Westcoast Warzone SSF2HD Remix Tournament Aftermath (Vent Here!)

Granted there’s a Westcoast Warzone thread in the Tournament Section of the forums, but lets face it. It’s only about SF4.

So here’s a temporary thread that we can discuss about the events that happened with the Tourney.

First off everyone is pretty much in agreement that the way SSF2HD Remix Tournament was handled was complete bullshit. Thanks to SF4 massive turnout our tournament didn’t start until 11:00 PM!

A few teams ended up leaving because of that crap. And to top it off, our game was suppose to be on the stream for the Top 4, but never ended up happeing. John Rog pretty much said to finish the tournament till the end. So no matches got recorded except the Grand Finals which I’m still confused about why wasn’t the whole Semi finals recorded if they had a camera to do so!?!?

Very dissapointing. I wish I handed my little Camera I had with me to someone to record matches.

Still a fun tournament though! It was good to meet alot of you guys! Hopefully the next Westcoast Warzone Tournament doesn’t take a shit on HD Remix as they did this year assuming they host it again.

As much as I love Super Turbo, its better days are behind it, man.

The kids are clearly in love with IV. Unless the Japanese take to HDR, I think the modern era of Super Turbo (in America, anyway) peaked at EVO 2K9.

As soon as I get a working joystick again (mine went bad just before WCWZ – not that it mattered, since I didn’t enter SF4 and no one cared about HDR), I’m going to give IV another go, as much as I hate the one-player ( Sirlin), Guitar Hero ( zaspacer) aspects of it.

Ya im with you

SF4 is a game i had trouble getting into no matter how much i tried to force my self to like it since everyone has hopped on this game now. Im always up for change as far as most things go, but i liked street fighter 3 more than SF4 and it was a completely different in terms of gameplay. So as far as this game goes i give it a thumbs down:tdown: plus it seems like Capcom is not interested in remaking the game changing things with each iteration, it seems like they want to end it at the first one. i think it was unsuccessful world wide as far as profit versus expenses go when i listened to the interviews. They mightve been trying to build suspense though, to make people gobble up SF: 4 CE that is most likely in progress. If this rendition is better if its ever created then i would consider hopping on the bandwagon, if it ever becomes as sexy as previous street fighter games well ummm :hitit:

When SF4 came out for consoles, since it’s virtually non-existent in arcades where I live (driving 4.5 hours to Seattle is out of the question) I jumped on it and got all excited.

After playing it steadily for several months though, I really don’t like it as much as HD remix. The things Sirlin said about the game are spot on. Also, call me a scrub, but I really don’t like the balance in the game. I feel like some of the characters were nerf-raped and I really don’t like how FADCing is a skill only realistic to non-charge characters for comboing in ultras.

I’m with bulldancer, unless some revisions get made, I’m not really into playing this game competitively. I suppose I could just learn to play with Sagat or Ryu, but I don’t want to play a game where 50% of the good players I’m going up against use Sagat/Ryu. It’s dumb and it makes for dumb matches.

the best part of my “experience” at warzone was finally being able to lose and go home. warzone made me hate sf4 more than ever, which is hard to believe because i’ve always hated everything about it.

ps: if any socal guys want to carpool to the denjin tournament saturday let me know. denjin>>>west coast snorezone

I know Sirlin’s sf4 article is on his blog site but what could you explain the correlation between sf4 and guitar hero? (extremely intrigued and amused at this notion)

Probably “A heavy emphasis on timing really tight sequences of buttons” aka 1-frame link combos being analogous to tough Guitar Hero riffs?

That sucks man. I play SF4 mostly because that’s the only fighting game everyone here plays. Nobody plays HD Remix around here and everyone hates it because get this:

“Throws are cheap.”

If I am gettting the subtext of this thread correct… is HDR already doomed?

Not by any means man, if they improve Sf: 4 to the level of ST or third strike ill just play HDR along with SF: 4. But the message im getting is, “Street Fighter 4 isnt living up to the hype and is not up to par with other street fighter games”, and “reiterations of SF: 4 may not come into existence”.

All Street Fighter games except for the very first are based on iterative game design and were improved through many renditions, and changes and this is one of the things that made the street fighter games great.

Firstly, it doesnt seem like they are planning to do another iteration, or what you would call a balance patch with extras. Secondly, is this going to be free dlc or do you have to buy another disk or what you have is worthless? DLC that completely changes gameplay sounds a prohibitively difficult so doubt this will happen but it might:rofl:

And if the game remains unbalanced and in its original form, would it degenerate into a worthless piece of forgettable game, as new tactics are discovered that give players an “I win strategy”? Like for example the combo “glitch” in world warrior where all it took was one legitimate combo to get a dizzy and the use of another one to finish the job.

