What DO YOU want to see in Street Fighter 4?

So, what are the things you would like to see happen in terms of gameplay features, characters or otherwise in the next installment of Street Fighter?

If it were up to me, I would take 6 Chars from SFII{Guile, Bison, Vega, Blanka, Cammy and Dee Jay) and 6 from SFIII (Alex, Sean(with new moveset to compliment his higher level of Shoto mastery), Toned down Gill, Dudley, Yun & Yang) and then add Ryu and Akuma to the mix since they are the two constants. I would give all 14 of those characters new sprites, and on top of that add 10 all new chars for a cast of 24 characters which features an interesting mix of the old and new.

Also, while understanding that playability and balancing are paramount to any good fighting game, I would also add a certain amount of detail the the stages, making them multifaceted and sometimes even allowing them to alter during the course of a battle, this includes but is not limited to the return of objects in the stage that are brakable upon impact. As part of my vision for the games detail, I would also make it so there are no interruptions between rounds. The character that is defeated simply gets up as his life is restored, and the two characters either salute or taunt each other depending on the relationship they share.

As for the new system, I have played around with Ideas of having a character have around 4 or 5 supers, of which any two are selectable. The first super you select will be placed in the “utility” slot, which indicates that the super you have selected can be used with only one level, however the damage on it is decreased(out of a maximum of 2 medium sized super bars). The second Super is placed into the Overdrive slot which indicates that the attack can only be accessed when two levels are reached, however that super will do more damage relative to the type of attack it is. You can also select the type of discipline your character has, you can choose to have your character disciplined with either Traditional, Power, Speed or Defense. Traditional keeps your character operating with his normal strenghths and weaknesses and is the only discipline that allows you to use EX moves. Power slightly increases your attack power but decreases your combo options. Speed increases your characters overall speed and combo options, but reduces their attack power and their vitality slightly. Defense allows your character to air recover, take less chipp damage and air block, but the characters speed and power are decreased.

So the order of events would go like this:

1)Select your character
2)Select your utility
3)Select your overdrive
4)Select your discipline

I designed this system in my Imaginary version of S4 (I constantly desing games and write stories when im not playing or working) because I feel it gives the player the freedom to truly play his character according to his preffered style with a variety of characters instead of having to pick a character just because that character is the only one who has the necessary options to make a good turtle. And for those who want to play there character with his original options and attributes, strengths and weaknesses can choose to as well. The overdrive system allows for any character to have a high damage option, which goes along with my theory that more broken characters is a better way to balance a game.

Anyways, this was my dream version of SF4. If you have any comments on it please feel free to do say them, and also make sure to also post the things YOU would like to see in the next Street Fighter.

Ummm…dude this has already been done before.

What has? Thread or my game description? If it’s the first one then who cares, we will just do it again if people choose to.

Sadly, Bison is dead.

Bring on Captain Sawada!

That’s the thing…this ISN’T first one.

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Street Fighter 4: Your Ideas!

The thing is, you’re coming off as some kinda attention whore and I personally think it disrespects people on the board. Why does your idea somehow warrent a thread to itself (at least as the thread starting post). Why couldn’t you have used the search feature of the board…in order to see the other threads concerning this…and at least bumping those ones? Are they too old for you?

The thing is the vibe I’m getting from this, is that you want your idea to be heard by other people on the board. You don’t want to post in an already old thread…thus losing your message amongst other posters. Instead you want a SF4 thread all to your own in order to get your name affiliated with your idea…the first idea in this new thread.

Whether that was your intention or not…I don’t know. But that’s how I feel.


Chill out man…the dude is just new and forgot to use the search function (as do countless other new memeber to this site). I’m certain he’ll never forget to again after this tho…

PS: Your Q av owns. Hell, Q owns. Period.

Excuse me? I think that’s a pretty shitty ascercion on your part and quite frankly I don’t appreciate it, but if you want to start some shit with me Id be glad to finish it and quickly make you understand im not to be fucked with. To be honest, I honestly don’t give two shits what you think about me since your opinion or your entire life for that matter means dick to me. Furthermore if you got that impression from me Id have to assume that you lack reading comprehension skills, and as a person you must be some kind of decensy upholder, as if it was any of your fucking business what anyone else decides to post about or do, or even if it was your business you act as if you have some authority, well fuck you. I mean seriously who the fuck do you think you are to decide what a person’s intentions are or were, and what kind of reaction they are trying to achive? I think the best thing for you to do right now is either apologize or fuck off.

The bottom line is I didn’t see any other threads about that are anywhere near new, and since one of the other threads was discussing the sail of SF to Capcom USA, i thought it would be a good Idea to start a thread that ran parallel to that one and discuss possible Ideas or things people would like to see. So you see in the long run this thread has very little to do with my Idea or how I supposedly am trying to get myself acknowledged and more to do with what people want, which subsequently makes you look like a total asswipe. It’s not a crime my friend, and you have no right whatsoever to judge what I say or try to control what I express in a place meant to discuss whatever any individual might have in mind.

You= :lame:

How nice of you to be a hypocrite. Well a jolly “I don’t care about what you have to post because you’re insignificant,” to you too.

But that’s all I’m going to say in regards to this thread. I made my point…you made somewhat pretentious “Don’t tread on my rights, even if I break the rules” point. But like I said before that’s my opinion. It was up to you whether or not you taken it to heart.


First off, I don’t see where im braking the rules. If I would have posted in one of those old ass threads one of you other assholes would have come in and denounced me for bumping old threads. I made a simple thread with a very clear and simple intent, a very friendly intent might I add, and you get your period right on time.

