What do you have to say about those who say marvel is dead. is it? is it not?

we have all heard it a million times before, and in the light of someone posting that only 29 people signed up for marvel at norcal regionals. i just wanted to make a thread on the subject, and also see if anyone had any ideas for keeping marvel alive.

do i think marvel is dead personally? i mean, in what sense. will marvel pull in sf4 numbers at evo? no, of course not, but i dont know, it doesnt bother me as long as i still get to see the best of the best play. most marvel haters dont play the game. i admit in my down time of not playing the game, i was sorta like, marvel whatever, next. then i got back on the train watching videos again, and randomly out of no where we got releases for xbox and ps3. after playing, i must admit. i enjoy the fuckin game, and im shamed i felt any wrong way about it at any time. i can tolerate playing sf4 for literally ten minutes, and i dont mean to hate the damn thing so much, but its just not entertaining for me at all. id rather see top tier storm shit taking extremely demanding execution, or crazy team synergy with shit i havent really seen before, then watch lame blankas do nothing in some slow ass shit of a game, but im getting off point.

you amazingly see so much marvel hate on the forum randomly, and at evo 2k9 it was the second hypest shit on stage. really, if it wasnt for daigo coming to play sf4, i would even say marvel top 8 would have been the hype shit for evo 2k9. i heard no one booing against marvel. i heard a lot of i dont know whats going on, but they were just as caught up in the hype of what was going on as everyone else, and i especially thank the commentators for keeping that shit fun and hype.

marvel is fine how it is now, but it would be nice if evo 2k10 had some marvel exhibition matches to showcase the different faces of marvel. give us some of that vdo action on the big screen vs some non god tier teams. give us a 7 to smoke type shit. give us the best of msp vs msp shit. grudge matches, ect… the creativity is there. i just think majors should try to showcase it. im officially not watching anymore streams unless i can get a guarantee on variety. im so sick and tired of watching sf4, i am almost not interested in super street fighter 4. lol. i would literally rather watch a stream with tekken, marvel, umk3, and xvsf then anything sf4 related. its filled with scrubby players, and it can be slow as fuck. i fuckin hate it.

anyways, i think evo should look to go that route at least, and other majors can just do they usual if they want, but i dont think marvel is dead, as much as the community is not willing to keep it hype, and want it to die. for what? to keep sf4 alive. who gives a fuck about that game for real. there is honestly nothing hype about that game to me, and watching it proves this. there are a handful of great players, a bunch of good players, and a ton of people who cant execute to save their life no matter how much they play. sorry to attack sf4, its just getting the most attention, and really for no good reason in my opinion, other then the fact that top players continue to waste their time playing it, but im hatin, and i guess its free money for the wongs of america when they win. lol

i think there are a lot of people that would be shocked to see the amazing variety of top play in marvel. its easy to get caught up in the hate though, because you dont see that variety in tournies. if your not scouring zach’s website, or having fun casuals often with good players, you just wont see any wolvie/wolvie/ken random shit, or whatever excellent mixture of teams there are. so i would like to see it at least one time given a try. one time i would like to see the major tournies go out of their way to be a bit creative, and create hype. like that big ass 13, 000 dollar money match that happened. i mean, maybe a lot of top marvel players dont know the other tiers to well, understandably, considering there wasnt a lot of incentive to know them, but anyways, i dont think marvel is dead, as much as the marvel community should get more creative. exhibition matches are good shit, but also variety within them.

i would really like to see some creativity in general at the very least at evo2k10, just because its the biggest event of the year. i mean, side shit is always poppin, but that big screen is where its at. you could really turn water into wine by having it on that big screen. i dont know, i just been overwhelmed with sf4, and its annoying the fuck out of me, because the shit currently is not fun, and i feel like i have tried. besides the obvious reasons, something about it i dont like. plus well, i like a more fast paced game in general. im amazed to see nothing but sf4 on a stream, and people talking shit about it. like, why do you have this shit on the stream if even you think it sucks. show something else then. fuck. just a couple clowns saying this sucks, that sucks, this sucks, then why are you playing it, and what the fuck do you play that is so good. i have my moments, but jesus christ sometimes i wanna slap some heads on srk.

A lot of those mahvel haters probably never really got to play it… to young to have had a dc and maybe no coin op or scene for coin op in their area. With it being on nextgen systems now… hopefully we’ll start to see some more rdy to go at touneys.

Mahvel dead? Course not. I played like 40 different people yesterday alone… 99% of them just need to join the community and get better/tournament ready.

I’ve personally never played in a mahvel tourney with more than a dozen people… but I never get out to nationals… to far away and my wife wont let me…lol

Also thinking about how few people signed up for marvel… one big reason is that anyone who know’s the scene well enough to go play it in a national tourney… knows what the competition would be… and can’t or doesn’t want to put in the time needed to compete at that level.

