What are your favourite fighting games?

No idea why I haven’t seen a thread like this floating around,

What are some of your favourite fighters of all time? Not necessarily the best fighters ever made (that may be the case) but the fighters that mean the most to you.

I’ll get it rolling,

  1. Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition : Not as balanced without the classic status of Super Turbo but I prefer the game without supers. The original champion edition was one of the first fighters I ever played in the arcade and this version was the first fighter I ever owned on the Sega Megadrive.
  2. GGXX (series) - Apart from the fact I love the quirky art-style/setting, this series has the best mechanics I’ve ever played in a fighting game.
  3. Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom UAS - The most gorgeous fighter ever made, phenomenal character design, stages, music, the whole game is one giant wet dream. It may be a 3 button fighter with only two characters with limited assist potential but the mechanics are solid with a lot of depth (systems like Baroque) and the basic design removes a lot of the BS from other vs. games.
  4. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 - After recently rediscovering this game I hardly need to say more, it’s one of the best games Capcom have ever made.
  5. Mortal Kombat II (Playstation) - By far the best version of MKII, to be perfectly honest I don’t enjoy many Midway titles, this is the only Mortal Kombat game I love and it’s incredible. MKII is still one of the most brutal fighting games ever made and criminally under-rated due to how quickly the series went to shit.

Guilty Gear XX #Reload: In my opinion, the most fun Guilty Gear, and represented Arc System Works’ golden age. It also happened to be my first competitive game.

Arcana Heart 3: A very fast paced game with several unique elements not seen in other games. It is also arguably one the most balanced fighting games ever made, despite its large cast of characters. I also admire Examu’s decision to take risk and continue to innovate by completely overhauling the system presented in Arcana Heart 2.6, which was already a pretty complete game.

Senko no Ronde DUO: Mechanics, visual presentation, music - everything about this game is quite different compared to every other fighting game (although some may argue SNR is not a FG). Also the addition of new system functionalities such as variable assists and anti-boss bombs made the game significantly deeper compared to its predecessor.

Party’s Breaker: A classic game by French Bread prior to Melty Blood series. Not nearly as refined compared to MB, but it has many of its own charms.

Haven’t played the bottom three, but I absolutely loved #Reload, I mentioned series though as I probably play ^C more than the others.

They’re so obscure you’ve never heard of them. HEH

  1. Capcom vs SNK 2 - It’s SF Alpha crossed with KoF. Self-explanatory.
  2. KoF’98/UM - The prime of the KoF franchise. The remake added the (very) few guys that were left out.
  3. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - I only recently started playing this game seriously. I’ve had it for PS3 for 2+1/2 years, and on Dreamcast for a like, a decade and never really scratched the surface.
  4. Gundam Battle Assault 2 - This game is unique. Everyone is really slow, and heavy, and you’re dedicated to every footstep. It’s interesting.
  5. Touhou - It’s an odd game; sort of a cross between a shmup and a fightan. It’s very zoney, and features pretty tight flying mechanics.

SNR is not a FG. It’s still pretty kickass, though.

I’ve actually heard of Senko (not entirely a fighter) and Arcana Hearts 3. I played an earlier Arcana Hearts and it didn’t take to me, reminded me a tad of Battle Fantasia but I didn’t explore it very deep. I haven’t heard of Party’s Breaker at all, then again to me Melty Blood is just a name, I’ve never picked it up.

Also, shout outs to Primal Rage for letting me beat the entire game by pressing one button (the fire teleport on the red dinosaur), still the only fighter worth mentioning where you can duke it out between a Yeti and a Velociraptor.

MK II: Pretty much the pinnacle of the series.

XMvsSF: I remember losing it the first time I saw the attract mode. Gambit? I’M IN.

Tekken 5: I remember playing this all the time at the game room in the Plaza Mall. I got pretty decent with Steve, which is why I’m excited to play him in SFxT.

UMVC3: I know the hipsters and bitter old men are going to show up because of this one, but I’ll state my reason anyway.

I love the presentation, the flow of combat, and the overall feel of the game. I enjoy being able to level up with the rest of the community. I enjoy learning about the new tech and implementing it in my gameplay. I enjoy not feeling like I have to spend 10 years just to be able to play the game. I enjoy watching the community grow and thrive.

And that’s all i have to say about that.

Guilty Gear X2…#Reload/Slash/^Core. Can’t really decide. After that, Capcom Vs SNK 2.