I also don’t recall saying you were insignificant, but then again you pretend to know what everyone means and thinks so Im not surprised your adding things to what I said. However, we don’t need to be friends of buddies, I didn’t come to this website for you and I won’t be losing any sleep if you want to stop talking to me just because of an incident that was created entirely and solely by YOU. If you want to talk to me ever again, you don’t even need to apologize, Youll just talk to me and ill talk back like the nice person I am, but if you don’t then you don’t. I also think there are nicer ways to give people advice, if that’s indeed what you were trying to do(which I don’t think that was what you were trying to do originally, but I will at least extend you the courtesy you didnt extend me). That’s my advice to you, you can take it to heart if you want.

Now if anyone would like to have a civilized and imaginative conversation of the things they would like to see or how you Imagine the next SF game, please do so. I didn’t make this thread to annoy anyone Im simply trying to have a nice conversation with people.

I like some of your ideas. =) Why not add the Sim to the mix? :xeye:

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  1. Before you create the 45th thread on Ryu vs Gouki, use the search option to see if there is a previous thread. Same thing about what are the tiers in MVC2? Search the thread archives first please.

So…I’m confused…does that mean I’m significant…but I don’t mean dick to you? Or is it that I am significant…and mean dick to you?

You know what? I suggest you just stop replying to me in this thread…right now. It’s all “semantic wars” after this post. I’m going to say something…you are going to say you didn’t say that…I’m going to point out that it means the same thing…we eventually will point out our spelling mistakes sooner or later.

It’s just my opinion man. Just leave it alone and post on your jolly way.


I don’t care about any of this drama. I’m mad because Sakura wasn’t in your vision… what the hell happened to her?!

Look, let me make it simpler for you, If your going to say something about me that is incorrect or try to piss me off for the hell of it, then that is when what you say means nothing to me in the sense that I will still post and go on with whatever Im doing, that’s what I meant to say and I was hopeful you would infer that correctly.

As for your last statement, I think it’s you who needs to move on, this is my thread and now your asking me to let you insult me for free? ah ah aint happening, YOU LEAVE and YOU post on YOUR jolly way.

ROFLMFAO… wow, haven’t seen shit like this on SRK in a minute. Keep up the ‘good’ work.

Well, It’s just that Sakura is an Alpha character and I wanted to go to a character selection that is more in tune with characters from the normal Street Fighter series. Then again my vision means nothing unless I get a job at CapUSA. This threads just for fun and to see what other people’s visions are. Also Im sorry about the drama, I had no Idea it would come down to this. But if there is one thing ya gotta keep in mind, is that no matter what you do or where you go, there will always be someone who will try to ruin whatever your doing.

its all about yun who still has genei jin alittle stronger and better defense because hes older now and make genei jin last longer, cause you can only get better with time, oh and please please please make jab, short, strong xx genei jin easier to combo into this thing is killing me

Been done. See Rage of the Dragons, or Mortal Kombat 3.

Been done. See Killer Instinct, or Vampire Savior.

This is a pretty cute idea.

Been done. See Last Blade 1 and 2.

And I thought picking 3 characters, and selecting their ratios, and selecting their orders took a long time.

^well your right about that, but none of that has been done in a SF game, much less all at the same time. Also it may take a little longer to choose your character, but at least the freedom and balance it would create would be a nice tradeoff I think, but it’s ok if you don’t like it. Althouh it shouldnt take longer then picking three characters and 3 assissts in MvC2, and that game is mega popular.

Personally, even though this has been done before, I’d like to use my prepared speech anyway.

I know Capcom wants to be done with the old characters, but we won’t let them. So I figure we can split the difference. I want to see Sakura and Sean take over for Ryu and Ken, respectively. The game would be about 5-10 years after 3s anyway, so it would make sense that their training has progressed enough for them to usurp those positions. You could use the same play mechanics that Ryu/Ken currently have, but modify them for the ‘nuances’ of the new characters. That pleases everybody some, while still shaking shit up. I’d like to see a semi-grown up ‘serious’ 3s Sakura sprite anyway. That’d be fucking HAWT.

I want Ryu as the last boss. He’s been training for what, like 30 years? Maybe the ‘Satsu no Hadou’ and whatnot finally catches up to him, and he can let off some steam a little. Pretty much by kicking the shit out of everyone as the baddest last boss ever.

This brings an excuse for Sagat to come back, which I wanted anyway. Sagat’s the shit.

Also, I’d like to see Yun and Yang more grown up, and with their training advanced too. By then they should look more like Gen, which would be hella-dope for both their styles and their new designs. With the way the story was going, they should have some cool new differences, and Yang is prolly a little close to the ‘Dark Side’.

Chun would probably come back, because that’s how the rules work. Fuck it, can’t fight it.

Remy would have stronger Sonic Booms and be slightly less homo, I would hope. But hey, the Japanese like him ‘pretty’, so he could be even more Viscanted up. Whatever, take a poll.

After that it’s kinda whatever. Alex probably, Urien and Necro I hope, maybe Twelve and definitely Q (Q would be like a Capcom Yoshimitsu, every game you could redesign him to look a little doper). Ibuki could probably be justified, and maybe some old faces redone as well. And I’m sure I could make an argument for Rose, as long as we’re bullshitting she’s in too.

N - And that’s my game.

I would like 50% of the cast to be classic characters. And among these characters I want Bison AKA Vega to be included. This time, in a new body, stripped away of Shadowlaw and stripped down to being nothing more than a badass bent-on-revenge fighter, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now people will know why the Leader of Shadowlaw is to be feared.