What do you practice?

Saw this thread under akuma, thought it was a good idea for any character thread.

When you hit training mode what do you practice to improve? bnb? complex combos? put the dummy on random block and work on stun v block timing?

in essence: what do you personally do/recommend to improve your game via training mode?

i usually practiec fadc’s and bnbs but if there is a combo i cant do consistently i try to do it for an hour or so every day until i can get it down

First and foremost, flash and pizzaz, then FADC’s, negative edging, 1 frame links, bnbs, ultra setups, anti air, resets(not so much anymore, now I mainly use the reset practice to sharpen my execution), cancels and of course combos. Now when I land 2 in 1’s they’re intentional unlike in my SF2 days.

Start off on auto block and practice links (c.lk, c.lp, c.lp, s.mp - f+mk, s.fp xx cod - c.lp, s.fp - c.lk - s.fp), jump in combos, cross-up combos. Then I turn on all block and practice block strings into f+mk, and all my tick throw setups off f+mk, c.lk, and jumping mk. If I am spending real time on it I record a dummy do jump in, jump out on loop and practice anti-airs with c.mk and c.fp. I change the attack time and use characters with unique air attacks (Sakura j.rh, Sagat j.mp, Vega j.fp) to see what happens when I anti-air them.

The one thing I practice most with Abel probably is the FADC out of CoD into ultra. Every time… I don’t spend enough time practicing falling sky in combos.

Then after I get bored of practicing Abel I switch to Honda or Ryu and learn some of their stuff mostly for showboating or playing guys who can’t handle my Abel :lol:

The only thing I really go into training mode for is to test a new idea for a combo/string, or to get information on damage/stun, so I always know what my best options are.

If there’s some combo I want to hit, or master, I just do it in matches. It’s better practice that way, IMO. Also, it keeps me from getting bored playing online. Most importantly, it keeps me from actually trying to win online, which is dangerous and can promote the development of bad habits.

^ this, thats teh same exact thing i use training mode for. trying new things out or to get info on dmg/stun. otherwise practice in matches. what i like to do instead though is use online to test new things out against real players to see how they react and i see whether or not i like it.

Very Interesting, I’m learning this the hard way at the moment - in the past I’ve been doing what it takes to win, which does lead to some bad habits (EX Wheel Kick :lovin:)

Win % really doesn’t mean shit (If it stops your progressing) , and its much more fun to try stuff out and work on developing your pressure game, working on 1 frame links etc.

When I do get in to training mode, I practice links from f-m.k, cross ups, FADC’ing etc. If there is some tactic bugging me that people use, I will set the dummy up to loop it and practice workarounds.

plinking[just started trying it] and figuring out new/better pokes. The rest is in game (I hate my own company :wonder: so need another person) to try to get rid of my ‘live match eye’ (still have it but its getting better).

Practice block strings. I aim to keep them coming out as constantly as possible. I don’t want to finish one set, try to do a fwd MK and not cancel into the dash after it. I want to get it under wraps so I can really put the pressure on when I’m rushing down.

Also practice FADC to make sure it’s under wraps.

But like others have said, against human opponents it’s actually better practice as you are under real pressure.

mainly links. Recently though if I lost in a match to let’s say another abel and said abel used a wheel kick that caught me off guard, I’ll go into training mode and set the comp on record, record a wheel kick, and figure out my best options to respond to it next time (whether on block or on reaction). That’s just an example but you get the idea.

Things i’ve got down for the most part

-TT Sagat after Tiger Knee

-anti air options for different situations

Need to Practice More

->mK Dash


My execution in training mode is worse than in matches. In training mode, too often I think about what my hands are doing. In matches I just do it (or mess up and get punished, but it’s online so who cares)

So I only use training mode when I’m trying something for the first time just to see what it’s like. Or if I’m trying a new character I hop into training mode and try to get the BNB’s down. Beyond that training mode frustrates the hell out of me.

This thread really helps!!
I should have read this earlier!!
Now I’m going back to training room and practice.
Thanks for sharing!

My execution is fucking god awful, so I need training mode a lot.

What I do nowadays is set the computer to auto block, and try to hit confirm fwd+mk into s.hp, and it’s a block, go into low/shorts/tt instead.

links and hit confirms. mostly off of forward kick dash with random guard random counter hit on.
forward kick hits, fierce x rekka etc.
blocked do a throw or low short, stand fierce or tt or roundhouse etc
counterhit go straight into launch etc
i wish there was a way to make random crouch so i could confirm on opponent crouch or not, but that’s simpler in this game. Mostly I try to do like a flowchart of options and figure out what i can do in what scenarios offensively.
like meaty low strong
-hit: options
-block: options
-counterhit: options
i’ve got a whole notebook full of this stuff but it’s getting kind of chaotic

basically i want to create an overwhelming offense. i feel like just like in 3s with ken, if i get that knockdown i should be able to win the round right there with 50/50 bs

mostly fadcs, 1 frame links, different mix ups

my reaction and execution game could use work too meh

also, which i think is very important but cant be “practice”, I need to have some sort of objective with Abel. I really wanna play a rush down/confusing Abel but i’m just not fast enough =[

I only use training mode when I see something new with Abel or I see something I don’t know how to get out of. TBH, I learned most of my stuff just through watching videos and applying them to matches. Heck, when I first started off, I learned a lot from the trials. I think Abel’s trials are a good representation of his basic combos compared to some of the other characters’ trials.

I should practice playing 6" away from the screen… cause thats how close you are to the screen in the arcades. haha

Now that I’m trying to learn Tekken 6, most of my time is spent in training mode… and I’m downright gd’awful.

training mode? for new ideas I thinking of randomly or something. May make sure my link timing is down here and there.

Not so much links and shit anymore, I just replicate anything that gives me trouble in matches and find a way around it.

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