Those are the main two, after that it’s a whole wack of things lol. Like U/MvC3, MvC2, Blazblue, Tekken 5…

I play more Marvel 3 than anything else at the moment, I like that it’s current, that the community is active for it and the variation I’m seeing on streams between the different characters as people suss it out. In saying all that, I don’t feel it has the classic appeal of MvC2 and Capcom’s other recent versus installment (TvC) shares a few fundamentals but is far superior in so many other ways. It even looks better on a console with shit processing power.

CvS2 - I never got super good at this, never mastered A-groove or roll cancelling. However, I played the shit out of this with my friends and had alot of good times.

3rd Strike - Same as the above. Got into it during the end of it’s competitive life in the local arcade scene. Still had a blast playing it with friends.

MvC2 - I just love the idea of a game that thrived (and got it’s depth) because it was so broken.

Alpha 2 - Between A2 and A3, I just prefer A2 more. Probably because it gave me my first taste of learning to exploit something (CCs) to beat up other guys.

GGXX Slash - Because I have only 1 arcade loss in this game ever. It’s too bad the local arcades never upgraded beyond that.

Shame ASW haven’t upgraded beyond GGX2 tbh.

I preferred A3 but that was due to character loyalty, I’m OG Gief + Honda who made his return. I claim I’m OG Hawk (who was in the home version) but to be honest I’ve probably spent more time on him in SSFIV than I ever did back in the day.

I still love Third Strike, like ten times more than SFIV at least, I wish that game got a bigger revival, the art-style, the gameplay, the music, everything. That game was nuts.

It wouldn’t been bigger if the fanbase weren’t so schizo about it. Half are like “all we need is an arcade perfect port” and the other half is complaining about lack of features from the PS2/DC versions.

EDIT: On a related note, the first SF I ever owned was SCE on the Genesis.

Yeah, I guess what killed it the most (in my circles at least) was the lack of recognizable characters. It was like trying to get a bunch of Capcom fanboys hyped over KoF which was a shame because it’s one of my most played arcade games ever (probably third after Daytona and Time Crisis, maybe VF).

Tell me about it, I had to deal with a bunch of tards over at Unity asking for characters from IV to be ported in.

Yeah, I was wrapped when they actually did the reverse and stuck Alex in TvC, that was awesome, I love my Blade/Alex team as I used to play Alex 80% of the time in the arcade (Hugo the rest pretty much). Given he was the main character in SFIII I feel kind of dirty Capcom have left him out of Marvel 3 and SFIV.

  1. Melty Blood: It’s the game i’m best at and the one I actually took time to learn because I was interested in it, the best mechanics (IMO). Plus it has Wara and Aoko

  2. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core: Awesome characters, Awesome music, INO and ABA, Amazing Balance, and great mechanics

  3. Immaterial and Missing Power (Touhou 7.5): Possible the most unique fighter I have ever played. 'Tis shame that I couldn’t find much competition

4.Any KOF because they are all awesome

  1. Tatsunoko vs Capcom: It was the game that got me interested in fighting games in the first place, had alot of fun with it too.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Bloody Roar - Not only the first fighting game I played, but the first Playstation game I tried as well. Between Tekken 2 and Evil Zone, probably one of the greatest 3D PS1 fighting games ever.

GGXX #Reloaded - A great fast-paced fighter with unique character concepts and lasting replay value.

Arcana Heart 3 - I know people give it a lot of shit but it is pretty well thought out when it comes to game mechanics, especially when it comes to choosing your arcana. The fact that your choice determines your strength/defense makes it even more strategic.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - The only SF game I played.

The King of Fighters '96 - Don’t know if anybody else used to play this on Gametap
Samurai Showdown
Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Superheroes
Marvel Superheroes

Guilty Gear XX: one of the most exciting things to play for me, i was completely absorbed by the game because it was my first GG experience, powerful gameplay and Soundtrack.

Tekken 3: great old times with my PS, it was my first introduction to 3D FG.

Virtua Fighter 4: AI mode and kumite were the most fun modes ever created, complex gameplay, nice tutorials and great single player content made the game one of the greatest FG ever.

KOF 97, 98 and XI: why 97? yeah i know for some people it was a rushed game with a lot of gameplay problems at high level, but for me it was the most epic in terms of presentation the atmosphere was great and the game had epic battles (Yeah Orochi is too easy lol), 98…need i say more? XI: some people hated the tag system but i love fast paced games and the new introduction of characters was a dream for me.

CvS2: yeah the SNK cast sucks (except Hibiki for me) but it was a fun game anyways, imo the greatest crossover in the capcom series, they need to do the sequel but not now (is the worst time seriously).

For ST games is really hard to tell which game because i had a lot of fun with almost any game in the series.