We await your return, WARRIOR! The SRK Battle Poll VI outros/rankings


Well, it has been a rough month’s work trying to churn out these babies, but I’m nearly about to finish (still 6 left to go). In the meantime, while I finish those, you can have the ones I’ve written so far.

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this BP possible, and of course, congratulations to Muff Daddy for his victory.

Stories will begin after this initial post…

Location: Highland, Texas

Beavis and Butthead once again sit on their messy couch inside their filthy house, watching old music videos on MTV. Their gaze, as usual, seems as empty and clueless as ever.

?Huh huh huh?Beavis, you got your ass kicked pretty bad. And you didn?t even get yourself a piece of ass?huh huh huh?.?

?Heh heh heh?Shut up, nimrod! I definetly did score! That Chinese chick was definetly wanting a piece of my Johnson! Heh heh heh?.?

?Huh huh huh?. You mean, when she was not busy pounding it into the ground? Huh huh huh?. That was weak?. Huh huh huh?.?

?Heh heh heh?. That was cool! Heh heh heh?. Her foot graced my jewels! That was kinda hot?. Heh heh heh?.?

?Huh huh huh?. You?re a weird flunkie?. Huh huh huh? Oh, look?a video from?Evanesence??

?Heh heh heh?. Look, I would definetly bang that chick. She looks like a slut?heh heh heh?.?

?Huh huh huh?. Yeah, but she looks kinda emo, ya know? Like, she would bite your penis off while she was doing a blowjob?and probably use the bit-off dick to stab you in the eye?Huh huh huh?.?

?Heh heh heh? Yeah, so you could see where she COMES from, get it? Heh heh heh?.?

?Huh huh huh?. That was sweet?. Huh huh huh?.?

The constant jabber continued as night falls?.

Name: Beavis
Sponsor: P. Gorath
Origin: Beavis and Butthead animated series
Games: Beavis and Butthead series
Company: Mostly Viacom
Won: –
Lost: Chun Li
Fun fact: Beavis was named after an acquaintance of Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead) in college named Bobby Beavis.

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Location: Jaya

At one of the local taverns, Marshall D. Teach, usually nicknamed ?Blackbeard? is eating up a piece of pie rather placidly, while sitting aside a huge muscle man wearing a wrestling mask and a skinier man wearing a cloak and what looked like a monocle, totting a large gun over his shoulder. The big wrestler was also quite vividly downing some drinks from some pretty hefty jars.

Blackbeard licked his lips in approval of the food he had just devoured, ?Aaaaah! This pie is just simply DELICIOUS! Hey, Jesus, where is Doc Q??

Jesus Burgess, Blackbeard?s helmsman, takes another big gulp before engaging in a conversation, ?He?s outside with that silly horse of his. Guess he was too weak to even step off the damn animal and come get a drink with us??

Blackbeard makes an unpleasant gesture, ?You mean THAT travesty of a beverage? Ewwwwwww!! Never bring that up again!?

Van Auger wiped off his gun with a piece of cloth, ?So, Captain?. Are we off to Banaro Island to pursue those Straw Hat misfits??

Blackbeard grinned widely, ?Why of course! The bounty on those landlubbers is enough to make us live like kings FOR LIFE! Or until we hit several pubs in a row, that is?.?

Jesus raised his arms in a roaring outrage, ?YEAAAAAAH! I?m hyped! Come on, Captain, let?s get those rookies and skin them alive!?

Blackbeard scratched his head, ?Geez, cut the graphic explanation, Jesus! Let?s just go find them, then we can find out how to dispose of them!?

The 3 pirates stood up, as Blackbeard made a sinister grin, ?Heh?Luffy, my dreams are your nightmares!?

Name: Marshall D. Teach aka ?Blackbeard?
Sponsor: Keits
Origin: One Piece manga
Games: One Piece series
Company: Mostly Bandai and Banpresto
Won: –
Lost: The Beast
Fun fact: Marshall D. Teach is based on the name of the real-life Blackbeard, Edward Teach.

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Location: The Scrapyard

A bunch of peddlers feed off on several bowls of food at a street restaurant under the caring watch of the owner, Gonzu, a flat-headed old man with a metal plate atop his head. Suddenly, he notices a small figure approaching the stand, dressed in a cloak. As soon as the figure removes the head part of the cloak, Gonzu manages a weak smile.

?Alita! Good to see you around, girl?.?

Alita gives her usual cute smile, ?Hello, old man. Business is picking up as usual, eh??

Gonzu shrugged, ?As good as you can do here in the Scrapyard. What have you been up to, girl??

Alita took a nibble off some rice on a nearby plate, ?I was off somewhere weird. I couldn?t really explain where it was. But it was all sorts of bizarre.?

Gonzu gave another weak laugh. ?That?s so you, Alita. Always getting yourself into all kinds of trouble. Just try to stay put for a change, eh??

But in that moment, Alita heard a familiar voice in her head.

?About time you showed up?.?

Alita turned around and put a hand on her head, ??Bigott??

?Were you expecting someone else? Stop lollygagging and come back to the command center. We have a couple more missions for you?.?

Alita gave a deep sigh, and turned around, waving at Gonzu. Before the old man knew it, Alita was gone. Gonzu just shook his head.

?That girl is always revved up for trouble?.?

Name: Alita (?Gally? in Japan)
Sponsor: Jaldaboath
Origin: Battle Angel Alita manga
Games: A couple of obscure GUNNM games
Company: Banpresto
Won: –
Lost: Kula Diamond
Fun fact: Alita is usually called ?octopus lips? by the shape of her mouth.

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Location: Metropolis

Chaos and mayhem reigns in the streets of Metropolis! People scream in shock as a single man (or very much like a man) wrecks havoc upon the nearby facilities wth advanced firearms, all this while laughing maniacally. His blood red eyes were enough of a sign of his evil intentions, although his appearance resembled more of a biker than his true alien origin.

?YEEEEEEHAW! Now that is what I call grinding some metal, baby! Time to put some color into this dull city of yours!?

But Lobo?s rampage was soon stopped when he noticed his bullets being deflected at some point. He looked up to see that the source of it was none other than Superman! Lobo sneered at the appearance of his nemesis.

?Ooooh, man. If it?s not the big blue boy scout! Why do you always keep raining on my parade, boy??

Superman slowly floats down to ground level, ?It is you who is as thick as a brick! Why must all you super bad guys have some weird passion for unneccesarily destroying things left and right? City Hall isn?t gonna like the budget for public repairs this year!?

Lobo scratches his head, ?Geez, pipe down, will ya? Don?t mistake me with one of those generic baddies. I got twice the talent, three times the looks, and four times the guts!?

Superman raises an eyebrow nonchalantly, ?That?s what they all say. So, what?s it gonna be, Lobo??

Lobo cracks his knuckles with a cocky grin on his face, ?Aint it obvious? I?m gonna knock your face into next century, pretty boy! Get ready for the HURT!?

Superman dusts off his shoulders, ?Ooooh boy?. Lois is gonna be mad at me getting late to dinner again.?

This is yet another common day in the city of Metropolis?.

Name: Lobo
Sponsor: ShinAkumax
Origin: Omega Men comic book series
Games: A fighting game called ?Lobo? which was tanked before release
Company: Ocean was the one who would release such game
Won: –
Lost: Sol Badguy
Fun fact: Lobo?s healing factor might just even put Wolverine?s to shame ? He can regenerate his whole body out of a simple drop of his blood!

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Location: Kinoshita Gym

As a sparring fight takes place atop one of the many rings within the gym, inside the infirmary, a rookie boxer suffers in pain as a doctor tapes his left arm. His stance is quite uncomfortable, shaking about as the doctor applies pressure.

?OWWWW! Dr. Sanada, that hurts like HELL!?

Kazuki Sanada gives the novice a stern look, ?Look here, young man. A bruise of that category can sure become a negative factor against you in the long run, and it just might even jeopardize your whole boxing career! So I suggest you keep quiet while I bandage this bad arm of yours. And that?s that!?

The beginner kept a solemn silence as Sanada finished his work, finally putting the ending touches, and patting the boxer on the shoulder, ?See? It wasn?t that hard. Off you go now! And remember to perfect those right hooks of yours. They show promise of a great fighter!?

The painful expression of the novice turned into one of hope, ?Gee, thanks, Dr. Sanada! See ya around!?

As the boxer stormed around, he barely missed a young lady who was about to enter the clinic. Turned out to be Kumi Mashiba, a consumate nurse. Sanada was busy putting away his tools inside the first-aid kit.

?Heya, doc! Still trying to guide young boxers towards the light, eh??

Sanada absently turns at Kumi, ?What do you want here, Kumi? Ippo will blow a fuse if he knew you were here?.?

Kumi waves her hand, ?Oh, nonsense! Ippo is a grown man now. He shouldn?t be acting like some spoiled brat by now! I just wanted to invite you some coffee, Dr. Sanada. Will you take up that offer??

Sanada gives a hard look at the replica of his Junior Featherweight belt, and smiled, ?Yeah, I guess I can take one, for old time?s sake!?

Sanada and Kumi exit the clinic, leaving behind a treasure cove of memories.

Name: Kazuki Sanada
Sponsor: maxx
Origin: Fighting Spirit manga
Games: Victorious Boxers series
Company: Vivendi Universal
Won: –
Lost: Raoh
Fun fact: Sanada uses his knowledge of the physical attributes of the human body (due to his teachings as a doctor) as an advantage for his boxing style.

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Location: Turbo Tunnel

Inside a fairly long cave structure, surrounded by strange colored rock formations and cruising down a long narrow path, a couple of hovering bikes lie in wait for someone to use them. A humanoid toad then leaped into the scene, sporting some distinguished shades and a red bandanna on his bicep. He gave a pronounced sigh as he approached the bike.

?Oh, goddamn it! Not THIS level again! Jesus Christ, some guys must be a bunch of SADISTS to put me through this again? Where is the Game Genie when you need it??

A cracking voice buzzed through Rash?s wrist communicator as he hesitated, ?Wake up, boy! We?re not gonna get any more sequels if you keep lagging around like that!?

Rash snapped out of his state of depression, ?Huh?! Professor T. Bird?!? Hey, what the hell, old man? This level has destroyed childhoods! No way am I gonna die 682 times in a row by plastering this pretty green face of mine in the pavement over and over again!?

But the Professor was not having any of it, ?Listen, you Ninja Turtle wannabe! No one wants to play our games anymore because we have been shunned by the video game community as a whole! Bunch of pussies, they are! Now show them what we?re made of!?

Rash brushes off his wily mentor, ?Geez, you?re more annoying than Splinter! And I bet HE could kick your ass even if he knows half the shit you do! You old chicken lover!?

The Professor was pretty much fuming on the other side of the communicator, ?WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Why you little?.!?

But Rash already cuts him off as he just stands there passively, ?Yeah, screw that shit! Like he has to go through half of the crap we do! Now let me get a move on out of this hell joint?.?

But Rash soon realized he was unable to move at all, ?Huh?! Oh no, the turbo level glitch! NOOOOO! Somebody, reset the game. Quick! QUICK!?

But Rash?s cries for attention fall on deaf ears as he stays in frozen position.

Name: Rash (aka Dave Shar)
Sponsor: Septimus Prime
Origin: Battletoads (NES)
Games: Battletoads series
Company: Tradewest
Won: –
Lost: Ken Masters
Fun fact: Rash was usually depicted with red armbands in official artwork. However, due to hardware limitations, they were never included in his in-game appearances, and they would soon be nixed.

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Location: Skypiea

Atop the massive flying ship Maxim, a young man sits on a massive chair on the main deck, looking at the kingdom below. This well-built person was wearing a particular set of beads around his neck and over his exposed chest, with some sort of expressionless look in his eye as he looked at the insignificant land that spread below him. He gave a small sigh as he laid his head against his arm.

?Oooohh, the endless duties of a god. Why must I smite these peasants so? It sorta becomes redundant after a while?. Kinda like so?.?

With a swift motion of his arm, a huge column of lightning drops down from the flying ship Maxim onto some distant point below in Skypiea. Enel gathers forth enough strength to amuse himself with a slight chuckle, ?Ahhh, I bet I nailed a couple of hundred poor sobs with that one. Doesn?t matter much to me, though. I?ll show all their misguided souls to heaven!?

Enel lets out a heartily laugh before focusing his full attention on the moon, ?Ahhhh yes?soon I will attain my throne in the very home of the gods! Wait for me until my time of ascension arrives! I can feel it coming!?

At that point, several beautiful women enter the room, dressing in scantily covered clothes, and looking to be very provocative towards Enel.

?Ooooh, master. We will be honored to be taken by the hands of a god to heaven many times over!!?

Seeing the number of ladies lining up before him, Enel rubs his chin, ?Hmmmm?.even a god must have time for such mundane human pleasures. SATISFY ME, WENCHES! Or must I strike down a couple of thee before you will comply??

The ladies nervously approached the semi-deity, as Enel laughs his heart off as the Maxim makes way up to the skies.

Name: Enel/Eneru
Sponsor: The Damned
Origin: One Piece manga
Games: One Piece series
Company: Mostly Bandai and Banpresto
Won: –
Lost: Cable
Fun fact: Eneru?s most powerful attack (the Raigo) actually hails from the coming of Amida Buddha in the Buddhism religion, said to come at the time of one?s death (amidst other Buddhist references that Eneru has).

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Glad you kicked this off man! Only about 40 characters to go for '06. :rofl:

Will get done, however slowly. :sweat:


I will enjoy this… :wgrin:

Location: Thamasa

While in her room, the fair Relm Arrowny draws a neat background picture while looking out the window at the beautiful green landscape extending before her. She manages a tender smile as the sun graces her forehead, and as she hears some knocks on her door.

Come in!, Relm shouts out as she puts down her paintbrush.

As it is, a frail old man with scarse hair and wearing a red cape strolls in, looking puzzled, Relm! Are you painting again? You know what happens when you do that stuff, right?

Relm pouts, Oh, dont be such a drag, gramps! Its not that offensive, really! You should just relax and take more naps, old timer!

Strago just fixes his collar uncomfortably, OKjust wanted to tell you that supper is ready. And dont forget to feed that damn dog of yours! How he got such an interest for you is beyond my understanding.

Relm points her paintbrush at the distraught Strago, Hey now, if you keep it up, I just might have to draw your picture.

Strago looked severely stressed out, Huh?! OH NO! Anything but that! Ill just wait for you downstairs, OK? See ya!

Strago stormed out of the room in a hurry. Relm was left with her canvas, upon which she smiles, Ooooooh, my dear king! Nothing will separate us anymore, I promise!

On the canvas itself, a fairly realisitc drawing of Edgar Roni Figaro on the landscape smiles back and winks, Oh my cute pumpkin pie! No one will ever interrupt us again, I promise!

Relm blushes, Oh! My Edgar dearest.

Relm hugs her own canvas as some birds chirp just outside the window.

