Week 1 Tier List

S(uperman) tier
Superman [40%+ damage combos for 1 bar, great anti-airs, projectiles, and normals, all around good damage off random normals]
Cyborg [TK Buster is the best projectile in the game by far, outweighing or clashing with any other projectile spam. He also has some of the highest damage corner combos in the game (62% for 3 bar is best I’ve seen atm Make that 40% for 1 bar.) His uppercut is also an amazing anti-air in a game lacking of a lot of good jump-in punishment. He also has an amazing 1 bar unblockable reset in the corner involving missiles and his mid-low kick blockstring into uppercut-ex, missiles front.]
Aquaman [His staff pound homing projectile is a great keep-away tool, and one of the few things that can force Cyborg on the offensive, as it can out-spam TK buster. (More on this meta at the end) Unfortionately, it ends up being the go-to move of most players of this character, as they can just mash away, and EX into a 40% combo if it hits. He also has pretty amazing close-range combos for good damage-to-bar output]
Batman [He’s been out since beta, I don’t need to explain this. Bats are still good, he still has amazing damage combos, and his jump-over and then immediately fly into divekick crossup is too powerful, and I haven’t even seen people use it. Also, horizontal grapple hits you pretty much unless you’re at the very top of your jump height.]
Catwoman [BERSERKER SLASH, super low profile in cat stance.]
Lex Luthor [Luther Rush is a great mobility and poking tool. Mines are amazing. Missiles are amazing. Missiles into missiles is amazing. Jump glaive is the best air move in the game, and luthor rush comes in close second. Damage potential off ex-pull in is great.]
Raven [Near full screen grab into high damage combos, projectile counter, but high vulnerability to pressure.]
Killer Frost [High damage combos for low bar cost, similar projectile to aquaman’s.]
Green Lantern [Close/Mid range grab is amazing, leads to high damage if EX’d. Has good high-damage projectiles, and pretty decent close range normals.]
Deathstroke [Great ranged attacks, terrible up close. Sword attacks are incredibly punishable on whiff or block.]
Flash [One of the only characters that can get a full combo off of a down light, his trait leads to incredibly high damaging combos for no meter, he has great EX options, and his normals are some of the fastest in the game.]
Black Adam
Green Arrow
Harley Quinn [Her high/low game is pretty good, and her pistol attack has a great EX option, but without meter she quickly loses damage options and pressure ability.]
Joker [Fast normals, decent zoning, unblockable reset in corner, good damage without meter, parry is easy to whiff and rare to get a buff out of]
Hawkgirl [Terrible projectile, moderate damage combos, poor normals, but ability to fly-cancel to make strings safe is pretty awesome.]
Wonder Woman [Lasso is far more preferable of two weapons, as sword/shield removes her air dash. Her damage is moderate, but her zoning isn’t very strong at the far range.]
Doomsday [Why so low? His METEOR CRUSH attack can easily be dodged by dashing forward every time. And for poor Doomsday, that’s bad news, because that’s his only way to get in other than his trait and EX rush attack.]
Solomon Grundy [Predictable patterns for getting in, terrible projectile.]


  1. Characters within each tier bracket are in no specific order.

Superman is S tier, 5-5 or better in all matchups afaik
Cyborg wins for free (As in once you get a health lead, you can safely just trade projectiles all day) against all characters except Superman, Aquaman, Killer Frost, Green Lantern, Sinestro, and Deathstroke. These are the only characters that can truly deal with the zoning power of TK buster.
Batman has 5-5 or better in all matchups except Cyborg which is 4-6, and possibly others.

Grundy is godlike. Wouldn’t put him in the PW category.

Up back against his wakeup pressure and his anti air normals put you full screen or mid screen again, and his throws will whiff. His damage output is mediocre until buffed, and his projectile can be easily be beaten out by anyone with an an air projectile.

Oh week 1 tier lists…

Not saying I do or don’t agree, but there’s a hell of a lot more we don’t know about the game than what we do. Making a tier list when we have so little knowledge on it atm seems silly.

