Weekly Analysis

Sup guys

I decided I wanted to contribute to the community more often now, instead of just posting videos randomly from time to time, by doing an analysis in my point of view; how I view the matchup, what I would do in certain situations, etc.

The first person to post on Thursday, I’ll analyze 5-10 of their videos (preferred to be in good quality), and give my own opinion.

So whoever posts after this post that wants their matches to be analyzed, I’ll be happy to do so, but remember 1 person a week for now, maybe more in the future :slight_smile:

lol bastid :stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually working on a video of mine giving play by play on what’s going on. But if anyone were to do this, it’s you.

where my camera at?

wonderful idea! Guys, post!

Excellent! I’m looking forward to this!

You can still do it man! I’m just going to watch other people’s gameplay to critique and help out :slight_smile:

ugo_2u hit me up a couple days ago asking for some tips, especially on a Dudley that he plays against, I asked him to record his matches to upload so I can try to help him out. Here’s the analysis:

First match:

  • First thing I noticed is that you put yourself in the corner way to quick. Don’t be afraid to push forward, strategically of course.
  • Machine Gun Blows needs to be punished; If you’re unsure, punish with jab and go into the TC2
  • Good, you’ve got him in the corner, but why jump in to put yourself in the corner? Keep Dudley in the corner and don’t let him out.
  • When he whiffed his ex-dp in the second round, I would’ve went with TC2 punish for more damage. If I were to throw, I’d go for a Oga crossup. You did the safe jump setup I think twice already, and he didn’t do ex-dp any of those times. Keep track of those small details so you can mix him up on his wake-up.
  • Again, you need to punish his blocked specials; pull up the frame data for Dudley to see what can be punished.
  • That Super was kind of a waste in my opinion; it scaled TOO much, and you could’ve done more damage if you had done the TC2.
  • You need to change up your Bnb’s too, I didn’t see a single Bnb in that first match. Not that it’s required, but that it does more damage, and it knocks them down.
  • Remember how you asked me when would you use the overhead and low mixups? This match, you did a lot of the same blockstrings, and it seems that he does the ex-short swing blow when he has meter, that or an ex-dp. If you punish his ex-reversals hard, then he’ll think twice about doing it again. In that match I would’ve definitely used a couple overheads to keep him in check, either that or throw mixups.

Second match:

  • You had the round cause he was doing some stupid stuff in the beginning.
  • Combos is definitely something you need to work on. That dropped combo in round 1 costed you a lot of health. Besides that I’m not sure what was going on, you getting hit by all those things. I block low most of the times, and when I think he’s going for an overhead, I stand tech (rarely do I crouch tech). Stand teching is not only easier to do, but it catches people who go for frame traps, and with Gen’s good throw range, it works wonders.
  • Again you need to not put yourself in the corner, have confidence in your pokes, experiment what does well vs his pokes, remember these are casual matches where you can experiment, you can win, but by experimenting, you’ll find answers to what he does. Make use of the S.Mk > hands, or C.Mp > hands; I don’t think I see you use it once, except in a combo.

Summary; First thing I would do if I were you is work on my Bnb’s; Keep track at what does the most damage in certain situations. I would suggest drilling Bnb’s for about an hour, seriously.

My Bnb is usually; c.lk > c.lp > TC2 (depending on the situation)

Second, I’d find out what I can punish on block, either vs. Dudley or the whole cast. Look up frame data if you have to. Practice anti-airing. OH start using s.mk > hands or c.mp > hands more, it’s such a good footsies tool.

First match:

  • Goes back to the first link analysis; Already you’re cornered.
  • I would suggest learn to sit in the corner and stop jumping back.
  • You put him into the corner, but you gave him an opportunity to get out, then you put yourself in the corner.
  • Again, that Bnb you’re currently doing really serves no purpose but builds meter and pushes him back.
  • Again, that Bnb to Super; see how much the Super scales? I think you went for Ultra also but then messed up.
  • If someone let’s you out the corner, take the opportunity and get out. If he were a really good Dudley, he’d never let you leave and just pressure you in the corner with frame traps and overheads.
  • It was a little obvious when you were going for that Ultra. It’s not something I would do; there wasn’t anything unsafe he was doing for you to punish with Ultra, so I’d suggest not ever going for that again.
  • I’m not sure what you’re doing on wake-up but he seems you get hit by his s.fierce everytime on your wake-up. Like John Choi says, “When in doubt, take the safe route”. Block if you have to, or even backdash.
  • You were doing so well too in the 3rd round. By letting him in, he caused small damage here and there, then got that focus crumple.

