What are your thoughts on Brawl+

I’m sure some of you already know what Brawl+, but for those that don’t know I’ll give a quick rundown.

Brawl+ is a type of mod, kind of like HL’s Counter Strike or Warcraft 3’s DOTA, that changes the game play of the game into a whole new way of playing.

It makes the game play more fast paced, re-balances characters, and allows for more offensive tactics like combos.

Here is a video that shows some of the differences from Brawl and Brawl+



More info on Brawl+ can be found here.


The changes are said to make the game more competitive, and I was just wondering if you guys think if it will replace regular Brawl in the competitive scene?

I don’t see much difference and why would the characters need re-balancing?

The top two characters having their own tiers is pretty ridiculous.

Yeah, I don’t know any games that have 2 or less characters in their own top tier.

See also: TvC Karas, GGXX#R Eddie, GGSlash Ky, Karnov’s Revenge Karnov, and tons of “lesser known” fighters.

Or if we do it as a percentage of the cast then we can lump in the big 4 of MvC2, since it is about twice as big as the cast of Brawl.

So I guess we should go back and hack all those games right, since they’re trash?

Who are the top two Mario, Ganondorf?

I think some characters specials are useless though like Mario and Squirtle’s watergun.

It shouldn’t replace regular brawl because it’s a mod, and i’m completely against modding in a tournament setting.

I don’t even really play Smash, but I can say it’s stupid to have a separate version of a game that 80% of the userbase doesn’t have access to. How the hell is anyone supposed to practice if they don’t have a modded Wii?

My problem isn’t so much with changing the game but segregating the community like that.

In a way it is segregation; but then again the only real issue is modding a Wii to play it.

Within the community the talks on how B+ will go is still up i the air. First off, modded games wont get support like the original. another is the fact already stated; having a modded Wii.

For the most part B+ is just fanservice. It is indeed a lot fo fun to play and feels incredibly a lot different then standard brawl. try it out for yourself if you ever get the chance though.

It’s a fun game but I have a hard time taking it seriously because I don’t think it would ever really be considered tournament standard.

But I have loads of fun with it.

To be honest, I did not really see a difference and I usually do not like user add ons.

Well to be fair, that video I post was kind of old, brawl+ has changed a lot scene that video, i just couldn’t find a better one on you tube at the time.

Here is a video of a newer version of brawl+ maybe this will make the changes more clear.


The characters move faster, and most moves have bigger hit stun effect. It plays a bit more like melee, and as you can see you can do things like pick a pokemon character, and stay with that character the whole match.

But you really have to play it to understand it. I think it’s more fun the regular brawl, and can’t wait for future releases.

I actually wanted to start a Brawl+ thread, but I don’t want to try that if there’s only people reacting negatively to it. I wanna hear how more of you feel

actually, despite their problems, all those games you listed (except maybe SF4) are actually fun

imagine seeing a really beautiful girl. but she’s wearing grandma clothes and has a hideous face. all brawl+ people did was put her into something nice and give her a face worth looking at. of course you could just wonder why we bother with her and go find a hot girl that’s actually complete, but messing around with the potential is fun. not to mention if something goes wrong it can always be changed

also, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to go back and hack a game. especially mvc2

NEED rebalancing? the way you said that makes it sound like it shouldn’t be desireable for every single char and every single move to be of use. there’s no disadvantage to making a character work… you know, other than the fact that you have to have the homebrew channel for that

I played brawl just now after a while of playing brawl+. one of the most noticeable differences is that it’s much faster. they’ve also made it so that you can move more fluidly. tripping has been taken out altogether. some of the moves are buffed apparently… yesterday I was KOing Bowser with Samus’ green missles, but hitting Jigglypuff with them in brawl doesn’t make her go far at all even at high percentages. the hit stun is much larger, so it lets every character have a chance to combo. that change REALLY helps some of the chars who need to land hits like Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, and even makes some chars into totally different characters.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the rebalancing part. just the fact that the hitstun is higher is great enough for everyone to compete IMO. Not to say that I wouldn’t like every move to actually be worth something. for instance… Samus’s missiles? with THAT lag on them? Get the fuck outta here. Moves like that should be empowered or deleted from the game. chars in brawl+ are given a nice boost in their power overall. For all we know the tiers may be the exact same as they were before, but at least this way it’s enjoyable because everyone’s a force to be reckoned with.

This is way more fun to me. I just wish they would bring back the changes that were on Big Blue a few updates back. Good stuff. I love Brawl+ quite a bit. I probably will never go back to playing normal Brawl.

Can’t wait for those new Snake buffs. Yum.

B+ is the result of disgruntled OG smash players who want to play melee but for some reason have forgotten they already own it.

When third strike came out a lot of players prefered super turbo, but they didn’t spend hundreds of hours trying to remove the parry system. They spent two seconds putting ST back on.

Why is the smash community so against having a functional community. You have two unique games, with different and robust communities, it could be worse.

my my, aren’t we judgmental

SF3 would be boring without parrying. I think a better change would be to make it so that not everything is parryable

Brawl+ isn’t really like melee. Brawl+ gives us a unique opportunity to try and balance out a new smash game without having to make everything from scratch.

Brawl+ doesn’t replace either of these games. I still play Melee and smash bros 64, and sometimes I like brawl still. Brawl+ is a unique experience that I personally find superior to the main releases. Sure it might not make it into big tournaments. I don’t really care, its a fun game that I would rather play.

Except some of those disgruntled players WON’T go back to Melee because of its “glitches”. They would rather play Brawl instead, hence B+.

IMO, B+ isn’t much different than normal Brawl. B+ just fixes a few things and added hitstun to combos along with air movement.

try Samus vs Bowser on both games. play with Diddy Kong and try your absolute hardest to hit them while avoiding being hit. You’ll notice a HUGE difference

edit: another difference, try using Diddy’s bananas.

although, when you say it’s not much difference, I don’t know if you’re saying that it’s basically the same game but faster and changes to attack and are referring to the fact that you can even use some of the same old tricks and tactics (ex. after knocking someone far away, trick them by making it seem like you’re gonna jump attack them, but you instead run up and throw them) or if you’re saying you really can’t detect a difference

The more I play this I felt like a wasted all my last year of gaming. Just go back to playing Melee. More balanced and alot more fun.

Eh, I really can’t detect anything.