Name: Relm Arrowny
Sponsor: Keits
Origin: Final Fantasy VI
Games: Final Fantasy VI
Company: SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Kirby
Fun fact: Amidst all the glitches that FF VI had, Relms Sketch glitch was probably the more popular one, causing the player to attain several pieces of armor or on the other hand, get their battery fried (this happened only in the original SNES version)

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Location: Legacy

Aboard the ancient vessel Legacy, Senel takes a look at the sunset while sitting down on the edge of a guardrail, his arms crossed and staring into the horizon. The wind blows gracefully on his face, making him feel the slight chill of the approaching night. He then feels his eyes being covered gracefully by some gloved hands.

I already know its you, Shirley.

The hands quickly get off Senels face, and as the young marine turns around, he sees his younger sister making a unpleasant face, Oh, Senel, you always catch me off-guard!

Senel shrugs, Happens most of the time. Say, are we close to our destination yet?

Shirley nods, Aye! Mr. Will is already making preparations for our docking. And its a good thing, too! This sea breeze is starting to make me sick.

Senel gives a slight chuckle, Yeah, youve always been a sissy when it comes to seafaring. Come now! Lets see if Chloe has prepared us some lunch.

Shirley rolls her eyes, I seriously doubt it.

Both adoptive siblings go under deck to rest for the day.

Name: Senel Coolidge
Sponsor: Rekka1210
Origin: Tales of Legendia
Games: Tales of Legendia
Company: Namco
Won: –
Lost: Sophitia
Fun fact: Senel is the first main character in the Tales series that does not rely on a sword, but rather uses his own fists to fight.

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Location: Sigma Fortress

In the very depths of the stronghold in which Sigma inhabitates, Vile is standing in a huge computer room, in front of a large monitor, in which Sigmas face is displayed. He does not seem to be in a good mood, judging by his disgusted look and high-pitched voice.

Vile, you fool! In the last tournament, you overcame all your challengers, and came out on top. Now all you did was be pathetic! How could you manage such a lackluster performance? Its so enfuriating, it makes me want to send you straight to the junk heap!

Vile, as usual, did not seem to display any emotion at all, I apologize, my lord.

Sigma sneers at the motionless Vile, Psht! Very well. Due to your success in the past, I will not terminate you just yet. Besides, the Maverick Hunters have been restless lately. We need all the force we can get. Do you understand this?

Vile slowly nods, I do, sir. I shall do my best.

In that moment, an explosion was heard and the room shaked for a bit. Then the alarms started blaring, and red lights started to turn on and off constantly. Sigma looked surprised, Damn it! It must be that blasted X and Zero again! Vile, assume your position! Dont let that vermin penetrate the fortress!

Sigmas image slowly fades away from the monitor. Vile simply turns around, and a dim glimmer surges from the black void where his face is supposed to be, I will not fail you this time, master. You are mine now, X!

A couple of rocket boosters emerge from Viles back, as he darts out of the room and into the battle fray.

Name: Vile
Sponsor: Jaldaboath
Origin: Mega Man X
Games: Mega Man X series
Company: Capcom
Won: –
Lost: Rumble
Fun fact: Probably Viles resemblance to Boba Fett of Star Wars fame.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Garden of Catsya

A solitary cat stands in the middle of a vast flower garden in the midst of night. The full moon shines brightly on the colorful field, but this cat seems to be rather particular. He liked to stand on two feet, and he was wearing some sort of small trenchcoat and shades, even having a own hairstyle. The small cat creature turns around and his shades gilmmer.

MEOW! Time for us to gain some control around this here place!

Neco turns around, and suddenly, a bunch of cats dressed in the same fashion as him appear behind the nasty cat, as he sneers with evil delight.

Dont ever underestimate a cat enraged, gents!

All the cats behind him meow in approval. A sinister tone in the pale moonlight.

Name: Neco Arc Chaos
Sponsor: Mizuki
Origin: Melty Blood Act Cadenza
Games: Melty Blood series
Company: French Bread
Won: –
Lost: Kazuya Mishima
Fun fact: He is a cat who likes to dress like Neo from the Matrix trilogy. What were you expecting?

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Power Rangers Command Center

At the top of the mountain range in Angel Grove, the highly-advanced Command Center stands tall, the main hideout of the Power Rangers, fighters of justice! Inside this state-of-the-art facility, Tommy Oliver, better known as the Green Ranger, stands in the middle of the command room, surrounded by several top-notch computers. In front of him is a huge pillar of light, in which a single elderly face emerges.

Tommy! I regret you having to come back here so soon. It seems like it did not go so well over in the tournament, I assume?

Tommy awkwardly scratched the back of his head, Wellit cant be helped. Those guys were serious business. And I could barely even try to manage to summon the Dragonzord. THEN I would kick some major ass, for sure!

A puny bowl-headed robot pranced around the room shaking its odd head with a red visor atop it, AY YAY YAY! So much trouble abrewing! My circuits could not handle such action!

Tommy looked at Alpha rather uncomfortably, Yeaaaaahhh. Well, anyway, Zordon, where is Kimberly? Dayum, I really need to take a nap on em titties! Cough it up, old timer!

Zordon looked dumbfounded, Errrr.Kimberly?! Im sorry, but she is on a errand with Billy right now.

Tommy rolls his eyes yet again, Ohhh great, you send my hot piece of ass along with that horny-ass nerd. So, who IS here anyway?

Meeeeee, snuggle buns!


Tommy then ran away at the stalking of his fellow Ranger, Jason, the Red Ranger! The enthusiastic Ranger chased Tommy around the room as Alpha held his head, AY YAY YAY! Holy homo antics, Zordon! What are we to do?

Zordon stared down at the noisy robot, You know, Alpha. Sometimes I REALLY wish you would just shut the fuck up.

Tommy kept running around as the fruity Red Ranger chased him on for what seemed like days.

Name: Tommy Oliver aka The Green Ranger
Sponsor: Azrael
Origin: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series
Games: Power Rangers series
Company: Bandai
Won: –
Lost: Hulk
Fun fact: Jason David Frank (the actor who plays the Green Ranger) actually has created his own fighting style, called Toso Kune Do (take that, Saikyoryuu!)

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: ?The Shark Tank?

The HP Pavilion Centre is packed once again as another game featuring the San Jose Sharks is about to take place with star player Joe Thornton leading the pack into the ice rink! Thornton salutes the raucious crowd as everyone cheers for their home team as business is about to pick up right here tonight! Patrick Marleau skates right aside Thornton, ?So, hey, Joe, how was things back in that tournament??

Thornton shrugged, ?Eh, I suppose you can say it wasn?t that much different from a old-fashioned hockey brawl. I guess no other Canadian can do it better, eh??

Marleau nodded, ?You?re right, ey! No one will ever make fun of our origins again!?

?Or our currency!?

?Or our wildlife!?

?Or our elevated taxes!?

?Our our igloos!?

Joe Pavelski just skates right past them, ?Hey, you stupid Kanucks! Get your maple-drenched ass into the center, and let?s start this shit! Let that moose talk for other day!?

Thornton and Marleau look at each other, quite flabbergasted. ?I guess we will never achieve respect?.?, Marleau said with sadness.

Thornton slapped him in the chest, ?Hey, there may still be hope for us yet! And for hockey, too!?

Marleau smiled and nodded, ?That?s right! Let?s show them what we?re made of!?

Thornton and Marleau gave each other the high-five, ?EEEEEYYYYY!?

Name: Joe Thornton
Sponsor: NeoChaosX
Origin: NHL (Boston Bruins)
Games: NHL series
Company: EA Sports
Won: –
Lost: The King
Fun fact: Thornton won both the Art Ross Memorial Trophy and Hart Trophy in 2006.

Pic 1
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Location: Funatsu

In the peaceful shores of the ocean, Sogetsu looks calmly up at the dark sky. The moist sand running through his sandals, his face denotes no disturbance whatsoever. His hand firmly grasped on the hilt of his sword, he notices a slight blur out of the corner of his eye.


Sogetsu gently extended a hand, and a small water bubble emanated from it. The bubble, slow at first, suddenly started to pick up speed, and ended up making an impact against an unknown shadow lurking behind some rocks. Sogetsu then calmly turned around.

?How long have you been awaiting there, brother??

As it turns out to be, a hot-headed ninja dressed in the same fashion as Sogetsu tumbled out, grabbing his head quite franatically, ?OW OW OW! Hey, Sogetsu! That?s NEVER fun! I?ve always wondered how you make ?em water tricks that hurt so much? DAMN!?

Sogetsu still noticed no expression on his face, ?You know?my mission is to kill you on sight?and leave no trace of your presence behind?.?

Kazuki seemed hesitant, ?So what? You think you can just kill me upfront like that? HAH! Even I have some pride left, brother! Why don?t you just bring it on?!?

But Sogetsu just froze in his tracks like that, ?Not yet?. I reckon you have a mission left to do??

Kazuki blinked in a confused state, ?Huh? You mean?Hazuki??

Sogetsu ran a hand through his hair, ?Certainly. Save our sister first?and then I can enjoy the honor of slaying you. Until then?.?

In that moment, Sogetsu?s whole body crumbled into a puddle of water, and instantly vanished into the sand. Kazuki looked puzzled, but afterwards managed a slight smile, ?Thank you?.brother!?

Name: Sogetsu Kazama
Sponsor: Keits
Origin: Samurai Shodown IV ? Amakusa?s Revenge
Games: Samurai Shodown series
Company: SNK
Won: –
Lost: Ryu Hayabusa
Fun fact: Sogetsu?s design would later be the base for the character ?Suija? that would appear in Samurai Shodown V

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Boiler Room

A young lady, still dressed in her pajamas, walks nervously amidst the intense red halls of the boiler room, feeling the heat emanating from the machinery around her. A thick layer of vapor enveloped most of the facility, as random exhalations of such vapor could be heard from the very back of the room. Suddenly, a sound of clashing metal could be heard elsewhere, in a systematic fashion, followed shortly by a screeching sound that would make the young lady cringe.

As the woman slowly stood up, she noticed that the sound had gone?but a shadow had emerged from behind her. Someone wearing a fedora hat, a red-and-green striped sweater, a face badly burned, and a trademark clawed glove.

?Why hello there, missy! Glad you dropped by!?

And with that said, the young lady plummeted down to a lower level, landing with a loud thud. As she slowly brought herself to her feet, Freddy was already waiting on the same level.

?So, bitch, how do you wish to die today? I?m feeling totally generous, as you can see?. Take your time!?

But the lady suddenly stood pretty tall and convinced, ?How about no, gruesome??

And the dame landed a solid blow to Freddy?s scarred face. Freddy was taken aback by this sudden reaction, ?What the shit?! What, bitch, you like it rough??

The seemingly helpless girl quickly removed her pajamas and revealed herself to be none other than Sakura Kasugano! The feisty school girl stood poised for action, ?Come on, freak! I?m gonna beat your extra crispy butt into next Friday!?

Freddy was not very fond of such a statement, ?Oh yeah? And how do you plan on doing that, dirty whore??

?Like this!?, and suddenly Sakura started rushing at Freddy with consecutive uppercuts that seemingly repeated itself with little to no lag. SHOSHOSHOSHOSHO!

Freddy was dazzled by all these repeated attacks, but soon grew tired, ?Ugh, so you wanna play dirty, slut? Very well. Behold your skeletons hiding in YOUR closet!?

Suddenly, Sakura was transported to what seemed like a secluded bedroom. She noticed a couple making out in the bed itself?one who seemed to look like Ryu, and a woman who dressed like her. Then, the woman posing at Sakura stopped and smiled?showing a rather erratic display of crooked teeth. Sakura was utterly disgusted at the sight.

?Sweet Jesus! What the hell is this?!?

Freddy?s trademark laugh was heard all over the room, ?Heh heh heh! Behold, bitch! Your worst kept secret?.STREET FUCKER! Now suffer in the horror it brings?and take a small ride while doing so!?

Sakura was then finding herself stumbling upon a neverending set of stairs, reaching as far as the sight could catch. Freddy diabolically laughed through and throughout.

Name: Freddy Krueger
Sponsor: Lucretz
Origin: A Nightmare on Elm Street film
Games: A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES)
Company: LJN
Won: –
Lost: Morrigan Aensland
Fun fact: Wes Craven, mastermind behind the original NOES film, based Freddy on a series of events depicted in the LA Times back in the day where victims would die in their sleeps after having recurring nightmares, and also partly based on the song ?Dream Weaver? by Gary Wright.

Pic 1
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Location: Scarlett Moon Castle

In their own palace in the middle of a lake atop a island, the Liberation Army plots the final defeat of the dreaded Empire atop the tall mountain on which their castle stands. The meeting, taken place along a long wooden table, features many of the battlefield leaders of the Army, but at the very top was Tir McDohl, son of the great Imperial general Teo McDohl, overlooking the session.

?Yeah! Screw those Imperial lackeys!?, Viktor proclaims proudly while pounding on the table. ?We will seize their castle, and finally the country will be free from their iron fist!?

?It?s not so simple!?, objected the always-reasonable Flik. ?Their forces are now concentrated in Westminster. We should not be hasty! Or else a sound defeat will follow!?

?Hey, Tir, you know what?s up!?, Viktor said while patting Tir on the shoulder. ?What should we do, oh wise leader??

Tir would open his mouth, but soon discovered that no word could come out of it. Flik interrupted the act, ?We don?t need to bother Tir for this, Viktor! It?s common knowledge! Going up against those odds is insurmountable! Even a blind man can see!?

Morgan groveled in a corner, ?Yeah, thanks for the pun, Flik!?

Flik slapped Tir on the back a little bit hard, ?Come on, great leader, tell this putz the error of his ways!?

But Tir would continue to stand there, gaping and gawking with no actual word coming out of his mouth. The discussion continued as Tir just sat down and looked frustrated. The misadventures of a mute hero!

Name: Tir McDohl
Sponsor: Return of Shiki
Origin: Suikoden
Games: Suikoden series
Company: Konami
Won: –
Lost: Itachi Uchiha
Fun fact: You could access Tir McDohl in Suikoden II if you had a Suikoden I save file containing all the 108 Stars of Destiny unlocked.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: N-Zone

In the dimensional rift, in a empty void where only small rock structures remained floating around a whole bunch of nothing, a man clad in red armor stood alone, surrounded by multiple swords impaled into the ground, some of which were oddly familiar to the conniseur?s eyes. He stood there gazing at each sword for quite some time, pondering on their meaning.

?Geez, Enkidu! I couldn?t manage to improve my sword collection this time! That dino freak got lucky, and cheated me out of the win!?

Gilgamesh?s pet dog just lied there, looking at the swordsman with exhaustion. Gilgamesh then once again walks around his several swords, ?I wonder which one I?ll take with me in my trip to yet another dimension? Oh, what am I saying, I got six freakin? arms! I might as well take all of them! Enkidu, what do you think of this here gunblade, hm? Do you think it?s too much??

But the huge dog would just yawn and continue to lazily lie about without paying Gilgamesh much attention. Gilgamesh just stood there tapping his foot impatiently, ?Well, next time, I might just bring that other dog that cool ninja had! I swear, he?s the coolest guy out of all the cast of fruits I get to see every now and then. But damn are there some babes?. Like that Tifa baby?. Oh momma! I guess I?m in love now!?

Gilgamesh laughed out as his laughter echoed in the void, with Enkidu just rolling around trying to ignore the swordsman as much as he could. Gilgamesh then picked a bunch of swords, and raised them.