On the other side… I’ve seen noobs come and go online… but some have stayed and are online very regularly playing… some are even getting better. So there’s plenty of hope still…

I’m proud to say that I’m one of those noobs. I used to hate Marvel (shame on me for using those words together) and hate how confusing it was. I started out on CvS2 for PS2 (not that I was ever good) but I started playing Marvel at my college and then I was addicted. I looked forward to playing online, and saved money to buy a couple of arcade sticks. 4 months ago I couldn’t SJxxAHVB, now I can pull off 3 reps of the ROM (fuck you guys, I’m excited about that lol). As a hopefully up and coming, serious Marvel player, I’d hate to see the game that got me interested in the fighting game scene die out. I watched youtube vids, I watched evo streams, and I came to Shoryuken solely thanks to Marvel.

ive been playing marvel ever since children of the atom. and i still play it to this day.

but to be honest mvc2 is just way to old. its like 10 years old now. we really do need mvc3.

Marvel will NEVER die. So many ways to play, characters to learn, teams to put together, godly replay value, etc.

To true… each time i fire it up… i find a new team or new shit w/an old team…

Marvel is to SF as Monasteries were to the Dark Ages.

Just like Marvel, all those Monks kept it hype through the dark years by keeping knowledge alive.

There was a period where Capcom might have folded were it not for the huuuge response to Marvel. At the very least the tournament scene would’ve come to a dead stop. True Story.

its 10 years old and still kickin just like ST

and someone mentioned something in another thread about how Marvel came together. How it was so unlikely that a game this intricate with unblockables, its many technical aspects, and advanced tactics happened and worked extremely well. Marvel vs Capcom 3, if it ever comes out (and here’s hoping along with all the other millions of Marvelers around the globe that it does) might be a dissapointment. For now we have a game with Insane replay value. I’m not feelin that comment. Shout out to Japanese players for showing us how much we suck at low tier lol:pray:

I thought I was the only one who wants 2 go 2 tournaments, but couldn’t go because it was 2 far or someone won’t let you go. I’d been playing this game since '05, and sometimes I still play like a scrub. My mom is the same way, I’d can’t go 2 much tournament because of my seizures (It sucks!!!), but that’s another story. But I don’t think mahvel is not dead, not because of the 360 & ps3, it’s the game in general. If the game was dead, NOBODY should be playing it. To be honest, sf4 is alright to me, I don’t usually play it much, cause I don’t have a 360 or a ps3 console because of money issues (but thank God 4 a DC & a Arcade Joystick;P).

I really see Marvel sticking around for a while. It’s the result of years of game making on capcom’s part and simply put is one of their best fighters. I really think it’s just up to capcom to make XBOX/PS3 marvel perfect, that will likely determine how well Marvel ages now that evo isn’t using DC…

Though maybe PC emulation will eventually be viable for marvel. who knows

marvel is currently in the spot alpha 3 was before EVO started. I’m talking like b5 era 99-00ish. There was no good port for alpha 3 so this game had to remain on cabs iirc. Eventually, this became to bothersome and alpha 3 was scrapped. Now this was before my time in the scene, way before, and I’m trying to remember what happened to that game from posts\stories people have told me. If my history is off, I would someone to correct it.

since DC’s are such a bitch to deal with, converters, blue screens, mas sticks, DC’s going bad etc… the game had to go next gen to stay alive. Now these current versions of the games are far from perfect and I don’t think there’s a patch planned in the works. There’s nothing left for them to fix and this is possibly the final version of their game on next gen consoles.

Now, we have no good port so either 2 things will happen. Players will start playing ps3 tournaments and accept these bobo changes capcom\backbone blessed us with, :crybaby:, or marvel dies off from EVO. Even if someone donated 20 DC’s to EVO, they would not let it be put to use.

Is Marvel dead? You have to define “death”…

Will it regain the popularity level it had like back when it dropped? I seriously doubt it.

Will it hang on and gain a few players by being released on nextgen? Almost certainly. How many will stand the test of time remains to be seen. There are 10 years worth of other games you could be playing; most people aren’t compelled to take jillions of ass kickings just to get decent at a 10 year old game they just kinda bought out of the online store just because.

Not really trying to speak for people… but most of the serious tournament Marvel players weren’t in it to explore all 56 characters and find obscure and unorthodox low tier stuff. They were in it to win - if it was with low tier fine; most saw that the battle was too uphill and did the top tier thing. I’m just saying that to say although there is lot of potential for creativity with low tier and whatnot (always has been), the tourney scene was never really about that for 97% of the players. Now with Marvel online, you can afford to explore that a little more. Even diehard Marvel heads couldn’t be reasonably expected to spend hours on the road just to have a decent showing with Charlie or Jill or whatever. Now it’s feasible.

