West Coast Warzone - Results / Shout Outs

17 hours of sleep later: I am back from the dead.

First and foremost:

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support in my first event. I know at times, things were sub-optimal, and sometimes abysmal, but the majority stuck by us and your understanding is, from the bottom of my heart, appreciated. I have so much more respect for all tournament organizers; especially those that run majors and of course, the organizers of EVO. I find myself laughing at my own foolishness as even two weeks ago I was telling Kai that I thought this event was going to be a failure; I thought we were going to have a 100 man SF4 tournament and we would have nothing to fill up the empty time I had allotted. My naivet crushed me.

We had roughly 180 pre-register for SF4 alone, most of whom registered the last two days of pre-registration. Brackets were made. I anticipated 20-30 or so players coming in and we had a few open spots to plug them in. When over 100 players registered 30 minutes before the tournament began, we were already in trouble. Brackets had to be remade completely as a lot of top players came in during the at site registration and we had made such a large case about seeding properly. I’ll say this: Taking the time to seed properly showed its worth as time progressed in the tournament and each match seemed like a nail biter finish. Also, players like UTJ and Bryant the Tyrant really made a name for themselves at Warzone.

However, due to this, we started three hours behind schedule and pools/brackets took us a very long time. Kai tried his hardest to put out brackets as quickly as possible, but we still took a long time. This of course, delayed the other games heavily. My regret with the schedule is really heavy and I apologize from the bottom of my soul to everyone.

James Chen told me: “It’s not about how well you can prevent fires, but how quickly you can put them out.” Though we tried our hardest, I believe I personally failed in this. Again, I have to apologize to all for the delay in the event. You can bet everything you have that lessons were learned, and all problems that occurred during West Coast Warzone this year will be a non-factor next year.

Sans delays, I believe we put on a great show this year. The semi finals and finals of SF4 were incredibly hype. I lost my voice over the duration of the event. Ken I in 3rd Strike was something you absolutely have to see. I got acquainted to BlazBlue and to note: A huge thanks for the understanding of the BlazBlue guys. Your understanding in top 8 really meant a lot to me. I’ll make sure we get a TV that will work for you guys next year. Marvel is the best game ever.

For those looking for KoF12 and HD-Remix, we finished the two games on Saturday night in anticipation of Sunday running beyond schedule, which in turn, actually ended up saving us.

I already have a four page of list of things I will make sure to improve for next year and will be taking all notes in this thread to make Warzone II the best event I can. Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported the event. My promise to you for next year is one you can count on. On to shout outs:

Kai - We did it buddy. I thank you for everything from your knowledge of the scene to being the best show floor manager I could ask for. I could not have done this without you. We’re going to make Warzone II even bigger and better. Thanks for putting up with me; I know I was a ball of negativity for a majority of the time I was with you.

Gootecks - The man who brought me into the scene: Thanks for everything Ryan. Your can-do attitude and undying drive really helped me through the weekend.

Cami - The best stream producer I could have asked for. Your bounce and bubbly personality really gave me the positive energies I needed to get through a really rough weekend.

Keno - Mah boy. I knew I could count on you whenever I needed. Thank you for the late night man power and constant support. You were integral in Warzone’s success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warren - You were always there to help with no complaints even at 5 in the morning.

Kara - Thank you Kara. Your smiles and assistance got me through some very long nights. I apologize about the lack of photo opportunities.

To my bracket runners - Thanks for stepping up to the plate: Mr. Bean, ytwojay, Dae, KillerKai, John, Valle, Hellfromabove, Warren, and everyone else. Thank you.

AI/Denjin Crew - Far too many to name, but thank you guys for coming out to support me in my first endeavor in tournament hosting.

SD Crew - Thanks for showing up guys. Definitely made a splash here in the OC. One California Love.

NorCal - Thanks for coming down to my humble event. You guys had a huge showing. One California Love.

Marn - Thanks for making the trip. You showed me a great time when I was in NYC. I could only return the favor. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Should your future lead you to California, know you will always have a friend in me.

Valle - You continue to amaze me. Thanks for your support Alex.