?ONWARD, ENKIDU! To yet another pointless cameo! WHEEEEEE!?

Name: Gilgamesh
Sponsor: 9999
Origin: Final Fantasy V
Games: Final Fantasy series
Company: SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Dinobot
Fun fact: In history, Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king, said to be a demigod for his unnatural origins.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Hah at Thornton’s ending. Gotta point out that it’s just HP Pavilion (though previously the Tank was named Compaq Center, so that confusion is understandable). Good stuff regardless, though. :rofl:

Location: Phobos

On one of the two moons of Mars, a space colony has been established. However, as with most space colonies built in unknown territory, this particular base has been overrun by terrible demons, and has now became extremely hostile. As with most crisis, a special unit had been dispatched to contain the situation, but failed miserably. Thus, it was the job of.

A one-man army who must infiltrate and blow the whole goddamn place into bits. Gotcha, chief. It wasnt like I had been debriefed about that crap like ONE HUNDRED FUCKIN TIMES before! So put a sock in it, will ya?

The solitary Sarge looked aggravated as he cocked his shotgun, ready for action.

Did that fucker just say cocked? I dont even wanna know.

As Sarge penetrated the depths of the base, he saw some ferocious demons roaming around the abandoned halls of the facility. The Sarge just smiles as he aims for the heads.

Yeah, blasting em fuckers in the head works all the time. Watch and cry, scrub!

The Sarge effectively blasts one demons head clean off.

Well, not so clean. The walls got all splattered by that bastards brains, HAH!

The demons notice the presence of the Sarge, who hides behind some columns.

Geez, arent you the master of the obvious?

The Sarge continues to plow forward, unloading his shotgun onto anything that moves, creating quite the bloody mess.

At last, something we can agree on! YAAAAAAH!

Name: Sarge
Sponsor: Mizuki
Origin: Doom
Games: Doom series
Company: ID Software
Won: –
Lost: The Rock
Fun fact: This battle poll featured two characters potentially played by the same person Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who not only entered as his wrestling persona The Rock, but also happened to play the role of the Sarge in the live-action Doom film.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Kakariko Village

In the easygoing village of Kakariko, everyone leads a peaceful country life, under the deep blue sky with barely a cloud to cover it. The villagers go on with their daily errands, may it be sweeping their front entrances or attending their shops. Whatever the reason, a sinister cloaked figure is seen roaming around the corners of the houses in Kakariko. This morbid character gets closer and closer to a certain location.

The stable where all the Cuccos reside! These helpless chickens roam around erratically just poking the ground for some food. The sinister man draws closer as he lets out a sinister chuckle.

Heh heh heh. Finally! I will get to taste that delicious Cucco meat! As the only character who is somewhat dark in skin color, I consider it my moral right to do so!

The dark character was none other than Ganondorf, Prince of Thieves! Usually, he sits atop Death Mountain to scheme some evil plot to overtake Hyrulebut this time, apparently, he just wants to have a little snack for his hungry Gerudo stomach. Ganondorf reaches out his grubby hands for one of the chickens.

Come to papa, little one!

But the chicken suddenly grew aware of Ganondorfs presence, and flocked awya from his grasp. Ganondorf grew annoyed, Oh?! So you DARE go against the wishes of the mighty prince of thieves? Take that, fowl peasant!

The Gerudo thief extended his hand, and started to glow purple, launching a ball of darkness at the naive chicken. But despite receiving the impact head-on, the chicken just stumbled about, smoking and all, but did not seem to be hurt at all. Ganondorf was impressed.

Hmm? So you seem to be a tough bird? Well, lets see how you take THIS?

But before Ganondorf could continue his attack, the chicken started to flip out and flutter around making a lot of noise. Before he knew it, Ganondorf noticed how a huge swarm of angry Cuccos surrounded him, flocking around and pecking him constantly.

Huh? HEY! Get off me, you silly creatures! Let me be! Shoo! Shoo! Bad Cuccos, bad! Uhhh…help?

Ganondorf ran away as the cloud of chickens continued to pursue him. The elder, Sahasrahla, was watching the events from afar in the porch of his house, just mumbling.

Those damn chickens!

Name: Cucco (aka The Zelda Chicken)
Sponsor: Azrael
Origin: The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Games: The Legend of Zelda series
Company: Nintendo
Won: –
Lost: Phoenix Wright
Fun fact: In LTTP, you could turn one of the Cuccos inside one of the houses in Kakariko Village to a normal person if you sprayed it with Magic Powder.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Ragnaroks Canyon

Amidst a deep valley of rock formations with small patches of grass scattered erratically, a couple of humanoid pigs run past some rocky walls, snorting and waving their arms around like the wild creatures they were. As they passed by another boulder, a huge chop pretty much sent one of the pigs stumbling head over heels, landing quite painfully. The other pig was dumbfounded at such a stunt, but didnt last long like that as he was kicked high and away by a unusually big boot straight into the skies. The assailant: a humanoid toad, ready to kick some butt! The toad came out of hiding from the boulder, and motioned for someone else to come out.

Come on out now, Princess. The coast is clear!

A blonde bombshell wearing a precious blue gown and the distinguished silver crown slowly emerges, looking around for other possible threat, Are you sure they are all gone, Zitz?

Zitz gives the thumbs-up, Aye, Princess Angelica! Those swine are long gone! And be appreciative that we are not in the ARCADE version! If we had, there would be blood and guts all over the place! But since its animated violence, I guess we can let Mortal Kombat catch all the negative wind.

Angelica looks around nervously, Errrr.yeah. So why would you take me to such a place anyway, Zitz?

Zitz shrugs, Isnt it obvious? Ive had enough with all these silly princess-in-peril plots! Its better to just keep her under my watch, and everything will be fine. And I wont have to undergo such murderous levels AGAIN!

Angelica pouts and steams, This is all the fault of that wicked Dark Queen! If we manage to defeat her, we could restore pea

But her words were cut off short when a boulder falls atop her head, slamming her onto the ground, motionless. Zitz, instead of looking surprised, rather shows some enthusiasm, You see, thats what Im talkin about! Fuckin things droppin out of NOWHERE and just killin you in one hit. Whats up with that messed up shit, huh?

Zitz runs away as more boulders rain from above. The perilous trek continues!

Name: Zitz (aka Morgan Ziegler)
Sponsor: Septimus Prime
Origin: Battletoads
Games: Battletoads series
Company: Tradewest
Won: –
Lost: Ash Williams
Fun fact: As if Battletoads werent a hard enough game, there was a game-breaking glitch in level 11, which impeded player 2 to move at all, forcing him to lose all his lives in order for player 1 to advance.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Atlas Hideout

In the remote corners of Egypt, in the obscurity of night, with the star-riddled sky and the crescent moon in sharp contrast, a shadow moves amidst the darkness of the streets. It stalks a couple who is walking down the streets at such a late hour. They happen to be walking in front of a secluded building that does not seem to be so conspicuos, but emanates a weird vibe.

The woman cuddles close to her loved one, Dearwhat is this sudden chill? I feeluneasy.

The man also looks around for possible threats, I dont like it either, honey. I told you this road would be dangerous at night. You know how that stereotype goes.

The lady holds her arms in cold remorse, You dont need to tell me. Lets just get home quickly so we can shake this frightening sensation.

But before she could move further, the lady tripped over and fell badly on her knees. Not the one to just stand by idly, her couple quickly helps her up, Are you OK, darling?

The woman makes an expression of agony as she slowly gets back to her feet, Im fineow!

Huh? Your kneeit seems to be bleeding.

Just a mere scratch, I bet. But lets not entertain ourselves any further. I just want to get out of here!

The couple make haste out of the alley, as the figure looks on from a high window. She happens to be just a young lady, who looks at the fearful couple walk away. A deep voice booms from behind.

You know you cant resist the call of blood. It drives you insane not to taste just a drop.

Turns out to be a blonde young man dressed in some ancient middle-age noble clothing and dark cape looking upon the girl. He was the Night of Walachia, a vampire roaming the area. The girl just looks back, but her eyes show empty sights.

You are the one who made me into this. You have some nerve in coming about and telling me what I should do!

Ahhh, but you forget, young Sion. You are no longer in control of your choices. You must either feed or you will die. Even us vampires know this to be true.

Sion shakes her fist in denial, I shall not! I will not yield to my dark side. After you are done, I can finally go back to my normal life!

Walachia just chuckles, Normal life? Ho ho hoI wonder how that feels likein any case, dont hang around too much. You may just ruin your appetite.

And as the night breeze blows by, Walachia vanishes in the midst of night, leaving a determined Sion on her lonesome.

My dark curse. This shall be my own downfall. But also my strongest weapon. Be ready for payback!

Sion also takes advantage of the gloomy setting to vanish out of sight, in pursuit of her own freedom.

Name: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Sponsor: Mizuki
Origin: Melty Blood
Games: Melty Blood series
Company: French Bread
Won: –
Lost: Zeratul
Fun fact: Sion is able to hack into a persons memory using a Etherite whip, not only manipulating their minds but their bodies as well.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Shimiji Pass

Several hills over look the vast blue ocean, glistening in the midday sun, as several ships arrive to port on the coast. The year is 1864, which is further proven as people riding horses and rural shops line the carved stairways around the grassy hills. The sunny weather is well-complemented by the graceful sea breeze, and on the edge of one of said hills, the flamboyant Amano Hyo is sitting alongside a young lady, who also seems to be wielding a sword around.

Amano gracefully offers the girl a cup of his precious sake, but the girl turns it down, Mr. Amano. You know I dont drink that stuff.

Amano crooks his mouth in a unpleasant fashion, Oh? I see. Oh well, ladies look better when theyre sober, anyway. And please dont call me mister. It makes me feel old, ya know?

Hibiki gives a deep sigh and looks over at the horizon, Sowas it great where you went? The tournament, I mean.

Amano shrugs absently as he takes a sip from his glass, Meh, fights were a drag. But the ladies there.OH BABY! You could see a babe as far as the sight went! And a couple of really freaky ones, too.

Hibiki feels a little uncomfortable, You knowI didnt really need to know that.

Yeah, you see, there were a couple of vampire chicks, and there was even this little girl that was kinda cute. But dont get me wrong! Im not into the whole pedo thing, honest!

Hibiki narrows her eyes as she looks at Amano with disgust, Im REALLY looking for a reason not to slash your head off right now.

Amano was suddenly taken aback, H-hey, listen babe! I know you must be fuming, but I gotta tell you this. You know you look absolutely stunning when youre mad like that. And those flourished cheeksits enough to make a man go wild, you see!

Hibiki abruptly stands up, her hand firmly placed on the hilt of her sword, Thats enough! Ill cut you into sashimi, pal!

Amano was now absolutely panicked, Yikes! Chivalry is dead, I tell ya! DEAD!

Amano makes a run for it, with Hibiki in close pusuit. A fitting destiny for a ladies man!

Name: Amano Hyo
Sponsor: Return of Shiki
Origin: The Last Blade
Games: The Last Blade series
Company: SNK
Won: –
Lost: Black Panther
Fun fact: The figure that Amano blows out when he smokes during one of his winning poses is a Shougi piece, a famous board game in Japan.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Stardust Speedway Zone

In the long, twisted road ahead, flashing lights line up against the long pavement corridor, which swipes from side to side and even goes into loops, looming over a complex industrial city. Somewhere down the line, a metallic hedgehog walks patiently down the aisle, alongside a floating hovercraft of sorts where a giddly fat man grins with sinister glee.

Yah hah hah. My greatest creation, Metal Sonic! Im so glad you came back! After fulfilling that useless whim of going on your own and compete in that measly tournament, you can finally return and destroy that wretched Sonic!

Metal Sonic did not seem so excited to see Dr. Robotnik, though, Dont try to compare me with such measly flesh creatures. I am beyond their own understanding of power and speed.

Robotnik flashed his trademark grin beneath his fluffy red moustache, Precisely, my loyal servant! You shall exceed where that blasted hedgehog has foiled us several times! You new enhancements will guarantee us our victory! Now, onward to meet that dreadful animal!

But Metal Sonic stops in his tracks, I think not, Doctor.

Robotnik also stops his hovercraft slightly after Metal Sonic, Excuse me?

Metal Sonic looks over to his creator, You see, being with such brave warriors, I realized that my role in this world is to follow my own path. Yes, my programming craves for the destruction of Sonic, but I shall do it on my own! Not with your interference, geezer!

Robotnik now looked fuming mad, You useless piece of junk! Ill set your bolts straight right now! To the trash heap with you!

But before Robotnik could lay a grubby hand on his own creation, Metal Sonic zoomed right past the doctor before he could even notice. He then stood right behind the demented genius, Very well. Suit yourself.

Having said that, Metal Sonic kicked Robotniks hovercraft down the road, stumbling and crashing as it went. Metal Sonic then raised his finger, No one can stop me now! Sonic, you will be on the fast lane to your own destruction soon enough!

Metal grabs impulse, and speed ahead in a blur, leaving behind a trail of flames. The path to destruction is one filled with sorrow.

Name: Metal Sonic
Sponsor: Jaldaboath
Origin: Sonic CD
Games: Sonic the Hedgehog series
Company: Sega
Won: –
Lost: Robocop
Fun fact: You could fight a preeliminary version of Metal Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, renamed Mecha Sonic, and looks very clunky in comparison to the actual model.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Latveria

Inside his own castle in the small nation of Latveria, Doom sits in his throne, surrounded by stone and metal, pondering his own existence as he gazes out one of the windows that overlooks the great mountain range.

Oh, how many times must I attempt and fail to win such a blasted competition? Is my superior intetellect not enough to beat a bunch of rogues and peasants? First defeated by a simple toy robot, and now by a half-naked Spartan? I call SHENANIGANS!

In that moment, one of his robot servants comes into the room, runs right in front of Doom, and kneels before his throne, Lord Doom! It seems that Reed Richards is giving a conference not far away from here in Germany!

Doom suddenly stands up and shakes his fist at the heavens, Curse you, Reed Richards! Must you also plague my dreams as well? I blame YOU on my constant failures! Your constant meddling has messed with my mind long enough! This time, it is PERSONAL!

The robot servant seems puzzled, Errrrrr.Lord? Shall we deploy our units to sabotage the convention?

Doom remains quiet for a while, before giving his lackey a cold, hard stare, Since when did I allow you to interrupt my monologues? Leave my sight before I send you to the rubble heap!

The mechanic follower promptly gets up and leaves, Yyes sire! On my way!

The servant makes haste for the entrance, as Doom once again remains alone, Hah hah hah! Richards, meet your final hour! This is the hour.of DOOM!

Doom pushes his cloak aside as he makes way for the door himself. Will this megalomaniac ever know rest?

Name: Doctor Victor Von Doom
Sponsor: L.one H.iryu S.aga
Origin: Fantastic Four comic book series
Games: Several Marvel games
Company: Usually Capcom, Acclaim, and Activision
Won: –
Lost: King Leonidas
Fun fact: The reason why Doom uses an iron mask to hide his face has several accounts. The more usual one is that it was due to an experiment gone wrong and exploded in his face, giving him a scar, although some accounts say he was attacked by Mephisto and some others say his scar is just minimal, but Dooms vanity and pride magnify it to disfiguring proportions.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Shadaloo Command Center

In the cold, dark halls of the underground Shadaloo base, the Killer Bee, Cammy, walks down the metallic corridors of the covert facility. Her eyes, as usual, have the common empty stare that is usual of her, sensing no emotion at all. All of a sudden, her path is intercepted by two other young ladies who look very much like her, aside from different colored body suits and also distinguished faces.

