What does Balrog say?

I’m curious. What does he say? Here are my best guesses:

Winpose 1: I got paid!
Winpose 2: Arm jow!
d, u+P: Gagagagagaga.
b, f+P; b,f+K: (grunts)
b, df+P; b, df+K: Garw!
b, f, b, f+P: ??
b, f, b, f+K: Braw!

I think most of my guesses are hilarious inaccurate. But what is he really saying?

i got bait is the first one i think =/

i think b,f,b,f+P is "No escape!"
and b,f,b,f+K is “gigaton… BLOOWW!!” with “gigaton” said really fast with little voice

Winpose 1: I got Baked!
Winpose 2: I am John!

Maybe his words are supposed to be inaudible,
but “I got paid” is definitly one of em. Cuase he is a prize fighter.
I want to know what his intro words are its like “chusobee” or something

b,f,b,f+P: “Non stop meat!”

i thought it was cant stop me.

Hey that makes sense… Know any more?

What?? Non-stop Meat makes perfect sense…

Can’t stop me?? what the hell is that suppose to mean?


cant stop me. a.k.a cant beat him what the hell does non-stop meat mean???

It’s cuz he’s punching you so many times and he’s just like “Non stop meat!!” Cuz it’s non stop

John Balrog’s quotes

So I was at the arcade today and I finally heard what this guy says.

Introductory quote: Nose cape!
b, f+P: grak!
b, f+K: groowwg!
b, df+P/K: jarg!
d, u+P: gagagagagaga.
b, f, b, f+P: Non-stop meat!
b, f, b, f+K: grun… BRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!
Win quote 1: I’m John!
Win quote 2: I got pigs!

This has been verified with the CVS2 voice sample and with Burghy so it’s authentic.

Dontcha love if when people cant detect sarcasm?

winpose 1 : I got dick
winpose 2 : i am bald
super level3 with kick : brb…but he say it fasssst…sioo it goes like this bbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbb!

I love what he says on the move in which Burghy has confirmed…



Oh yea, and b,f,b,f+kick is definately “KUNG… POW!” (like the chicken)

haha at first i thought I GOT PAID was I GOT LAYED!

1st win: “I got paid!”, 2nd win (when shirt is ripped off): “I am CHAAAMP!”