West Palm Beach County Thread-New and Welcoming

Hi everyone, I have been looking for competition all around hoping for some local competition. I live in Jupiter where I can’t find any competition. I have found a local Play-n-Trade that we might be able to use or we could find a local destination we could play. So please post your general location and hit me up if you want to play. This is also for everyone to try and make a local scene In this general area. I am also purchasing soon some streaming equipment so if we ever have a scene I would be able to stream it.

Play-n-Trade:11290 Legacy Ave Suite 130
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
(561) 804-7683
or On Fridays Causals at Wellington Green Mall
10300 W Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL
(561) 793-0148

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Saturday, August 13 · 1:00pm - 9:00pm

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Gorilla Games

10300 W. Forest Hill Blvd. Suite #289
Wellington, FL

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I got a confirmation from the Store Manager for this event! This event will feature SSF4AE, MvC3 and MK9. More info coming soon!
Go to http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=194470227273346 for more info


West Palm Beach is a big area but it has proven to not be able to sustain a community around here so it ain’t got no thread. not tryin to be mean but i live here and thats what it is. Ft Lauderdale thread i the closest to us so we have to post there. Bobsmack also says it the Thread named

Just letting ya know

Um you didn’t see my post in there, I posted a good amount of times tried to get some answers but people just want to talk about Anime in there so I chose to make a new thread the mod said it was ok. Plus it was never proven that someone can’t have a community here thats just silly. A community can be anywhere If enough people try hard enough.

You talkin to me the guy who still tryin like you know what i do? I’m here with Will still tryin to help the scene supporting tourny’s anyway i can and tryin to get people together to play anything. been here since ps1, n64, dreamcast with Will supporting and its still going nowhere. I’m mostly talkin about why we never had our own thread, i’ve watched people make one maybe 5 times all deleted. I watched Port St Lucie lose theirs. But i’m still here and insulting their thread is not the way to help anything. They didn’t answer you because they had nothing to help you with, if they talk about anime thats their business.

This is matchmaking threads I tried to ask questions and ignored me with talk about Naruto and they did it multiple times I just got tried of it, hey if you live in WBP and so do I why can’t we play MK9 together hell all I kinda want is like 2 or 3 people to play against to be honest

When in rome do as the romans do. They talk about other shit but they have days and always meet up thats why they have a nice community, and why i’m more in theirs than in our own cause they got one and we don’t. Most of the other threads talk about other stuff as well as meet up, friends do that kinda stuff. But thats already making us look bad we insulting other area’s and such. Will has casual nights at Gorilla Games On friday maybe around 5 till close and i’m ususally there. I’m off mondays and tuesdays and i work nights, i’m always in FT lauderdale on mondays since i more play tekken than any other fighter, but do play others

could you give me the address for Gorilla games

its in the wellington green mall. Might have to google it but should be an easy find

I might show up one friday depends on my schedule, you guys play mk9 there right? My name is Garrett by the way

Host an mvc3 tourney. I’ll bring people up every month.

Ya i will ask the PlaynTrade if we can hold a tourney there must likely it would be SSF4:AE/MvC3/MK9 and around mid to end summer I will most likely be getting streaming equipment so thats a plus and CEO I need some details about Wellington, 1st is MK9 there, 2nd what console, and 3rd Is it every Friday including this one tomorrow and what time does it normally start. By the way i’m 16 so ya just saying I do have income coming in so hope that helps

We have whatever we want there, so everything, Tekken is my main game i play, but i do play MK9 and i’m practicing up in AE right now. I used to play Blazblue as well but that fell off so had to move on. PS3 is our console but Will has good converters to use 360 wired controllers and sticks on ps3. Most likely every friday we try to meet up there and i said in my other post when. 5pm till close which is 9pm. Monday’s i’m usually in Ft lauderdale at zero ping, that is currently the best place to go to practice fighters but be warned, they are capcom heads. You won’t be playing much MK there, and i’m lucky we got really good tekken players down there.

I’ll see if I can come tomorrow to the mall and ask Will if he could bring a converter, I have my modded SE Stick that I play on and I see you there if I show up do you want me to bring anything like a MK9 Disc?

Heh, good lookin’ out. I told him it was cool though - the idea is obviously to get more people in, and now that the new forum layout is here, we might have room for more specialized threads.

I’m in royal palm but I only really play mvc2,mvc3 and SF. So if youre only lookin for mk9 and tekken type games I cant help ya out.

CEO - do you guys setup for marvel or SF also? I might head out to get some games in if theres people for them.

Ya scene making alright lol, but ya I haven’t played MvC3 in awhile but if we can get a good thing with local play here maybe I’ll pick up the game again with a little more enthusiasm. CEO did say he was practicing AE so most likely I would presume that they would have it

sorry for the double post but sadly I cant make it this friday but hopefully I can make it to the next one

Like I said in the FTL Thread: If you’re looking for offline competition, you have to play what the people play -_-; Most of the tournaments are AE, MvC3 and Smash right now; maybe some BlazBlue and Naruto from Will’s efforts but that’s about it. MK9 tournament? Probably not going to see a lot of people showing up to that one :xeye:

Obligatory Pic: http://dailyhighfive.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/napoleon.jpg

We have marvel players so u can get some games with those guys. But there is no central hub for palm beach county so gorilla games is the closest thing. Whatever you play bring it, like bobsmack said the goal is to try to get people in. All the players I know don’t even know about this thread lol

Well i feel like you could really start something here so tell everyone about it. It seems like Wellington is a good medium for WPB its around the middle of it so ya lets get something going.