What are your favourite fighting games?

Vampire Savior. Easily.

I also love XX

Tekken 3 was tons of fun, I remember all the bonus modes really set it apart from other fighters at the time. I used to rock Gun Jack (seemingly based off Jak. my fav MK character) and King (At the time I thought he was actually part Tiger).

Melty Blood

Vanguard Princess

Sailor Moon S Match

Karnov’s Revenge

Fate/Unlimited Codes

Akatsuki Blitzkampf

Melty Blood
Vampire Savior
Marvel vs Capcom 2
3rd Strike
KoF 98UM

Alpha 2, ST, TVC,and Breakers Revenge get some honorable mentions.

wow that makes me sick!

  1. Third Strike
  2. CvS2
  3. Accent Core
  4. Street Fighter 4
  5. Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition (Played the shit out of this at the machine we had in college)
  6. MvC3

Yea, only one of those isn’t a capcom game, but I just haven’t really stuck to any non-capcom game for any length of time.

  1. Vampire Savior
  2. Marvel 2
  3. Marvel 3
  4. Tatsunoko

…It suddenly occurs to me just how few fighting games I have actually played. Oh well, hopefully Skullgirls will be added into that top spot in the next few months.

Street fighter 2 ce
Virtua fighter 1,2,4
Mace the dark age
Soul calibur
Weapon lord
Samurai showdown 2

Runner ups: darkstalkers, umk3, mk9, eternal champions, sc5, primal rage

Games I didn’t like: marvel, sf3, killer instinct, time killers, a ton of others

Never played: ex series, tekken, vampire savior, ah, guilt gear, blazblu, alpha series, a bunch of others

SF2 Rainbow Edition.

  1. Capcom Vs. SNK 2
    -That’s my baby right there…it had pretty much everything you could want from the SF/KOF systems at the time. Whenever I just get an itch to load it up on the Dreamcast (or play the EO version on my Wii; I’m not that picky ^_^), I just play that shit all day. Even with the steep learning curve and all, it’s much more fun scrubbing it in this game just having some casual fun. There’s just so much great things I could say about this game…

  2. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
    At first I wasn’t terribly interested in this game when I heard news of the PSN/XBLA release (this was before I got into fighting games), then I saw the cab at a arcade I frequent. Was playing Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom at the time so I thought Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 would be something similar. I couldn’t have been any more wrong. First time I played though…I found out why people called MvC2 crack in the form of a fighting game. So what if the game is an abomination of shitty fighting game design, bugs, totally overpowered characters and insane brokeness? IT’S MAHVEL BAYBEE! After plopping so many tokens in the machine I bought the Dreamcast version (when the machine broke down >_>) and spent a whole month playing nothing but MvC2.

  3. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
    First heard of it back when Cross Generation of Heroes was out and thought “man this looks pretty cool; finally Wii owners like myself can get a little slice of dat new Capcom fighting game pie too bad there’s no plans for a international release and what’s a tatsunoko so meh” Then Ultimate All-Stars was announced and I was like “man this looks pretty cool; finally wii owners like myself can get a little slice of dat new Capcom fighting game pie OH SNAP A U.S. RELEASE OH SNAP YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE OH SNAP I MUST HAVE IT” Props to Capcom for going through all the licensing issues and such to bring us an updated version of this gem. I like that even though you can do some wacky and vicious stuff in this game it still feels “balanced” and not as “cheesy” or “broke” as say, MvC2.

  4. Street Fighter Alpha 3
    The game that got me into fighting games, for reals.Laugh all you want, but I was tearing it up on the GBA version. Learned how to do the basic stuff and everything. My most favorite thing about Alpha 3 was the ISM system. Not only you had your characters and the “natural” tools they had, you could dictate the system in which those characters are able to use their tools to the fullest advantage (one of the reasons I love CvS2 as well).

  5. Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike
    As much as I like them both, I’ll have to give the edge over to 2nd Impact; it’s much more vibrant and colorful and Sean isn’t a shitty character.

  6. The King of Fighters '95
    because I get to play as Rugal
    the game is kind of ass but playable in a guilty-pleasure way

  7. The King of Fighters '98
    because I get to play as Rugal
    The best out of the Orochi Saga games and possibly the best of the series.