I really hope for a remade SF: 4 but if there are no plans on this happening(unconfirmed but implied) then i will never touch this series no matter how many people play online or hop on the bandwagon. Now how is that for an answer?

According to DreamTR, I’m probably the only person that plays HDR in Tennessee. :crybaby: :crybaby:

He runs SFIV ranbats at his arcade, but there is no love for HDR. :shake:

I played Rein### today on PSN. He’s in Kentucky and we had a good connection. :woot:

IMO, it’s exactly the opposite. SF4 has been stealing the limelight from all of the other games, but if you look at the numbers HDR is doing really good. The turnout at Evo was awesome, and I think I heard that something like 30 teams registered at WCW. Also, just as Evo did, WCW brought brand new players from XBL like Aqua Snake and Leonowski out to a big tournament for their very first time. Sounds like it’s alive to me.

PS: If anyone is in the socal area, come out to Denjin arcade this Saturday for their anniversary. We’ll be running a HDR tourney…and maybe an arcade ST side tourney too. Look for the Denjin thread in the tourney sub-forum for more info.

link for you lazy butts

carpoooooool with me if you want, i guess.

Gotta be careful with those numbers, though. The fact of the matter is this: HDR is an easy game to sign up for while you just happen to be there for SFIV. Everyone picked it up when it came out recently, so everyone knows how to play it, but I don’t think most of the people were there specifically for HDR. You can almost guarantee that at least 25% of the people entering in HDR at Evo and WCW entered it because they were there and might as well, and that’s me giving it a lot of credit. People left early from WCW (including myself) when everything was running super late after their SFIV match was over, essentially forfeiting their HDR entry. If SFIV was running late, how many people would have left early and forfeited their SFIV entry?

The question really boils down to is this: how many people would show up and play in the HDR tourneys if there was no SFIV there?

Not trying to be a downer, but it does have to be something taken into account.

  • James

I hear what you’re saying James, but I also think that’s one of this game’s strengths. Its ease of entry allows people to get into it and still have fun without sinking their life into it.

Still, I’d say at that HDR is the main game for at least half of the people that signed up. And then you have the people like Valle, Choi, Watson, Sin, etc who are really good at several SF games. Personally, I think HDR has a good mix.

I asked a bunch of random folks who entered the HDR tourney out of curiousity about how many tourneys did they enter and damn near all of them was there only for HDR.

Megaman and the legends were the only ones I knew of that entered the SF4 tourney. So I’d probably say 15% played SF4 as well.

But like you said, a few teams did end up leaving.

Myself, ROK, Zinac, Stevetren, and Kajoq all play HDR here in Lexinton.

The last ST tourney I went to was extremely poorly run and ghetto. Horrible rules enforcement, questionable setup, and low turn-out. I believe the entire reason for this is because a SFIV tourney was going on at the same time.

The tournament organizer had listed an HDR tournament as an afterthought for his event even though he didn’t know the first thing about the game or care about it. Additionally, all the SFIV players who were playing in the HDR tournament couldn’t care less about whether or not things were done right, which is entirely insulting and disrespectful to a fellow fighting game fan.

I predict this pattern will continue.

Also, I play ONLY SF2.

While I do agree that the HDR tournament could have been run better, I can’t say it was complete BS. I mean, we got some time to eat at IHOP and relax. We played some casual matches.

I just don’t think people got the joke when Aqua Snake and I did the old “Blazing Saddles” routine: [media=youtube]jGQ-ISsDm8M[/media]

OK, maybe we didn’t do this routine. But we should have. We should have gone up to the main area and said “Hey, where are the white women at?” That would have made WCW. No one would be yelling about Yeb’s awesome Gen or Marn winning it all.

In fact, we should propose that next year’s tournament be called:

West Coast Warzone “Hey, Where Are the White Women At?” 2010

I’m just saying. Or, let’s just start our own HDR centric tournament and call it:

Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix “Hey, Where Are the White Women At?” 2009 Tournament For Players Who Can’t Read Good





By the way, I think that’s what Fei Long yells out during the Chicken Wing. “WATWAA?”. Fei Long just wants to know where all the white women are at. I’m just saying. Or rather, he’s just saying “WATWAA?” as he kicks you in the face.