We await your return, WARRIOR! The SRK Battle Poll VI outros/rankings

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EDIT: Rash’s Outro - Oh DAMN that level sure did ruin my childhood, hard as hell. I cheated and used the warp zone to get out of it, but even that was deep into the level. :rofl:

Location: Amuras Altar

Inside a secluded cave, a single section of the underground crevace finds itself glowing with an ominous light. Likewise, some eerie monotone chants come out, produced by a bunch of cult followers, draped in murky brown cloaks, who are on their knees and raising their arms from time to time. Dim torches light up the cave, and at the very front, a huge statue of some pagan god/demon dominates the main view of the cave, lighted up by several torches that are placed in many locations around the statue. An altar of skulls is placed directly beneath the statue, and standing behind it, is a main priest, wearing fancy ceremonial robes.

BEHOLD, my brothers! The Holy Vigoor Emperor shall rise once more, and plunge this world in the searing flames of chaos! And from the ashes, we, the chosen ones, shall rise and dominate this world in desperate need of children from the light, such as us!

The chants start to grow louder and louder as the priest raises his hands, but in that moment, a ninja knife sails through the air, and impales the priest right in the chest! The priest promptly plummets to the ground as the followers remain dead silent. They look to the upper part of the statue, where a sole ninja stands solemnly over its head.

The party is over, gentlemen. Now would be a good time to abandon this unholy place, and reform your evil ways!

Some cult members start running around aimlessly in fear, as Ryu Hayabusa, the infamous Dragon Ninja, starts hurling balls of fire from his hands, creating mild explosions within the room to disperse the converging minions, with some of the ignitions actually hitting some hapless members. Hayabusa jumps down to floor level, brandishing his shiny Dragon Sword, cutting down the few followers who would dare come up to attack him. After a certain while, most members had abandoned the cave, leaving Hayabusa to his own self.

However, in that moment, the downed priest slowly gets up again, but this time, his whole body enters some spazzes and grows some grotesque extensions out of his body. Without even turning around, Hayabusa bears witness to the rebirth of some grotesque demon behind him, growling rather loudy as he looms over the Dragon Ninja.

Hayabusa slightly looks over his shoulder, Not dead yet, huh? Well, I can arrange that

Hayabusa points his Dragon Sword at the foul demon, as it glows with a shiny white aura, A true ninja never steps back! Now, sample my blade, fiend!

Hayabusa makes a tremendous leap towards the demon, blade in both hands. The legend of the Dragon Ninja grows with every heroic deed that goes by.

Name: Ryu Hayabusa
Sponsor: ShinkuuR
Origin: Ninja Gaiden
Games: Ninja Gaiden series, Dead or Alive series
Company: Tecmo
Won: Sogetsu Kazama
Lost: Black Panther
Fun fact: For those of you wondering what happened to Irene Lew (Hayabusas love interest in the original NES Ninja Gaiden series), his day job (as explained in his DOA profile) is running a antique store in America with his wife Irene. Heh heh, good times!

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Location: Los Angeles Courtroom

Inside the courtroom of the state of California, many attendants whisper and mumble as the judge steps into the court. Everyone rises to their feet before the judge sits down and prompts them to sit down again. The elder judge puts on his glasses, and starts reading some papers before rolling his eyes.

Today, its the state vs.what?! OJ Simpson, AGAIN? sigh Let him in, please.

Indeed, the former footbal star and media scapegoat, OJ Simpson, steps into the courtroom once more, as always with his puppy-eye look, and his saddening walk. OJ Simpson sits down at the accused bench, where the judge starts reading up the case.

So, Mr. Simpson, it seems that you have NOT learned your lesson! Time and time again, you try to test your luck AND the boundaries of our law system! How do you consider yourself, Mr. Simpson?

OJ just smiles and shrugs, As usual, your honorInnocent as charged!

The judge slaps his forehead, I thought so. Well, let me introduce our prosecutor for today, and boy, is he a hardass. Please arise and welcome Mr. Miles Edgeworth.

A young man wearing some rather fancy clothes that look straight out of a Shakespearean novel walks out, his mean eyes focusing on the beady eyes of OJ. His posture is rigid and shows no contempt for the accused. He simply looks down on OJ with a cold stare, and extends his hand to the Heissman winner.

Your honor, it is obvious that this man has made a mockery of our laws ever since he was riding that damned white Bronco all over the Interstate over 15 years ago! He claims the gloves didnt fit the first time around, but this time, we have all the evidence needed to send his sorry ass into the slammer until the frogs start shaving! He has played the racial card long enough, and its high time that we.


The crowd gasps as another young man, wearing a blue suit and having spiked black hair busts into the courtroom. His confident smile meets Miles apathic stare as he makes his way to OJ Simpsons side. He slams some papers down, and points out.

You see, your honor, my client here is just a victim of circumstances yet again! He might have been charged with robbery, but those charges were in New Orleans, and shortly after hurricane Katrina devastated that city! We all know the great amount of pillaging perpetuated in that time, and that most of the thieves were black people, but I have proof that states otherwise!

Miles crosses his arms and laughs, Oh, really? And what kind of outworldly evidence are you ready to present this time, Wright?

Phoenix Wright, ace attorney, pulls out some photos from his folio, Watch and weep, Edgeworth!

Miles raises an eyebrow as he picks up the photos, and realizes in dismay his folly, Whyif it isnt Gary Coleman, stealing a GAMECUBE! And by God look at those handsdamn ashy nigga.

Phoenix shrugs as he flashes his trademark smile again, And you see, your honor, that is just the way the cookie crumbles!

The judge rolls his eyes again as he slams his mallet again, Very wellcase dismissedagain!

OJ Simpson shakes Wrights hand, Hey, thanks bra! If you ever come to Florida, Ill present to some nice ladies that may suit you for better company!

Wright points at OJ and winks, Ill hold you to that!

OJ winks back and leaves. The judge starts reading the next papers, Next is the case of the state vs…oh no, not again! MICHAEL JACKSON?!?

Wright slams his fists together, I can do this!

Name: Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo in Japan)
Sponsor: Muff Daddy
Origin: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Games: Ace Attorney series
Company: Capcom
Won: Cucco
Lost: Kirby
Fun fact: In the anime series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya, there is an episode where the main protagonists of the story imitate the poses and mannerisms of the Ace Attorney characters (Haruhi imitates Phoenix, Itsuki impersonates Miles, etc.).

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Location: Fuscia Town

In the small, pacific village of Fuscia, sitting by the docks over some barrels, are a quite lanky sailor-like young man wearing shorts and a vest, sitting alongside other young sailor-type, who was lying down on some crates, totting a sword in his hand. The man wearing the straw hat takes it off and stares at it quite absently.

Ahhhh, fudge! It seems like I couldnt come out on top in the end, either way.

The mans first-mate, the ever-so-charismatic swordsman Roronoa Zoro, grabs ahold of his sword as he looks at his image reflected in it, So? You still did better than Robin didand even better than that pompous prick Blackbeard. Isnt that enough for you?

The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, promptly stands up, and puts his hat back on, shaking his fist decisively, Oh yeah? Well, thats just not enough for me! Not only do I want to be the best pirate around, I just want to be the BEST, PERIOD! And nobody is gonna stand in my way until I reach that objective!

Zoro resumes to juggling his own sword around, Well, good luck with that. I just wanna know when are we gonna go back on track to find this One Piece thingy?

Luffy remains thoughtful, Weeeellll.I guess that will happen when Usopp finishes the details on the Thousand Sunny. After that, we will make way to the Grand Line, and from there, the fulfillment of our DREAMS, old pal!

But as soon as Luffy makes his heartfelt speech, he notices that Zoro has already fallen asleep where hes at. Luffy just simply sits back down and frowns quite annoyingly.

Maybe next timeIll try to find more cheerful and active crew members. Yeah, maybe Ill do just that.

Luffy looks back up at the sunny sky. The adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates will continue to rattle this side of the galaxy!

Name: Monkey D. Luffy
Sponsor: ShinkuuR
Origin: One Piece manga
Games: One Piece series
Company: Mostly Bandai and Banpresto
Won: Bonne Jenet
Lost: Jago
Fun fact: Eiichiro Oda, creator of the One Piece series, has gone on record in saying that he based Luffy and the rest of the One Piece cast on Dragon Ball, considering that since Dragon Ball had already done most of what could be considered serious fighting, Oda decided to give his series a less serious undertone to make the fights less stressful.

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Location: Shadow Moses Island

In a remote island, located in the Alaskan Fox Archipelago, is a small nuclear weapons disposal facility built by the US government. Of coursethat is what one would HOPE to believe if they ever visited the place, but the truth is a lot more obscure than most people think. To find that out, a single special ops agent has been dispatched on location to assess and evaluate the situation at hand.

Amidst the terrible blizzard going about on the outside, at sub-ground level, in the docks, a solitary figure emerges from the frozen waters, under the surveillance of the few soldiers walking amidst the crates of the underground warehouse. The single man quickly exits the sub-zero water and behind a pipeline as a silent beep wrecks his ear.

AARRRRRGGGH! Otacon, are you SURE that the Codec doesnt alarm incoming guards? That shit wrecks my fuckin ears everytime it beeps!

You know it only affects your inner ear, Snake! Stop being such a bitch about it.

Well, if it just wouldnt sound EVERY FUCKIN SECTION just to inform me about trivial shit. What the hell is the select button anyway?

OK, look, Snake, we need more information on the Patriots! You know our next adventure is up pretty soon, and you already got those damn white hairs in full glory. Better rock it like nobodys business!

Butmy precious mullet! Now Im gonna like Ocelots long lost brother! And instead that pussy boy Raiden gets to have the cyber ninja implants. NO FAIR!