  8. Guilty Gear X
    Recent addition to my fighting game library…was picking this up to expand my Dreamcast imports collection…next thing I know I’m playing #Reload on my Xbox 360…then Accent Core for the Wii. Great to pick up if you’re looking for something out of the norm from the usual fighter. To be honest I like playing GGX the most since I had it for slightly longer.

  9. Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting
    This is the fighting game you play when you tire of all the ultras, x-factors,.gems, and other miscellaneous bullshit in today’s “fighting entertainment” No gimmicks, no bullshit, just skill and strategy.


  1. Soul Calibur II
    Another recent addition to my fighting game collection…I’ve actually had this game for a while but haven’t started playing until now since I barely spend any time with the Wii outside of a bit of TvC, GGXXAC for the first month I got it, and trying to beat Kid Icarus. But after I started playing I was simply amazed. Outside of Link my favorite character is probably Mitsurugi. Currently trying to blast through Arcade mode with every character but so far I’m liking it. Enjoyable at all levels of play :slight_smile:

Oh and super street fighter 4 because of dat top tier korean booty

Melty, KoFXIII, GGXX, SoulCalibur II, Vanguard Princess. Honorable mention to CvS2 and SFA3.

Damn, I forgot KoF11, KoF 2002 UM and Garou. Jeez, I knew I’d forget something.

Awwwww You Guys…

The KOF 98 love I see as I scroll down makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

Wasn’t expecting it to be anyone’s fav period because 2002um, 11 & XIII are just as sick through many others eyes.

Really thought I come in this thread and just see a whole bunch of Super Turbos & CVS2’s ( Which are famous godlike games nethertheless.)

Well… you know what game I fucks wit…

Guilty Gear: So much love for the series. But…I kinda of hope they dont make a new one, I just wont work or have the feel as the previous installments. I can see a lot of people moaning/bitching/crying about how hard it is just to play the game. So it would get watered down and stale. Leave it as it is, or at best do a remake in HD.

Pleasantly surprised with the amount of game variety in this thread. I came in expecting MvC2/ST/CvS2 all over the place, but seeing TvC mentioned in the OP made me smile.

Anywho, here’s my personal faves, listed in no particular order:

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: UAS

No matter how much I play UMvC3 to stay current, I always find myself going back to my Wii to play this gem. Game looks great, has amazing music, excellent roster selection and is honestly one of the most balanced fighters I’ve ever played. I initially bought it because I knew Volnutt was in it, but the game is just great on its own. It says a lot when you can enjoy a fighter where you don’t know who 40% of the roster is. I like how it kept the basics of the VS. series in play, while still deviating enough to be original. Truth be told, I wish more of this game’s mechanics had been ported over to MvC3/UMvC3.

It’s too bad this game didn’t pick up more, as the advent of Marvel 3, it being on the Wii, and Tatsunoko generally being an unknown over here pretty much killed the game. I still play the heck out of it, though!

Street Fighter EX2+

EX3 is fun, but I just like this one a little more. It keeps the fundamentals of SF, but adds original characters and game mechanics that add some nice flavor. The music of course is amazing (seriously, anything Shinji Hosoe touches turns to gold), and despite the fact that the graphics aren’t top notch, they do look pretty good. My only gripe is that they cut Allen Snider from the roster. :shake:

Super Dragonball Z

Arguably the best DBZ fighter I’ve ever played (though Hyper Dimension comes close). In a world full of over the top PS2 DBZ games that lack depth, Super DBZ comes out rather unnoticed. I really liked how they went for the straight Manga look as opposed to doing things all OP like the anime does; it’s a breath of fresh air. The combo system was fun, the character roster was pretty interesting (Chi-Chi, really?), and Shinji Hosoe once again makes an amazing soundtrack. It’s too bad that the DBZ fandom ate the game alive, complaining about the lack of characters, SF motions being too hard to do, and not being able to run around and blow stuff up.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

My first SF game ever, and still one of my favorites. I’ve always liked this game for both gameplay and aesthetic reasons, both of which I feel weren’t as good in A3. Valle CC’s are awesome, and I’ve always felt that this (and CvS2) actually did better at making Ryu and Ken seem a lot different. As a Ken player, having access to that splat move was always fun, even though it’s not that useful. Also, every character having their own final boss is a nice touch that I think should be brought back.

