What character DON'T want to see in SF V?

I see a buch of character wanted but who don’t you want to see return?Man I swear if they put Elena in this game someone’s gonna die!

It seems like sf5 is taking a much more serious approach and so I feel more comical looking/acting characters would be out of place like

El fuerte


Anyway, I would be perfectly happy not seeing ANY of these characters as playable characters ever again. They can appear as cameos, easter eggs. They can even be part of the story forever, but I don’t want them taking the place of someone better.

Dee Jay
T Hawk
Evil Ryu
Oni (unless we are permanently replacing Akuma with him)
Gill (Urien better in every way)

Runner ups: Fei Long, Yun/Yang (Gen is better), Remy, the Dolls (Unless Cammy is not in the game or its a new doll that plays radically different).

Pretty sure there’s already a thread like this.

Pretty sure there isn’t but thxs for the waste of space…

Pretty sure HERE YOU GO Street Fighter V cast wish-list: Kill 3 edition! :D FUERTE DEAD BY DEFAULT. Pick Another One!

Ditto on the waste of space comment.

Because it will likely mean no Zangief

I don’t want to see Austin Powers in SFV. His judo chop is so freakin cheap! 1 hit ko??? Seriously? Nice job balancing Capcom.

Rufus, T.hawk, Elena, deejay, adon, karin, elfuerte, ingrid, birdie, E.Ryu, and Oni.
I don’t necessarily dislike e.ryu but I’d rather if hes in then he be the only ryu, and we already know that isn’t the case. I never liked rufus’ design but would love to see his mechanics on a better character. T.hawk is T.hawk. Elena isn’t necessarily for the character (whom I love) but for how she plays. Deejay because hes awful in every respect. Adon because his character just makes me vomit, despite how much I appreciate his playstyle. Karin is liked by many and is the character that I want excluded the LEAST but I still don’t like her. Elfuerte…I dunno hes just lame, watching a good elfuerte play is fun but again its just another one of those character things. Ingrid is the less interesting jubilee of street fighter. Birdie is just visually unappealing in the worst kind of way, and the strange thing is I like most of the other ugly characters.

All this Elena hate. Git gud scrubs.

Opinion time.
Poison and hugo should be streetfighter’s tron bonne & mkx ferrator. Ryu and ken should be palette swaps that share a slot.
Sakura needs to be a mixture of chunli and ryu if she ever reaches the base game. maybe even a clumsy version of rapid kicking.
Alex replacing abel because abel feels like they just added him to fill in for alex. Or just make abel more unique.
Characters that could be axed?Pretty much half the cast, especially rufus and adon. Viper needs some new tools.

Not to say I don’t like using the whole cast of ultra, but eh…If the roster’s gonna be that compact for the base [and hopefully not last] version of this game then I’m willing for some compromises.

Yun and Yang.

the characters i don’t want returning

El Fuerte
Evil Ryu


Dan is the only one I don’t want to see again. He’s outlived his usefulness.

Blanka. He’s just one big joke. The fact that ono hasn’t been using that goddamn blanka doll for a while is a good indicator that he won’t be making it in(I hope).
Fuerte can burn in hell. Rufus can do so too.

What’s so bad about T.Hawk? He’s a good character, and when the selection on grapplers is already low he’s almost a must. Zangief is good, but T.Hawk plays so differently that for a player who likes grapplers it gives a different playstyle approach.


Adon, Rolento and Ibuki are the only characters that make me sigh whenever I see them on the loading screen online, no matter who I’m playing as… I suppose Blanka is kinda the same, except he’s a staple character and at least has the nostalgia factor, I don’t mind playing against him so much tbh.