Second match:

  • One thing I noticed is that, he likes to jab after you block a Machine Gun Blow, you can try to dp the next time you block a MGB
  • He also likes to do random MGB’s and ex MGB’s.
  • Take a closer look at round 2, look how well you did when you pushed forward against him. If you had landed all your combos, he would’ve been close to stun.
  • If you’re being counter-hit a lot, that’s a reminder to stop hitting so many buttons.
  • Take your time in inputting Ultras, twice had you missed it.
  • You definitely had the second round; Good combos even though they were not completed, and AA’ed (Anti-aired). There was no reason for you to do that Oga, during that situation I would’ve feinted it to bait out his ex-dp.

Third match:****

  • It seems that you do a lot better when you slow the pace of the match down. Your AA’s and pokes were somewhat on point, until you did that random Oga, there was really no need at all. Remember in the last match he reacted to it, so the next time you do it, you should fake it, then punish him when he whiffs his Ultra/ex-dp.
  • He finally realized that you don’t really do anything after a blocked MGB, so he abused it until you did something about it.
  • I’m not sure what you were doing at the end of the second round, it looked like you were barely blocking.
  • This was the only time I agreed with your Super combo; it was good because you didn’t do a lot of moves before hand, so it didn’t scale.
  • Next time make sure you’re in the right stance when you punish something; you did an overhead for the win, if anything he could’ve ultra’d or went for a damaging combo.

Summary; Your AA’s were really good in this set, you just really need to work on using different AA’s for certain distances; I use ex-dp mainly depending on what character I’m playing against, other than that, I do ex-dp’s when they jump up close. C.hp in Mantis is really good if they’re a little farther. BUT since 2012 is coming out, c.hk in Crane should be a lot better since it’s active frames are getting buffed. Your combos were a little better here too. The main things I would work on is stop putting yourself in the corner by walking backwards, when your opponent is in the corner, keep him there, stay midscreen, AA, poke, just stand your ground. **You know what, I don’t think I saw you do any tick throw setups at all, they’re not required, but it’s recommended; you want to mixup your offensive options, overheads, lows, grabs, and frametraps. **Going back to how you asked me when to use overheads and lows, watch your matches again and you’ll see when he just sits and waits for your move.

Honestly this Dudley is okay, I wouldn’t say he’s really good. He does some random stuff sometimes and I don’t know why, random ex-MGB’s and even regular MGB’s, maybe because he knows you don’t punish it, that’s why he just abuses it. When he has you in the corner, he puts pressure on you and it works, but sometimes he let’s you jump out and doesn’t AA you, in fact, I don’t think he AA’d you at all (correct me if i’m wrong).

I know this is Nubbbs thread, so I won’t hi-jack it. But I will say this. On a count of getting cornered really quick. Start using jabs to hold your position and mix up your pokes. Sometimes if you get into a pattern of throwing out gen’s other pokes they might try to DP it or do EX MGB. Really know your spacing them as well.

Next MGB is punishable but LP version isn’t Most smart Dudleys will only use the other versions once they’ve hit confirmed. So watch out for other moves. I play against a Dudley who only does LP version’s randomly and if it’s blocked he will do DP, Ultra, or short swing blow. Unless you are 100% sure they aren’t going to do something after, I’d just block.

:slight_smile: thanks nubbb, really appreciate the info, never knew I was this scrubby lol! I find it hard to sMK hands cos I play on pad and even though I can do it 50% of the time it wears my finger out very quickly. My footsies are just horrible, I guess I have a very long way to go with my Gen.

Nubbb sir here is a match I had yesterday. your analysis will be greatly appreciated thanks

Another set I had this time with an ibuki player. I know I have improved since last time but I sense I still have alot to learn

Vs. Bison

So far it seems that you’ve improved a lot. You’re bnb’s are getting a lot better from last time which is really good. An important thing to note in the Bison matchup is this;

  • Neutral jump is very good vs short scissor kicks.
  • Work on reacting to whiff Devil Reverses with Ultra. You only did it once that one round, and still the Bison kept doing unsafe Devil Reverses.