You are late., coldy commented the red-haired one.

Master Bison shall not be pleased about your failure., the brunette girl inmediately followed.

Cammy looked at both dolls, and simply brushed them off, Negative. Master Bison also failed in his attempt. It is unlikely that he would focus on my inability to succeed rather than his own.

The brunette female, Juli, suddenly stepped in front of Cammy, Are you assuming you are in the same position as Lord Bison? Do you not remember what we are?

But Cammy would not take a step down, I know who I amthe question is whether YOU know it?

The other female, Juni, seemed legitimally confused, Who.we are? We are nothing more than dolls. Copies of Master Bison! A clone has no sense of self.

Cammy looks over at Juni with disdain, You can say that for yourself. No one shall ever tell us otherwise. As long as we believe that, theres nothing that Master Bison can do about it.

Cammy slightly shoves Juli aside as she continues on her way down, as Juni and Juli look puzzled at the reaction of her fellow doll. Cammy just walks past by, and as she does so, a slight smile crosses her face.

Time to show what Im really made of!

Name: Cammy White
Sponsor: OrochiTempest
Origin: Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
Games: Street Fighter/Versus series
Company: Capcom
Won: –
Lost: Fina
Fun fact: Aside from her fighting game appearances, Cammy also appeared in a shooter named after one of her own moves: Cannon Spike.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Kingdom of Argive

Gazing over his homeland, the mighty magician Urza Planeswalker holds tightly onto his staff, and looks over the land with melancholy and solitude.

The awesome power at my dispositionto which extents must I take it? And to that end, why did it fail me in the moment of need?

The sky above Urzas head suddenly became covered with stormy clouds, as the distant sound of rumbling thunder could be heard, while Urza slowly raised his staff.

No matter! I am Urza Planeswalker, the traveler of worlds! Reality is mine to fabricate and to twist at my own whim! More than a man yet less than a god! My own creations make this world possible! BOW BEFORE ME AND KNOW REDEMPTION!

Suddenly, Urza felt a small tug on the back of his tunic. He looked over his shoulder, and noticed that a small kid was standing right behind him.

Uhhhhexcuse me, sir? Youre standing on our playground. Can you please just step aside a couple of feet?

Urza turned around and once again raised his arms, FOOLISH CHILD! How dare you even talk to me like that? Know your role, and behold my might!

The kid simply frowned as he shoved Urza aside, took some of his marbles, and walked back out, Geez, what an old jerk!

Urza was left flabbergasted and lowered his head and arms in defeat, I didnt live thousands of years to receive this kind of treatment.

Urza sat down as the skies cleared once more. The job of a planeswalker is hard stuff!

Name: Urza Planeswalker
Sponsor: #6 with Cheese
Origin: Magic The Gathering card game
Games: Magic series
Company: Acclaim
Won: –
Lost: Nico Robin
Fun fact: Planeswalkers in the Magic universe seem to be some sort of demi-gods, able to walk between existence rifts and unable to die of natural causes. In fact, some cultures do worship them as gods, as a matter of fact.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Ever Garden

Surrounded by a thick forest, the relatively-quiet Ever Garden serves as the resting place for aspiring witches and heroes in general. With birds chirping and the gentle sound of the wind blowing, a single witch sits over a log, totting her huge scythe over her shoulder, constantly making some flowers around her die and bloom again on and off quite often. She seems bored out of her mind, until a kid approaches her.

Hey, Vanessa! Whatcha doin there?

Vanessa just absently replies without even turning to pay attention to the kid, Get outta here, Alph. The last thing I need is nosey kids snooping around my affairs as it is.

Alph looks around animously, Really? Doesnt like youve been doing much the last hour or so, Vanessa?

Whats it to you, kid? I must have lost the part where I supposedly should explain myself. Now, GET! Youre bothering my training. Youre making me lose focus!

Alph realized the whole gig now, Ooooooooh! I get it! Witch training, how fun! Let me see what youve got!

Vanessa raised an eyebrow, You mean likeright now?

Yeah, sure, give it to me!

If you insist., Vanessa shrugged.

With that, Vanessa touched Alphs head with her finger, and the kid suddenly stopped moving. He eventually even slumped on the floor in the same position he was in when he was standing. Vanessa just rolled her eyes as she continued to play with the flowers.

Kids these days.

Character: Vanessa
Sponsor: Windlord0
Origin: Luminous Arc
Games: Luminous Arc
Company: Atlus
Won: –
Lost: Tiffany Lords
Fun fact: Vanessa bears a striking resemblance to I-No of Guilty Gear fame.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Otowa Gym

In a secluded location of the always-bustling gym, a solitary figure dressed in sweatpants and a tanktop gives solid blows to a punching bag. The rhythmic punches come from a well-looking Russian man, who is closely supervised by a rowdy-looking manager with a towel over his shoulders, nodding as he continued the training regime.

OK! I guess we can call that a day.

Volg Zangief finally slumped his shoulders and cleaned the sweat off his brow. Another intense day of training had come to an end, as the trainer, Dankichi Hama, threw Volg the towel so he could clean himself up.

I see your left isnt qute into it this time. Care to tell me whats going on?

Volg just buried his face into the towel, Im fine.

Like hell you are! You havent been the same since your mom died. Dont tell me youve lost your passion?

Volg just reared his eyes over the towel, Maybe I didnt have one to begin with.

Dankichi threw a rant, Not again with that emo crap! Look, Volg, you have promise, lad! But Im sick of seeing you sit around and waste that talent on groveling and feeling sorry for yourself! So get on your high horse again, and start beating some scrub ass! If not for you, for your mother.

Volg hesitated, looked up at the ceiling, and then back at Dankichi again, Very well. If that is your wish.

No, Volg, it shouldnt be MY wish. It shoud be what YOU wish. So get down and give me 30. Then you can go hit the showers.

Volg slowly lied down on his chest, and began doing his push-ups, as he slowly thought to himself, Motherplease look after mefrom where you are

And not even Dankichis screams could get Volg out of his own trance.

Name: Alexander Volg Zangief
Sponsor: maxx
Origin: Fighting Spirit manga
Games: Victorious Boxers series
Company: Vivendi Universal
Won: –
Lost: Randy Orton
Fun fact: Volg speaks quite the broken Japanese, which was used as a running gag in the beginning of the Fighting Spirit manga.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Arctic Caverns

Within the freezing regions of this underground crevace, one single force of nature is wrecking shop and taking names! A snowman keeps hurling snow balls at the incoming threat, but becomes no match when the hulkish-brown toad reduces him to snowflakes in the wind with a devastating headbutt, delivered with some huge ram horns. The strong toad, Pimple, flexes his muscles at his success.

YEAAAAH! Who say that big-but-slow characters are low tier in beat-em-up games? Not me, cuz I fuckin ruined those asses!

But in the middle of his own monologue, Pimple was interrupted by a very loud thud which came from a rather big individual: the huge rat, Big Blarg! This gargantuan rat with a 50s hairstyle sneers at the cocky Pimple.

GRRRRR! So you think better than us? NONSENSE! No one can beat this game, and neither will you! Heck, you shouldnt even be FEATURED in this vignette since you were the one who actually got kidnapped in this game, remember?

Pimple smacks his forehead, Oh, silly me! Thats right! But then again, youre not the boss of this level, either!

Blarg shrugged, Sorry, the author couldnt find a better way to plug in a Battletoad cameo.

Pimple scratches his chin, Sowhat shall we do now?

I dunnoengage in comical battle and see who gathers more LOLs?

Pimple snaps his fingers, Sounds like a plan! Maybe then we can get Rare to finally pay attention to us and stop whoring Donkey Kong or some shit!

Big Blarg readies himself for action, Well, whatcha waitin for, punk? Come and give me the best you got!

Pimple flexes a bicep, Heres to ya, rodent!

The two powerhouses clash, and the whole cave rumbles once more, ice pieces falling everywhere!

Name: Pimple (aka George Pe)
Sponsor: Septimus Prime
Origin: Battletoads (NES)
Games: Battletoads series
Company: Tradewest
Won: –
Lost: Ippo Maknuouichi
Fun fact: Even though Battletoads was originally made with comical undertones, the arcade version actually included some violence and gore (of course, only limited to rats and pigs, but it was still kinda bloody)

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Rocket Town

The looming rusty rocket in the horizon of this small, cozy town makes this the landmark of an otherwise rather bland village. In the yard of one of said houses, a single man cleans up a small plane in the middle of the blazing midday sun. He takes a random hit off his cigarette as he continues to wipe off some water off one of the wings with a mop. A woman comes out of the house, carrying some lemonade on a platter. The enginner turns around, and wipes some sweat off his brow.

The woman lowers her head as she approaches, HHere is some lemonade for you, Mr. Cid. Sorry to interrupt your daily chores like this.

Cid absently raises an eyebrow, Whatcha talkin bout, Shera? Dont take yourself so lightly like that, dammit! Now how bout ya come here and ya give yer dear doctor some lovin, hm?

Shera raises her head, her face blushing and with a tender smile, OOKif you wish!

Cid gave a cocky smile, but before he could embrace his lovely assistant, a familiar voice echoed from the other side of the fence.

DAYUM, NIGGA! Dat shit be too sassy even for yo white boys, real talk!

Turns out to be was none other than Barret Wallace, Cids old comrade in battle. Of course, totting his gun-arm, Barret looked like the trug gangster he was made out to be. Cid just frowned at his very presence, Well, if it isnt that damn stereotyped asshat Barret. Whatcha doin round here, foo?

Barret just waved his good arm, Nah, wigga. Just givin a shoutout to all my homies. Yowza be the mo real nigga in da bunch, what with all the emos and shit, uknowwhaimsayin?

Cid makes an unpleasant gesture, I dont know what youre saying HALF of the time, dipshit. Just state your business and get your ass off my property!

Barrets face turns quite serious, Aye, why you be hatin on us black people, foo? Damn white people holdin us niggas DOWN! Why yo be such an asshole, Cid? ASSHOLE, I SAY!

Cid was getting pretty infuriated at where the discussion was going, JUST STOP RANTING, YOU IDIOT! Tell me what you want or get the fuck out, fucknut!

Cid and Barret continued to go back and forth insulting each other, as Shera looked on, sipping on the lemonade she had intended for Cid. A good ol white/black humor to call it a day!

Name: Cid Highwind
Sponsor: Lantis
Origin: Final Fantasy VII
Games: Final Fantasy VII spinoffs and Kingdom Hearts series
Company: SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Solid Snake
Fun fact: The name Cid is a recurring gag in the Final Fantasy series. Whether it is as playable characters or storyline figures or just mere cameos, there has pretty much always been a Cid in every FF game to date, and usually they involve mechanical genuises.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Cybertron

In the main command center of the Decepticons, Megatron kicks up a fuss, hurling anything he can lay eyes on far and away, looking mad as usual. The rest of the Decepticons just look on in dismay. Megatron shakes his fist, livid as he can be.

Curses! My plan to rule the galaxy has failed yet AGAIN! And by a puny little robot of all people! I reckon he must be a spy of the Autobots!

The always-cunning Starscream takes a step forward, a cocky smirk on his face, Oooooh, how have the mighty fallen. Such a shame, oh great leader! Even that midget Rumble could get farther than you ever could! Maybe we should name HIM the new leader!

Megatron just slaps Starscream across the face, effectively wiping the smile off his face, Why you conspiring little twit. It would take EONS of plotting to get you OR that imbecile Rumble to even get to my level. So dont even try, whelp!

A message arrives to Megatron on the main computer, beeping out of control. Megatron presses the access button, and a voice booms through the speaker, Lord Megatron, our Energon Cube supply is running short. We require a full cargo ASAP!

Megatron coldly replies, Understood, Shockwave. We will comply as soon as we can.

Megatron hesistates for a bit, then turns back to his legion of semi-loyal Decepticons, Well, what are you waiting for, you useless maggots? Get a move on! Or must I beat it into you?

Starscream once again tries to reply, But, Lord Mega


And then, Megatron started firing his arm cannon at everyone who he set his sights on, making the Decepticons effectively scramble. Megatron laughed with glee at his display of unneccesary madness.

PRIME! The time of final showdown is coming.yet again! MWA HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

Name: Megatron
Sponsor: Diek Stiekem
Origin: Transformers animated series
Games: Transformers series
Company: Mostly Atari and Activision
Won: –
Lost: Proto Man
Fun fact: In the Transformers live-action movie, the human who gets flicked off by Megatron during the final battle is actually no other than director Michael Bay.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: The Pangea in the Creataceous period

Millions of years into the past, in a world deprived of any form of human civilization, with green pastures as far as the eye could see, and wilderness covering the whole terrain wherever it would be, only one species ruled the Earth.


A herd of Galliminus rush down a grassy field with some speed to it, searching for an appropiate feeding ground for the pack. Little did they know in their simplified minds, however, was that something was stalking themand it happened to be one hungry predator over 42 feet long: the deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Stomping out of the woods like a hellish truck of flesh and teeth, making the very earth tremble at every step it gave, the T-Rex made a beeline towards the helpless herd of Galliminus. Already realizing the fierce threat behind them, some of the herbivores scattered into the trees to avoid being mauled by the ferocious dinosaur. Some of them were not so lucky, however, as they would be either rendered very much dead by the Tyrannosaurus powerful jaws, or be stomped on by its powerful hind legs before being chewed into a snack.

With blood running down its teeth and with the mauled corpses of some Galliminus behindit, the T-Rex unleashed the blood-chilling roar into the winds. The worlds greatest carnivore lives on!

Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Sponsor: Muff Daddy
Origin: The Creataceous Period, over 3 million years ago
Games: Many games, but mostly known for the Jurassic Park series
Company: Acclaim, Ocean, and many, many others
Won: –
Lost: Grimlock
Fun fact: It has been suggested by some archeologists that a Tyrannosaurus Rex could engage in active predation, which means that the T-Rex could continue to hunt down a single prey before finally devouring it, making it quite the fearsome hunter.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Konohagakure

In one of the populated streets of the ninja town of Konohagakure, Shikamaru can be seen resting against a fence, a straw of grass in his mouth, and just gazing up at the vast blue sky with but a few clouds in the distance. His pleasant rest is interrupted when he gets kicked in the ribs by a random blonde girl who looks fairly serious and in no mood to play around.

Shikamaru just grovels as he holds his ribs in pain, Owwww… What gives, Ino? Why do you have to be such a bitch all of a sudden?

Ino just stood there, impassive to Shikamarus whining, Get your lazy ass off of there, Shikamaru. You promised Choji to help him carry out some errands today, and youre just lying around wasting your life away!

Shikamaru slowly got back to his original position, simply flicking the grass he had in his mouth off, Hmph! What do you care, you crazy wench? Im not up to those heavy duty tasks. Why dont YOU go and help him if youre so concerned?

Ino kicked Shikamaru even harder in the ribs, Because you promised him, silly! And ninjas always do good on our promises! Didnt master Asuma tell you about this?

