What attracts you to charge characters?

Hello all, just a simple question born of curiosity.

I’ve only been playing fighting games since 2010, but I’ve noticed that many players avoid charge characters completely. On the other side of the coin, I’ve seen many players stick to charge characters completely in SF games.

For those of you who enjoy primarily charge characters, is there a specific mechanic that you’re attracted to? Do you just enjoy the characters? In short, what’s to love about charging? :stuck_out_tongue:

I avoid em like the plague, because I find myself down backing the whole match and getting thrown for the trouble. The charge motion should be scrapped with someone you can do instantly.

Auto-correct and slow overheads. :tup:

Personally don’t really feel that different about motion/charge, it’s just the way it is and I don’t care and play both. I don’t get when people say they don’t like charge characters- what’s the difference between practicing lk, lk, mk, scissors, and lk, lk, mk, hadouken?

This. gotta love them auto corrects

I play both motion and charged, doesnt matter 2 me if I like a character I will use them regardless. I will say that if u have never played a charge character I can see why people have problems but it really aint that difficult once u get used 2 it.

Mainly because they usually the opposite of the style I like to play so it tends to get me working on spacing and winning over time. Helps me learn to fight against it also.

i play both, and a character that has both.

generally in sf4, charge characters get better normals and walk speeds

Yes! It’s all about the normals.

I feel all powered up when fully charged.

Kind of like Mega Man X with a full X-Buster.

I like BB Hood because she is her own assist.

What do you guys mean when you say charge characters have auto corrects?

I Think they mean charge character has crap auto correct, like Guile flash kick. But most other charge reversal move are quite Ok, like Honda headbut, or all the invi move of Bison and Dee Jay.

But charge character look really boring though, unless someone able to pull off Guile Meterless 450 damage combo in corner or Tight link in combo. Other than that is just 1-2 hit xx special. Get bored over time.

Only charge characters I can feel that they are very interesting to watch or play are Chun Li and Gen, mostly because the charge move is not their most important moves so they look alot smoother, especially Gen. Respect to all Gen players

Yep everything else is buffed, plus if you can maximize the ability and power of their specials…they become the best

I have considered playing a character character for this very reason. But fuck it, I’m not as dedicated to excellence as you… ain’t gonna happen hahaha

Seriously, when I was eight years-old and getting into SF2, I thought to myself, “Why the fuck would I want to play a charge character when I could have access to all of my moves near instantly?” If I could talk to that wise young man, I would say, “If charge characters were the best characters in the game. But yeah dude, you’re basically right… screw downback, walk forward and SRK charge characters in the FACE! YEAH!”

My execution is bad so I can’t do shoryuken, or hadouken motions consistently

The only reasons I’m playing charge characters is because:

  1. Balrog does not have the option to be a circle motion type.
  2. Guile is funner to zone with than Ryu IMO.

Absolutley nothing, I like to do my moves freely and I suck at charge buffering.

no preference for me, i can play both equally well. weird to me that people have preferences, actually.

in general these are reasons to use charges over motions and motions over charges:

charges over motions:

charge moves are “generally” more powerful than motion specials, this is because of the aforementioned need to “charge” the moves. examples? guiles lp boom moves slower than any motion fireball allowing guile to follow behind it and stage an offense, also it has the quickest recovery of any fireball move. guiles fierce boom is FASTER than most fierce fireballs, and guiles ex boom is the fastest projectile in the game of sf4.

rogs lp dash punch comes out in 5 frames up close and does a ton of damage and is only -3 on block. rog also has chargeable overheads and lows that reach from full screen. both rogs and guiles AA specials have more horizontal range than your average dp.

motions over charges:

dont have to commit to charging, of course and so are always available, unlike charges. however they take a “general” effectiveness hit by always being available.

so, basically they have more utility but less actual power.

another example of the difference between charge and motions? take ibukis u2… it goes through fireballs. take chuns u1, it goes through fireballs. so they seem the same power looking at that right there… however chuns u1 has WAAAY more range than ibukis u2. ibuki however doesnt have to charge hers so she can more dynamically go through fireballs with a hit to range when compared to chun.

anywho, neither type of character is inherently better than others, it all depends on the game and the player using the character.

also, charge characters arent naturally defensive, its just that players tend to use them that way cause of the need to charge… charge characters have some of the best offensive normals that there are… if anything, charge characters primary drawback is inability to use good frame traps outside of blocked jumpins and generally having a harder time converting forward dashes into cohesive offenses… but it can be done.


I touched world warrior as a kid, I would always have the toughest time fighting Vega. So when he finally became a playable character I picked him up and never let him go. Doesn’t mean I like one type of character over another. My favorite happens to be a charge character.

individual charge moves are usually very very good to make up for the charge limitation
charge characters also generally have great normals, fast walk speed, and good dashes (honda not included, dude has a command throw)

they get a lot of perks all around for having to charge