Yeah, but Raiden really needed to catch a break after the last game. Fans werent digging his femenine strut, ya feel me? So he needed some Gray Fox rub to get the cool kudos.


Snakes silent scream almost caught the attention of the guards, who flinch for a second, but almost inmediately resume their guarding duties. Snake breathes a sigh of relief.

Anyway, Snake, get your ass in gear. You do know you have to wait for the cargo elevator to get down there so you can get up, right?

Manfuck waiting. I wont get Big Boss ranking like this.

Snake pulls out his SOCOM pistol, quickly stands up, and shoots the two incoming guards in the head with swift accuracy. Otacon sounds shocked on the other side of the line.

Well, THAT isnt gonna grant you any more rankings, either!

Naw, Im just gonna roll through this shit Stallone style anyway, son. Screw all this stealth shit. AYEEEEEEE!

Snake runs like a soul out of hell, intent on destroying everything on his path, probably hoping his coolness will see him through.

Name: Solid Snake (i.e. David)
Sponsor: Ephidel
Origin: Metal Gear
Games: Metal Gear series
Company: Konami (and Ultra, which was basically owned by Konami, but whatever)
Won: Cid Highwind
Lost: Uchiha Itachi
Fun fact: Maybe youre too young to notice this, but if you see the drawing of Snake in the cover of the very first Metal Gear game (for the NES), his pose and overall appearance closely mimic that of Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn) in the first Terminator film.

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Location: Nevada Desert

Nothing seems to disturb the apparent peace of the lonesome background that is the Nevada Desert, dominated by a barren wasteland, and a couple of mountains here and there, with little to no vegetation at all. Some lifeforms, such as lizards and scorpions, walk through the arid sand, but that would abruptly end as some huge tremors shake the abandoned landscape, and make rocks jump from the ground like popcorn.

The source came from within the mountain range, where a huge green behemoth wearing but a pair of ripped purple pants is bashing a hole into the mountains as if it were nothing. The expression of rage on his face is disturbing as each blow sends literally hundreds of rocks flying into the skies. His determination is absolute until he notices something streaking the skies, and heading in towards his own location. It was no plane, but it surely could have been mistaken one, as it was none other than the weapon master himself, military technology tycoon, Tony Stark, or as he appears, Iron Man.

Bruce?! What the hell are you doing here, causing all this ruckus? The aftershocks are being felt all the way to Indiana! Why the sudden rage rush?

Urgh. I was CHEATED out of a victory in the last tournament I was in by some fruity psychic creature who thought he was all high and mighty and stuff. Can you believe that? After all, Ive had my fair share of altercations with the greatest psychics this world has to offer, and Ive NEVER been punked out like that. Totally unfair.

Iron Man looks pensive as he levitates over Hulks head, Hmmm. You sure do seem to have some issues there, Bruce. As usual, you seem to be settling them in the only way you knowbashing things up!

Hulk lets out a heartily laugh, Yeah, I suppose the catchphrase HULK SMASH would be overdone if I said it right now?

Iron Man crosses his arms, Yeah, Im certainly getting sick of hearing it all the time. So, how bout you round up you emo tirade and go back to your lab, Bruce mah boy?

Hulk raises an eyebrow to Iron Mans comment, Watch it, Tony, youre making me angryand believe meyou wouldnt like me when Im angry.

Iron Man looks away, Uhhhh.OK.whatever you say. Im out!

Iron Man jets himself off to the distance again. Hulk watches the mountain he just virtually caved a hole in, and as he walks away, non-chalantly kicks a rock away.a little bit TOO far away, as it hits the outgoing Iron Man, and Hulk can only watch in despair how he slowly plummets to the ground. Hulk scratches his head and looks worried.

GeezI wonder if hes OK? Man, I hate it when that happens. Damn flying super heroes.

Name: The Hulk (real name: Bruce Banner)
Sponsor: Adam Warlock
Origin: The Incredible Hulk comic book series
Games: Hulk series, among other Marvel games
Company: Acclaim, Eidos, VU Games, Activision, Capcom, among others
Won: Green Ranger
Lost: Mewtwo
Fun fact: Although some view him as a more radical interpretation of the classic Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde angle, the creators of the Hulk (namely, Stan Lee) have stated that the basis on which they created the Hulk was to alert readers of the perils implicit in the current atomic age and nuclear experiments.

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Location: Miami, Florida

It was a regular day in the suburbs of Miami. The streets are quiet as morning has come about, the dew barely gracing itself off the grass, birds chirping, barely any cars passing down the street. One man opens the door to his house, stretches out, and yawns. He mildy scratches several parts of his body as he smacks his mouth, and slowly walks out to his mailbox to get todays newspaper. As he approaches the mailbox, though, he notices a sudden chill running up his spine as he looks about for the source of such a tense climate. He resumes grabbing the newspaper, but notices a sudden shadow growing behind him.

The man slowly turns around, and nearly has a heart attack when he sees a traditional-looking king gazing at him with somewhat empty eyes. His face sports a smile, but nothing much in motion going about as he pronounces no word at all. He slowly raises his hand, as the man shudders and starts sweating cold in his own robes. However, as he lowers his hand, the man notices the king has a huge burger in a platter, but still his face expression never changes. The man senses an awkward feeling about all this.

Ummthanksbut dont you think its a bit too early to be eating burgers?

The king merely tilts his head as if unable to comprehend the mans resilience to eat his burgers. The man gulps down a huge lump of pressure as he slowly starts to tip-toe back to his house, but notices that the king is not far behind. The man is now seeing blurry as he grows nervous beyond all belief. The king draws in closer before a golden streak passes before his face. The king quickly turns around and sees that his assailant was no other but a clown dressed in a yellow-stripped uniform, pointing out at him.

Leave the man alone, chump. Dont you see he wants to eat one of our FAAAAAABULOUS McMuffins for breakfast?

The man begs to differ, Im s-sorry.b.but my wife is already m-m-makingsome waffles for meback home

The clowns eyes burn in rage, SILENCE, PEASANT! You will be eating dem McMuffins and THATS THAT!

The man screams in agony and runs back to his house as if he didnt have a prayer. The King and Ronald McDonald stand toe-to-toe, their eyes burning, but before any action can take place, some patties impale themselves between them. The two mascots look about, and coincide in looking at one common objective: an apparently common mon, who just happens to have a snowmans head and a cone on top of it. It was Jack from Jack-In-The-Box.

Is there any problem, gentlemen?

The battle for the fast food supremacy continues. And no matter who wins.your weight loses.

Name: The Burger King
Sponsor: Adam Warlock
Origin: Burger King fast food establishment TV commercials
Games: Several thematic games, cameos in Fight Night Round 3
Company: King Games and EA Sports
Won: Joe Thornton, Raoh
Lost: The Beast
Fun fact: Although the King ads are much more popular nowadays, the first King sightings were actually back in the 1970s, with the same disguise the King has now, with the possible exception that now he is more popular due to his more surreal appearances.

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Location: Dream Land

The wonderful world of dreams shines as brightly as ever, with its colorful landscapes, cute animals, and stars fluttering everywhere. Another peaceful day in the easygoing Dream Land. That isuntil a smart-aleck penguin jumps out of some bushes, wielding a hammer of sorts in one hand, and dragging along a big bag in his other hand. He sneers with some pleasant joy.

YAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! At last, enough food to feed my face for aboutwell, I dunnomaybe 3 weeks? YAH HAH HAH! Those suckers never saw this one coming! I RULE NOW!

But as the greedy King Dedede was whistling about and carrying his bag of food along with him, a sudden pink glob emerges from the treetops, intent on stopping the hungry penguin. King Dedede fumes at the sight of his old archrival appearing before him.

CURSES! Its that blasted Kirby again! Youll never catch me alive, ya pink glob of annoying cuteness!

Dedede inhales a huge amount of air, and starts floating away to escape from his nemesis. Kirby watches him fly about as if clueless about the whole ordeal, until he remembers a certain ability he picked up along the way.

King Dedede chuckles to himself as he lets himself be carried by the wind, but suddenly notices that Kirby is flying right behind him, but he appears to be dressed in some suit of armor or wearing some mechanical implants of sorts as he rockets quickly to where the floating Dedede is. His arm then suddenly extends like a retractable device, and smashes Dedede right in the back.


Dededes eyes almost bug out of their sockets as he plummets to the ground. But on his way down, Kirby is on his trail again, this time dressed in some red getup of sorts including a purple cape and a bullet-shaped helmet. Kirby hits Dedede repeatedly as he falls, and then finishes the task by spreading his arms, and letting out several magnetically-charged clouds that make a sound impact on Dededes round body.


Dedede is almost completely out of it as he draws nearer to the ground, but apparently, its not over yet, as he sees Kirby off the corner of his eyes, dressed in some silver body suit and with strange capes hanging off his arms. Kirby slighly floats back, and extends his arm at Dedede. Then all of a sudden, an instant hail storm nails Dedede with incredible force. The naughty penguin finds himself slamming on the ground at a much quicker pace than what he originally expected.

Dedede is totally out of it as his eyes spiral out of control. Kirby also lands on the ground, and performs his traditional victory dancebefore downing some Maxim tomatoes from Dededes bag of food.

Name: Kirby
Sponsor: givequicheachance
Origin: Kirbys Dream Land
Games: Kirby series, Super Smash Bros. series
Company: HAL America and Nintendo
Won: Relm Arrowny, Phoenix Wright
Lost: Proto Man
Fun fact: As weird as it may seem, Kirby was originally a blob paperholder during the preeliminary design of Kirbys Dream Land (then named Twinkle Popopo) while they were searching for a design for the main character. Eventually, the paperholder slowly came to be the star of the game, and thus was Kirby born.

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Location: Kamogawa Gym

In the exterior of the Kamogawa Gym, in a nearby park, a young man stands in front of a tree, his taped fists near his chin, his eyes only focusing on whats going on before him. The slight sweat drops that fall from his forehead seem to freeze in place as he gazes at some leaves that drop down before him. In a couple of swift motions, the young boxer attempts to punch the falling leaves, but the current that his punching motions create cause the leaves to blow farther away. Several more leaves fall from above, and once again, the enthusiastic pugilist makes several punch motions of all kinds, but still manages to connect few of them.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, BOY?! Get the lead out, scrub!

A relatively old man dressed in a sweater and sweat pants stands aside the tree, hoisting a cane, which more than helping him walk correctly, was used to smack the tree about so it can make more leaves flutter down. Despite his advanced age, his presence makes him seem tougher and more brazen than your average senile old man. He wields the cane menacingly at the youngsters face.

Look here, sonny. Just because you got lucky at the last tournament doesnt mean you should get cocky! You might have beaten Date Eiji, your old pain-in-the-neck, but you lost to a girl. A STINKY GIRL! Admitingly good-lookingbut still a girl, dammit!

Ippo Makunouchi, the young apprentice of the great Genji Kamogawa, cleans the sweat off his brow with his forearm, Relax, Mr. Kamogawa! I tried my best, and I think I learned something from the whole competition! I think the world is pretty vast and full of things to learn. Who knows, maybe I can even incorporate some stuff I saw there into my own style, and create my own technique!

Kamogawa looks at Ippo with some distrust, Soare you thinking about disregarding my teachings, boy?!

Ippo desperately waves his hands, N-n-no! Not at all, sir! I was just saying!!!

Kamogawa angrily points his cane out at Ippo, Shut up! Youre staying until sunset now! Ill be working your ass off to no tomorrow! Thats what you get for trying to sound like such a smart ass!

Ippo slumps his shoulders and lowers his head, Aaaaaah! I thought so.

Ippo turns around and makes way back to the gym for more training. As he heads off, Kamogawa manages to break a slight smile.

Youre up for big things, my boy. Big things, indeed. But it seems like I have to smack some sense into you before you reach the top!

Kamogawa also heads back to the gym. A legend in the making is about to be born.

Name: Ippo Makunouchi
Sponsor: ShinkuuR
Origin: Fighting Spirit manga
Games: Victorious Boxers series
Company: Vivendi Universal
Won: Pimple, Date Eiji
Lost: Tiffany Lords
Fun fact: Ippo incorporates techniques and punches from famous real-life boxers, including Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson, and, of course, Jack Dempsey (patented in Ippos famous Dempsey Roll attack).

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Location: Hyrule Castle

The majestic Hyrule Castle, home to Hylian royalty and the greatest monument there is in all of Hyrule, stands proud over the grassy hills and at the feet of Death Mountain. The sun shines bright as villagers who populate the town within the castle walls go upon their daily activities. Meanwhile, within the castle itself, in the inner garden, beautiful hedges and all sorts of flowers adorn this precious paradise, with a symbol of the Triforce engraved in the northern wall as if overlooking the garden itself. Right next to the small pond that exists within the garden, is the heir to the Hylian throne, Princess Zelda, accompanied by her eternal personal escort, the hero of legend, Link.

Zelda sits by the shore of the pond, rippling the water with her delicate fingers, as Link just observes from a couple of feet away, standing guard as if eternally prepared for an incoming attack. Zelda just seems nostalgic as she gazes at the water surface, Oh, Link. These days of peacehow long will they endure? It almost seems as if every time that the world seems peaceful, some evil force ravages the land and we end up in another dark era. Why is that?

Link seems to be willing to say somethinguntil he realizes that he falls in the silent hero category, and does not say a word. Zelda simply looks at him and smiles.

I know Im very much a burden, Link, and that you have taken it upon yourself to protect me. I will always be grateful for that.

Link shrugs and waves his hand as if not putting much thought into it, as Zelda suddenly narrows her eyes and crosses her legs, I wish there were something I could do to repay it.

By this time, Link seems to be sweating cold as his eyes couldnt pry themselves from Zeldas silky smooth legs. Link was getting a tad bit hot under the collar as Zelda graced her legs, Oh? It may seem some naughty bugs have gotten under my dress. Let me swat those nasty things off.

As soon as Zeldas hand comes down, the upper right part of her blouse slips off her shoulder, almost revealing some clevage. Zelda seems genuinely puzzled at the incident, but Link is already beat red in the face and his breathing seems increased tenfold as Zelda gets to her feet.

Linkis there a problem?

Link is almost about ready to implode, but he cannot express a single word! Zelda expects an answer, but due to the lack of response, just blows off, Oh, fine! Be that way! Ill be in my room, seeing if a REAL man like, sayGanondorf will go ahead and kidnap me again with those STRONG arms of his!

Zelda raises her head and storms off. Finally, after eons of holding his breath, Link gets to spit out some words.

Well, EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME, princess!

Link then looks around, and walks off as well.probably to the bathroom for some personal time.

Name: Link
Sponsor: The Chief
Origin: The Legend of Zelda
Games:The Legend of Zelda series/Super Smash Bros. series
Company: Nintendo
Won: Shermie, Heihachi Mishima
Lost: Trogdor
Fun fact: It is often referred that Lnk is left-handed, which certainly becomes hard to tell, either by sprite mirroring in the early 2D Zelda games, or simply because Nintendo tends to forget about it (as in Twilight Princess).

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Location: Providence, Pacific Ocean (southwest of Hawaii)

In the middle of the ocean, surrounded by nothing but water as far as the eye can see, there is a small island, unlike any body of land seen on Earth. This island is not made by nature, and some may say that not even by the hand of man. It is a purely mechanical island, designed in such a way that it seems unnatural and almost seems straight out of outer space. This is the island of Providence, a place where the mentally gifted can seek asylum from the pressure of the outside world.

Standing in one of its many platforms is a single man, or so it may seem. This man has short white hair, and his left arm seems to made out of something mechanical. His right eye also seems to glimmer from time to time, and his expression seems rather morbid at best. Not to be confused by the other man accompanying him, someone dressed in a full body outfit that is red-and-black, with no visible skin ever peeping out of it. Despite the ominous presence, this mysterious person suddenly lashes out to the other man in a very comical way.

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Cable! Whats up, man? You seem totally dragged out ever since you went to God knows where to participate in some fanboy contest? What gives?

Cable, the mutant that hails from the future, looks at his companion out of the corner of his eye, Give it a rest, Deadpool! I was just worn out, thats all. Why do you have to keep bringing it up?

Deadpool seems to be getting on to Cable, Cmon, man, you were freakin TOP TIER in MvC 2! Where did you leave all your AHVB x 3, hmmm? Or your grenade traps? And did you at least have a Sentinel assist?

Cable sneers at his babbling friend, Look, if you dont want to shut up, I may bust a few caps up your scarred ass! So get off my ass, freak!

Deadpool recoils in apparent fear, Oooooh, them be harsh words, buddy! So as usual, guns make EVERYONE cool! You see, Shadow the Hedgehog was just another dark version of the hero, but once they gave him a gun.OOOOH BABY! He started selling copies like pancakes, Im tellin ya!

Cable rolls his eyes in utter annoyance, OK, whatever, Deadpool. Look, if you behave, we might teleport over to New Orleans or something and get ourselves some nice hookers. Hows that?

Deadpool jumps for joy like a little kid, WOOOOOOOOO! You know, Cable, you really know how to make a hetero man happy! In fact, I may have to go there beforehand to inspect the quality of DEM HOES! See ya over there, chummy!

Deadpool struts back into Providence, as Cable manages a sly smile to himself, Except that I already changed the coordinates to the Teleportation Matrix to San Francisco. Have fun in the gay nudie bars, ass!

A cunning chuckle comes from deep within Cables self, maybe not a consolation prize, but certainly a reliever for this omega mutant.

Name: Cable (real name: Nathan Summers)
Sponsor: Adam Warlock
Origin: The New Mutants comic book series
Games: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes, X-Men Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse, X-Men Reign of Apocalypse
Company: Capcom and Activision
Won: Eneru, Adolf Hitler
Lost: Sol Badguy
Fun fact: Surely everybody has seen Cables arm grow into grotesque proportions as a victory pose in MvC 2, the reason behind it being that Cable uses up most of his psychic powers to control the techno-organic virus in his left arm from spreading to the rest of his body, and the slightest distraction can make it grow out of control.

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Good job

Location: New Island

A secluded island, hidden from the rest of the world, darkness usually permeates the island most of the day. Where a laboratory once stood, in the decaying ruins of what once was a prestigious research center, now several Pokemon roam. But these Pokemons are special as they were not created by natural means, but were rather cloned by the research team of Team Rocket, led by the cruel Giovanni. And standing at the very top of said ruins, was the leader of these misguided Pokemon: the psychic Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Mewtwo moves his tail around as he looks at his brothers with his arms crossed. Mewtwo nods as he witnesses his cloned comrades trying to live a normal life, breaking away from the forceful life of working as battle creatures. Mewtwo reminisences to his past, where he was also a tool for destruction.

We were born to serve, to live an untimely fate, not our own. Forced to serve as weapons of destruction, serving a master with dark purposes. We continued on that path because we knew no other way.

Mewtwo breathes a sigh as he looks upward, But our paths cannot be predetermined. We also have the right to live and fulfill our own dreams as we deem fit. No one should live their lives under somebody elses thumb.

At that moment, a small bubble of energy floats before Mewtwo. It contains a small creature that is very much like him, and who turns out to be the Pokemon upon which Mewtwo was created: the ever-elusive Mew. Mewtwo smiles as he caresses his rare original self.

I do believe that one day Pokemons and humans can live together as equal. That is my dreamand I believe its the same for the others as well.

Mew flies by Mewtwos shoulder as they both look upon the cloned Pokemons wander about in the wilderness below. Certainly, there is still a lot of work to do for Mewtwobut hes off to a good start at that.

Name: Mewtwo
Sponsor: Arcadefire
Origin: Pokemon Red/Blue
Games: Pokemon series, Super Smash Bros. Melee
Company: Nintendo
Won: Genie, Hulk
Lost: Chun Li
Fun fact: Mewtwo is the second Pokemon (along with Meowth) who possesses the ability to speak and is able to communicate with the rest of the Pokemons at will.

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Location: Sacred Order of Holy Knights Base, Vatican City

The holy capital of the world, where the Catholic and Christian powers rely in, looks somewhat decayed and in bad shape from former years, due to the Holy War against the Gears that ravaged the city. The age-old structures now show even more signs of being somewhat in ruins, with huge holes and cracks, but some of the bigger buildings seem to be well on their way to rebuilding as they show some construction materials around them.

Within one of said buildings, with several images of God, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary adorning the hallways, and with stained glass windows lining the walls, several people wearing some white robes confer with each other in a special hall, with the image of Leonardo Da Vincis Genesis painting on the floor. They are mostly men of all sorts of ages, and their white robes show slightly different colors, but most of all involve either blue, green, or purple. One man, though, shows a display of red and white uncharacteristic to the rest. His sole presence shows his unique demeanor, as his spiked long brown hair pretty much denotes his presence. He also seems to be reluctant to speak with the other members as he stays standing against a pillar, minding his own business.

A young blond man dressed in white-and-blue walks up to him instead, looking visibly annoyed at the look of the man, You knowit wouldnt hurt sometimes for you to get together and talk with us about the current state of things.

The solitary man just shrugs and chuckles, Nah, I leave the pointless chit-chat to all you holy rollers. Its not really gonna help matters any, either. We should be out there kicking some Gear ass, thats what!

The young swordsman seems disturbed as he shakes his fists at the rebel, Like we havent sustained enough losses for you to go out there and provoke more bloodshed! You always like to go into action regardless of the results! You have NO concern for human life now, do you?

Sol Badguy, the man who heeds no orders, gazes at Ky Kiske, a up-and-coming member of the Sacred Order, with some disdain, Look here, sonny. I also have a lot on my mind. Im not gonna stand around for one of your boring speeches regarding what YOU define as justice. You can save it for one of those old geezers, but not for me. It will fall on deaf ears.

Ky walks up to Sol, almost as if trying to intimidate him, Well, I dont see why theyre keeping you here. You obviously do what you want, out of the jurisdiction of the Order! What makes you any better than a loose cannon, anyway?

Sol grins maliciously, Thats easybecause I kick much ass. You just kiss a lot of ass. Thats the difference between us, boy scout.

Sol turns around and starts to walk away, but a infuriated Ky tries to grab ahold of him, Dont you dare walk away from me, you pompous prick!

But as soon as Kys hands try to touch Sols shoulder, a sudden burst of flame singes Kys hand, making him retract almost inmediately. Without even turning back, Sol lowers his head, Those who play with fire tend to get burned. Didnt you learn that in school, buddy? Hands off the merchandise, fella.

Sol continues on his way out, as Ky looks on with a combination of anger and fear.

Just what are you exactly.Sol Badguy?

Name: Holy Order Sol Badguy
Sponsor: Windlord0
Origin: Guilty Gear XX Slash
Games: Guilty Gear series
Company: Sammy Studios
Won: Cyan Garamonde, Zeratul
Lost: Grimlock
Fun fact: Holy Order Sol offers us a true glimpse of Sols true Gear form during some of his specials (such as the Dragon Install) due to him not having his trademark sword, the Fireseal, which makes up for some pretty scary scenes.

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Location: Rukongai, Soul Society

This Japanese-looking suburb may seem like its located in the middle of some semi-big city of Japan, but alas, it is quite the contrary. This is the district of Rukongai, which happens to be located in the Soul Society, what most people consider to be the afterlife. Despite its outworldly nature, people here live a life as regular as any human being, and even the inhabitants are mortals as any given human (although they enjoy a much larger lifespan). In the cross of one of the many districts at Rukongai, two men stand as they watch some carriages pass by. One of them is pretty tall, has pronouncedly spiked hair, and wears an eyepatch. The other tends to be a bit shorter, and is completely bald.

The tall one, who has a pretty maniacal look to him, spits out something as he talks to the other man, So, Ikkaku, have you honed your skills enough in that little tassle you had?

Madarame Ikkaku, who ranks third in the infamous Gotei 13, just shrugs it off, I could have probably done better, but I also cant complain. I felt my swordsmanship techniques have improved noticeably. It was great being able to do battle with such incredible foes.

Kenpachi Zaraki, division captain, chuckles quite disturbingly, It has been a while since Ive seen you this pumped up, Ikkaku. That could almost mean you can stand up to me in combat! Yah hah hah hah!

Ikkaku lowers his head, Dont even joke about it, captain. I wouldnt even think about measuring up to you again. There is just no point in comparison.

Kenpachi sneers as he looks aside, Dont sell yourself short, my old friend. Theres a lot more to you than meets the eye. I could tell from the last time we fought. You certainly have that fighting ability and that fire in your eyeswho knows what limits you could reach? Theres no telling at all.

Ikkaku rubs his bald head, Really? Do you mean it?

Kenpachi looks slightly annoyed now, Of course, you fool! Now, tag along! Were going to Seireitei and see if we can enough racket to all those uptight bastards up there. You with me?

Ikkakus malicious grin almost crosses his entire face, Certainly, captain. Show the way!

The two comrades leave, each holding their sheathed swords close to them. Their blades call for battle which is yet to come.

Name: Madarame Ikkaku
Sponsor: MrQuotes
Origin: Bleach manga
Games: Bleach series
Company: Mostly Sony and Sega
Won: Samurai Jack, Luca Blight
Lost: Jago
Fun fact: Ikkaku is one of the few characters who is referred to by his given name rather than his family name, as only two characters (Makizo Aramaki and Toshiro Hitsugaya) call him by his last name (Madarame).

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Location: Amegakure

A bunch of metal pipes fill everything in sight in this erratic little village that seems to be secluded inside some sort of forest. The population is somewhat scarse, with only but a few villagers populating a greater amount of cabins. Despite the gloomy attitude of some inhabitants, there are some villagers who seem to portray death itself. Such is the case of two very particular members, wearing black cloaks with red cloud designs on it. One of them is short but has long black hair, while the other stands rather tall, gray hair, and very sharp teeth, almost resembling a human shark…

The young-in seems to go undisturbed as he speaks to his companion, Any news on our leader, Pain?

The shark-like man grins, revealing his scary line of sharp teeth, Not very much, Im afraid. Hes still trying to capture those mythical beasts for all I know.

The gloomy young man, Uchiha Itachi, narrows his eyes, To obtain world peace through the threat of destruction. Who would have known we would have come this far.

Kisame Hoshigaki, the shark-man, nodded, Well, Pain is a weird one, but his determination is pretty solid. I believe he really can achieve all those things he has vowed to. He seems adamant to yield to anyone.

Itachi looks upwards to the somewhat-secluded heavens, You think that we can actually redeem ourselves from all our sins if we join forces with Pain and achieve his plans? Sounds almost as if it would never happen.

Kisame shakes his head as he holds his forehead, Living a eternity in hell? Im not ready to wait for that. Maybe we should not put much thought into it. Let history be the judge of that. In the meantime, lets fulfill our ambitions, and see where it takes us.

Itachi looks back upfront, and his eyes shine a ominous red, We are not tools of destinywe create our own! Nobody will be able to tell us otherwise. At the end of our journey, whether it be life or death we find, lets never cease in our beliefs!

Kisame and Itachi vanish almost as if they were never there. The Akatsuki possess many dangerous secrets, indeed.

Name: Uchiha Itachi
Sponsor: The Damned
Origin: Naruto manga
Games: Naruto series
Company: Mostly Bandai/Namco (although there are some other Naruto games made by Sammy and Tomy)
Won: Tir McDohl, Solid Snake
Lost: Morrigan Aensland
Fun fact: Despite the Akatsukis nature and Itachis rather violent past, in reality, he dislikes fighting, and when forced to do so, will resort to ending the match as quick as possible, and never rush into battle, rather taking a more defensive approach.

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Location: The Nemesis

Somewhere in a mountain range down in South America, a chilly wind blows amidst the high peaks of the region, where not a soul would dare due to the scarse air and rough territory. One would expect not to find anything but rock and snow, but even in this monotunous setup, a single feature jumps to sight. It seems to be the remnants of a fallen spaceship, crashed into a mountainside, and with visible signs of decay. Near the area where the ship was, a single robot, gigantic in size for human proportions, carefully patrols the area for any possible intruders. When he finally feels the coast is clear, he speaks in quite a monotone voice.

No life signs detected. Proceeding with the operation: reconissance of the Nemesis.

The robot who is none other than the Decepticon, Soundwave, presses some button located on his left shoulder.

Ravage, EJECT!

Soundwaves chest compartment opens up, and out shoots a small cassette which turns into a sort of feline beast.

Laserbeak, EJECT!

Another cassette flies out, and literally continues to fly, as it morphs into a bird of sorts that begins to cruise the skies.

