Welcome to the Underworld! The Dante's Inferno Thread

Is anyone excited for Dante’s Inferno? I know the game has some similarities of God of War but it looks bad ass. The PS3 demo just got released today and apparently, that version get the better treatment than its 360 counterpart.


PlayStationStore updated already? It usually doesn’t do that until the afternoon. :tup:

Not sure if its updated yet, but the demo is coming out today. You are gonna get it Sep?

Yeah, I’m going to get it.

Looks like the PS3 version is getting free exclusive content, too: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/12/10/dantes-inferno-divine-edition-heading-exclusively-to-ps3/

I wonder if some of these things will use the BDMV feature and let you access them via the Movies section of the XMB?.

The book


It is terribly boring, but it is part of a trilogy, with Paradiso and Purgatorio. I expect this game to have sequels if it does well enough.

I hope it does well. The gameplay looks slightly borrowed but otherwise original and entertaining. This will be an excellent supplement once I get Bayonetta for the 360. As much as I wanted it for the PS3, it didn’t play as smoothly as I’d hope.

I want to play the demo only because all I know about the game so far is controversy and PR stunts. I’d have to say their PR strategy has been effective because I am interested in the title, but it’ll depend on the gameplay if I actually go out and spend money on this.

edit: and from the screenshots… tits.

game looks interesting. Many sims to god of war, but if its fun, and has an entertaining story, then who cares. Ill be DL the Demo when i get home from work tonight

i hope the final boss is brutus/cassius chewing satan

Not a fan of EA and their works, but this game looks promising and I’ve been following it a bit. I liked Divine Comedy so hopefully this turns out to be a good game and warrants my purchase.

I just checked the PS Store and the demo hasn’t come out yet. Then again it always feels like the newest demos never show up for me until two weeks later. <_<

Deadspace devs? Hell yes.

I can’t wait for DI!

It’s a more disturbing and gorier version of GOW, my type of game, plus I like Dante’s weapon way better than Krato’s weapon :bgrin:

It really sucks that EA is only catering to PS3 owners with the early demo and that Divine Edition, but I’m still getting it for 360.

The demo may drop around 5-6 pm est. That’s how it’s been for me. Can’t wait to get it when I get home from work.

How’s the demo?

Any good vids of the gameplay?

just finished playing the demo, real fun. a lot like GoW , which isn’ t a bad thing.

[spoiler=]I love how Dante kills death and has him begging for mercy with the first 10 minutes of the game:rofl:[/spoiler]

Yeah, I also enjoyed the demo. It’s pretty clear that they are going for another God of War (but it’s also pretty clear that it’s not nearly as good or as polished). I’m not sure if I like the skill/growth trees. I think, at the end of the day, everyone is just going to end up getting everything on both trees anyway. There really doesn’t seem to be much decision making there, other than that you need to decide which new skills you want first.

I really enjoyed the demo. Presentation was great, i really liked the animated cut scenes. Yea, totally like GoW, but instead of Greek Mythology its Christianity lol.

Earning Unholy EXP lets you lvl up your physical attacks and Holy EXP lets you lvl up your magic attacks. At first i though the Unholy/Holy stuff was going to be like inFamous’s karma, but i guess this is cool too. You gotta save and condemn enemies.


God of War with a scythe?

Im not complaining.

Glad to see some interest for it in here.
Sadly PSN Europe doesn’t seem to have it yet X(

Then make a US account and go get it. No excuses because PSN is free. :smile:

EDIT: I’m not sure how much I like the combo system yet, either. In the demo, which I assume to be early in the game, you have almost no options. It’s either square-square-square-square or triangle-triangle, and that’s it. I’m not sure I like having to unlock basic combos.