Brand new games should only be tiered in two, maybe three categories to have any meaningful discussion. There should be a top tier, a mid tier, and maybe a garbage tier. Only a few characters should be in the top and bottom, and everyone else should be in the middle. There’s not enough data to make the call otherwise.

If I had to make one, it’d look like this:

Early game fuzzy as fuck S (no order): Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Superman
A tier: Everyone else
Garbage tier: Doomsday

So…since I win almost constantly with doomsday I’m either playing with idiots or you people haven’t played against good ones.

You haven’t played against anyone who just dashes forward when you fly off screen, or punishes your heavy minus overhead-centric pressure then, I guess. But yeah, 90% of XBL can’t block repeated overhead strings into throws or meteor crush in corner, it’s an easy way to get free wins.

My tier list
S tier: Game is too brand fucking new to have this retarded gamefaqs shit.
Aquaman Canary Tier: Everyone.

I generally agree with chuck. But other than his lack of range i have had a lot of luck with flashes OH to Mid to a Running man cancel crossup recently. Not to mention he builds bar like crazy and his super could hit in a frame no bigger than a fruit flys right tit. high B tier minimum IMO.

I absolutely would not put Harley Quinn as C. Almost all of her moves can cancel into a 30-40% meterless tantrum combo midscreen and 40-50% meterless tantrum combo in the corner easily. Burning 1 meter with her DBF1 grab at the end adds 10% unscaled damage to all of her combos. Just today I had an opponent guess wrong twice and I took an entire life bar in two combos. She also has some amazing jumping normals and a very decent zoning game. Her trait is crap but she honestly doesn’t need it. Her damage is absolutely explosive, and she’s not really lacking any tools. Heck, her wakeup tantrum has invincibility frames even.

You took the words right out of my mouf.

I think you are wrong about Hawk Girl, she has a 45% meterless midscreen and a 52% 1 bar corner combo, so shes a little above average right now in the damage department.

I guess it doesn’t beat Shazams 75% corner combo though haha.

For Harley Quinn, all the S/A/B character have better damage output or damage output per meter, or something like their trait or a certain setup that makes them S or A tier. I didn’t know Hawk Girl had a 45% midscreen though, I’ll bump her up. Her fly is pretty terrible though in a game where you can’t block in the air, though.

How the hell is Wonder Woman C tier?

I think she’s like a super solid mid/upper mid. Only bad thing about her is her trait and tiara, He trait isn’t that bad it’s just almost always better to stay in lasso.

I still think hawkgirl is too low, even though she’s underplayed, just about everything she has can be made safe with her flip.

Also there is just no way Grundy is the worst character in the game, he has corner combos that do over 80% (there’s one with trait and power that does 103%) and he can cancel walking corpse for some good pressure and quicker movement.

You want more? Fine. You’ve obviously not researched HQ enough. She has everything going for her. She has good damage, great mobility and speed, a good zoning game, a decent mixup game, fantastic normals, and probably one of the best MB in the game (her command grab MB adds 10% unscaled damage over time, and is a combo ender), she can start combos from halfway across the screen with her MB cupcake bombs into sillyslide, good frame data, she can combo off her super, she can absolutely abuse level transitions due to her tantrum-cartwheel-wallbounce, and her wakeup moves are amazing.

Saying that Sinestro, or even Deathstroke is higher then Harley is a joke. She’s on-par (better imho) than even catwoman.

Harley is fuckin amazing, and anyone who says otherwise needs to just shush.

Unless you show me the matchup chart, this list is pointless bs.

also for your cyborg shit. 62% for 3 bars is pretty meh when Superman and Shazam can do more with one bar in the corner.

Joker is S tier in the corner. Teeth + armored 3 unblockables all day.

mid screen he’s B+ or A-. Hard knockdown > far teeth, j.2, far teeth, j.3, far teeth, j.3, far teeth, b3, 3,2 xx flower for 53% meterless. solid 40% 1 meter combos off hit confirmable cross ups, one of the best jump arc crossups in the game, safe overhead strings, good frame traps, parry to punish strings with anything with a two frame gap, etc.