Shikamaru grinded his teeth as he scurried for cover, Yeah, he also told me to be weary of violent bitches like you! So get off my case and let me get my beauty sleep! Or Ill have to beat your cute ass UP!

But Ino would have nothing of it, as she continued to kick and shove Shikamaru back up to his feet, Well, certainly you are doing a VERY poor job at it, then! Now what were you saying about you beating me up?

Shikamaru cursed under his breath as he reluctantly made haste to where Choji was waiting, Damn, how long does your period last anyway? Sheesh!

Ino now made a livid face, What did you say?!

Shikamaru was now in a race for his life with Ino in hot pursuit. Ninja training certainly doesnt involve crazy females!

Name: Nara Shikamaru
Sponsor: L.one H.iryu S.aga
Origin: Naruto manga
Games: Naruto series
Company: Mostly Bandai/Namco (although there are some other Naruto games made by Sammy and Tomy)
Won: –
Lost: Jago
Fun fact: Despite being such a slacker, Shikamaru is proved to be one of the smartest people in the Naruto universe, sporting a IQ of over 200 (thanks to an undercover IQ test ran by his master Asuma Sarutobi)

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Shinjuku, district of Tokyo

A young man stands in the middle of a devastated city. Although not throughly destroyed as one would think, the block seemed deserted and pretty much devoid of all life, with the buildings looking grim and abandoned. The youngster had strange marks all over his body, drastically changing his appearance to something that didnt seem human. The young man would absently walk down the solitary streets, with drfited cars just stranded in the middle of the road. The night sky was clear, but had a red hue in the horizon. The demonic teenager stops when he finally sees someone standing in the middle of a road crossing.

A middle-aged woman dressed with a white coat and black pants, she turns around to gaze at the possessed teen, and looks rather grim, Hitoshurawhat is to happen to us? Are we doomed by the fate we have brought upon this world? Did accessing the gates of hell itself bring us any profit?

Hitoshura still looked to be in a daze, but still managed to focus on the woman, his own high school teacher, Yuko Takao. Of course, there would be no way he would know, considering his mind as a human was pretty much locked away when he became a demi-fiend. Yuko looks sad as she lowers her head.

Sorry to have brought you into this, Hitoshura. But if you can join us in the Conception, we shall purge this world of the filth it has brought to this planet, and establish a new era with the forces of darkness claiming this world as their own! Come, join us, Hitoshura!

But somehow, even in his catatonic state, refused to follow Yukos lead, causing the woman to look frustrated, So be it. Next time we meet, we may be enemies. Until then, Hitoshura. But rememberdont give in entirely into the darknessit just might claim you forever.

With that said, Yuko walks out of sight, while Hitoshura still stands there quite absent-minded. But after a while, he clenches his fists, and his whole body becomes surrounded with an eerie aura, and a creepy smile. The forces of hell run beneath his skin. All mortals and demons alike, tremble before his power!

Name: Hitoshura (really has no name, hes more like the generic main character)
Sponsor: P. Gorath
Origin: Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne
Games: Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne
Company: Atlus
Won: –
Lost: Devil Jin
Fun fact: Hitoshura falls into the same category as other heroes like Crono (from Chrono Trigger) or Link (from the Legend of Zelda) who doesnt have a voice per say. His language is composed of the decisions the character makes to advance further in the game.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Grand Canyon Bridge

At the end of a long wooden suspended bridge located precariously over the profound depths of the Grand Canyon, a redskin apache kneels down before an improvised grave, covered mostly in rocks and with a stone cross. The mystic Indian puts his hand together in a old Sioux prayer, but his keen senses notices a presence looming behind him. Chief Thunder quickly pulls out his dual hatchets, and prepares for intense battle, but as soon as he turns around, a burst of heat sort of catches him by surprise. It turns out to be Cinder, a fellow competitor of the Ultratech fighting tournament, a man whose body is perpetually covered in flames.

Cinder raises one of his flaming arms, Yo, Thunder! Long time, no see! Whatcha been up to?

Thunder mumbles a bit while putting away his hatchets, You should know better than trying to catch me by surprise at my brothers resting place, you ass.

Cinder peeks over Thunders body to see the rundown grave, Ooooh, I get it. Your brother Eagle is down there, eh? Well, this wont take long. Hey! It seems that Rare is cooking up a Killer Instinct 3! Whatcha think about that, bro?

Thunder raises an eyebrow, You mean we can actually get a job back? And that means I dont have to run some abandoned casino in the middle of nowhere?

Cinder fumes (no pun intended), Hey! At least you dont have to go around pretending to be a Chris Evans impersonator! I hate the Fantastic Fourand I never even get to date Jessica Alba! What an ass.

Thunder points out something, Hey! Think they will drop the ball like they did on that Killer Instinct 2 gig?

Cinder stomps a bit, Naw, man! Thats why they left us out of that crap! We were TOO good to waste out innate talent on that piece of shit! But this time, we can set things RIGHT!

Thunder punches his own palm, By the gods, youre right! We can make a comeback and put KI back on the map! If it worked with Street Fighter and Duke Nukem, why cant us? I say lets do this shit!

Cinder shares Thunders enthusiasm, I hear ya, homie! Lets make the lines, and lets hope that tier whore Fulgore isnt there, the little bitch!

Thunder emphatizes, Yeah, but have you seen those new KI 2 chicks? Maya can take ME to the wild side any day. Rawr.

Cinder nods as they both walk down the wooden bridge together, Yeah, and that Kim Wu has a nice rack, too! DAYUM!

As they depart, a skeleton hand rises from where Eagles grave is supposed to be. The whole body rises shortly thereafter, revealing the form of Spinal!

Bastards think they can ignore ME? Well, Ill give them a rush for their money!

Spinals trademark laugh booms through the valley. The curtain of a new battle shall rise again!

Name: Chief Thunder
Sponsor: The Chief
Origin: Killer Instinct
Games: Killer Instinct
Company: Nintendo
Won: –
Lost: Bo Jackson
Fun fact: In the games multiple repertoire of No Mercys (i.e. fatalities), Thunder can turn the opponent into a huge can of dog food! Now THATS wacky stuff!

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Blue Wave Harbor

Bonne Jenet confers with her comrade pirates, the Lilien Knights, at the harbor where their submarine ship is reluctantly docked (having shattered some part of the pier), all while taking a sip from some beer mugs.

Wow, boss! So you went to another world to participate in some fighting schtick? Did you find some treasure?, one young pirate enthusiastically blurted out.

Jenet just slowly shook her head in sad fashion, Nah, I didnt have the chance to snoop around. I was beaten quite hastily. I couldnt even glimpse a single shiny thing!

One of the heftier pirates also lowered his head in depression, Oooh, sorry to hear that, captain. Hey! Why dont we pillage some of the mansions here in Second South? Ive heard there were booty aplenty!

One of the older pirates cackled out, probably juiced up by the alcohol, TEE HEE HEEEEEE! Im with ya, big fella! They say the abandoned Geese Tower has some mighty good belongings left behind by the late Geese Howard! I heard he was a big head honcho around here!

This piked Jenets interest, Really? Hey, old man, that sounds real cool! I suggest we regroup and pay a little visit to this joint. What dya say, men?

Everyone rose their jugs and roared in approval as Jenet giggled, until they were interrupted by a sudden police siren. Everyone turned around, and saw a police car parked in the edge of the dock, as a bulky blond man dressed in a police outfit came out, aiming a gun at the criminals, OK, freeze, shitheads! What the hell ya think youre doing docking that thing round here? Have you no shame?! Im taking you ALL in for violation of public property, scumbags!

A small black kid with a helmet that almost surpassed his head capacity stumbled out of the other door in awe, WOOOOW! Yo, Kev! Those are REAL pirates! They look WAAAAAAAY cool!

Kevin Rian, the officer, tried to calm the kid down, Now, now, Marky. Those are just some deluded costumed freaks. And Im totally not feeling that cheezy pirate uniform. The girl is pretty damn hot, but the other guysthey just look downright silly.

Jenet winked at Kevin, Ooooh, officer. Dont mind the poor little pirates! We are no petty thieves! We are.

Everyone shouts in unison, LILIEN KNIGHTS!

Everybody slams their jugs on the floor, shattering them into pieces, as they all scatter about into the dark corners of the pier. Kevin is bedazzled and does not know who to catch without the appropiate backup, much to the awe of Marky. As he looks about to see the whereabouts of the pirates, Jenet is seen standing atop the police car, We are only gonna be here for a little while, officer. Im sure you wont mind if we ransack some abandoned building now, will ya?

Kevin is shocked by the sudden appearance of Jenet, What? You.!!

Jenet blows a kiss, See ya later, handsome man!

And with a gust of wind, Jenet takes off into the still of night. Kevin is left scratching his head in confusion.

WomenI can never understand em!

Name: Bonne Jenet
Sponsor: OrochiTempest
Origin: Garou Mark of the Wolves
Games: The King of Fighters series
Company: SNK
Won: –
Lost: Monkey D. Luffy
Fun fact: Jenet has a hidden counter move where she is able to beat the opponent into submission by using her own shoe! She will deeply embarassed for the outrage afterwards, though.

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Pic 2

Location: Besselat Garrison

Alongside the walls of this impenetrable fortress, a single lonely man stands at the very top, looking at the dark valley below in the stillness of night, with naught but a huge full moon to illuminate his tired sight. Spinning but an old dented sword in his hand, a young man approaches the seasoned knight in his own meditation.

Care for some company, Cid?

The battered old man gives the youngster a warm smile amidst his ravaged face.

No need to ask, young Ramza. What do you wish of this old man?

Ramza stands right next to him, gazing at the same point the Thunder God was looking at moments ago, Cidwill this war ever end? When shall we know peace?

Cid reflexes on the idea a bit, still playfully spinning his sword around with but a flick of the finger, I wish the answer was as easy as planned, young Ramza. Sometimes we humans are a complicated race. Hell bent on our own destruction for trivial purposes. But there are others who fight in their own beliefsgood or bad, it doesnt really matter. Its the passion behind those ideals which keeps us moving. And I see great passion in your eyes, Ramza.

Cid puts a hand on Ramzas shoulder, who seems to feel a little bit better by the comfort, Thanks, Cid. You seem to know a lot.

Cid lets out a hearty laugh, Well, these hairs arent getting any darker after time, believe me! Now lets regroup with the others so we can plan our next move.

Ramza nods, as he takes the lead in getting back indoors. Cid remains for a little bit, finally getting a firm grasp on the hilt of his sword.

This old man still has a lot to prove yet!

And with a swift motion of his cloak, Cid heads back inside as well.

Name: Cidolfas Orlandu (aka Thunder God Cid)
Sponsor: ShinAkumax
Origin: Final Fantasy Tactics
Games: Final Fantasy Tactics series
Company: SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Heihachi Mishima
Fun fact: Cidolfas wield an ancient sword of legend Excalibur, a sword not only present in ancient British lore but also in much of the Final Fantasy series.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Earth, in the future

In a world ruled by technological advances and under the influence of evil forces, a single man stands up against the fowl doings of those who stand against justice.

Ironically enough, he is from the distant past. A samurai upholding the beliefs of justice and righteousness, wielding a legendary sword which contains great power. Nobody knows his real name, but everyone just calls him: Samurai Jack.

Jack happens to be in a dark forest in the middle of the night, training somewhat with his sword in the quiet environment. But something soon catches his attention, as several red dots appear all around him amidst the darkness. Jack grows aware of this, and slowly brings his sword up to a ready position. All of a sudden, a small batallion of robots come flying out, all heading for Jack. But the classy samurai is ready for the sudden invasion, as he systematically takes them all out by swinging his sword at the right times, cutting them all down into pieces of junk, sparks flying everywhere.

Jack slowly starts to lower his sword until he notices a familiar shadow growing behind him. The sinister figure suddenly sprouts some flames for eyes, and acts bewildered, ARRRRGGH! Curse you, Jack! You may make a mockery out of me this time, but soon enough, you will fall prey to my power, and I will enjoy the day I finally ravage your soul!

Jack points his sword at the ranting Aku, You and I have unfinished businesscrawl back to your holeuntil the day I finally dispose of you

Akus flames grow twice as high, Youll regret those words! We shall meet again! Make NO mistake about that!

Aku vanishes into the night sky, as Jack remains sunk in his thoughts, his hand firmly grasped on his sword. His quest to return home seems never ending.

Name: Samurai Jack
Sponsor: ShinAkumax
Origin: Samurai Jack cartoon series
Games: Samurai Jack series
Company: Bam Entertainment and Sega
Won: –
Lost: Madarame Ikkaku
Fun fact: There were several references to Star Wars in the Samurai Jack animated series, which probably lead to Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of Samurai Jack) to be appointed as head writer of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated shorts.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Kafazu

Several armed men patrol a restricted citadel in the middle of a complex industrial city, Russian in appearance. The brimming lights shine brightly in the darkness of the night, but the guards remain alert for any possible intruder, well equipped with top-notch artillery. However, as much as they keep watch, a single figure slips atop a glider in the obscure skies, and drops down in a corner out of sight.

Instants later, one of the guards gets nabbed from a corner and dragged in, never to resurface again. Some guards look back, thinking something has transpired, yet see nothing. They continue on their routine, but are quickly neutralized via some quick slashes to the back, rendering them out of action. A ninja appears in the forefront, dressed in a blue outfit, and with a scarf that covers just about half of his face, and the rest flaps into the wind. One of the guards catches wind of the intruder, and sounds the alarm.

ALERT! The Strider has come! Kill him quickly!

Other 3 soldiers come running in to support the lonesome guard, but Strider suddenly assumes a meditation stance, and a lonesome mechanical droid appears swirling around Striders body. The soldiers are puzzled by this sudden appearance, but start shooting anyway. Surprisingly enough, the droid deflects all bullets displaying amazing speed and quick reflexes. Strider opens his eyes, and takes out his special sword, the much-dreaded Falchion. With a blur, Strider suddenly emerges in front of each and every guard, and slashes them down for their trouble. In something less than a minute, the situation seemed to be in control, as Strider sheathes his sword, and his droid suddenly vanishes into thin air.

A single guard remains in one of the towers, though, and cautiously takes aim towards the intergalactic ninja. But while he centers him in his crosshairs, a single shuriken sails through the air, and impales the guard right in the head. Strider looks up at the tower, and notices yet another ninja, this time female in appearance, stand over the watch tower. She is Strider Hien, another member of the reknown Striders.

Strider nods, Well done.

Hien motions with her head, The mission awaits. Let us proceed.

Strider looks forward, Understood. Proceeding with the mission.

Both Striders vanish in a gust of wind. The Striders lead the onslaught once more!

Name: Strider Hiryu
Sponsor: L.one H.iryu S.aga
Origin: Strider
Games: Strider series/Versus series
Company: Capcom
Won: –
Lost: HK-47
Fun fact. Striders design was originally inspired by the hero of some anime series from the 60s called Boken Shonen Shadar.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Agrabah

Aladdin looks pensive in one of the many rooftops looming over the populated city of Agrabah, underneath the baking desert sun. His time alone does not seem to last long, though, as his sight is suddenly filled with fireworks and sparks. Indeed, for the mighty Genie has arrived! Flashinh his trademark pearl-white smile, Genie attempts to cheer up his former master.

