What are your favorite character matchups to watch?

I find there are some matchups that are just fun to see. Sure everyone likes seeing specific players or a specific character. But what about specific matchups? What are your favorite MUs to see played on stream or just spectate at a tournament?

Some of my favorites:

Cody - Guy
Beyond just being of course the greatest rivalry in SF other than Ryu - Ken, this matchup is great because it’s such a slug fest. Plus the two characters have so much in common while also being so very different. There are obvious influences from each one on the others moves (Cody far LK vs Guy far Mk for instance.) but more important are the differences. Guy is speeding all over the place and his his floaty jump while Cody’s low mobility means he tends to pick a spot and hold onto it. Guy’s elbow drop is great against Cody’s wide hurtbox and his lack of invincible anti airs but on the same note Cody’s slide is perfect for low profiling the elbow drop in neutral. Guy’s Run Stop pressure is good vs Cody’s lack of a reversal but Guy still has to watch out for Cody’s crLK. ect

Cody - Zangief
This one is fun mostly because Cody is so slow that it’s a reallllly patient fight for inches at a time for both players. One of the best matchups in terms of showing how good a players spacing is.

Zangief - THawk
Big guys, lots of heavy smacks. Just fun to see.

Rose - Guile
A great match if you love fireballs. I love seeing Rose angle reflect a sonic boom and having Guile jump into it.

El Fuerte Mirror Match
Literally the dumbest shit ever but damn if it isn’t entertaining XD

Ryu - Dhalsim
Not entirely sure what PRECISELY I like about it but it’s a fun match to watch if both players are spot on. Especially when it’s Alex Valle’s Ryu vs FChamp’s Dhalsim.

Juri - Guile
Another fun one if you love fireballs. It’s neat because Juri is one of the few characters who can keep up with Guile and force him out of his shell if he turtles. Plus there simply isn’t many Juris around.

Makoto - Cammy
Big damage ALL THE TIME

Ryu/EvilRyu/Akuma vs. nearly anything, and definitely vs. each other.
Two charge characters going at it is pretty rad.
Sagat vs. shoto, Sagat vs. Sim.

Even Honda mirror match? ;D

Sagat - Ryu

Akuma - Ryu

Also, as far as matches that I’ve grown to hate:
Gen-Cammy. Super Setup Fighter 4: Canned Gameplay Edition.

I’ve just really grown to hate watching Gen, period. Or maybe it’s just Xian. I don’t know. Not that there’s a difference for the most part.

It’s probably just over saturation. I still really enjoy watching Xian’s Gen. Even without the setups he has great footsies and whiff punishes are on point all the time. Gen - Bison is pretty fun to see. As is Gen - Fei

I love watching two charge characters fight, Bison vs Blanka is one of my favorites.

I also like seeing rush down characters vs Sagat, seeing them get past that fireball, uppercut and HK is always fun.

Ryu vs Balrog for the same reasons above.

Cody vs Sakura - Super Frametrap into Stupid Damage Fighter.

oooooh, oooooh

sagat vs sim- its like watching a dance
dudley vs sim-dudley has an extremely hard time getting in. gets in once tho and sim dies

My brain:

Someone with art skills should draw that with Sim / Sagat instead.

so anything vs this is good for me :

Oni, E.ryu, Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Makoto, Yun, Yang ,Guy, Chun, Gief, Guile ( rushdown ), Ibuki, Duds, Sagat, Bison ( rushdown ), Gen ( sako preferably )

characters that i find really boring to watch no matter how they are played ,who plays them or if they do something crazy :

Rose, Addon, Honda, Cammy, Dhalsim, Abel, Rufus ( in the top worst along with Addon ), Blanka, Fei, Balrog

the only exception is for YC Mochi dhalsim, watching him bodying so hard peoples is just too fun, i never saw any other dhalsim at his level, i also love watching specifically Iperu fuerte , the rest that i didnt mention is " meh ok "

PR Balrog’s rog is sooooo hype though. Seriously, how can you not love it? Put Balrog’s focus attack back on the map!

It is not like that the likes of Cammy and Gen have bad neutral games btw. Gen´s Mantis sweep is quite good, or at least it looks really good.

Zangief vs Justin Wong is a joy to watch, Justin Wong’s footsies are just amazing to see vs a character with buttons that counter him in a lot of ranges.
Balrog vs Makoto.
Ryu vs Dhalsim
Zangief vs Makoto
Yun vs Rufus

ah yes ! i forget to mention PR Rog, i actually love watching his balrog on his stream, probably the only entertaining Balrog

He didn’t say they did. Just they tend to be very oriented towards: knockdown - whiff normal - jump. They have great options mid screen but many players don’t even bother with it much less try and emphasize them, combine that with the high saturation of Cammy players and Xian’s Gen last year (which he often is winning based on setups after 1-2 knockdowns even though he has great footsies.) I can understand why it’d bore him.

Lol. Part of the reason I quit Gen. I could tell the character was stunting my growth. I spent way more time practicing set ups than I was playing. Then when I did play I just wanted to jump in for combos or do something that got me a set up

Then if all else fails ill just lean on one of the best comeback potentials of the whole game.

Nobody says you gotta play Gen setup style. Maybe you could develop the deadliest footsie / combo oriented Gen around. Show everyone some crazy stuff he can do with counterhits or find a use for jasen. It may not be the optimal way to play the character for the most consistent results but doesn’t mean you need to play him that way as long as you are enjoying yourself (and hopefully winning)

I’d love to see a player like Momochi, who is determined to use every normal attack a character has for SOMETHING, take on Gen. So many of his normals almost never see action. (mainly the crane stance stuff.)

These knockdown- whiff normal- jump setups are for Hakan at least very rewarding. 300+ dmg midscreen, causes opponents DPs to whiff and also quite safe(don´t know, if his J.HK crossups setups are really safe), can lead into the same setup. Frametrap potential is much better, when it comes from these setups. Meaty pressure isn´t bad, but a bit too risky imo. I think it is similar with the setups run by Cammy and Gen that the risk/reward ratio is really good. Play against a dude, who has 100dmg/200 stun pokes, a tool, which helps him great at space control, I will tell you that it is a godsend. Playing constantly at mid range would be better, if you are tanky, beefy and fast enough.

Ryu vs Ryu and Sagat vs Sagat. These are the matchups where the better ryu/sagat always wins, period.

Divekick vs dhalsim/sagat/charge. The two archetypes at it, clash of styles.

Snake Eyez style Zangief. Slow and steady death coming at your way.

In general I really like fireball wars. I hate Fuerte, Hakan, Balrog, Ibuki, Seth and currently Oni. Probably because I struggle vs the characters, used to hate Viper but not so much anymore.

I’m glad it’s entertaining for you, because it usually isn’t for the people playing the charge mirror. :stuck_out_tongue: