What are your favorite character matchups to watch?

Gen has great footsies and ground game. Tremendous variety to what he can do. How set up focused Gen is, is dependent on the player. Look at Tokido’s Akuma vs Infiltration’s Akuma? Both utilize set ups, however for one it plays a much bigger part.

Anyways personally I love watching Gen, I’m astounded by the complex thought process it takes to use him successfully. Other characters I love to watch are: Juri, Dudley, Guy, Vega, Oni, Gouken, DJ, Yang, Hakan, Chun.

High level sagat vs gief. It’s all about outthinking each other.


I’m actually partial to mirrors, like @otori said above the victory can prove who really is the best (or the craziest) with that character.

Sagat mirrors tend to be interesting. Especially, when both players throw out Tiger Shots at the same time, only difference that one player used a High Tiger Shot, the other one a Low Tiger Shot. Also when one Sagat tries to adopt into a rushdown style, when he doesn´t have a lifelead.

I like to watch characters, who aren´t appearing that much at tournaments.
Seeing the over saturation of Cammy and Rufus isn´t great to see.

Ryu v Sim is the best matchup. The salty suite set between Daigo and Arturo after Evo 2010 is still my favorite set ever played in SF4.

I like the Ryu vs Ryu mirror match the most.

Any of the old school matchups from sf2 world warrior cast are my favourites.

I like seeing good footsies. The best footsie Ryu I played against was some guy last month
in the arcade, hands down better than any Ryu I fought against online.

Dont like matchups where theres a lot of teleports or the blanka mirror.

Guile vs Guile is where it’s at:

Cammy vs. Character who can’t anti air divekicks

Akuma vs. characters he can universally options select in the middle of vortex

Ibuki where the round starts with a random neckbreaker that hits vs. anyone

I’m hoping they patch that out when they patch out the other unblockables. Kappa

I’m always impressed with good Zangief play, it’s impressive to see what a high level player can do with this character. Very entertaining character to watch at a high level, I think the Gief vs. Honda macthup is interesting, the Gief player must display a lot of patience and capitalize on offense opportunities, cuz breaking Honda’s defense is hard as Gief.

I said part of the reason was all the set ups. The other part is him being too complex for me personally to make any other play style viable. Amiyu is a good example of non set play Gen. It just takes too much work playing him like that for me

Dunno how many times I’ve eaten raw jump combos because oh shit I’m in the wrong stance


So much thinking and footsie work from the Guile player to win this.

Wouldn’t the AA problem be solved by staying in, say, Mantis so your AA reflex can just be => Gekiro or => Crane, cr.hk without paying heed to which stance you’re in. Mantis buttons are for the most part better anyway, no?

Ryu vs anyone

yeah. mantis buttons are better. but crane gets that half screen cross up

anyway its just easier to pick a character with a real dp and a dive kick

Humorously enough I SPECIFICALLY avoided picking a character with a DP when I first started to really dive into FGs with AE on PC(I played em a ton casually before that for as long as I remember, but just to fuck around with friends occasionally. Didn’t know anything like what a chain or link was)

I didn’t want to pick a character with a DP type move because I was worried I’d learn bad habits and lean on it too much for defense.

Oh wow, I think gen is easier to play than all the divekick characters sans cammy ofc.

I almost always try to anti air with buttons instead of DPs. Dunno why.

Well you play makoto. Forward, down, downforward doesn’t do anything.