HEEEEEEEEEEY, AL! Whatcha lookin down for, man? Whats bringin you the bluesaside from me, of course!

Aladdin manages a weak smile while still sitting down, Oh, Genie. I always have doubts on how to treat Jasmine the right way. I mean, is this whole poor kid falls in love with rich girl real? I dont even know if Im up to the task!

Suddenly, Genie adopts the form of 50 Cent, Yo, nigga! Yo gettin that PUSSY WHIPPIN, son! Get yo game DOWN and step UP, or throw em hoes down some stairs, yaknowhatImsayin?

Aladdin looks positively confused, Huh? What are you talkin bout, Genie? Ebonics and cursing in a Disney scene? Something doesnt seem right here!

Once again, Genie pulls out a quick switcheroo into Van Damme, Wat, chove last joor BAWS, man? Now tell mah who iz goeng homeand woo iz comeeng wit MEEEEEEEE?

Aladdin scratches his head, unable to decipher the whole scenario, Im afraid I dont follow this at all.

Genie once again morphs himself, this time into the legendary Geese Howard, Yu canknot escape WRONG DEATH! Ill stain mah hands WEET YOUR BRAD!

Aladdin now looks scared a bit, Huh? Now, now, Genie, what have you been sniffing about these past few weeks? Did something happen to you in that tournament you were in? What madness is this?

Genie makes one final turn into King Leonidas, Madness? Thisis.AGRABAH!

Genie kicks Aladdin off the rooftop, and remains motionless for a while. Finally, he morphs into Ron Simmons, looks around repeatedly, and ends with a decisive DAMN!

Name: Genie
Sponsor: givequicheachance
Origin: Aladdin movie (as represented here), although one may argue that a genie has always been part of Arab mythology
Games: Aladdin/Kingdom Hearts series
Company: Capcom, Sega, and SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Mewtwo
Fun fact. Its interesting to note that most of Robin Williams dialogue for the Genie in the first Aladdin movie was actually improvised, and Disney had to act accordingly (and we appreciate them for it).

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Doma Castle

Just outside the castle of Doma, where people are rebuilding the fortress after the intense siege of the Empire, a single man stands before two graves amidst a great deal of headstones scattered amidst a fairly wide terrain. These are the people who died from poisoning after the lunatic Kefka Pallazo placed venom in the water that supplied Doma. The two graves that the man now looks upon are those of his wife, Elayne, and his son, Owain. This man sports a blue suit of armor, a long ponytail, and a distinguishable moustache. He kneels on the ground, supporting his body with a sword.

My lovemy son. Here I am once more. Honoring your memory once again. I hope that where thou art, you shall forgive me for my blundering.

As Cyan lowers his head further, a familiarvoice sounds behind him:

Still blaming yourself for things that happened in the past, eh?

Cyan turns around and sees an old friend, a muscular blonde man who seems to have fairly short hair, yet has a very small ponytail on the back of his head.

Sir Sabin! What brings you here to Doma?

Sabin helps his old comrade back to his feet, I was training alongside the mountain range. Edgar is pretty busy running stuff back in Figaro Castle, so I decided to take some time for myself and pump up a little bit. I think Ive gotten rusty since we beated that clowns ass.

I see. So will you be here long?

Just for a couple of daysafterwards, Ill have to go back to Figaro, and see if Edgar hasnt busted a vein yet.

Both partners laugh at the mention, but turns dead silent shortly after. Cyan looks quietly at his sword.

I wonder if Doma will recover just some of the glory it once had?

Sabin also remained thoughtful for a while, Sure it can! It has the worlds greatest swordsman, ey? And the people are willing to leave this tragedy behind as quick as possible. Thats a start, dont you think?

Cyan nods and smiles, Aye, you may be right. By my blade and on my honor, I shall restore this country to what it once was. A country where my family used to live peacefully in. A land where my king would have felt proud to rule!

Sabin gives Cyan a slight hit in the shoulder, Thats the spirit! Hey, how bout you invite me some dinner? I hope your kitchen isnt wrecked as well, eh?

Cyan shakes his head quickly, Oh, not at all? Will thou like a glass of water?

Sabin looks disgusted, I think Ill pass on that offer.

The two friends walk back to the castle together, hoping for a better future for all.

Name: Cyan Garamonde
Sponsor: MrQuotes
Origin: Final Fantasy VI
Games: Final Fantasy VI
Company: SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Holy Order Sol
Fun fact: While Cyan speaks in a Shakespearean way in the English version of FF VI, in the Japanese version, Cyans dialogue is riddled with gozaru , an archaic copula verb, which is also used by some ninjas or samurai in different anime series.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Aokigahara, Japan

A rapid and rowdy river crosses through the tranquil mountainside as a fine mist descends upon the forest surrounding the slopes, as only the sound of the raging river could be heard amidst the perpetual silence. In the forest near the river bank, only a few bamboo leaves could be seen falling from the treetop above, and some sudden gushes of wind could be heard amidst the branches. Turns out to be, said gusts were not the erratic wind, but rather some distant shape of human figures could be seen. Finally the two blurs clash against each other, and one of them plummets to the ground, which happens to be a young man with long blonde hair and a white ninja uniform (sans the mask).

The young man slowly gets up while holding his head, moaning in pain. The other shape also descends, and she happens to be a female bombshell, wearing a scantily-dressed red outfit, and totting a fan in one of her hands.

Oh ho ho. Andy, I will NOT accept weaklings into our household! You know, when we get married, you will have to put up or shut up, because I dont marry wusses!

Andy gets up and brushes himself off, Oh, Mai. Stop with that marriage talk already! Doncha talk I would have had enough after all these years? Sheesh.

Mai pouts and stomps in a tantrum, But you always get cold feet, Andy! Im starting to think your escapades with Joe are for another purpose altogether.

Andy raises an eyebrow, Me thinks you read too much Kyo/Iori yaoi. Anyway, dont we have good enough sex as we do WITHOUT the whole tieing-the-knot schtick?

Mais face turns a beat red, B-butwe Japanese women need assurance! We need strong males to make up for our vast insecurities in life! And because you Americans have naturally bigger assets than most Japanese men.

Mai winks as Andy rolls his eyes, DamnI was probably off better in the nudie bars at Southtown. Terry knew some pretty good joints down there.

Mai punches Andy right on the shoulder, Oh, Andy, youre HORRIBLE! Maybe I should take a cue from all the 3773218291 hentai manga based on me, and taste some other cock for good measure. See you around, Kwik-E Bogard!

Mai jumps away as Andy looks exasperated, Hey! Dont pass it around like it was hot gossip or something. MAI!

Andy also gives Mai chase. A man whipped by oversized titties. And who can blame him?

Name: Mai Shiranui
Sponsor: Dragonsama
Origin: Fatal Fury 2
Games: Fatal Fury/King of Fighters/Versus series
Company: SNK
Won: –
Lost: Trogdor
Fun fact: Mai also happens to make a cameo in two endings in Samurai Shodown I (Haohmarus and Gen-ans). In both endings she ends up doing a Ryuenbu, and in the case of Gen-an, actually ends up killing him (but, of course, turns out to be a spoof since Gen-an would return in Samurai Shodown II).

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Blackpool, England

In one of the many local taverns in town, the place, as usual, is bustling with activity among people who are already under hefty alcohol influence or are just passing a good time. Whether it be on the tables or at the counter, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves amidst laughes and shouts. It was probably hard for anyone to notice a young blonde man coming into the tavern and looking around. He then spotted a pretty seasoned Asian man with a long black ponytail sitting at the counter, drinking some whisky on the rocks. Steve sat alongside him and raised a finger to the barman:

One beer, mate!

The Asian man non-chalantly took a sip from his glass, A bit late, arent we, Mr. Fox?

The prideful Steve Fox smiled as the barman gave him the beer bottle, Eh, I was distratced by a little brawl I had. You wouldnt believe me even if I told ye. Anyways, tell me whats up, Lei?

The private detective, Lei Wulong, nodded, Well, it seems that the organization that is after you is in cahoots with the Mishima Zaibatsu in the underground weapons market. Not a big surprise, considering the Mishimas are in pretty everything that is illegal around here.

Steve takes one hard drink from his bottle, Damn those Mishimas! Always trying to control other peoples lives. But Ill have their head one day! Soon youll see!!

But as soon as Steve puts his bottle down, he remains in silence for a while, and his eyes give a melancholic sight.

Any news about my mother?

Do you really want to know?

Of course! Shes the only connection I have to my past.

I bet not even she remembers most of it.

Steve once again remains silent, playing around with his bottle, I know. But she is the only proof of myself. Of what I am. I hope shes doing OK.

At that moment, a tough, fat biker slams his hand on the counter right next to Steve, making several glasses jump as he angrily breathes right in Steves ear, Hey, mate! I think that be my seat youre in! Care to move out?

But Steve hardly even paid him any attention as he kept on drinking. The large man now hastily grabs Steves shoulder, Hey, I asked you a question, you bas

But he did not finish the sentence as he was struck down by a potent right hand that sent the biker down for the count in no time. Some of the people around them actually stopped whatever they were doing to stare in awe as Steve rearranged his jacket, turned around, and pulled out a bill from his pocket.

I guess I have nothing better to do, so Ill go looking for her. See ya around, Lei! Keep me informed, will ya?

Steve calmly walks out as Lei remains looking at the bill Steve left, and raises an eyebrow, That isnt enough to pay for his beer! Cheap skate!

Name: Steve Fox
Sponsor: Rekka1210
Origin: Tekken 4
Games: Tekken series
Company: Namco
Won: –
Lost: Date Eiji
Fun fact: Not much, but Steve Fox does share his name with a porn star.just thought I would let you know that.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Bisonopolis

Located in the depths of the jungles of Thailand is a small city which seems kinda rudimentary at first glance, like a common jungle village. However, even in the middle of such a humid and hot environment, the leader of Shadaloo, the ominous M. Bison, stands tall accompanied by some of his own personal guard. The demented dictator looks around, and flashes his typical pearl-white smile.

Hah hah hah! What a perfect place to build the new capital of my empire! The living testimony of my Pax Bisonica! YESSSSSS!

The soldiers look at each other in confusion, Lord Bison. Are you sure this place is adequate? It lookskindacrappy?

Bison looks over his shoulder and hastily pokes the soldiers eye, Silence, peasant! This place is just about right! Then, Bison covers his eye with one hand, But I guess you didnt SEEEEEE that!

One of the soldiers runs up with a margarita in his hand, Sire! Here is the beverage you asked for, sir!

Bison smiles and takes a small sip from the glass, AHHH! This is DELICIOUS! Now then, where is my arcade cabinet Doomsday device?

One of the soldiers gulps and approaches Bison, Lord, that is not possible! The cabinet is under repairs right now! Justin Wong pretty much banged it up the last time he used it, remember?

Bison scratched his chin in contemplation, Ahhh yesthe day Mr. Wong used my cabinet to win the MvC 2 tournament was a glorious day, indeedbut for me, it was Tuesday!

One of the soldiers tips his beret a bit, But sir, that was on a Saturday! EVO doesnt take place on weekdays!

The other soldier also pointed out, Yeah, and when Mr. Wong landed that Magneto infinite, I think he blew Burkina Faso up without knowing it!

Bison laughs out mockingly, HAH HAH HAH! Maybe we should patent that cabinet for official EVO play, and we can effectively create a new world war! MMORPG got NOTHING on that shit! For I beheld Satan as he fell from heaven.like LIGHTNINNNNNNNG!

Bison raises his arms, his hands surrounded in electric power, as the soldiers watch in awe.

You knowwe should REALLY stop sending him to Hollywood.

Yeah, dont ALL evil dictators get spoiled once they get there?

Name: M. Bison (Vega in Japan)
Sponsor: Lucretz
Origin: Street Fighter II The World Warrior
Games: Street Fighter/Versus series
Company: Capcom
Won: –
Lost: Adolf Hitler
Fun fact: In the initial versions of SF II (pre SSF II), Bisons hat depicted a star symbol, but he was mistaken to be part of the Chinese army, thus being changed to the current Shadaloo symbol (the winged skull).

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Paris, France

In an auditorium right in the outskirts of Paris, surrounded by trees and with the sun setting in the distance, some technicians are on-stage, checking in the last details with the speakers and the lights. The concert staff is also checking on the stands, while on the stage, a young lady and a tall young man play their respective instruments for the sound check. The man, with short white hair and wearing a distinctive heart pendant, is busy playing the guitar, while the woman, with long red hair (and with her bangs covering her eyes), plays some notes on her synthetizer.

The well-built man gives a couple of strokes before looking at the lady, So, how did it go where you went?

The seductive young lady absently raised her head, Huh? Ohnothing special, really. I got peaced out pretty soon. Guess I didnt train enoughhee hee.

Yashiro Nanakase, the vigorous man playing the guitar, and lead singer of the band CYS, gives a slight chuckle, Well, good riddance to that! We needed you bad for the opening concert, anyway. Not very fond of looking for substitutes around here, ya know. French ladies are kinda weird.

Shermie, the sexy dame and also member of CYS, frowns, Hey, Im French too, buster! Whats the big problem?

Yashiro looks shocked, Uhhnothing! Nothing at all, really! So, uhhwhere is Chris?

Shermie resumes checking on her keys, Hes out there giving some autographs to the locals. Someone is gotta give a proper public imageand Chris has a pretty cute face, to boot!

Yashiro grumbles as he adjusts his guitar, Yeah, whatever. Kids got talent, fo sure. But I wonder.

Yashiro looks around in the stands for someone, and Shermie notices his concern, Dont tell me youre looking for him, arent you?

Yashiro remains silent for a while before giving a deep sigh, I just dont want that Yagami character to ruin another concert of ours. Cant afford to have another fallout like that.

Shermie looks at Yashiro, walks over to where he is, drops on one knee, and hugs him, Ooooooh, ya big lug. Stop whining! You know we can hold the fort! Nothing can break us. We have like thisunbreakable bond of sorts.

Yashiro looks upwards in wonder, Yeah, I wonder why is that? Three complete strangers teaming up like thiscertainly you dont think it was foretold, was it?

Shermie giggles a bit, Of course not, silly! Who would believe that? Now get off that lazy ass and lets get back to work. We have a HUGE concert to look forward to.

YeahI guess so.

Yashiro looks up to the crimson sky, and wonders if what Shermie said was true.

Name: Shermie
Sponsor: 4neqs
Origin: The King of Fighters 97
Games: The King of Fighters series
Company: SNK
Won: –
Lost: Link
Fun fact: Shermie is actually based on a character from the Lupin the 3rd manga/anime series called Fujiko Mine.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Geese Tower

Sitting at the very top of his very own creation in downtown Southtown, the dreaded crime lord Geese Howard sits in his comfortable chair, overlooking the city from the top floor. Wearing his patented fancy suit, Geese gives an evil smile as he looks over his city.

Hah hah hah. Look, Billy! My very own masterpiece! No one shall take this away from me. NO ONE!

The man standing next to him was also blonde and wearing a suit, yet he had a headscarf and was always carrying around a bo, Aye, I agree, boss. But what about em Bogards? And em Sakazakis? And em Jins? And.