Ed Ma - Mr. Ma. I am still so sorry that you had your stick stolen. To whoever took Ed’s stick, and one of my loaner TE sticks, and 3 of my SE loaner sticks, thanks for being a douchebag. Ed, if you need anything from me, let me know.

FilipinoChamp - Good meeting you Ryan. One of the funniest cats I know. “Izzat an infinite son?” “Why we got byes in top 8?”

To everyone else I know I’m forgetting: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Quick Recap: Full Results to come.


  1. Marn
  2. Valle
  3. Ed Ma

3rd Strike:

  1. 5 Star
  2. Ken I
  3. Vinny


  1. Pulsr
  2. Goryuis
  3. Copper Dabbit


  1. Chunk
  2. Neo
  3. Mike Ross

HD Remix:

  1. Team CaliLegends - Valle/AfroLegends
  2. Team OGs - Watson/John Choi
  3. Team Abortion - Le0n0wski/ Aqua Snake


  1. Renold
  2. Mr. KoF

woah, good shit marn

Thank you Mr. John Rog and everyone else that helped for hosting such a sick ass crazy event =]

next time ill meet yi and ken i in the finals for 3s xD

john rog - you are gdlk

marn - good shit on answering my phone, you answered my phone call once throughout the whole tourney and good shit for taking lots of money home!!! and good shit for sandbagging til the last hit of match pointagainst alex valle. LOL

<3 I love you John Rog <3

Good shit marn.

Good job marnetooooooooooo

Watched the stream, all I have to say is YEB! Get ready for the flood of Gen players online.

Congrats to everyone who participated, looked like an over-all successful event.



Thanks for streaming it. It was fun to watch.

Yeb was mad hype… a lot of people were pulling for him. Good shit marn.

Marn’s Viper is lazy. Unless he was sandbagging the entire tournament. :lol: GS to Marn for taking it and working those multiple characters. Made Ryu vs. Rufus look easy mode.

Gen is officially high mid tier thanks to Yeb.

Yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb yeb!

MK Hands just too good!

Good good good shit marn.

thank you john rog & yeb. so gdlk!

also please write the characters used in other games than SF4… couldn’t follow them

Good Stuff MARN!!

Great Tournament, with a little malfunctions, still was awesome.
Mad props to Marn for coming down.
Mad respect for Valle/EdMa <3
Yi still keepin 3s alive with Vinny
Yeb for being Yeb @_@! so sick
And all the hommies I drank w/ norcal/sd/socal shit was fun

gj warzone crew for throwing this, it was fun and you guys should do it again.

Oh man, what an amazing weekend… Thanks to John Rog & Kai for hosting the tourney. U guys did what u could doing this for the first time.

Anyway, good times with new and familiar faces with SF4, other games, and drinks.

Oh I also blogged about my time there… http://gunitver1world.blogspot.com/2009/09/west-coast-warzone-megapost.html

So shoutouts…

Marn for winning… GS clutching it out in hostile territory.
UTJ - GS for Top 5 with Dhalsim… Did u meet your evil twin?
Other placers - GS as well especially to Yeb for the Gen show. Wow!!
Bebop and Luka for being HYPE as always…
Sanchez for saying FUCK STREET FIGHTER IV while playing on the 3rd Strike stream.
Duralath… good times sir. HBK for life!!!
Dae - Thanks for a drink
Bustabust - Kobe!!!
Shoo & Naomi - Good times with drinks my friends
Mike Ross - Why are u so nice Mike?
KillerKai & Mike Ross - Thanks for dinner Saturday night
Combofiend - GG man on the stream.
Get Your Tournament staff - Great job as always.
Keno & Teresa - Nice seeing u guys as always
Sherry - Great job representing on the stream… You’re a superstar now!!!
Jeremy aka Vicious - Welcome for the drink
Tatsu - Why so sexy?
Vic the Slick - You still need to get pushed to the pool dude lol
Magus1234 - It was nice to meet u sir…
Zack - We didn’t go 2 and out!

So many others I probably can’t remember now… Great weekend with great people. See everyone next time somewhere. I’ll be around the area as usual.