Other small notes;

  • Try to resist jumping in the corner. If any opponent is cornered, keep them there, also think of all the options they have to escape and anticipate it.
  • I’d do a little more s.mk/c.mp > hands pokes
  • That super you did at 3:00, the c.lk and c.lp really scales it so if it were me, I’d save it for a s.mk>hands poke into super.

Vs. Ibuki

The reason why you were losing in the beginning was because you let the Ibuki get in too much and too easily, she was just jumping in for free until the end of the set where you anti-aired her more, good stuff on adjusting.

Other notes;

  • Personally I’d say 100% of your wall dives in this match were unsafe. There are SO many crossup wall dive setups Vs. Ibuki I almost feel bad doing them so much in this match. Back throw > mk Oga, forward throw > c.hk > lk Oga, etc. Go in training room and experiment on them, it makes this match a LOT easier. You can pretty much wreck Ibuki’s health on just 1 throw; a 50/50 mixup.
  • I’m not sure if you know but you can backdash out of some her kunai vortexes, but you also want to mix up your escapes.
  • Some of your neutral jumps in the corner were pretty unsafe, but you got lucky because this Ibuki doesn’t AA as well as the Ibuki I play often. This Ibuki doesn’t punish your blocked Gekiro as hard either. The one that I play puts me in a vortex any chance he gets; a jump in that he AA’s leads into a huge mixup, a blocked Gekiro leads into another mixup, it’s ridiculous.

Bottom line in both matches; A little more pokes here and there, and mix up escapes. If it’s casuals, experiment on certain escapes; ex: forward dash on wakeup, neutral jump on wakeup. Some people might think, ‘why the hell would you do that?’ and that’s exactly what you want them to think, it’s something unexpected but MIGHT work. You never know until you try, heck, you might even find new technology. Ex: When I use Juri vs Ibuki, I wakeup with forward dash while the Ibuki does an overhead, I go right under. Experiment on different things. If you’re doing something that works, keep doing it until your opponent finds an answer to it. OH, also look into safe jumps, those come in handy :slight_smile:

Wow! Thanks! That’s my Sensei. Will hit trainin room now. Its 4am and my eyes are itchin lol! I will really love to watch some of ur tourney footage and if u can help analyze them too will be very helpful. There is a very BAD habit I have of just sittin there and waiting to block an attack before attackin. I’m still workin not to jump but its soooooo hard! Today it was like after 5 matches of no jumps I wasn’t thinkin of it but my thumb moved d analogue stick up lol!.

Although now it seems I can process more match info in micro seconds than before but my database has limited info for forcing my opponent to play at my pace. You know how to do that well, gettin in ur opponents head and makin him think a dozen times about steppin into ur space.

CMP/cMK is really hard for me on controller, and even if I get it wears down my fingers quickly that they feel numb after a few matches. But I will try though.

Thanks sir, Arigato!!! ( Waitin for the links) :slight_smile:

I’ll message you the videos

hmm this sounds like fun nubbb. i got very nice set of me vs my buddy yanu in a first to 5 i might send it to you to examine since i think it the best i ever played. well against him at least. damn never mind i don’t think he has the videos anymore. i know should have save it. i check later on the pc version if the matches are still in my log since i have not played it when the patch came out.

Edit: yes i still got the matches i try to record them right away.

Post it when you can and I’ll do my best to analyze it :slight_smile:

had a best of 3 match with the dudley guy I told you about, here is the vid (sorry for the poor quality) any advice is welcome


this set is with a cody player. once again sorry for the bad quality


I’d suggest to work more on your combos, especially to combo into mantis super…in different rounds you’d have won clean with that :slight_smile: plus, more crane j.mk cross-up into mantis cr.lk. Dudley has limited wake up options…abuse of j.mk! Lol :wink:

I know nubbb said to post on Thursday, but I’m afraid I’ll be busy, so I’ll post in advance. Sry nubbb, and it’ll be great if you could analyze it some time. Take your time, the whole thing combined is about an hour long :lol:.

I didn’t play for a whole week so my execution was down by a lot. It applies to most ppl in the streams actually, the ones I played against were crazy for kof, including myself.
The router was down quite a few times so many matches were not recorded.

(8:25~23:35 against foger, the local Boxer, 24:20~26:20 against CCG Troy, the local Dhalsim)

(whole thing against Jozhear, pretty sure you heard his name in Canada Cup)