Well, it finally happened


Some idiots started hurling projectiles, and one was killed in self-defense. In their own country, under the same circumstances, they would ALL have been killed.

why doesn’t the border patrol wear helmets if it knows people are gonna throw rocks?

how can those dirty Mexicans see the patrol’s beautiful white skin from eons of perfect Aryan reproduction, as well as moral superiority through generations of serving the Lord Jesus through this glorious Christian nation if they have helmets on? THINK, STUPID! :mad:


Considering the article says they were on bicycle partol they probably were wearing helmets. The point is Mexicans should not be throwing rocks at US agents. To me that seems like a declaration of war.

Great, now I get to hear a bunch of dumb fuckers talk about the city I live in without knowing much about it: GREAT! Although probably the reason why I didn’t go running with my professor today, this was being plastered all over the news.

“T.J. Bonner, president of the union representing Border Patrol agents, said rock throwing aimed at Border Patrol agents are common and capable of causing serious injury.” This is very true. My girlfriend has an uncle who works border patrol and he has a lot of stories about stuff like this; although violence, form the stories he has told me, is significantly more with drug traffickers. All in all, this is a very random incident and people are going to make a lot of assumptions about the are that I live up the street from and have walked a bunch of times.

hey man…they should be allowed to walk on over here no problem. fuck your politics

srsly tho, i dont have an opinion on illegal immigration. but I do know this, if you attack the border patrol or any officer, expect shit to happen

or how about mexicans (and anyone else) not be a dumb shit and throw rocks at people, especially those armed with guns.

How about we stop expecting people to be smart anymore, can we do that? Can we just assume everyone else is a fucking retard and be pleasantly surprised when they actually do something intelligent? I mean I’m so tired of disappointment. Seriously just lower the fucking bar already, we’ll all sleep a little better after our necks recover from all the head shaking.

Ok the officer obviously lived to tell the tale, why didn’t he just fire a couple at their feet to scare them off? Do rock throwers usually pack heat anyway? Just save their bullets for when it counts?

That’s ridiculous the Mexican president called the killed kid a “Mexican migrant”, as if they have a lot of people just migrating like it’s some normal and acceptable thing… :rolleyes: How about El Presidente has his own citizens detained for trying to flee the country? Isn’t that some sort of treason?

Kid shouldn’t have none better than to throw rocks at grown ass men with guns.

yah, cause you are gonna teach the entire border hopping population of mexico not to throw rocks at the patrol guards…

if its such a common experience for those officers they should learn to get properly protected. they shouldn’t be put in a situation, by a bunch of teenagers with rock, that they have to shoot directly at them - anyway you put it, it smells of bad management, equipment and training

in a situation like this it’s just best to accommodate peoples obvious stupidity

Sad that a young kid got shot in the face. We don’t even know if he was one of the people throwing rocks.

Thank god I was born in the US. I can’t imagine how shitty life must be when you decide you can’t live in the country where you were born and you have to flee to another country to do their worst jobs for practically slave wages to “step up” in life.

It actually is pretty hard to become a US citizen btw. Takes nearly a decade to do so, and that’s assuming they even accept you. Legal immigration is a tough task. That’s what we get for being the best country in the world, even with all our other problems.


lol are you serious? people have to be taught not to throw rocks? it’s no wonder mexico is a shit hole if that’s really teh case.

and shooting someone that’s attacking you isn’t bad management, equipement or training, it’s what’s supposed to happen.

i remember reading a book about an officer in Iraq. children would throw rocks at his men, so he instructed his men to throw rocks back. he would basically answer any aggression with equal aggression and noticed it disappeared.

he later added it was bad idea for soccer-playing countries to throw rocks at people from baseball-playing countries

i wonder if the kids were like “ja-ja!”

Wait, I thought you DIDNT want the USA to fall to the level of Mexico?

like i said, it’s all about accommodating peoples obvious stupidity…

wut? do you hit people when they steal the last twinkie in the vending machine aswell? :confused:

I don’t…but they’re at least enforcing their illegal immigration laws, like WE should. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy…present here in the kid’s family bitching when they know what their own soldiers would have done if that kid tried that with them. Same result, but the other kids would be bagged up, too. Calderone’s hypocrisy, as well, in criticizing OUR laws, when his countrys own laws are much harsher and ENFORCED, as ours need to be. The world is talking shit about us, and they’re doing MUCH worse in the same areas. China bitching about our human rights in the Arizona law (illegals have no rights as citizens), when they still make people who speak out against China disappear. Obama needs to sack up, call these dudes on their hypocrisy, and tell them to suck it.

Could’ve just shot at their feet or something.
If some kid throws a rock at you tomorrow, you’re not gonna get away with shooting him in the face.