This is the new forum for matching making for the rest of the world. Feel free to start topics pertaning to parts of the world where you would like to meet up for competition.

Welcome and have fun!

first to reply in this soon to be good thread n forum :rock:

Aloha to everyone outside US!

Wow…'bout time we had this here lol

oh snap! where my indian peeps at? …guys?

this isnt southwest forums…:confused:

yeah, H-Town is #1 in the world apparently, keep it up guys.

Edit: Theory - We are probably the only ones who go down this far on this page, so no one will basically ever see this thread, aw well.

Where all the Dutch ppl at???

this isnt where i parked my car…

Where are all the Sweedish Dershbergs at?

Any mexicans or latinos out there.
Houston is showing its southern hospitatlity :rock:

Indeed :rock:

umm here :wink: check www.drakenslag.com , but judging by your location itll be hard to arrange something :wink:

The World Section is a good idea…Canada being in it isnt though.

Seriously, moving Canada out of our home forums is severe bullshit. Why is canada being treated like this?

We’ve been in our respective forums, establishing a community with our Provinces’ American neighbours, setting up tournies, etc… and now you move us all to some wacked out forum where we cant even announce tournies with relative ease to the Americans who are practically in our gaming community?

The world thread is a good idea, but maybe for people OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA. Why restrict the other boards to only people in the U.S.A? WHAT LED YOU TO THE CONCLUSION THAT HAVING CANADA IN THE SAME BOARD AS U.S.A CAUSED SOME SORT OF A DISTURBANCE?

This is a VERY bad idea. frankly, I rather be on the same board with Americans who are near the province I live in, so I can talk to them and let them know of any tournies with relative ease and minimal posts, rather than being on a board with Canadians who I will be playing no more than maybe once a year.

Way to begin systimatically tearing our communities we have established, apart.

Archer V2.0: I understand your anger, but I believe originally the whole NW, NE, Pacific, etc regions were set up for Apex, but now that Apex no longer exists, the admins decided that Canada should be in the World Region. We never said that having Canada and USA was some sorta “disturbance”. This is not intend to disrespect Canada in anyway. You guys still can post in the Northwest section and set up matches, tournies, etc, but it just might require a double post, which is fine. What’s so hard about that? or You can just PM or IM each other. or u can do it properly and just post it over in the tourney section.

What’s so hard about double posting you ask?
What’s so hard about leaving us in our forums so we dont have to?

bah no need to go all crazy on the issue. Its always been a matter of the US vs the World anyways right hehehe.

see the only reason that i found this odd, is cause now, canadian CITIES will post with other COUNTRIES. So what happens if the countrie’s cities start having their own threads. ok sure, that would mean that the fighting game community is “expanding”, and anyways, what i just said doesnt seem like a very likely scenario.

It just feels and sounds wrong, but im guessin it might be a matter of simply getting used to it…

no, it’s a matter of us not giving in, and fighting for our place back into the boards we belong in. It ISN’T USA vs the world.

This is NOT something we can “get used to”. I’ve been comming here for over 4 years, and this is the biggest fucking mistake you guys could ever make. taking Canada out of the forums we established communities within? That’s fucking bullshit.

“What’s so hard about double posting you ask?
What’s so hard about leaving us in our forums so we dont have to?”


BC > SoCal, Boston, and Seattle.

Hello World.

While I don’t think I’d express my dislike for this decision as bluntly as Archer, his main point has merit to it. There was no necessity to move the Canadian related topics to a World Discussion group. We’ve spent a fair amount of time establishing connections with communities close to our borders and it was easy to take a look at threads for NYC, RI, Philly, etc… (being from the Greater Toronto Area). Now it’s just extra moving around the forums and extra posting (which we’ve always been told to reduce as redundant threads cause extra traffic on an already stressed site) when everything could have been left as status quo without any problems.

The idea of a World Forum has strong merit but in the end, Canada and the US really should have been kept as one entity and the rest of the countries/continents have this forum for their own devices. I’d very much like the moderators and administrators to reconsider what is generally being considered a poor decision with no input from the players who have been frequenting these forums for a few years now.