I can’t land it anytime I want.

I would have to say double 360 on a DC controller. And I can’t do any of those kicking supers with fucked up motions like Guile’s or Vega’s.

i have the hardest time doing a double fireball for 3s… i’ve always played marvel so i never really worried about it but got damn, it frustrating

I’d have to say a tiger knee’d shoryuken, in GGXX. The timing of the up part gets to me.

:dp: :uf: :p:

i’m a scrub…i still fuck up on ahvb x3 :frowning:

:db: :hcb: :df:

Raging Pretzel takes the cake.

i cant do supers

I would have to say Yamazaki’s HSDM in KOF 2002/2003. I can’t pull that shit off at all.

hahah try doing this 3 times instead.

:encore: :encore: :encore:

this one: charge:db: :df: :db: :u: +K

Guiles ST super…Damn you Capcom!

EDIT: BTW, the guys sig above is innacurate i think.
“Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

720’s. And I can do 360’s just fine. Wut wut

dp into hcb hcf, i can do dp into hcf hcb 10 out of 10, but i ll get dp into hcb hcf maybe once from 7 tries, actually more like 1 of 5.

I only have a problem do :db: :df: :db: :u: :3k: (Somthing like that) at the arcade.

just a suggestion

:db: :qcf: :qcf: :uf: :u:

Raging Storm getting better though
HCF or HCB x 2 sometimes I’ll pull it off
I was able to perfect the Demitri super though which I’m sure people have trouble on :d: :r: :df:

Fuck CvS2’s easy mode inputs. Do that shit in Fatal Fury Special, I dare ya.

None beats Fatal Fury Special for fucked up commands…
Tung Fu Rue :l::db::d::u: + :snkb: + :snkc:
Billy Kane :qcf::hcb::ub: + :snka: + :snkc:
Axel Hawk :l::r::df::d::db::uf: + :snkb: + :snkc: (WTF)
Duck King :hcf::uf::d: + :snkb: + :snkc:
And my favorite, the Reverse Pretzel MK-2,
Laurence Blood :df::hcf::db::r: + :snkb: + :snkd:

And there were no shortcuts back then. You pressed df then f instead of going from df straight to back? No DM. Too bad.

As for Capcom-borne motions, Double Somersault motion used to get me, especially in the CvS series because UF half the time would get me Total Wipeout, which isn’t too much of a problem in CvS1(juggles yay), but sucks in CvS2(Not that S-Guile is a horribly good character…). So, do :db::df::db::u: , and you’ll be fine.

I hate the SS4 motion :l: :r: :df: :d:

I dont have Problems with notations…Unless it’s a bad pad.
Am like 10 years or playin fighting games, so my hand got used to these Kinda stuff.

the hard stuff that i may get stuck with them are Just Frames >> Like in Tekken and Virtue fighter
Other than that, Normal Notation moves are normal

I used to suck at charge supers but one day I said fuck I’m gonna learn them then I had to deal with the Vega off the wall supers but now I catch people off with that 24/7 in ST.