We need more SFV players!

Betcha didn’t see that coming!

Alright glorious SRK forums, are we looking at a revival for SFV? Probably not. Either way, lets discuss the game here!

To this date we’ve had two beta tests.

I’m really excited for the game in general. Getting back into a SF game without focus attacks means a bigger presence on normals-based footsies gameplay, which I’m excited for. I think the metagame that comes from pressure, striking and knowing when to attack and block is exciting, or else I wouldn’t be a SF player right. I’m sad theres no hard-hitting zoner like Sagat, but I’m going to try a more in-your-face pressure approach with Ken this time around. I also want to try out Laura and I’m hoping to make her my grappler-alt. I like her movement style with the ducking and weaving v-skill, plus she seems really simple up front so I shouldn’t need to remember a lot of technical stuff to use her effectively. First beta I played a lot of Chun-li, then switched to Cammy. Second beta I think I played Ken almost non-stop, but I also was excited to try Rashid so I played him a bit, and I tested Necalli but I didn’t like his moves.

Theres still one more main beta (4+ days) and a yet-to-be-determined amount of random stress test days to come, as well as one more new character announcement.

What do you guys think of the game overall? How do you feel about the new characters this time around - compared to SF4? They gave us 4 new characters out of 16 total, exactly like SF4 console launch had.

To me, Necalli is like the “beast” type character that fills the stylistic niche that Blanka had. So I think he’s kinda nasty for that, but he’s a way better character design overall and I would rather play him over Blanka any day. He has a similar moveset too - a forward moving attack, diagonal up-moving attack, in your face pressure special (kinda similar to lightning), and he sports a command grab too, which is great when you fight a good turtle.

Rashid is super cool. He’s like Aladdin and Jafar combined but with a bunch of tech hahah. His moveset is incredibly mobile, and while I liked his pressure game and some of his normals I thought his specials were kind of wonky. You need to really figure out the spacing for them to find the effective ranges. I know someone will do that, and he should be pretty good, but I wonder how he will fare in the long-haul, when people find out ways to shut down his jab-tornado-jab pressure.

Laura is awesome. I like her design too, its simple but with some flair to it. She has the most “martial arts” design out of the new characters overall so far, which makes sense being Sean’s sister and knowing Sean’s design, which was the same kind of Gi that Ryu and Ken use. Her moveset is interesting, with her cmd grabs letting you choose which side of the opponent you land on. Also she has a really easy anti-air which is going to be great. Her kick normals seem to be a lot better than her punches, except for low strong, which has good range and speed. I haven’t played her yet but I will be focusing on her in the third beta, assuming the character choice mirrors what happened in the first two.

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I’m looking forward to putting in work with Rainbow Mika!

EDIT - I’m gonna post more thoughts/insights on this game in a bit when I have more time. Tryna go innnn

In short, this video of Haunts using Laura vs Tampa Bison playing M.Bison really got me going on how to use Laura in the neutral and offensively. Obviously Tampa Bison had no experience against her, so we can see what is going to be effective early on with her. I like what he’s doing!


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Every character has a built-in style. With that said, its up to the player to figure out how to make them effective. What are you looking forward to?

For some reason Rashid really reminds me of Gato, and has an Aegis Reflector, so that’s awesome. Unless there’s some huge change from now to release, I’m probably going to put a lot of time into him.

Rashid seems pretty solid. I think his only lackluster area is defense, he otherwise has great offense and mobility. Plus he has a dope taunt.


I love his attitude and style overall. Even when you’re just backing up, he does the ‘come hither’ thing with his finger! He’s just here to have fun and kick ass, by the looks of it.

Apparently if SFV goes over well, Ono wants to continue to release regular dlc content for up to 5 years. If they did that, and only added characters at the rate of 1 per two months, we would have 46 characters by then…crazy huh? It would have to be pretty much everyone in the cast at that point.

Probably no eagle tho…

I think there’s a slim chance that Eagle or Maki could come back, seeing as how capcom wants to bring back more fighters that didn’t get a shot in sf4. Should see some more 3s characters too.

I’d rather not have one new character every two months, that would be a little much lol. But maybe three characters every six months would be better, since you wouldn’t have to learn a brand new matchup every 2 months, but half a year is plenty of time to learn three new matchups.

At any rate, I was never a massive fan of Street Fighter. I mean, I loved it for what it was, but it was never my game. SF4 had a lot of things I didn’t like about it, but as I grew as a fighting game player I learned to love the little things about the SF series.

When SFV was announced, I didn’t care too much, I would just parrot “As long as Sakura is in, so I can at least have someone to mash if I was forced to play it” but when Karin and R. Mika were announced, I was pretty hype. I still wasn’t planning on playing it, but I still felt a victory regardless.

When the 2nd beta came around, it just so happened to land on a day where a few of my friends were meeting up late, so I was able to actually join them. Normally I can’t, since I work really late, and by then they’re usually going home, but since everyone was meeting up to play the beta late at night, I was able to join them, I was really excited about that, the feeling of playing a new game, regardless of how much you really like it, with good friends, is always something I look forward to.

After firing up the beta, I tried Karin first, since she’s closest to my heart, and it didn’t take long for her to click with me. Her normals made sense, her specials were promising, and I even found a link by myself. I only played maybe a total of 30 minutes, but I already had a short day one bnb (j.HK/j.MK > cr.MP > cr.MK > qcb.HK, forgive the anime notations)

I loved it, I liked Karin more than I liked SF4 Sakura, and I decided that when the game comes out, I want to make an honest attempt at maining this game. Which is something I never thought I’d say about a Street Fighter title. But hey, we gotta grow up some time right? Can’t play those weeaboo games forever lol.

Well you picked a buff character to use! Karin is super strong, and its easy to see, lol. I’m glad she came back, although I would like to see a more mature Sakura with an altered moveset. I feel that because Karin was included, Sakura was excluded from the game, at least for awhile. I don’t see Sakura coming back until at least year two.

SF’s complexity and depth have always come from its (mostly) honest, footsie based gameplay and mindgames. Because its overall more simple than most anime fighters I feel that people can dive into that part of the metagame earlier in their gameplay, and more often overall. I like some anime fighters myself but I’m a SF fan at heart. Guilty Gear is cool.

My favorite SF character to play is Sagat, but he isn’t going to come around for a long time in SFV, if at all, so I have to switch gears. I honestly am a better player on the offensive, and I love to pressure people, and so far I’ve landed on Ken after the 2nd beta phase. I’ve tried out Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ken, Rashid and Karin the most. I’m also looking forward to playing Laura, I think I might settle on her as a secondary, if I can figure out effective ways to use her. I’m still Hype.

I really like 5, I was turned off by 4 due to the focus system and the shortcuts, but mostly the fact that i couldnt pressure without getting countered by a focus attack. I play alot of Alpha 3 mainly so it compliments the style im used to.

I live in South King, can’t wait for get togethers. So far I am really liking Karin