Rumble, EJECT!

But nothing would occur this time. Soundwave, being the cool, calculated robot that he is, seems relatively confused at the whole incident.

Rumble, EJECT!

But once again, no response was given. Instead, Soundwave gave an annoying sigh, and slapped himself on the back rather hard, and truth be told, the final cassette stumbled out, slowly transforming into the small robot, Rumble. Rumble shook his head to regain his senses, and tries to stand up to Soundwave (but obviously being dwarved by the evident size difference).

Hey, big guy! Whats the big deal? Doncha know how to treat a CELEBRITY when you see one?

Soundwave pays little attention to his little cohort, Celebrity.Rumbledoes not compute. Proceeding with mission.

Rumble tries to get in Soundwaves path, Hey, HEY! Listen up! Case you didnt notice, I did a better job in the tournament than our very own leader, Megatron, did! That should raise my case to go up higher in the ranks of the Decepticons. Dont you agree?

Soundwave tilts his head, looking as confused as ever, Youleader of the Decepticons? Better Decepticons have triedStarscream, for instance. Insurgence is not well taken amidst the ranks.

Rumble gave it some thought as well, Yeah, Megatron runs a tight ship. But, hey! Maybe with a little bit of luck, I can be the one giving orders over YOU! Hows that sound, ya big lug?

Soundwave looks down at Rumble with some annoyance, and finally presses his shoulder button again.

Frenzy, EJECT!

A cassette shoots out which becomes someone who looks very similiar to Rumble, but sporting a different color scheme. Soundwave points something out to Frenzy, Frenzy, subverse this insolent curd, and resume patrol duties.

Frenzy salutes up to Soundwave, No problem, sir! Now Rumble, time to tone down that ego trip of yours!

Frenzy grabs ahold of Rumble as the small robot struggles to break free.

I SWEAR! I should be respected! Why does nobody respect Rumble? Sheesh!

Name: Rumble
Sponsor: Diek Stiekem
Origin: Transformers animated series
Games: Transformers series
Company: Mostly Atari and Activision
Won: Vile, HK-47
Lost: The Rock
Fun fact: Rumble (along with Soundwave and other cassette robots) were considered to be part of the Transformers live-action film, but all of them got nixed, and instead the producers stayed with just Frenzy.

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Location: Wakanda

In the secluded country of Wakanda, located deep within the jungle regions of Africa, a sole kingdom raises majestically in the middle of the savannah. The ruins here have been preserved with great care, to the point where they almost seem brand new. Several statues scatter and confuse themselves amidst the trees, most of them resembling panthers. Several tribe members can be seen roaming around the vegetation, trying to find their way around the jungle that surrounds them. In the midst of all this harmonious distribution, a throne made out of stone stands in between some pillars of flame. In it, sits a man dressed exactly like a black panther, cape and all.

Perhaps it was because it WAS the ruler of Wakanda, the ever-legendary Black Panther.

However, defeat is a lonely mistress, as Panther still ponders his fate in the tournament that had just came and went. As he lays his head against his fist, a rather savvy looking woman walks up to him from behind. She sports long silver hair, and smiles as she touches Panthers shoulder.

There, there, my love. What besieges your heart with such sorrow?

It turned out to be Black Panthers own wife, the mutant Storm. Panther simply sighs, I do not know, Ororo. I dont know if I have what it takes to guide my people to prosperity amidst this continent gone mad. Im not sure if my people will take too kindly to someone who failed to come out on top.

Storm now puts her other hand on the other shoulder of Panther, Dont be so troubled at such affairs, TChalla. You put in your best effort at a tournament which had the best warriors from multiple dimensions. It was an honor for our kingdom that you placed as high as you did. Our people are proud for your bravery and strength displayed.

Panther grabs one of the hands of his wife, I sincerely believe that. I can sometimes feel the warmth of my people every time I walk down the streetsbut as always, I wish I could do more for them.

Storm kissed her husbands forehead, And you will. Your wisdom will see us through. And I shall support you every step in the road.

Panther gently caresses the face of Storm, You always know how to soothe my troubled soul. Thank you so much, Ororo.

Storm gently smiles, Well, its like they say, beloved. Behind every great ruler, there must be a great woman!

Panther laughs it off, And that must be true!

The royal couple kisses and embraces. Prosperous times lie ahead for the kingdom of Wakanda.

Name: Black Panther (real name: TChalla)
Sponsor: RockBogart
Origin: Fantastic Four comic book series
Games: Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Company: Activision
Won: Amano Hyo, Ryu Hayabusa
Lost: Randy Orton
Fun fact: Although Black Panther was reknown for being a black superhero, he certainly was not a pioneer in such a field, as he was predated by Waku (from the Jungle Tales series) and Lobo (not the one from DC Comics), back in the 50s.

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Location: Dublin, Ireland

The phone rings at a hotel room in downtown Dublin, where a slight, yet pesky rain falls outside. As the raindrops hit the window, a slender woman picks up the phone. She is quite tall for a woman, and her abundant black hair is fixed somewhat in a ponytail. Her eyes look particularly sharp.

Hello? .Yes.Oh, I see…understood.yes, well wait for you at the usual placeyes, in about a couple of hoursSee ya around!

The tall lady hangs up the phone. A subtle voice echoes from one of the corners of the room.

Was that Mushiko?

The man lurking in the shadows appears to be someone wearing a black biker outfit, and is rather slim in his physical constitution. His skin seems severely tanned, yet his moppy white hair contrasts his own skin color. Of particular notice is his red gauntlet on his right hand, and the fact that he always like to wear shades (even indoors). The sassy woman just smiles.

Yes, it was her. Seems like she has some reports about some remaining NESTS agents still lurking around in this area. Maybe we should pay them a visit, shall we?

The biker fellow, NESTS renegade K, smacks his teeth in visible annoyance, The organization falls, and we STILL have to deal with these losers? Gimme a break. These guys are like freakin cockroaches. We should just go nuts and blow everything in sight, for all we care!

Diana, the other former NESTS agent, settles K down, Easy there, cowboy. We dont want the Ikaris after our asses again. We shall do this in a subtle fashion, undetected by the local authorities.

K raises an eyebrow from underneath his shades, That sounds fine and allbut what about?

In that instant, both K and Diana notice how the room gradually turns a blue hue, and K notices how he can see the vapor of his own breath. Diana feels the same way, as she notices how frost starts to accumulate around the furniture in the room.

You got to be kidding me.

Indeed, after all the room had became an oversized refridgerator, Diana walks over to the bathroom and knocks on the door, holding herself to heat herself up somewhat, K-Kula! Are you in there? Whats the problem n-now?!

The bathroom door opens and a innocent young girl with long hazel hair comes out, holding a glass of orange juice, I-I was feeling kinda hotand besidesmy orange juice was getting all warm! I just cant drink warm orange juice, you see.

Diana looks like shes just about to faint, Are you kidding me? It must be 8 degrees outside!

Ks gloved fist suddenly glows with a inner surge of flames that engulfs his own hand, Oh yeah, this going to be PRETTY subtlesheesh.

Name: Kula Diamond
Sponsor: 4neqs
Origin: The King of Fighters 2000
Games: The King of Fighters series
Company: SNK
Won: Alita, Sophitia
Lost: Ken Masters
Fun fact: One of Kulas hobbies is to find soem spare parts in order to repair Candy. Candy was her cyborg friend that sacrificed herself to save Kula after she fell from destroying the Zero Cannon by the end of KOF 2000 and avoid getting Kula burned from re-entering the earth atmosphere.

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Location: WWE RAW (emanating from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The pyro goes off at the Wachovia Center to kick off yet another episode of Monday Night RAW! The rowdy crowd roars in anticipation as signs pop up everywhere as good ol Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler sit by the announce table at ringside.

WELCOME EVERYONE TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW! Were coming to you LIVE from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! This is good ol J.R. with Jerry The King Lawler at rinsgide, and King, we have quite the comeback today!

Indeed we do, J.R.! Our very own superstar, Randy Orton, is returning tonight after participating in the Heaven Clash tournament, and I heard he didnt do too shabby at all!

Its ironic King that after overcoming so many odds, Orton would have been subdued by one of our own, as it was none other than The Rock himself who took the Legend Killer out!

Sure thing, J.R.! That was one legend Orton couldnt kill, and it had to be from the own business he was trying so hard to uphold!

Burn in my Light booms through the speakers as the Legend Killer himself comes out to a sound ovation. Orton makes sure to strike his open-armed pose before making his way down the ramp and in the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle and poses again. Orton then grabs a microphone, and looks slyly at the crowd around him.

You know, in our business, we are subject to a lot of criticism for what we do. That we do is fake, that is merely a show for our redneck fans to enjoy. But after my showcasing at the last Heaven Clash tournament, I hope to have shut all those critics up. Not even a famous boxer, a Spartan king, or an African superhero could make the most of me. I killed those has-beens legends before they even started! I should reign supreme once more as WWE Champion!

TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! The classic Motorhead song serves as the entrance for the Cerebral Assassin, who comes down to the ring with his trademark bottle of water in his hand, glaring at the eyes of his former ally. Triple H enters the ring with a microphone was well as he adresses his old protegee.

Hey, whats going on, Randy? Heard about that little streak you had going on in that little tassle you had there. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. But I bet I would have gone much farther than both YOU or The Rock!

Orton smirks, I doubt you could manuever your influences to go over the likes of people like Sol Badguy, Ken Masters, or Grimlock. Get over yourself, Hunter! You cant bury everyone, ya know?

HHH makes an unpleasant gesture, Who, me? Im a 11-time World Champion, sonny! Half of the cast over there arent even fit to lace my boots! Because Im the Game! And Im that damn.