Geese turns around, Whoa, slow down, Billy! Why do I have so much enemies? Geez, everyone be gunning at the top dog around here. HAH! WASTE OF TIME!

Billy looks around in confusion, Uhhhh, boss? Ive always wondered why, you being American, speak such LOUSY English? I mean, it doesnt even make sense!

Geese narrows his eyes, What you say? I do speak proper English, you fool! DIE YABO! Besides, youve seen that Heavy D! and Lucky Glauber characters? Those black people speak PROPER JAPANESE! That really boggles my mind.

Billy scratches his head with his pole, Yeah, I wonder why that is, too? The world has gone BLOODY MAD, Im tellin ya!

Geese turns around once again towards the window, So, what is on my agenda, Billy?

Billy grabs a small notebook from the top of Geeses desk, and starts running through it, Hmm.it seems Yamazaki will be here at 9:00 because you still owe him some money. Then Blue Mary will be here at 12:00 and try to take you in for the 90th time. Later on, at 5:00, your son Rock is gonna be here and try to exact revenge for his mother or something.

Geese slams the arm of his chair, HOT DAMMIT! Why must everyone be such a whining pussy? I remember how everybody was bitching about me being SOOOOO cheap when I was young and my hair was longer. They CANNOT ESCAPE WRONG DEATH!

Billy slaps his forehead, You seeTHAT was what I was talking bout. Everybody keeps telling us how we have such bad Engrish! Especially that Iori scrub. I WISH I COULD TEER HIM APAR!

Geese looks at Billy as an awkward silence takes possession of the room.

Name: Geese Howard
Sponsor: 9999
Origin: Fatal Fury
Games: Fatal Fury/Art of Fighting/King of Fighters/Versus series
Company: SNK
Won: –
Lost: Riku
Fun fact: Geese could be based on a martial artist only known as The Aussie from the martial arts film Bloodsport.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Japan

In the ruins of a city once known for its great glamour and bustling activity, Tokyo, a single man walks down one of the crumbled streets, surrounded by debris and trodded by several peddlers whose life seem to have left their eyes. The man does not seem to be pretty cheerful himself, considering his serious demeanor and rigid posture. The multiple scars on his body denounce his many life-and-death battles he has engaged in throughout the years. Alongside him, walks a young boy who seems to be quite the opposite to the battle-torn man: cheerful and full of spirit. Both are carrying bags of groceries.

The kid gladly comments to the dead-serious man, Wow, Uncle Ken! Do you think Lin will make some good dinner with this food? I can hardly wait, considering we have been eating beans for the last 2 weeks!

Kenshiro, legitimate successor to the Hokuto Shinken style, finally breaks his cold composue, and gives the kid a slight smile, Now, now, Ryu. Dont be so harsh on those beans. Bat practically worshipped them as if they were a dinner of gods!

Ryu gives a heraty laugh, Yeah, but Bat would eat bird dumpings if it were Lin who was cooking them. What a brown-noser!

Suddenly, from amidst the shadows of the allies, walks out a huge man, literally as big as a small house. Bearded, fat, and ugly as all hell, the criminal stood right in front of Kenshiro and Ryu, smiling like a complete idiot as his massive frame virtually blocks half the street. His giggly chuckle sneers out of his grin as he beckons with his grubby fingers, Hey, I see you carry quite a load there, gents! And it just happens to be that Im STARVING! So how bout you hand over em snacks like a true citizen, why doncha?

Ryu, far from being scared, rolls his eyes as if already knowing the outcome, Oooooh boyhere we go again!

Ryu looks over to Kenshiro, who has once again adopted a grim stance, and seems impervious to the threats of the thug. The bloated bully seems to get a little bit exasperated at Kenshiros lack of reaction, and suddenly grabs him by the collar of his shirt, Hey, punk! I told ya to give me those supplies! Are ya deaf, or just plain stupid?

But Kenshiro quickly replies with a couple of swift touches to the criminals forehead, which leaves the evildoer bedazzled and confused, but quickly laughs it off, WAH HAH HAH HAH! Is that all you got, kid? Geez, you are such a pansy doing those finger tricks! Now let me show how a REAL brawler does it!

Kenshiro slowly replies, Dont you know? Youre already dead, you fat piece of lard.

The fat robber seems puzzled at first, but then suddenly feels his head swelling from some form of pressure, gets compressed quite drastically, and indeed, explodes without further notice. No one around seems to pay it any mind, though, as it has become quite a common sight in these times of need. Ryu smiles at Kenshiro, Heh hehuncle Ken, you never really lose your touchpun intended!

Kenshiro once again breaks his icy face and smiles once more, Thanks, Ryu. Such is the power of Hokuto Shinken! You would be wise to fear and respect it.

Ryu nods, Yes, sir!

Master and disciple once again take path back to their hideout. Still much needs to be done in this world gone wild.

Name: Kenshiro
Sponsor: Arcadefire
Origin: Fist of the North Star manga
Games: Fist of the North Star series
Company: Culture Brain, Sega, and Konami
Won: –
Lost: Q
Fun fact: Kenshiro is actually a combination of two particular designs one being Bruce Lee (judged by the way Kenshiro screams during his attacks) and Max Rockatansky from the Mad Max series (played by Mel Gibson)

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Luminous

In this highly-advanced town, a single magician stands in the town square. His long hair is fixed in a ponytail although it seems messy. He wears a blue cloth, and looks to be the lost amidst the constant flow of people. The lonesome mage opens his eyes when he feels a presence behind him. He also has long hair, albeit brown, and looks to be a bit more elegant than the rowdy looking blue one. Virtually, they are a carbon copy of each other, although differing only in their dressing style. The other magician also has some red tones to his tunic, as the blue mage gives a slight smile.

Wellisnt it appropiate for you to be on time? I feel kind of flattered.

The other mage does not seem so elocuent, though, Enough, Blue. You know there can only be one way out of this, for both of us. The winner of our match shall determine who shall go forthand who shall be cast into the underworld.

Blue raises his head to the sky, but still without turning around to face his twin brother, Rouge. You assume too much from me. I will go to ANY lengths to achieve true power, even if that means going over YOU! Dont think this will be so easy!

Rouge grinds his teeth at the resilience of his brother, Your lust for power will only be your downfall, Blue! Nothing good can come from it, and many innocent people will suffer from it! Dont you seewhere your ambition will lead you?

Blue turns around hastily, looking deep into the eyes of his sibling, So you say! But you have been the chosen one all along! And I refuse to take a back seat and just accept things as is! Now is the time to determine who shall truly be the most powerfuland who will only stay in memory!

Rouge sadly shakes his head, Why did it had to end like this, brother? Why couldnt we just live peacefully like a normal family, instead of having to deal with such useless banter?

Blue gives a sinister smirk, Because, brother. Such power is only meant for one! And you know this as well as I do. In the end, we shall see which theory will prevail, and who will be right once all the smoke clears.

Rouge slowly nods, I agree. This way, Blue.

And suddenly, the two brothers vanish in a ray of light, leading the sibling rivalry into the ultimate showdown.

Name: Blue
Sponsor: The Damned
Origin: SaGa Frontier
Games: SaGa Frontier
Company: SquareEnix
Won: –
Lost: Luca Blight
Fun fact: When you finish the game with Blue, there is no ending, simply resulting in a The End screen. However, in the soundtrack forthe game, there is a sample called Blue Ending that may suggest that the developers DID have a ending planned out for Blue, but did not carry it out.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Pirates Island

In a secluded location amidst the skies (hidden amidst some windmills), lies a rather small island that just happens to be the hideout for pirates. But not just any pirates, sky pirates! The place was riddled with several treasures brought over from different parts of the world. A couple of pirates gloat over the confiscated booty, as a young blonde woman looks out on a balcony at the vast blue yonder that extends before her. Her intricately-designed dress and her hair blow into the wind as she removes her hair from her eyes. A young man also enters the balcony, and stands aside her, also looking at the skies.

The youngster, who wears mostly blue and has spiky brown hair, slightly turns to his side over to the lady, Quite a day, eh?

The precious damsel closes her eyes and nods, Yes, it is very relaxing. I kind of like it here. Kind of perplexing considering that its a hideout for pirateshee hee.

The vigorous teen looks puzzled, Hey, were a honest bunch! The Blue Rogues are a honest bunch, unlike those throat-slashing Valuans. They are the real criminals around here! Compared to them, we look like saints!

Fina, the young Silvite, smiles as she turns around towards Vyse, the young pirate, I knowI just wish things wouldnt need to come to this. Running away from the authorities like this.

Vyse gives a deep sigh and looks back up into the sky, In these days, you cant even trust the authorities. Its simply a vessel for those murderers to act on. Were just struggling to find a place in a world that shuns us.

Fina slowly nods, I agree. I feel the same way, too.

Suddenly, a silver ball of fun floats in between the two, taking Vyse by surprise, as it levitates with its funny face, as Fina giggles, Oh, Cupil, you poor little thing! You must be starving! After all, there is no edible food around here!

Vyse scratches his head, Hey, what is THAT supposed to mean?

Fina makes a way back in, Hee hee, just kidding, Vyse! Lets go! I bet Aika must be fuming if she saw us talking like this. Even though I very much enjoyed your company, to be honest.

Vyse tries to hide his blushing face, Uhh, really? I wouldnt know!

Fina giggles again as Cupil flies around her, Hey, hurry up! Well be late!

The two rush in, the skies a mute witness to their friendship.

Name: Fina
Sponsor: NeoChaosX
Origin: Skies of Arcadia
Games: Skies of Arcadia
Company: Sega
Won: Cammy White
Lost: Chun Li
Fun fact: Skies of Arcadia was based mostly on the concepts that Jules Verne wrote in his novels.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Eurydice Shrine

In a forgotten shrine built by Hephaestus, Greek god of forge and smithery, huge stone pillars stand in the middle of an ancient structure in Athens. The gentle summer breeze carefully graces the face of a single blonde woman, kneeling in front of a pretty intrisicate altar, featuring the image of an entity holding some legendary weapons. Wearing a rather feisty white dress, adorned with a metal belt at her belly, her eyes are closed and she is sank in meditation until she hears some stpes behind her, indicating that someone else is approaching. She quickly grabs her sword lying by her side, and instantly stands to her feet to face the visitor.

Strangely enough, the person who approaches bears much resemblance to her, and also dressed in a scantily-clad body outfit, and also having long blonde hair, settled with a ribbon on the top of her head. The woman looks shocked at the reception she was given, Sheesh, Sophitia! Stop aiming that blade at me, will ya? Why you must always be ready for attacks? I swear.

Sophitia slumps her shoulders as she lets out a deep sigh, Sorry, Cassandra. With all this Soul Edge controversy going around, and its evil influence spreading around the world. Even my children, Patroklos and Pyrrha, are suffering.

Sophitia fights back some tears as Cassandra draws near and puts a hand on her shoulder, Easy there, sister. I know how evil this malicious blade can be. But we wont settle anything by letting despair getting the best of us. Rothion needs you more than ever, as well.

Sophitia wipes her nose off, Yeah, I know. I just wish I was stronger so I could help protect my own family.

Cassandra once again slaps Sophitias shoulder, Of course you can! And Ill make sure youre on top shape once that moment comes! And we may start right now…

Sophitia looks at her sister rather strangely, Are you implying that?

Suddenly, Cassandra also pulls out a sword from behind her back, and arms herself with a small shield on the other one, Indeed! The only way to get better, is to display your skills in battle! Dont hold anything back, dear sister, for you shall receive no mercy from me!

Sophitia smiles and her face shines, as she once again raises her sword, Nice theory, sister. Come forth and do your best!

The steel clashes in front of the watchful eye of the statue. An old sibling rivalry reborn from a blade made out of hatred. True destiny awaits…

Name: Sophitia Alexandra
Sponsor: Ephidel
Origin: Soul Edge
Games: Soul Calibur series
Company: Namco
Won: Senel Coolidge
Lost: Kula Diamond
Fun fact: A theory making the rounds is that Sophitia is based somewhat on historic French character Joan of Arc, mostly based on the fact that Joan of Arc reportedly had counsel from angels, as much as Sophitia receives advice from Hephaestus in her adventure.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Destiny Islands

As the sun begins to set in the horizon, an orange hue covering the vast sea that surrounds these tiny islands in the middle of the ocean. Seagulls fly about, letting their unique chant be heard, as the sea breeze graces the palm trees, as one young man, with quite long white hair and with his right arm being all bandaged. He seems to be motionless until another kid walks up to him, having spiky brown hair, and all-around being more cheerful than the other teen sitting about on a palm tree log.

Hey, Riku! Whats up? Gazing into the distance again?

Riku just absently plays around with a discarded stick, Yeah. Dunno, guess I was kinda bored.

The other kid, Rikus bets friend, Sora, gracefully jumps up to the log where Riku is and sits down, kicking his feet about, I know the feeling! It seems that after all the worlds we have visited, going back home actually seemsa little bit dull, doncha think?

Riku firmly grasps his stick as he sneers, Maybe youre right. Or maybe its just because I cant really leave the essence of darkness behind. I dont knowmaybe I will always be permeated with this dark spirit?

Sora looks urged as he grabs his friends shoulder, Hey, man, you better leave that behind! Kairi and I have forgotten all about it. You should do the same.

Riku hastily looks away, Thats easy for you to say. You being the champion of Light and all that jazz. I had to deal not only with MY personal issues, but also the ambition of others that invaded my mind. Its kinda hard to deal with all that.

Sora stands up, and puts his hands on his waist, looking decisive, The Riku I knew would never say things like that! The Riku I know would stand up to his indecisiveness and fight back! He would never let up, and try his best to show everyone that he was the best there ever is!

Riku manages a weak smile, Hehwho would think a spineless coward like YOU would tell me stuff like that? Thanks, Sora.

Soras face distorts into that of confusion, Hey! What do you mean by that?

Riku looks back, notices something, and grabs it off one of the branches of the palm tree. It happens to be a fruit shaped like a star. Riku mockingly tots it in front of Soras face, So, how bout it? The one who wins the paku paku fruit gets to share it with Kairi!

Sora raises an eyebrow, I suppose you REALLY dont think that kiddie tale is gonna fool me again? You underestimate me, Riku.

Riku shrugs, Maybe youre right. But that wont stop me from winning the race back home against you!

In a sudden motion, Riku throws the fruit right at Soras face, giving him enough lead to make a run for it back to the village. Sora wipes off the juice from his face, and quickly makes his way behind Riku.

Hey, Riku! NO FAIR! Stop cheating, will ya?

Riku turns around and winks, Thats with ya hero typesalways naive and foolish! Glad I grew out of THAT stage!

The two friends resume their race back home.

Name: Riku
Sponsor: Ephidel
Origin: Kingdom Hearts
Games: Kingdom Hearts series
Company: SquareEnix
Won: Geese Howard
Lost: Sol Badguy
Fun fact: Riku is voiced by David Gallagher who, in case you didnt know it, was a part of the 7th Heaven TV series, and in case you didnt know it, dated Megan Fox (the hottie from the Transformers movie).

