We need more Aion players in Seattle

All right, after quitting Everquest cold turkey 6 years ago I got roped into Aion. I’m playing Elyos on the Siel server with some other friends from Seattle. We’re going to form a guild. Would love to have you guys join or just play with us.

My character is here: Chataigne, level 18 cleric


Reply if you’re playing, with the server and faction.

Also note that they will be giving a free server move soon, so would be cool if we can all consolidate on the same server.


Fregion, Elyos, Spiritmaster

The game’s pretty fun, although pets being unable to fly until the next patch seems to be a problem for spiritmasters in later areas.

Poor Beasley. I remember him telling me he wanted to quit ST after Evo and now this happens.

RIP Beasley 1953-2009

Post up your fond memories of the Bizzle.

Asmodian Ranger, Lumiel server, lvl 15. Asumei. Been playing with a friend of mine for a few days. Its kinda tight, reminds me a lot of WoW but still different enough that I haven’t quit right away. Oh, and beasely I heard pablo wants your cab. He’s always trying to hustle against the white man.

I never thought I would actually find anyone that listened to the spanish (mexican) radio stations, but then I came into work today and the mexican overnight workers proved me wrong. The radio was turned up to maximum volume too. I was too busy dealing with extra work cause of call outs so I had to put up with it for a few hours.

monthly fee?

got 13 gladiator 11 cleric and 18 templar, probably going to focus on the gladiator even though I hear they blow.

Listening to the greatness that is 99.3? I always play that shit on my way to taco bell or mexican food in general. Also I don’t play Aion or MMOs for that matter.

I would maybe play aion if It didn’t have a monthly fee

I am on Siel too, got a 18 Templar (Hyre) and 21 Chanter (Zoah), send me a tell dude

yustiel 24 asmodean assassin

Fucking gross. I take it BF was no longer cutting it.

ive got a shitload of friends playing aion on the same server and guild, were going to start ganking fools soon should be epic

i’m careful to apply for a job every day and do some studying and piano practicing before i play, so the game doesnt ruin my life. i go to bed around 2 am every day and get up at 9 am so im pretty pleased with how thats turning out

Is there any way around the monthly fees? I hope I can meet chicks by playing this thing.

if by meet chicks you mean meet dudes who are playing female characters than yeah sure


i’m not seeing what’s so bad about a monthly fee, i go to gameworks 3-4 times a week from july 09 to october 09 and the gas alone is $14. staying home and playing aion would be cheaper.

Yes, it’s true. When you come right down to it, it is worth paying money to play good games.

But when you rent your game, you might feel compelled to ‘get the most for you money,’ and it can eat a lot of time.

More importantly (to me), MMORPGs tend to have a structure that rewards time spent more than other things. They don’t have an ‘end,’ which means that you’ll only quit once you’re fed up with the game. And if you take a break from playing, you may still have to pay for the option of coming back to your character later. And when you do play, you’re pressured to put in time in order to keep up with others. If you can’t log in most nights, you’ll be letting your guild-mates down, or whatever. I don’t know. Hopefully Aion improves on some of those flaws.

I guarantee you, nobody who plays a decent mmo feels obligated to play because they’re paying for it. They play because they HAVE to, because it is crack cocaine and they will go through withdrawals if they don’t

On another note, people always jizz their pants over whatever the latest mmo is. They did it with conan, they did it with hellgate london, they did it with warhammer, and now this. Eventually everyone will come back to wow.

So after playing for 23 levels here’s what I see is different/same as wow

  • Graphics are much better in Aion
  • You can fly in Aion
  • You have to do a ton of “Go kill X of <monster>”, just like WoW
  • You have to do a ton of “Go give a book/flower/stick/pot to <person”, just like WoW
  • You have to do a ton of “Go gather Y flower/mineral/rock”, just like WoW

So far it seems identical. The ONE thing that was different was that we got invaded by the other faction in our area. I ran into where they got invaded and got insta fragged, but it was fun and scary.

But honestly if you told me this was WoW v1.5 I would totally believe it. The interface, the yellow arrows over the heads of npcs, the teleportation and flight system, all seems identical.

Oh yeah there’s more gold spammers than in WoW.