What does a player need to learn to reach Bronze, Silver, Gold and Plantinum?

Was just wondering what set of skills does one need to learn an improve to reach the next level? Also as a bonus question, if you had a high rank in a previous SF, was it easy to achieve a high rank here?

Anti air, know what to punish, know when to press buttons. These three things alone will carry you to ultra gold/platinum

Make sure you’re using Nash

be random & Just do it!

Jyobin is almost diamond now

jk tbh keep your win rate over 50% and with the current match making your points will keep increasing

Don’t play when you’re mad, drunk, or sleepy

He needs to learn how to read the forum because it has multiple help threads and not make another fucking redundant topic

Simple answer… git gud dickhead

I don’t remember silver or bronze. But the differences between the titles seem more defined now as time went on.

I’d say rookie-silver = mostly gimmicks. Learn how to defend and punish. Having basic matchup knowledge is key to getting out of here.

Gold= auto pilot town with some gimmicks thrown in. Being able to adapt is key to reaching platinum. A lot of people walk back during pressure here

I’m still figuring platinum out. There’s still gimmicks but not as much and people adapt better. I’m only super platinum but I’d say having a strong ground game is key. More variety in defensive options.

What do you mean by know what to punish?

It means know your match ups. Know what is punishable for each character you face, and then know how to punish it with your character of choice. More importantly know what it not punishable so your defensive game improves.

Bison’s inferno: punishable
Bison’s inferno EX version: NOT PUNISHABLE

Block Nash’s sonic scythe up close: dp punishable
Block Nash’s sonic scythe a little farther away: NOT PUNISHABLE

You must know dees tings

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Rookie > Bronze: learn how to jump over fireballs and hit buttons
Bronze > Silver: learn how to block shoryukens
Silver > Gold: learn how to tech
Gold > Platinum: learn how to ragequit

Platinum --> Diamond: hire Infiltration to play on your behalf

lol patience

A basic grasp on how to play the game and a streak of luck that makes the game constantly match you up with worse players. Rank means two things: jack and shit.

U can measurable tell when u break a barrier though with your rank. I was stuck at super silver - gold for a while but going back and forth between lobbies and ranked I’m sitting at super gold now and I’ve reached that plateau I know I can’t go down from but can only increase.


Maybe not all platinum or silvers or golds may be similar in skill but rank serves more for your own record and progression.

Dont put an over emphasis on rank. The more mental energy you put into that, the less you’ll put into an actual match.

0 latency internet.


IALL :confused:

Right on!