We need to get zhi off commentary

How the fuck did this guy last so long on the mic? Not only is he uninformative as fuck, but he also personifies the negative stigma of gamers. Like did anyone else not cringe when he trying to go so hard on that chick during the tournament completely ignoring the match? And he even failed at getting her. This guy needs to fucking go.

Yo i agree, this guy is ass at commentary, this nigga be talking bout some bullshit on the mic and his voice is annoying as shit. This guy is also the reason why females wont be comfortable breaking in to the FGC, he doesn’t treat them as competitors, he always drooling over them like damn son really? Awkward ass nigga. South East Asia Major was hard to watch with this guy talking about bullshit and i’m tired of his annoying ass shitty voice.Keep this nigga off the mic

Post some clips dudes. But I’m not terribly surprised at this. I remember maybe a year or two ago there was a Cross Counter vid with him playing a female player and he acted like a skinny Asian version of Aris. Every other minute he would talk about her tits.

Did you watch South East Asia Majors today? perfect example of why he shouldn’t be commentating

I believe we must wait until sea is archived. i hope the exhibition is still there because that is where he shine.

I love his commentary, he has no shame. No other commentarors care less about how they are percieved. He makes me laugh so much. You would never see a guy like that on a Esport stream.

he made a lot of inappropriate comments, but overall it was nice. doesnt beat Ultradavid or James Chen

Watching a guy sound desperate fo r women is funny? That seems more pathetic if anything.

If you aren’t knowledgeable like chen and david, then at least be funny like lee chung or something. But zhi is just terrible at all fronts. He’s one of the biggest reasons why gamers are looked at as socially inept losers. Because guys like him and arias can’t function when a girl is around.

Hahahaha, yeah, you are right. Too good. Poor Zhi never gona get a lady friend. Still, I don’t see the issue. But I would, if Zhi somehow took away the knowlegeable commentators, and leaving you with only him. Not everyone is all serious and get butthurt super fast. Instead of getting rid of him why not get him too stop fucking up with the females?

There’s being horribly, hilariously inappropriate, which Zhi manages sometimes.
Then there’s just being sad and desperate while being creepy, which he also manages but isn’t very desirable.

I do not intend any insult whatsoever, but I thought Zhi was gay. And Xian for that matter. And Filipino Champ, Mike Ross, Gootecks, Ricky Ortiz… Not, mind you, that there’s anything wrong with that.

I did not catch this moment with a girl on the stream, but it comes as a bit of a surprise due to this. Regardless, Zhi’s commentary was riddled with inappropriate remarks throughout. At times it was uncomfortable and definitely felt unprofessional.

Likewise, in the Brazil championship of the 25th anniversary it was Combofiend and a brazilian Comboman, and Combofiend spouted some seriously condescending comments at time. Every three minutes or so he would inadvertently insult everyone, including myself, as a Brazilian.

Remarks like “He’s doing quite well, for a Brazilian. I did not expect one of you to make it this far.” about GR Breno Fighters, for instance. I’m like WTF dude.

James Chen and Ultradavid… those guys are knowledgeable, polite, well-spoken, professional and hype a fight very well. They should comment everything.

Zhi can be very informative about SF at times and I do love how worldly he is. He knows a lot about many SF scenes around the planet, he speaks many different languages and he knows little technical details about the game on a microscopic level that I surely would never find. However, I tend to mute the stream mentally when I see him co-commentating with a woman.

Zhi’s microscopic knowledge: “No recovery on that demon flip”

I don’t know which Kotaku sewage your drink your information from, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Aris talk about tits. EVER. Usually his sexual humor is about bromance, if anything.


Welcome to the scene?
This type of commentary isn’t new.
Deal with it…

Zhi’s commentary is godlike.


I ended up muting the SEAM stream because of his, at times, completely irelevant comments. His attempts at being funny just dumbs his own commentary down by a ton.

I don’t understand why they put him on 3s commentary. But then I don’t understand why they put UltraChen on 3s commentary either.