What are your guys universally worst matchups?

I’m sure everybody has them. What are your guys worst matchups in all street fighters?

I have two.

One of them is vega. It doesnt matter which game, it could be ST, Alpha, or CVS2. I absoulely HATE playing against Vega and do so poorly against him for some reason. When people pick Vega half the time I just walk away from the machine without even playing, thats how much I suck against him. I dont know why its probably a psycological thing but I just cant play against him to save my life.

My other one is mirror matches. I suck when doing mirror matches and always have a hard time because the way I play I exploit other characters weaknesses and use my character strengths. So most of the time I am at a loss when doing mirror matches. Probably worst mirror match for me would be Hibiki vs Hibiki, I have no idea what to do in this match but swing my sword around.

I seem to have a problem against Akuma in every game except for CvS2, where I can kill him with my fave anti-Shoto, Yamazaki.

mirror matches, I spend all my time playing against other characters but when somebody picks akuma (my fave) I get my ass handed to me because I never train against him so I get caught off guard,but those give me a real rush. second would have to be mokoto and necro just because their moves are so unusual it confuses me


Beer rushes me down and owns me for free. I lose horribly to alcohol in general.

And N-Iori.


But seriously, for me it varies entirely from game to game.

haha, we’re like the same person.

I suck against vega in every game, and also hate mirror matches in every game.

My avatar tells all

I’m with scum gale 88 on this one.
Mirror matches really get me.

Chun-Li in 3s
Balrog in ST
Bison in all games

Akuma in any game and Ken and Yun in Third Strike.

Hugo is my absolute worst match-up (I play Alex). Sure, Chun, Ken, Yun, and occassionally Makoto, Ryu, and Oro can give me a hard time too, but there’s nothing worse than fighting Hugo. It’s like Hugo is designed to completely shut down Alex’s game in every way.

Edit: Gill’s a bitch too, but I don’t play on Xbox Live, so it’s all good.


You missed the tournament on Saturday. Turtling Chunstrike at its finest!

Zangief vs Anakaris

MST :tdown:


plus all grab characters. ST hawk is my worst nightmare.

Wave dashing Mishimas in TTT…was never able to fully deal with that.

Steve in T5

Blanka in CvS2

Yeah, Steve’s for morons. Bryan too. I can’t wait until the next Tekken comes out so I can take my copy of T5 and break it actually. How the heck is Steve going to be able to full wall combo on me (1+2, mash on 1) in the middle of screen off some random spin punch? That thing takes way too much life. Bryan’s b+1 move is retarded too. I get comboed if I get hit, I get put into a forced guess if I block, and the range makes the move difficult to even avoid in the first place.

Yeah, I can’t stand to these two characters. I got pissed and quit last time actually when I guessed right and blocked Bryan’s sweep, but when I went to punish with my launcher (Kaz ws+1) my move completely whiffed. How is he going to be able to do a 50% masher combo on me for the random sweep, while the most guaranteed thing I can get is a ws+4?

I lose to easy tactics and it makes me mad. The worst matchups for me ever.

kcxj: Have you heard of Tekken 5.1 yet? I saw on Zaibatsu that Steve, Nina, and Bryan are getting some fixes. So are all the other characters but theirs are probably the most prominent.

For Bryan’s sweep, if you can’t punish on block, then try low-parrying it on reaction. See what connects after that.

BTW, it’s rumored that Kazuya’s WS+2 will be inescapable. That is, you can’t get out of the stun.

Grapplers. Robo-Ky a la #reload. 3s Chun styles. The yoyo girl in 2k3.

Chun in 3S.
Cammy/Blanka in CvS2.
Sol in #R.