Orton cuts Triple H off with a quick yet devastating RKO that leaves the Game reeling on the floor. Orton takes advantage to stand over his former mentors prone body, and strike the pose again. Another legend added to his own legacy, as the history continues!

Name: Randall Keith Orton
Sponsor: Lantis
Origin: WWE Smackdown TV show
Games: WWE Smackdown series
Company: THQ
Won: Volg Zangief, King Leonidas, Black Panther
Lost: The Rock
Fun fact: Ortons finishing move, the RKO, is actually named after his own initials (see above).

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Location: Temple of the Tiger God, Tibet region

High atop the elevated mountains of the Tibet, where air is thin, weather is cold, and all that predominates is a morbid silence, a sole temple stands alone amidst the white blanket of snow that covers every mountain that is in range. Inside this ancient sanctuary, deep within one of the inner chambers, a sole ninja dressed in a blue outfit sits in a meditation stance. Surrounded by huge tiger head statues, the ninja seems to be inmobile, but soon breaks the silence.

I know youre there. Why dont you stop hiding?

As if predetermined, a sexy looking woman dressed in a skimpy green outfit and tight shorts comes out from behind one of the pillars that line the room. Her hair is short and black, and her whole body just oozes sexiness. She smiles as she approaches the meditating ninja.

I guess theres no surpriseyour mental skills have not wained down one bit, Jago.

Jago, the Tibetan ninja, slowly gets to his feet, undistrubed, Yeah, well, you should learn how to sneek up on people better than that, sister. How has your investigation on Ultratech been coming around?

B. Orchid, the undercover agent who is after the malevolent corporation Ultratech, sadly shrugs her shoulders, Unfortunately, it seems that I have been stumped for a bit until Rare decides to put us back into actionwhich may seem hopeless for a while.

Jago also seems quite thoughtful, I seethat is sad to hear. By the way, how can you walk around this place in such few clothes? Its not morally right to go around here disturbing the monks like that!

Orchid frowns as she puts her hand on her hips, Now wait just a damn minute! Who are you say how I should look or NOT look? Its not MY problem these celibate fools havent seen a booty like this for years! Why do you think?

Orchid spins around for Jago to see, who seems to be a little bit disturbed, AHEM! I dont think I feel entitled to speak on my own sister. Sowould you please cut that out?

Orchid looks away, visibly angry, Hmph! Have it your way! I dont dress myself like this just for eye candy, you know!

Oh yeah? So what DO you dress like that for?

UmwellI.who knows?! I just know that youre a complete JERK! Thanks for nothing, you slime!

Orchid storms away angrily as Jago just shrugs.

Hey, I bet YOU guys wished you had a hot sister like THAT, huh?

Jago sits back down and resumes meditationon which he has a LOT to clean up now.

Name: Jago
Sponsor: Azrael
Origin: Killer Instinct
Games: Killer Instinct series
Company: Nintendo
Won: Nara Shikamaru, Monkey D. Luffy, Madarame Ikkaku
Lost: Morrigan Aensland
Fun fact: Despite appearing to be of a somewhat serious nature, Jagos No Mercy move in KI 1 involved him meditating in order to drop a 50s car atop the opponent. Now THAT gets pretty crazy!

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Rumble’s outro was tight :tup:

Location: Unknown

Here are some innocent villagers. Lets just call them Cabineers.

These Cabineers like to live in their city Cabinville, drive their cabin cars, and eat hot cakeswith Log Cabin syrup!

Whenever they go back to their cabins, and they try to sleep comfortably in their beds, what they dont know is that terror is soon to come!


Trogdor comes and says What up, scrubs?, and then proceeds to burn all those cabins with his fiery breath.



No, no, how about.A MORTAL ROCKET ARM!


Oh, so many possibilities, so small of a town! What is it that the TROGDOR cant do? Is there anything that CAN be done?

(All this action takes place in some sheets of paper being drawn by some short fellow wearing a luchadore mask and some glovesthe infamous Strong Bad, case you didnt notice)


Name: Trogdor
Sponsor: Windlord0
Origin: Homestar Runner flash mini-series (Strong Bad E-Mail segments)
Games: Guitar Hero II
Company: Activision
Won: Mai Shiranui, Ash Williams, Link
Lost: Proto Man
Fun fact: Trogdor surged in an episode of Strong Bads e-mail where Strong Bad wanted to create a fearsome monster based on a pretty simplistic design, which soon catched on with viewers everywhere.

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Pic 2

Location: Pacific High School

A graceful snow falls upon the campus of Pacific High School, an educational institution for foreign students in Japan. The sky is gray and dim, but the snow blanket on the ground offers a sharp contrast to the background. Several students speed on by to their next class as the bell rings, but some others prefer to walk amidst the snow in the main garden. One of said students is a blonde bombshell of a woman, who despite being well-covered in her upper body, still prefers to wear a skimpy skirt around campus. Her eyes are fixated on a solitary man who leans against the central fountain, who also wears a hefty jacket, a colorful scarf, and runs a hand through his wavy blond hair.

HIIIIIIII, Roy! Good morning to you, hon!, the gimpy woman says in a high-pitched voice and winking.

Roy Bromwell, the leader of the students association, is caught by surprise with such a loud ruckus, T-Tiffany? Since when did you come back? What have you been up to?

Tiffany just giggles and jogs up to Roy, Lets just say I was having a little fun, thats all!

With.another men?

Eeeeeh.maybe a couple. But I also did some woman-to-woman action as well!

Roy was flushed in the face, Say what?! WellerI dont know what to say about THAT!

Tiffany smiles and holds Roys hand, Youre notjealous, are you?

Roy fixes his collar and scarf, Ummmwell.lets say that was a mouthful, to say the least. Hey, are you doing anything tonight?

Tiffany holds her hands together and swings them around, Weeeeellll.maybe. Where do you suggest we go?

Roy smiles up, Maybe we can go to the movies and then have a romantic dinner somewhere? Hows that sound?

Tiffany walks up closer to Roy as she holds his collar, How about we skip the movies and dinner, and get to the interesting part?

Roys eyes become sly and narrow, Hmmmthat sounds OKyour place or mine?

Tiffanys face comes ever closer to Roysbut at the last second, she slaps him in the chest, HAH! Silly Roy! You thought it would be THAT easy? Pick me up at 8:00 tonight! And be sure Im at my dorm by midnight, OK? I have a test to study for tomorrow! See ya later, cutey pie!

Tiffany runs away as she looks back and waves. Roy gives a slight wave back as he mumbles to himself, Oh, that little tease. But at least she doesnt look as air headed as one might assume.

Roy walks in the other direction before the curtain of snow. A snow as white and pure as a young couples true love.

Name: Tiffany Lords
Sponsor: NeoChaosX
Origin: Rival Schools United by Fate
Games: Rival Schools series
Company: Capcom
Won: Vanessa, Nico Robin, Ippo Makunouchi
Lost: Sol Badguy
Fun fact: The current gag in Rival Schools is for Tiffany to speak poor Japanese so that her quotes usually become misunderstood. For her sake, its a good thing Boman usually comes in and corrects her (for instance, Tiffany once said Hyoushiki utagachau which translates to Youve lost a road sign, which Boman corrects with Joushiki utagachau which is translated to Youve lost your common sense.)

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Location: Aensland Castle, Makai Kingdom

In the eerie castle that stands tall above the bizarre landscape of the Makai (the kingdom of demons and devils alike), a ominous light shines above this ancient structure, which seems to hold pretty well despite its millenial nature. In one of the balconies of said castle, a young lady sits on the border, wearing a white denim shirt, and red bellbottom jeans. She looks quite bored as she stares at the vast void that is the sky in the Makai kingdom, as a few bats revolve around her, making random chirping noises. In that moment, a couple of servants appear at the entrance to the balcony. One of them is tall and gloomy, carrying a flaming skull in his hands. The other is much shorter, looks like a little demon, and holds a chandelier.

Mistress! You have finally returned! Off to play more games in other worlds, eh?, eeringly speaks the tall servant, Lucien. Were not very fond of these little trips you make, but we also know theres nothing we can do to stop you.

Morrigan absently smiles as she runs a hand through her hair, You just worry too much, Lucien. Its not like Im a defenseless little girl, you know? I can hold my own anywhere, and I think I proved it this time around.

The little servant, Mudo, makes a pretty disturbing chuckle, Did the Mistress win?

Nobut I had some fun. And there were some good looking men, too. I bet their souls would have proven to be quite a meal.

Lucien scratches his head, Uuuuuuhh.sure, Mistress. Now will you PLEASE stay more than two nights in a row and take your rightful duties as ruler of the Makai? Not even the late King Belial would have been gone for so long.

Morrigan sighs in annoyance, I dont like to be compared with my father, Lucien, so please stop it. I will assume my role until I have become worthy enough to take the throne. I know my father would have not approved of a weakling ruling over the kingdom. Its not my style, either.

Mudo raises his finger decisively, And the Mistress is less formal, too! That scantily-clad outfit she wears all the time.ooooh baby! What a rush!

Lucien looks agitated by Mudos comment, Hush, Mudo! Now lower your tones and.

Lucien was interrupted as another young lady wearing a similiar white denim shirt, but with red shorts, runs right past them, making the two servants fall to the ground. The even younger lady has short purple hair as she walks up to Morrigan and hugs her, Sister, youre so coooool! You beat them all, didnt ya? Why not take me along the next time, like you always do?

Morrigan smiles at her alter-ego, Lilith, Do not worry, Lilith. If I ever the tournament again, youre coming with me, OK?

