Welcome to the Underworld! The Dante's Inferno Thread

Seriously missed opportunity for a Castlevania reference. Death should have been throwin cycles an shit lol. Demo was ok. not something i’d rush out and buy though.

Just got the Hades Edition for the PS3, that comes with a redeemable code, gonna go use it soon.
Looking forward to some combo videos of this game.

What’s the consensus? I really want to like it because it’s made by Dead Space guys.

I’m loving this so far. I’ve been building up the holy side of his skills, simply because the attacks with the cross look so badass to me.

A lot of gamers seem to be against having fun with anything that isn’t 100% original. Yeah, eat shit. Why keep trying to invent the damn wheel when others have found awesome formulas for how certain things are done?

Its a really solid action game. First half of the game is great, then it starts to lose its steam towards the later half but overall it was good. Last boss was pretty cool imo. I recommend it for fans of action games.


this game is a piece of garbage. the actual action is sluggish and non-intuitive, the camera is a pos and continually it gives you a camera angle that hides a small enemy behind a big one so you can’t see if they are attacking or not.

then the fact that they lock away ALL of your moves basically from you at the start and i’m finding it difficult to force myself to continue the game to see if it gets good later. all in all this game is god of war light, which is hilarious considering god of war is just a light version of real games in the genre, where they decided “oh snap our gameply is extremely shallow… I KNOW! let’s just throw some tits, a bit of ass and a lot of blood in and it should be fine”

waste of a gamefly spot… and such a disapointment after bayonetta.

Solid game. A little quick, but a lot of fun. The cross rapes everything.

I played the demo and I just didn’t like this game at all. Feels like a poorly executed hack n’ slash title with outdated graphics.

Another lackluster attempt by EA.

Shorter than I would have liked, but a solid little timewaster. I wouldn’t say it’s worth BUYING, but it’s worth a rental.

The Dark Forest DLC is out tonight(prequel level + another character skin/costume), apparently. I’ll pick it up a bit later on(*I have the Divine Edition–so I think this is the one that’s free for me.). Heh, I haven’t played in quite awhile since I got hooked on certain other games lately.

WHAT the hell… the new extra costume is…a “Disco” look for Dante?! Get the hell outta here, man. Well, at least there’s the prequel level to look forward to.