Welcome to the NEW SRK!

We are on a brand new, spanking fast server! Along with some shiny new forum software that you will all love.

Hope you like the NEW SRK!

I’m liking the new site so far, and the forum looks cleaner. Anyway I really miss the streams list on the front page.

I hate the fact that you have to point your mouse on a thread to see how many pages it have. Can’t we have an option to see them from the index, old vB style?

Not to nitpick, but why are the news titles and content separated by the same kind of line that separates news between them ? Kinda confuses me :smiley:

Firstpage: AWESOME
Forums: I kinda miss the old one, I’m sure this will grow on me though. Good job everyone involved!

I 'm liking the new site, but the forum sucks.
Please check the black theme. There are color problems which make some text unreadable.

Why you gotta lie to us Wiz.

Please enable the possibility to edit the personal title again.

new site looks awesome… are we gonna be getting the streams list back? i missed it while it was gone and ill keep missing it if it doesnt ; ;

New forums look great. other than the links problem, I can’t see a big problem at all. It’s smooth and very OSXish. :slight_smile:

I need a name change since my name now takes 2 lines and looks retarded

This is the problem. Not everyone is an appletard. :slight_smile:

Not everyone with a mustache is a pedophile, but every pedophile has a mustache.

the pages load waaaaaaay faster now.
a little glitchy for the time being though.
i liked the look of the forums from 09… hated 11 but this is tolerable…

did i mention that the pages load up supa dupa fast now?
thx 4 that mr. wizard.

the warlock does it again!

New first page is nice, forum is worse so far… The style is so “open” (framing-wise) and bright, and I can’t find the “go to last post” button. I’m gonna have to press the page number and scroll manually? Outrageous :confused:
But anyway, my gripes are mostly visual. Like someone said, too “mac”.

The achievments are a nice touch though.

The white is so bright and the dark theme doesn’t mesh well with the background. The front page is nice but I hope you guys bring back the stream list. Also the font used to post here in the forums should be change.

where is my 107 positive feedback at?

I like the look and the software, but I have one problem…

Look at my name. The very last character is on a separate line. It hurts my eyes.

Other than that this is such a drastic change for the better I can’t believe it!

The Mortal Kombat Guide is gone ?

You mean this?

P.S. Click on the words. They are a link.

P.P.S. But yeah, you are right. The link is no longer on the front page that I can find.