SF4 doesn’t have to die in order for Marvel to live. They can coexist.

Marvel’s an old game. Just be glad you can play it on something besides DC. A lot of the hate from non-Marvel players is actually envy at the success and longevity of the game. But nothing lasts forever. Samurai Showdown 1 and 2 were great, classic games. Almost nobody plays now. Same will happen with Marvel. It might take another generation or two of consoles… but it will happen eventually.

All that being said - I’m damn glad to have this game! :cool:

Side note that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything: sometimes I think about how many people have left Marvel. There are literally hundreds of retired players that could probably kick a surprising amount of ass today with 5 year old skills. :rofl: So for any new blood that starts thinking they’re hot shit or whatever, always consider that plenty of people could have kicked your ass long before you even thought about getting good at the game that you’ll never run into on the sticks.

In a lot of ways mahvel doesn’t fit into the standard game molds or even standard fighting game molds… it stands in a class by itself. Doesn’t follow a lot of the normal expectations for popularity, longevity, ect…

More people play now than ever before… way more. The question is simply how many will stick with it… and I think quite a few. It’s a game that someone sees for the first time and either thinks a.) i want nothing to do with that OR b.)wtf is that? I have to play that…

For those who play they will find a seemingly endless track of getting better, learning and devising new stuff… fighting new and harder opposition…its easy to get hooked.

I think at this point and time people just need to bite the bullet and do what they must to keep the game alive. Marvel will go down as one of the greatest, like ST. I got four marvel boards and like 7 dreamcasts. I hold sessions for those who are dedicated and appreciate the game for what it is. I will play on sexbox/ps3 marvel to support the game, but please believe I will always rep the true versions of the game for as long as I can.

nah marvel isnt dead, shit is like a phoenix…

I never had an arcade cabinet or scene near me, so I was a lone wolf who loved playing the Marvel games where I could find them on random vacations. I never obviously had the time to invest in learning combos and advanced tactics which was a bummer So I am sure for me and more than a few others MVC2’s release on the next gen systems is a revival of sorts. It gives us (FREE!) access to a game and plentiful opponents where before there was none.

While I realize the new versions are not as good as the DC versions for high end tournament play, are you all not loving the interest/attention for Marvel?

I for one LOVE having access to the game I have always loved 24/7 :slight_smile: And if a release on PS3 and LIVE bring us a sequel thats awesome.

If not I always have this game to fall back on and learn

MARVEL WILL NEVER DIE! LoL For the sake of the discussion though, I could see the possibilities. I almost quit because I couldnt find a decent fight stick for 36o. Since I still havent found one, LoL I play almost all crap tiers. It almost died for me beause of the difficulty of advance tactics on a joystick…LmAo. Why the heck dont I ever see any of you guys online? All I play is Earth Defense Force 2017 and MvC2 online, and I never see anybody from Srk…Not to mention I’d probably get my ass kicked thoroughly. God I hate the Xbox remote…

Anyway, I digress. Enough venting.

One reason a lot of noobs to the game quit because they get pwned. Point blank, period. No one wants to experience a visible skill difference in any game. And unlike some games where it may or may not be that blatent (Ahem Tekken Ahem LoL j/p), In Marvel, there is a very big gap between the noobs and the pros. The pros are super elite, and the noobs are, well, nooby. Which presents the problem of lots of the new guys getting discouraged at how long they would have to practice and/or play to get to the level the guy who just OCV’d them, and play Dragon Ball Z:Raging Blast instead. That, with the rage quitters, laggers, and general assholes associated with ANY online gaming community, is enough to make most people quit. I can back this up by the hundres of messages in my inbox that say “you’ve proven yourself to be a total scrub by picking that team”, or “f.ck you get a life”, or something of the sort. Just my .o2.

This is like saying people don’t stick with it because they are foolish, lazy, and not willing to look into being good at a game they want to be good at. If they did… they’d figure out that there are plenty of cheapo teams that will let you scrub out even a decent player. If they don’t stop picking msp on you after the 4th time you picked megaman/mando and jumped up/back all day hitting fp… calling mando anytime they get close… …then you need to find someone else to play with.

There are so many fucking noobs playing online right now that being occasionally destroyed by a vet is no reason to quit… plenty of noobs out there running guile/iceman/jin to practice on… …really it comes down to mentality. You either #1 - know how good you really are… or #2 - you think you are really good… most people fall into category #2 and they quit not because they are getting beat… but b/c they can’t handle the implications of looking at #1 and being honest with themselves.