Capcom Vs. SNK 2

No, I can’t RC, Paint the Fence, or Shoshosho, but I still have a ton of fun with this game. I think it was overall really well done, what with the multiple character intros and groove variability. The soundtrack was pretty sweet, too. (♪ This is tuna with bacon all the time ♪) For what it’s worth, I think the GC/Xbox versions were really good (superior to the arcade/ps2, even), but I’m not sure how people would cope with the loss of RC’ing.

3rd Strike

Still a personal favorite after all this time. People hound it for its balance issues, but the game’s still tons of fun. I like the use of characters that deviate from the SFII norms. Parrying, while not perfect, does add quite a bit of depth to the game, and generally forces you to think outside the box as far as fundamentals go. 3SO may not be arcade perfect, but I still love it anyway.

Naruto: Narutimate Accel 2

Last good game in the series before it went downhill with Storm. It says something when you’ve got 62 characters in fighter and the majority of them are playable at a high level (only 2 were banned and very few characters were outright terrible). This game has a shocking amount of depth and had a nice tounrey scene running for a while. My only gripes are the assist system being OP (which was also banned), and the rather lackluster soundtrack.

Garou: MOTW

First SNK fighter I played, and still my fave. Reminds me a lot of 3rd Strike, with a small but interesting cast, and very solid gameplay mechanics. This definitely needs an HD port sometime in the future.

1. Marvel vs Capcom 2
The Beautiful Game. The Greatest Game Of All Time. My True Love. My only regret is that I didn’t get heavy into it earlier and instead wasted 2001-2009 being a MGS fag

2. Marvel vs Capcom 1
My First Love. Still don’t know how to play it properly, but I will still watch old ECC videos of MvC1 tourneys and love to watch. If I can ever get port forwarding on ggpo set up I’d love to learn how to play it

3. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Can’t play this for shit (actually, I suck at all 3p/3k fighting games), but I love to watch it and play for fun.

4.Capcom vs SNK 2
Not gonna lie, my knowledge of the inner workings of this game is almost nonexistant, but it’s enjoyable to watch and I love it’s presentation. Plus as Desmond said “Only broken games are good”

5. Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Haters hated this game, but I love Tatsunoko (though where the hell was Speed Racer, Robotech, and Evangelion? And where was Captain Commando?) and the character models and backgrounds are cleaner and better than MvC3’s sludgy and crowded messes. I would’ve gotten into the game if it didn’t come out on Wii.

6. Guily Gear XX accent core? Idk, yall know which one Im talking about

7. King Of Fighters XIII
Tried to play it for a week, couldnt get simple combos down, gave up and went back to MvC2. But it’s still the prettiest game and I love watching it at high level

Shoutouts to Blazblue (that dude with the low-tier knight or whatever winning EVO was pretty sweet), HnK, Budokai 3 (fuck tenkaichi) and tekken tag tournament

I am the only one who just can’t decide this? i know this is a little repetitive from me but i just fucking love fighting games. Some weeks ago we play with some friends ST, VS, AH3, GGXXAC, Ougon Cross, MBAACC, Vanguard Princess, KOF98, Breakers Revenge, Samurai Showdown, MVC2, Akatsuki, MK2 and even fucking Mace: The Dark Age and we get fun with everyone.

I can’t make a list, but sure i can say that Third Strike was my first “serious” fighting game back in 2000.

Man I totally agree! I utterly love TvC for all the reasons you’ve stated. Seeing how many other people in this thread love it as well I can’t believe how dead the community is, I mean it’s not even that old, come on guys! Lets get it going again.

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - IMO, it’s SNK’s best fighting game.

Breakers Revenge - Best Street Fighter that isn’t from Capcom.

Virtua Fighter 2 - Loved the hell out of this game in the arcades.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - My favorite of all the SF games.

Garou:Mark Of The Wolves - Next to RB2, this is my 2nd favorite SNK game.

Guilty Gear XX: Reloaded - Very unique play-styles on most characters.
Soul Calibur 2 - Game was probably the most popular FG of all time.
Street Fighter 3: New Generation - My personal favorite soundtrack of any fighting game
Street Fighter 3: Strike Stike - Makoto, nough said.