Lilith jumps for joy, Oooooh, I just cant wait! I want to see if I can last longer than you, too! Gotta go that extra mile, ya know!

Morrigan chuckles in a low tone, I agree!

The two separate entities smile as Lucien and Mudo pick themselves up.

What do you think about it, Lucien?, Mudo asks with glee.

Lucien just shakes his head in resignation, I think the Makai is in for a world of confusion with these two!

Name: Morrigan Aensland
Sponsor: OrochiTempest
Origin: Darkstalkers The Night Warriors
Games: Darkstalkers series, Versus series
Company: Capcom
Won: Freddy Krueger, Devil Jin, Uchiha Itachi, Jago
Lost: Proto Man
Fun fact: Morrigan is probably one of the few characters in fighting game history who has kept her same sprite in all the games she has been in (even in games which feature higher technology than the CPS-2 engine in which she was created), giving birth to the ongoing mockery of her outdated sprite.

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Location: San Francisco, California

In the San Francisco bay area, several couples, runners, and bikers alike stroll down the sidewalks that surround the coast, with the Golden Gate Bridge looming over in the horizon, and several boats pass by on the water. In one secluded area, though, near the docks, a middle-aged blonde man spars against what seems like a young black man, with a woman and her child looking on the action as seagulls can be heard flying in the air.

Hey, come on there, Sean!, the seasoned man beckons with a smile. Show me what youve got! We gotta get in shape for DAT STREET FIGHTER 4, son!

Sean breathes heavily, You think Capcom can call me in, Master?

Ken Masters, martial arts master, rubs his chin for a while, I dunnolast I heard was that they where between you and Dan. Probably they cant have enough of those joke characters.

Sean looks flustered, Hey, Im no JOKE character, Master! Actually, I was pretty SERIOUS BUSINESS back in New Generation and Second Impact. Then Capcom JIPPED me for Third Strike!

Ken laughs out, And thats when I rose to the top along with Chun Li and Yun! Hah hah, good times!

Sean shakes his fist, But this time, Im gonna show them what Im made of! Ill rise to the top again! Hopefully, with no half-assed moves this time around.

Ken gives Sean his trademark thumbs-up, Thats the spirit, man! YOU GO BOY! But first, you must show me the trademark Ansatsuken SCHOOL OF CHEAPNESS, son!

Sean nods, Yeah, I used to have that once in a while. What was that again? Fireball/uppercut trap? Tick throws? Kick Alpha Counter? Everything into SA III?

Hey, you learn FAST! But can you dodge THIS?

Ken freezes in a ready stance that makes Sean raise his guard as a precautionary measure. The two lock stares for what seem like hours on end, and Sean is starting to sweat cold. After a while, Ken runs up to his child, Mel, grabs him, and hurls him at Sean.


Mel literally flies at Sean, who is taken by surprise by this sudden random act, and is even more shocked when Kens little kid just flies and punches Sean right in the nards, hard as it can be. Seans eyes roll to the back of his head as he slowly crumbles down in a whimper. Ken and Mel high-five each other, as Kens wife, Eliza, looks about in anger.

Now that was just plain RUDE, Ken! Sean doesnt deserve this kind of treatment after what hes been through!

Ken winks, Hey baby, if you let it slip, I might buy you that Gucci purse youve always liked! Whaddya say, babe?

Eliza smiles, as Mel jumps for joy, Yeah! And time for me to get some PS 3 action, yes sir!

As the whole family celebrates, Sean still grovels on the floor, letting out emptied cries of agony, Not this feeling again! OH GAWD!

Name: Ken Masters
Sponsor: Dragonsama
Origin: Street Fighter
Games: Street Fighter series, Versus series
Company: Capcom and SNK
Won: Rash, Kazuya Mishima, Kula Diamond
Lost: The Beast
Fun fact: Kens last name (Masters) actually originated from the G.I. Joe toyline released by Hasbro some time ago. That was to separate it and avoid conflict with Mattel for their character of.you guessed it! Ken Carson of Barbie fame.

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Location: Beijing, China

Several hundred bikers can be seen strolling down the dusty streets of the Chinese capital of Beijing. Only a few cars dare to waddle through the sea of peddlers, as voices echo throughout the streets, along with some bicycle bells. Meanwhile, in the marketplaces that develops within the allies, pretty much everything is up for sale, from vegetables to fish to chicken and even rare food oddities such as insects and frogs are everywhere, with their vendors shouting offers at the top of their lungs.

In between all this conmotion, a single woman walks amidst the crowd of people, wearing her typical blue Chinese dress, and her stockings that sharply contrast her skin tone. She walks along a young girl with long pigtails in which her hair is fixed in.

Hey, Chun! I heard you did well in that last tournament! But the next one is right around the corner! Dont you get tired of all this fighting?

Chun Li, the sexy Interpol agent, looks down at the girl and winks, It kind of gets to ya for a while, but Im always ready to fight, and prove myself to the world that I really AM the strongest woman in the world. No goal is too high for me to reach!

Hey, thats awesome, Chun! Huh? Is that?

The girl looks astonished as she looks forward. Chun Li looks in the same direction, and notices someone walking around a small crowd of reporters. His look strongly resembles that of late kung-fu action star Bruce Lee, but looks more charismatic. The celebrity keeps answering some questions as he draws nearer to Chun Li. Chun smiles as she recognized the popular figure:

Well, Ill beif it isnt Fei Long! He sure looks as popular as ever.

The girl looks up at Chun in awe, Chun! Dont tell me you know the great Fei Long? Why, his movie is making the rounds everywhere!

Chun Li rubs the head of her infant partner, Sure, we were sparring partners in the past. Here he comes! Fei Long! FEI LONG! Over here!

As Chun raises her hand and waves, Fei Long notices it from the corner of his eye, Ah, yes, yes, autographs, pictures, the works, and. Huh?! WHOA! Hey, if it isnt Chun Li! How have you been doing, girl?

Chun Li gives a warm smile, Eeeh, just hanging around the neighborhood, checking out if everything is in place. How bout you?

Fei Long shrugs, Well, just got approval for a new movie were filming here in China. Now they want me to star in a romantic comedy! They say its all the rage these days! Whats your opinion?

Chun Li makes an unpleasant smirk, I think we have enough of thoseand not much are good. Say, arent you planning to enter the next Street Fighter tournament?

Fei Long waves his hand, Nah, no bother. Once I heard you were entering, I abandoned those plans. After all, not many women out there can pull out the top tier whorism as much as you can, Chun!

Chun Lis face gets flushing red, W-what?! Hhey! What do you mean by that?!

Fei Long looks at his watch, Oh! Look at the time! Got an interview at a local channel to plug in my new movie! See ya around, Chunners!

Fei Long gives a simple salute as he walks by, as Chun Li remains stunned and confused. The little girl by her side just pulls on her dress and says:

Chun. What is a whore?

Name: Chun Li
Sponsor: 4neqs
Origin: Street Fighter II The World Warrior
Games: Street Fighter series, Versus series
Company: Capcom and SNK
Won: Beavis, Fina, Mewtwo
Lost: Grimlock
Fun fact: In the Chinese film Future Cops by Wong Jing, there is a character who is obviously a parody of Chun Li and even shares the same name, and later on in the movie, both her and her mother don Chun Li-like outfits and perform moves inspired by Chun Li herself.

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Location: Paris, France

A battering rain falls upon the ruins of an ancient cathedral, which presents several holes in its structure, from which the rain finds an escape to pour down into the building. Lightning lights up the night sky from time to time, as the stained glass panels also present some shattered holes in them. Strangely enough, some candles still light up inside the cathedral, and sitting where the altar used to be, is a man wearing most red and white clothes. His belt reads the word FREE and tots around a fairly impressive sword. His eyes look deep into somewhere as he absently throws some rocks around.

Then all of a sudden, the man hears a cracking noise coming from the lower levels. Picking up his sword, he looks downward, and makes a leap for it. As he lands on the cracking wooden floor, he overlooks the area, and then finally feels a presence behind him. With but a single swipe of his sword, the bad man creates a flaming wave that singes everything in its path, and destroys some pillars along with it. The flaming rubble that he leaves behind does not leave him satisfied, until a blonde man wearing a red headscarf and a Britain flag shirt emerges from behind one of the walls.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA, man! Settle down there! No need to tear the whole damn place apart! Geez!

Sol Badguy, the solitary prototype Gear, rests his posture as he glances at the intruder, the time-leaping hooligan, Axl Low, What are you doing here, runt?

Axl shakes his head, Now, now, dont get all rude with me! You know we be buddies, right?

Sol sneers at him, Not precisely what we call friends. Lets just say I dont like to completely obliterate you.

Axl shrugs, Thats enough for me! Hey! Have you seen that man yet?

Sol raises an eyebrow, If I did, why would I wanna tell you?

Because! He is the only one who can send me back home to MY time! Isnt that reason enough?

I guess. But better me than you, so just lay off!

Hey, I might tell you where that little Dizzy went off to. You sure do have some thing for that little Gear, eh? Like you were some sort of father figure.

Sol hastily turns around and points his sword at Axl, Enough small talk! Ill tell you all you need to know, but all I want in exchange is for YOU to SHUT UP!

Axl snaps his fingers, Thats the spirit! You see, talking did you a lot of good, eh? Why cant you be like this ALL the time, eh?

Sol speaks between his grinded teeth, I hate youso much.

The two lonesome warriors walk about. Who knows what fateful battle awaits them once more?

Name: Sol Badguy (aka Frederick)
Sponsor: Dragonsama
Origin: Guilty Gear
Games: Guilty Gear series
Company: Sammy Studios
Won: Lobo, Riku, Cable, Tiffany Lords
Lost: The Rock
Fun fact: Sols two Instant Kill moves he has had throughout the series (All Guns Blazing and Napalm Death) are based on two songs by two respective heavy metal bands Judas Priest and a British grindcore band.

