Welcome to the Underworld! The Dante's Inferno Thread

Um…is this shit frozen? The first boss picked me up, and now im literally looking at a vortex of colors as the camera has went off center. His HP bar is disappeared and everything.

Im calling the first demo glitch!

@Sep, I made one but didn’t know what to write for an address X_X


Google a Mcdonalds address and use that, it’s not going to check.

Demo was cool and I will be buying the game.

It rips off GOW hard, but the graphics are not as good as GOW3. I hope the enemies are more varied because even though they give you wave after wave, they are nothing but little dots on the road, not even speed bumps. I like the moves and how you build the meter to unlock skill tree levels.

I was very satisfied with the demo. Most def. getting this in February. Dante killing Death and he begged for mercy. I thought, “Backwards and yet badass.”

This game is going to tide me over until March, when the slew of awesome games hits PS3. I guess Bayonetta will tide me over until I get this.

I’m really curious on how close to the book the plot is, you know, besides the insane amount of killing. I loved Dante’s Divine Comedy when I was younger. It’s extremely interesting if you can get a translation that isn’t clumsy. I’m really curious how they’ll graphically represent some of the rings of hell.

Judging by the demo, it’s not close by a longshot. :rofl:

Then I’ll be interested in how they represented all the rings of hell. Especially the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 9th. I’m really curious if they break the 7th up into the three rings.

Looks amazing. Similar to GoW and (to an extent) Ninja Gaiden but I loved those games. Glad to see a Biblically-inspired action game, can’t wait.

And, yes, I love their marketing techniques.

360 demo out yet >_>

No. That’s not out until the 24th. Go get it on PSN.


Game looks pretty cool. I just found out that Dante and Virgil of DMC, borrow their names from this story. Always learning.

WARNING: Hater content below.

Sooo tits, I just played the demo. To be honest I’m not reeeeeally liking the game too much, especially when I played Bayonetta the night before and IMO that game beats this one in almost every way except for titties. I was under the impression that the game would be very mature and dark-themed ala Demon’s Souls, but I’ll throw that one up as me being misinformed about the game.

But yeah, not digging the art style (reminds me of the old PS1 action games) and presentation (I chuckled when the animations came up <_<) I don’t feel epic in any moment of the game, even against Death…there wasn’t a buildup towards it. The only reason I see that would make me enjoy the game is that it’s based on Divine Comedy, and like someone else said, I want to see how they’ll recreate the nine circles of Hell. That’s it. And titties.

Then again, everyone have different tastes. I hope you guys enjoy the game when it’s out…I’m out. :smiley:

EDIT: Btw did anyone think the main dude looks like Russell Crowe? That house scene also reminded me of a similar scene in Gladiator. Except with no fire. >.>


Played the demo a few times today. Pretty damn fun, although I had quick time events.

Only problem for me is the evade controls. I’d much prefer if it was the same as Ninja Gaiden where evading could be done while holding block and the other stick was used for camera control.

So yeah I played the demo for this game and I was like wow this isn’t bad at all (plus being an avid fan of the original Divine Comedy helped)

And then I played the GOWIII demo and chuckled at how much they shamelessly borrowed from it. But aside from the combat which I hope the skill tree enhances nicely I see no reason not to pick it up. I also like that they made evasive rolls cancelable more agility to perform combos is always good.

insert obligatory OMG TITS remark here


get hype

The game looks pretty fluid from what I played.
Why are we make a big deal out of the tits? God of War had tits and we never seemed to give a shit about it…

Looks like the game will have a mission maker mode and co-op, or so I’ve read on GAF.

Have you guys checked out the animated film? i liked it. Kinda reminded me of the macbeth tradgedy animation.

:wow: If this is the case, then definitely a first day buy!