What do you think about easy mode?

arite, i’m playing msh vs sf on kaillera, and this loser picks easy mode… i’m trying to make due with lag and earn my combos off and shit, and he’s just sitting there mashing on jab and whatnot…

i’m trying to explain that people don’t respect players that only use easy mode… so he’s like, you’re just complaining, yadda, you should use it too, i’m not stopping you… but i feel as though by using easy mode, i’m not playing. i’d rather play doa than use easy mode… and he’s like, he refuses to use manual

what are your opinions on easy mode???

beat him at his own game

Forget opinions. You are bias.

The thing is with Easy mode…I truly feel that would be the ONLY way that 2D fighters could even compete with 3D fighters in a mainstream scrub level.

Why 3D fighters are so popular with people is the fact that it has a terrible amount of options. In fact too much in a sense. Hell LP, LP, LP, RP is a combo right there. You can mash away, and prolly smack out a 5-6 hit combo that looks both flashy AND cool. Not to mention that specials are ridiculously easily to pull off.

With a 2D fighter, by the time you finished pressing :hp:, you prolly mashed in a :lp: :mk: :mp: with no result. Don’t even GET me going on supers, which most players don’t have the skills (yet) to even pull one off.

The thing with easy mode, it helps the scrubs a lot in their own way. If MvC2 had easy Mode, the gaming audience would prolly tripled because whoop de fucking doo…scrub-i-licious-. Hell the ONLY reason that the MvC1 machine is still here in my shit hole town is prolly the inclusion of Easy Mode activated on the machine.

Thing is for me, if easy mode is going to keep a game from sinking under, then sure…plunk that mofo down. But generally speaking, anyone worth their salt should be able to fuck over a Easy Mode player…easily.

dude easy mode players are easy like OC said.

btw m1x4h i saw ur post on my girl’s live journal. what a small world

you’re dating m1x4h? :razzy:

I reserve the right to laugh at anyone who uses Easy Mode in mvsf/mvc1, intentionally or not.

i just laugh when i beat them on reg mode when i’m playing with a keyboard

lol …beginner mode

EO is the shittiest filthy shit ever crapped on the crapper, and it sticks so dense you can’t flush it.

easy mode is for scrubs. on kaillera ALWAYS, ALWAYS press f2 and put it on manual only, if scrubs complain just kick them.

Or just throw the bastards to death. If they pick easy mode you can bet they can’t tech hit for shit.

Me, personally, I don’t care. I fail to see the point in Easy mode because chances are, the player will only use Easy mode if he wins and if he loses he’ll say its too hard. (He=generic term, no gender implied.) The same with 3D fighters. Learn the special moves and the “supers” like the Tekken Pheonix Smasher and Stone Breaker. Advance in rank through practice, don’t put on the :lame: handicap.

lol! thats real funny. Just own those guys. They’ll never become as potentially dangerous as u in the long run. They’ll keep playing u on easy mode cuz thats all they can play with, and keep loosing.
Then when they start to ask u questions like “how did u do that?” or “how do u always know when im gonna do this?” U keep telling them its because ur in the standard manual mode, and his easymode beginner crap is whats screwing up his game.
They should either:
a)ignore it, stop playing against u and only play it with their scrubish friends, or stop playing the game completely
b)actually try to play the game in manual form, or
c)say or do some unexpectedly incomprehensible act of stupidity that could only b comprehended by other scrubs. And from this, u just relieve ur frustration by continually beating the crap out of them.

Question: What are the actual effects of playing on “easy” mode? just wondering.

I tend to play without any form of easy/beginner mode only because I’m used to fighting games and don’t need it.

BUT–I can understand if a person with little or no experience uses easy mode. If I play against someone like that, then I try to change my gameplay for them, you know, to go easy on them. If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose–no big deal. If the user uses easy mode gloats and is an ass about winning, it annoys me, but I don’t get mad at him for using easy mode. I get mad at him for being an ass. At that point, I’d stop playing nice and then really beat him, so there.

I’d advocate easy mode for beginners learning the feel of the game–I’d recommend they learn how to play the game on regular mode: the way its supposed to be played.

In easy mode, you can’t launch and do aerial raves.

Same goes for MvC1 as well.

To easy

Easy mode… Autommatic supers when you hit 2 same strength buttons together, i believe.
lp and lk together launch…I could be wrong a little, but these are generalizations
Blocking NORMALS deals block damage to the easy moder.

Going off MvC1 Easy, LP+LK launch, then pressing random buttons nets you an auto 3 hit rave(can’t change this system, they’re stuck in Stronger type), ground combos are limited to 3 normals IIRC(if you can’t chain on the ground, like Gief, then you don’t get extra hits, if you can go above 3, you lose your Hunter series, and get stuck with Stronger), your normal launchers do not launch(leading to c.HP XX Hadouken with Ryu), double tapping any button but the lights gives you a preset special, tapping PP or KK gives you one of two supers, any others MUST be done manually(you can still do any manually, just be careful), you take Guard Damage off everything(in XvSF, some supers did the upwards of 50% on GUARD).