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Location: WWE Smackdown (emanating from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas)

Fireworks light up the ramp as yet another episode of Friday Night Smackdown comes to you not-so-live from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in Corpus Christi, Texas! Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman sit at the announce table, but before they even introduce the audience to the showthe clock starts ticking.

And indeed, right off the bat, Montell Vontavious Porter, better known as MVP, makes his way down the ring, sporting his bling bling and fancy clothes. Once he gets in the ring and makes his funny-looking strut, he takes a microphone. Everything in the ring seems nicely fit and filled with furniture, because as it turns out to be, its another episode of.

Welcome to the VIP Lounge! Especially designed for people BETTER than you! And tonight, we have a VERY special guest! The biggest this prestigious lounge has to offer! Im not talking about small fry superstars, Im talking the BEST of the BEST! A person who has transcended this business, went to Hollywood, and then transcended Hollywood itself to go to the Heaven Clash tournament and win a WHOOOOOLE division all by himself!

Thats true, Michael!, Coach comments to Michael Cole, Randy Orton might have done good, but this guy right here did WAAAAY better!

MVP gives a cynical smile, Now, legend will meet legend, as I gladly introduce to you peoplethe one and only Peoples Champion.THE ROCK!


The stadium almost blows its own roof off as the Great One makes his way down to the ring with a well-tailored suit and wearing some sunglasses. The roaring is deafening as The Rock walks atop all 4 turnbuckles and poses with his hand raised. Even when he steps down, it takes about a couple of minutes for the ROCKY! chants to calm down. MVP didnt look very pleased as he began:

First of all, Rock, let me congratulate you on your AMAAAAZING feat, although to be quite honest, if MVP would have been there, he would have snared that tournaments gold like EASY!

Chorus of boos as The Rock raises his eyebrow in trademark fashion, But you see, Rock, thats to be expectedyou see, were both from Miami, were both from black origin, and we both have held gold here in the WWE. But to be honest, I can say that I am the TRUE Peoples Champ, since you have been gone for so long, and everywhere I go people ask for my autograph, and.

But MVP is cut off as The Rock raises his hand in MVPs face, and strats his talking, First, let The Rock start off by saying that FINALLY! THE ROCKHAS COME BACK.TO THE WWE! Now, as for your claim, you think you can come around here, claim paychecks that The Rock can spend in ONE NIGHT at your mommas house, and then shoot your mouth that youre better than THE ROCK? Jabronie, PLEASE!

MVP looks severely displeased, Look, its YOU who doesnt know what youre talking about, I am half man.

IT DOESNT MATTER WHO YOU ARE! For all The Rock cares, you are just half man, half piece of monkey crap! And the only BALLIN you get is by fondling the Great Khalis family jewels, if ya know what The Rock is.

But MVP has had quite enough, as he smacks The Rock in the face with the microphone, and continues with a persistent assault, before The Rock reacts and totally explodes in MVPs face with punches of his own, spits in his hand, and slaps MVP down to the floor. The Rock then stalks the Franchise Playa as he slowly gets up, grabs ahold of him, and slams him to the mat with a devastating Rock Bottom! The crowd goes nuts once more as The Rock does the 4 turnbuckle pose again.

Well, it seems that no one can topple the Great One!, Cole says to his broadcasting partner.

The Coach looks disgruntled, Yeahthats what I said all along!

Name: The Rock (real name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson)
Sponsor: Return of Shiki
Origin: WWE RAW TV show
Games: WWE Smackdown series
Company: THQ
Won: Sarge, Bo Jackson, Rumble, Randy Orton, Sol Badguy
Lost: The Beast
Fun fact: For his role in The Scorpion King, The Rock earned the world record for the highest salary as an actor in his first starring role ($5,500,000 USD).

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“Me Grimlock up next!!”

Big things poppin’, little things stoppin’:wgrin:

Location: The Ark

At the very base of a mountain within a vast valley, there lies the remains of a fairly old spaceship, incrusted into the side of the mountain. Although it may seem to be an odd sighting, what strikes more ones fancy are the multitude of huge robots standing around the entrance to said starship, everyone looking curious and speaking among themselves. Finally, a taller red-and-blue robot stands before them, looking very solemn and appropiate for the occasion.

My fellow Autobots! Ive gathered you here today not to lead you into yet another battle with the Decepticons, but to honor one of our own, a brave Autobot who defied all odds and came out like the mighty warrior that he is! He has also braved the tough realm of the Heaven Clash tournament, and proved our mettle once more! Autobots, please welcome and honor our very own: GRIMLOCK!

The lodgy Tyrannosaurus Rex stomps onto scene as all the Autobots cheer on for him (especially his fellow Dinobots, who make the ground rumble as they jump around in joy). Grimlock roars in celebration as the leader, Optimus Prime, gives him his own welcome.

Grimlock, we are very proud of you. The Autobots thank you for your bravery and.

Me Grimlock know all that jazz! Me Grimlock wanna know when he become leader of Autobots!

A dead silence remains in the valley as everyone expects an answer from their leader, Ummmm.Grimlock, I think we have been through this before. You arenot very apt to become the leader of the Autobots.

Grimlock looks distraught, Me Grimlock apt! Me Grimlock KING! Give Grimlock matrix NOW!

Prime is now pretty much fuming, Look, Grimlock! I ALSO participated in that tournament, and I got farther than you did! So you have NO place to come here and claim a position that you have never earned or proven to be worthy of!

Grimlock lowers his head, Butme Grimlock only want to be loved!

Everyone looks at the grieving Dinobot in shame as Optimus Prime shakes his head, OK, OK. You can go out on a date with Arcee if you want.

The female Autobot looks honestly infuriated amidst the crowd, HEY! I wanna know where does MY opinion fall in all this?

By her side, Springer smiles and compliments by saying, Well, thats what you get for being the sole female in a entire bunch of macho bots, baby!

Everyone starts a huge argument over it, as Prime once again shakes his head in annoyance. Grimlock morphs into robot form, and gives a V sign.

Me Grimlock like huge brawls! Me Grimlock would like some cake, now!

Name: Grimlock
Sponsor: Diek Stiekem
Origin: Transformers animated series
Games: Transformers series
Company: Mostly Atari and Activision
Won: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Robocop, Holy Order Sol, Chun Li
Lost: Proto Man
Fun fact: Unlikely as it may seem, Grimlock actually DID save the universe once when he successfully (although not actually aware of what he was doing) defused Tornedron, one of Primacrons newest creations (Primacron had created Unicron, among others), and dubbed it as the smartest thing he has ever done.

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…so that’s it? Are there going to be epilogues for the champ and runner-up, or what?

I lost access to my PC. I had all the stuff written down there. :sad:

Maybe I’ll just copy them to a USB and post 'em here and shit. Still though, I guess I’m nearer to completion than the ones in BP V. :rofl:

Location: Dr. Lights Laboratory

Night falls over the city, and not even the shining stars in the dark sky can overshadow the neon lights that scatter around everywhere in this futuristic metropolis. Standing over a fairly large building near downtown, which seems to be totally state-of-the-art even in this time and age, a solitary figure stands at the very edge of the roof. Short yet stock, this small red silhouette has a yellow scarf which blows into the wind. A sad whistle melody fills the air as the mysterious being keeps watching over the peaceful city. The tune suddenly stops as the robot notices a blue streak appearing behind him.

So.you came.

The blue bomber before him was quite a celebrity these days for rescuing the city multiple times from the crazed ambitions of Dr. Wily: Mega Man!

Hey, Blues! If you wanted to be lonely, you could have not played that whistle of yours. It can be heard several blocks away, ya know.

Proto Man, the prototype version of Mega Man himself, lowers his head and looks away, I dont play for an audience, Rock. And what are you doing here, anyway?

Mega Man looks confused, Thats what I would like to ask you, Blues. You seem to forget that youre standing over Dr. Lights lab, got it? That could be considered trespassing.

Then slap me with a restriction order! Geez, you seem to forget that this was once my home as well.

Was it ever, Blues?

Proto Man remains silent as his shades reflect the half moon high above, It just brings back some memories. I probably need those images as a safety blanket. Gotta know what Im fighting for.

Mega Mans eyes cannot hide his very own concern, Blues, there is still time! Dr. Light can fix up your energy defect. You know that if you dont attend to it, you could.

Proto Man raises his hand, Im glad that you like to share some family moments, Rock, but Im fine as it is. If there is issues with me I shall overcome them. Thats just the way it is and the way it has always been. Now, leave me alone.

Proto Man turns around, and looks just about ready to jump, but before he does so, he lowers his head and asks in a low tone, Sohow is Roll coming along?

Mega Man opens his eyes wide as if taken aback, Huh?! Oh, shes fine. She must be with Auto downstairs doing some chores and such.

Proto Man manages a faint smile, That is so like her. Oh well, send her my regards. Till later, Rock!

And just like that, Proto Man vanishes into a red streak that shoots up towards the sky. Mega Man looks up, but sees nothing but stars. He whispers a silent wish to himself.

Be safe, Blues. Wherever you go.

Name: Proto Man (aka Blues)
Sponsor: MrQuotes
Origin: Mega Man 3
Games: Mega Man series
Company: Capcom
Won: Megatron, Q, Kirby, Trogdor, Morrigan Aensland, Grimlock
Lost: The Beast
Fun fact: Proto Mans name romanization has led some to believe that he is actually called Bruce, and even in his first appearance (in Mega Man 3), he was introduced as Break Man.

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