What are your guys universally worst matchups?

I also don’t do well with mirror matches, but my worst match ups are by far any grapplers. Christ they scare me to death when I play.


I suppose I do worst against grapplers. Though, this is less noticeable offline. Gogo XBLHugos. Jump->720 ahoy!

Mukuro from Last Blade 2. It’s a nightmare!!!

I play Zangief and Honda in ST and Q in 3S, so I lose to Chun. I also totally suck with mirror matches. I tell ya, Honda vs Honda is the stupidest matchup ever.

All the Chun hate, haters is all you are.

I really really really fucking hate C-Hondas, last summer I played this real good C-Honda player, and I hated Honda alot ever since, frustrates the fuck outta me when he uses RC + Turtling.

Hmm, another one would be Balrog [claw] and Zangief in ST only, argh. Oh, also Blanka in CvS2, trip -> electricity chip = too much damage.

And I have absolutely no problem with mirror matches, the only things I fear in a match-up is when I don’t know the other character’s moves well and don’t know how to block/react. And since its a mirror match, I know all the tricks possible with the character since I use him.

Chun / Elena 3s. Fuck them bitches. =\

(Nice new av strakka)

Mirror matches don’t really affect me.

My hate list:


And any player that is able to parry like a god.

Having been a 'gief lover since WW, 'sim :frowning:

Todo? WTF?

If someone picks Todo I automatically reset the game cause I assume it was an accident.

I was at Midwest dumbass.

Well bunch of NY empire guys were there, so it wasnt lacking any turtling Chuns.

Magneto players have an ordinary tendency to get into my head. That is to say, they defeat me with superior execution, and I am left wondering whether they honestly saw through my strategy, or simply “overwhelmed” me.

Ironically, Magneto players irritate me more than Sentinel players.

V-ism Zangief.

I…I just can’t win…ever.

I lose to characters that have fast dashes and/or fast walking speeds.

Mirror matches, argh.
I cant win against those… or random select.
too hard to exploit and too hard to read.

Sakura and Vega

Team Scrub :tdown:

kim. i hate him.

My worst matchup is me vs. MvC2. I suck so bad at the game. Well, not suck, I just can’t execute none of that stuff. So yeah, I lose at the select screen. Hell, I lose at the change machine getting tokens to play.

I can’t win against RC Honda ever, you have to design a team just to face him. RC Handslaps recover quickly and chips so do evil RC Headbutt plus if you begin to turtle he has that 360 throw and 720 super and his RC overhead smash. Rolling to avoid Headbutts only delays the inevitable and since I play C-Groove most of the time.:xeye:

Yes I know ways I can counter him but when you get into the situation you feel overpowered and choke. Unless you design a team or use P groove it feels like a waste. Even when I take him down it usually costs 2 of my teamates.:sad: