What do you want, bub? The Wolverine Questions Thread

Post all quick questions here.

Why are there so many threads now? You can just put the mixups threads with their own section in the combo thread. Just make a seperate post and change the title so people know that’s it’s a mixup / combo thread.

Question: Can Wolverine reliably jL with a Wesker low assist for unblockable and continue to combo? Without counterhits or Xfactors or speedbursts, etc. I’m looking for a character to work the Wesker unblockable angle with, and would love it to be Wolvie if possible, but cant seem to get the jL to flow into bigger damage without Akuma or whatever. If not possible, I’m thinkin Mags or Storm <shrug>

can someone tell me what berserker charge does? in what way does it improve assists (if at all)? is being in this mode the only way you can combo a grounded drill claw into 3 air drill claws?

Dear Wolverine, grandma told me that if I eat my vegetables every day, I will grow up strong and hairy like you. Can you confirm/deny? Thanks.

My point exactly. I don’t think that we should have 11 threads in only a week into the game. But whatever

Not sure exactly.

Press j. L + Assist, j. M, j. S and see if you can continue the combo from there…

Storm will definately work. Magneto wouldn’t AFAIK.

Beserker charge makes your moves considerably faster by several frames. If you were to switch Wolvie out with his charge, I believe that his moves would be faster, so beserker slash would probably be the fastest cross-up in the game (don’t take my word for gospel, I never tried it).

CeeDizzy’s Trolling


No. Your grandma is a damn liar. Eat 4 pounds of steak and 2 pounds of potatoes every meal, then smoke alot of crack. You will get mad hairy.

Mission 8

is the Berserker Barrage X a cancel of Berserker Barrage H in mission 8? I can’t seem to make it connect. I’m also doing it in the corner so that might be the issue.

Everytime I do it, chris is already on the floor and blocks.

I got it. I guess my execution was slow with the berserker x.

I use weskers assist but I call it wait a second than do instant overhead then wesker will hit then I use j.s I haven’t seen a single person block it. Another stup is jump and assist at the same time then come down with a j.s which I think is a tru unblockable or almost unblockable

what are Wolverine’s assists? and are they any good?

mission 9, when do i cancel into berserker charge?

nvm got it, you have to push H at the end of the berserker barrage in order to pop them up, activate and then continue the combo.

His best one is Barrage but that isn’t saying much.

I’m having a lot of trouble with the Zero matchup, Zero’s arial attacks have amazing hit boxes and his pressure is extremely safe. Anyone have any advice for how to approach this matchup? (The team I run is Wolv/Ammy(cold star)/Doom(missiles).

you need to advance guard at the right time so that you can punish high H or forward H or just punish when he continues the blockstring. I think H into berserker barrage xx berserker barrage x/weapon x should work at most ranges. or H into berserker slash xx berserker charge combo. Or call ammy once you advance guard and cross him up. Or see if you can catch him with drill claw. But yeah, you can’t let him do his blockstrings, or else he can use his command dash and mix you up really easily. just get him to mid range, call an assist to cover yourself and then start pressuring yourself

Hi all, I need help against keep away teams. Specifically I played a guy using magneto, doom, ironman, kept doing em disruptors, covered by doom missiles, and when i closed in on him, he’d either dash under or super jump air dash to the other side and repeat.

The team i am using is wolverine(whatever), dante(jam), sent(drones). None of my assists can cover my approach since disruptor shoots them right out of it and in the rare chance I hit him, he probably had doom missiles activated which breaks my combo. Dive kicking can be seen from a mile away, and berserker slashes just run into his disruptors.

wave dash between disrupters to close some distance before doing slash

What do you guys think about the DHC glitch. Do you think they will patch it or leave it in the game?

I’ve been watching Tokido’s Wolvie all weekend and I’m very impressed. I just picked him up about 2 weeks ago and I’m still learning, and my question is that when you to the Sent drone assist into berserker slash combo to cross them up, what should the timing of everything be? Like, in what order should I be calling drones/doing berserker slash, and which version of berserker slash should I use?

This is were the term “Mix Up” comes into play. Your going to want to change the timing of your Slash relative to the Drones. Also you gonna wanna mix it up between :m: and :h: Slashes in order to keep you opp guessing as to which side you will hit them.

When your lucky and the slash connects between the first couple of drones you can get a launch and air combo.