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Jowston

In the outskirts of the city-state of Jowston, far away from the bustling activity taking place in the city and into the countryside, lies a single man standing in the entrance of a forest, wearing a shiny white suit of armor, with spiked brown hair and a very mean look to him. Standing not too far away from him iis a young woman who wears a red-and-black dress, dons a tiara, and has long black hair, and has an air of solitude about her.

The sinister man makes a small gesture of scratching his neck, Sohow are the occupation plans going about?

The woman seemed quite concerned about the whole issue, LucaDo we REALLY have to resort to violence to settle this situation? I do believe that there can be a diplomatic way out of this invasion.

But Luca turned around abruptly and shook his fist, Nonsense! My father shall soon witness his own weakness, reflected in the terrible fate that awaits his people! He WILL suffer for his cowardice, that much I promise you!

Jillia Blight, Lucas sister, looked decisively at her brothers eyes, And in the name of revenge you shall make many innocent people suffer? That is inhuman, Luca!

But nobody could remove Lucas malicious smirk from his face, He should have thought that when he abandoned my mother and I to our fate! Now I shall pass judgement on his! Not a day shall pass where he shall not suffer shame from such a disgracefl act! That is a much more cruel punishment than death itself!

Jillia shakes her head in disbelief, Brothersometimes I dont know you really are. You.scare me sometimes.

Without any sign of remorse, Luca dusts off his hands, Yeah, this is the end result of a betrayed soul! Ill go back to the troops and inform them of our plans. We shall overrun this city by the time the sun sets in the third day!

Jillia stands poised in front of her brother, OUR plans sounds like an overstatement, brother. Sounds more like YOUR massacre.

Luca narrows his sight and his sarcastic grin now covers his whole face, Whatever suits yourself, sister. Either way, I WILL have my vengeance!

Luca almost shoves his own sister aside as he walks laughing maniacally. Jillia notices an eerie shimmer in his left hand. A bad omen for things to come.

Name: Luca Blight
Sponsor: Lucretz
Origin: Suikoden II
Games: Suikoden II
Company: Konami
Won: Blue
Lost: Madarame Ikkaku
Fun fact: Lucas mother, Sara, was reportedly stalked and raped while his father, Agares, fled in fear. From this incident, his sister, Jillia, was conceived, which sorta brought up a touchy subject in a video game.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Great stuff! Finished reading Lobo’s just now. So far Beavis was my favorite. :tup:

You just gotta check one of Amano Hyo’s pics. I mean, I couldn’t believe the guy actually said that in one of his endings. JAYSUS! :rofl:

Location: G-Corporation Office, Seoul, South Korea

In one of the many offices of the G-Corporation around the world, in this particular building (a tall skyscraper surrounded by crystal windows and steel grids) a single man walks down the halls. He dons an expensive designer suit, and his spiked black hair is very distinguishable. What can be noticed more, however, is the evident orange glow in his right eye. He opens a door to his own personal office, where some of his associates (namely, the ones he still kept alive) are lying in wait.

One of them steps forward, albeit with a bit of fear in his posture, Eeeehheh, heh, greetings Mr. Mishima! I-I hope your trip went well.

Kazuya sneered at his subordinate, Silence, peasant! Stop with the small talk! Tell me what my old man was up to NOW!

One of the other servants steps forward to support his baffling partner, Y-yes sir! It seems your father has been following the traces of your son, Jin Kazama, who, as you might know, has taken possession of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Kazuya now turns towards his other subject, giving him a cold stare, That much is obvious now, is it? I want to know both my fathers whereabouts AND my sons. That way, I can finally trace down the origin of the Devil Gene, extract it from my son, and finally be able to rule this world!

The first subordinates face lights up with enthusiasm, Ah yes! To that end, sir, we have finally finished development of the new Jack models we will use for security and special ops! The final product is MAG-NI-FI-CENT, I guarantee you!

Kazuya rubs his chin in a pensive manner, Well, FINALLY some relevant news around here. Show me!

The other associate presses a button on a remote device, and one of the walls open up to reveal a line of well-built robots with human appearance yet their eyes denote their mechanical origin. Kazuya gives a sinister smile as he walks past them, Ahhhhthe new model, Jack-6! Surely with these, not even my foolish son can gather enough strength in his pathetic zaibatsu to stand against me! Now, go! Find my father and son, and exterminate them!

The Jacks eyes flash red, and quickly rush forward to comply with their masters command. Kazuya finally sits down in his chair, his orange eye glowing with the ominous hue, and smiles again, Hah hah hahsoon enough, there will be no more Mishimas left to stand in my way! I shall reign supreme, with the zaibatsu, this corporation, and the Devil Gene! And after that, I shall rule this world! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAH!

Kazuya laughs it off as he puts his feet on his desk. The ambition of this madman knows no boundaries!

Name: Kazuya Mishima
Sponsor: Lantis
Origin: Tekken
Games: Tekken series
Company: Namco
Won: Neco Arc Chaos
Lost: Ken Masters
Fun fact: Kazuyas whole essence is related to the Yakuza (the Japanese mafia), starting from his name (which is a mixture of the word Yakuza) and his clothing designs, also closely inspired by Yakuza fashion.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Moonlit Wilderness

A pale full moon lights up the night sky, making the stars themselves look invisible as the shady glow of the moon shines upon a grass plain atop some hills. A few flowers adorn the vegetation, as the calmness is interrupted by the stealthy motion of some heavily armed soldiers moving through the tall grass. Some of them use night-vision goggles to detect any motion through the wilderness, as some soldiers communicate via radio.

Seen him yet?

Nope, not.huh?!

A sudden breeze passes by, and just like that, one of the soldiers disappears! The others turn around, aiming their rifles at nowhere in particular.

What the hell was that?!

Wha. Where is Simmons? Report!

But as soon as everyone was starting to search, an ominous shadow flies over the group, making everyone aim for the skies, Shit! Did you see that?! What the hell WAS that?!?

I dunno, but.UGH!

Suddenly, one of the soldiers falls to the ground face first, and behind him, the image of a young man appears, shirtless and with some black pants sporting a flame design. However, his hands seem to have sharp claws on them, his arms surrounded in chains, his body presenting some bizarre marks on it, glowing red eyes, and long black wings. Everyone aims at the assailant, Quick! Its the target! Everybody, FIRE AT WILL!

But before anyone could pull the trigger, the young mans eyes shine intensely, and a laser beam shoots out to take down a couple of soldiers. Despite the rest firing at their own judgement, they are methodically taken down by the demonic youngster. In the end, the solitary man lets out a shout of despair, his wings spreading out in the darkness. Until one female voice interrupts his rampage.

That is quite enough, Jin!

The possessed Jin Kazama turns around to meet face-to-face with his own cousin, Asuka Kazama. The malicious fighter grins at her progeny, Heh, Asuka? I thought you were better than teaming up with my fathers cronies! Are you really steeping THIS low to try and bring me back to my senses?!

Asuka brushes the comment off, No way, silly! I just followed these goons because I KNEW they were going after you. Made my job a lot easier!

Jin starts walking slowly towards the young student, In that caseyou have now encountered DEATH, my dear! My condolences!

Jin rushes forward at a blinding speed and knocks Asuka down with a tackle. But before he can assest one blow, the image of another woman appears before him, where Asuka is. The image of his own mother, Jun Kazama, shines brightly in Jins own eyes, making him hesitate and tremble.


Jin holds his head in despair, and suddenly spreads his wings out to fly out and away into the dark void of the night. Asuka slowly gets up, and feels her sore ribs.

HuhI wonder what that was all about? Aunt Jun?

Asuka looks around for answers that will not soon be responded.

Name: Devil Jin Kazama
Sponsor: #6 with Cheese
Origin: Tekken 5
Games: Tekken series
Company: Namco
Won: Hitoshura
Lost: Morrigan Aeslaed
Fun fact: Although Jin decided to disregard all Mishima teachings by Tekken 4, in his Devil Jin incarnation, he seems to have taken back these techniques (probably because Devil Jin is not really the essence of Jin himself, but rather another entity who takes possession of Jins psyche and uses the moves Jin willfully binded).

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Pic 2

Location: Berlin, Germany (circa 1940)

A huge crowd gathers together at Brandenburg Gate, many of them waving Nazi flags and doing some good ol Nazi chants. In the main stage, the great leader Adolf Hitler arrives and does his traditional salute much to the joy of everyone in attendance. Before directing himself to his followers, Hitler confers with his close war buddy, Benito Mussolini, the military leader of Italy.

Heh hehyou see, Ben? You WISH you had a crowd like that back in Rome without giving free pornography!

Mussolini frowns and revolts in his chair, Hmph! I bet you gave out some molden bread and a cold pint of beer because EVERYONE looks like shit, my friend. I CRINGE when I visualize a Europe with THIS sad bunch populating the land.

Hitler brushes his hands off, Hey, hey, man! Just look over there! Aint those the best set of GERMAN TITTAYS your eyes has ever seen?

Mussolini turns to his left, and indeed, some feisty German broads with huge cleavages wave flirtingly at Mussolini. Mussolini waves back, DAYUM SON! I had my fair share of hoes back in Napoli, but DAZZAM! Those melons are nothing to be shy about, NIGGA!

Hitler winces, What did you say?

Mussolini smiles nervously, OOh, sorry! Had to remind myself you didnt like black people!

Hitler rubs his tiny moustache, I wonder if theyll use that quote again in the future?

Mussolini crosses his arms, Anyway, did you receive my Jew cargo last week?

Hitler opens his eyes wide, OOOOH! Yeah, I did! Fine quality right there, son! Theyll make pretty good soaps and combs in the future! I personally need to take a shower for some time nowguess Ill just kill a couple of hundred Jews to get myself fully clean. HAH! Although there was this little boy who had some magnetic powers butI guess he wont amount to much in the future. HEH!

Mussolini closes his eyes and shakes his head, Oooh, A. All this Holocaust thingy is gonna put you in the history books fo shizzy!

Hitler rasies an eyebrow, Holocaust? But the Holocaust never happened, dawg! Oh, whatever, we have this war won anyway! HAIL ME!

Hitler turns around and gives the Nazi salute again, causing another uproar in the crowd. And so did the Third Reich usher in an age of prosperityor did it?

Name: Adolf Hitler
Sponsor: givequicheachance
Origin: Historic German figure from the World War II era
Games: Wolfenstein 3-D, Bionic Commando (referred as Master-D), among other spinoffs
Company: ID Software, Capcom, the works
Won: M. Bison
Lost: Cable
Fun fact: It is historically argued that Napoleon and Hitler basically committed the same mistake in their similiar attempts to conquer Europe their course through Russia, where the harsh territory played a huge factor in the ultimate failure of the the troops to defeat the Russian army. Never before has the quote Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it ever rang more true.

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Location: Washington D.C.

In the depths of the United States Congress, several senators and reporters infest a certain room in particular to attend a hearing regarding the use of steroids in baseball. Everyone is mumbling and chatting to each other while Roger Clemens is at the stand, making his declaration as everyone rubs their chins and look at The Rocket with some traces of respect, and some with disdain.

…and that is my story of how I am NOT guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs during my career.

Some people in the room nod, some others shake their heads, and everyone starts talking up a storm until George Mitchell stands up, waving some papers in his hands.

HANG ON, Mr. Clemens! In MY report, it states that you, among other star baseball players, received several prescribed medications from BALCO, including human-growth hormones! The game has been tainted by cheating players such as yourself, and we will NOT tolerate this line of conduct, Mr. Clemens!

Clemens looked like he was going to totally implode, until the doors into the room swang wide open, and a single man totting a bat over his shoulder walks in, looking very much full of himself and flashing a grade A smile. Everyone turned around and started to mumble like crazy again, until senator Mitchell pointed him out, And WHO might YOU be?

The black man shrugs, Are you kidding me? Gimme a break! Im Bo Jackson, baby! Im here because Bo knows injustice!

Everyone lets out a deep OOOOOH as George Mitchell simply chuckles, Oh yeah? So what does Bo know for certain?

Bo walks down the aisle as he taps his bat on his shoulder, You see, Bo never needed that juice crap. Back in mah old days, all I had to power myself up was WHEATIES and HOT DOGS, shawdi!

The senator laughed it off, Im sure those Wheaties must have been sprinkled with the clear, huh?

Bo points out his bat at senator Mitchell, Stop hating, white man. Bo knows racism. And you suck at it! Cant say for mah nigga Barry Bonds, though. You KNOW em muscles are not natural, son. Them be some freakin pistons!

Mitchell raises an eyebrow, So youre claiming that Mr. Bonds is guilty as charged?

Bo shrugs, Im just sayin we need more cheeseburgers in stadiums, you know what Im sayin? And some fried chicken, too. No stereotyping, please.

Mitchell flails his arms in a rant, This makes NO sense at all! Fellow senators, I lead a motion to kick this man right out of the capital! He has no business here!

The people present keep discussing as Bo checks out his bat, and wonders to himself, I wonder if EA Sports is gonna contact me this year? Because Bo certainly knows DAT MADDEN!

Name: Vincent Edward Bo Jackson
Sponsor: RockBogart
Origin: Professional baseball/football player
Games: Tecmo Super Bowl, Bo Jackson Hit and Run, Bo Jackson Baseball
Company: Tecmo, THQ, and Data East
Won: Chief Thunder
Lost: The Rock
Fun fact: Bo might know batting from his right hand, but the only time he batted left-handed, he hit a 450+ feet home run. Of course, this was only during batting practice, and with a borrowed bat.

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Pic 2

Location: Baratie

A small restaurant floats atop the sea surface, and has the bizarre shape of a fish, drifting about in the deep blue yonder. Inside the restaurant, everything seems to be quite busy as pirates and sailors alike enjoy their meals, but two women in particular stand out from the rest, sitting at a table in one of the corners. One of them is a short lady with just-as-small orange hair, and the other seems to be quite the contrary: a fairly tall woman with long blackish hair, who happens to be totting about a certain rock in her hands.

The shorter woman takes a sip from her drink while looking at the other womans object, Hey, old sis. Youve been looking at that rock for some days now. Whats the whole big deal about it?

The taller woman just gives a slight smile, but does not sway her sight away from the stone in her hands, Well, it seems that this stone might lead to a hidden path to access the treasure in the Mountain of God. I bet we can obtain a big deal of money if we manage to break in!

Nami, the younger woman, rolls her eyes as she takes another drink, Yeah, I just hope its not as messy as the last time. The Captain can be SOOOO dense sometimes. Sheesh.

The older lady, Nico Robin, smiles again as she now looks back at Nami, Oh, come on, Nami. Dont tell me you wouldnt LOVE to get your hands on all that treasure. That would settle us for YEARS to come!

Nami winks as she puts down her drink, Im not saying I wouldnt. You know I live for all that stuff!

Robin paces her sight down again, Still, though, I wonder if well ever get to One Piece one day.

Nami looks at Robin with some sadness, and holds her hand, Dont worry, Robin. Im sure well get there one dayeven with our babblibg captain aboard!

Robin smiles again, Yeah, I guess so. Even in spite of our captains silly antics!

The two pirate ladies giggle as a waiter comes by, notepad in hand, Hey, you ladies are friends with Sanji, right? He told me to give you some special attention. Sowhat will it be?

Nami was going to ask first, but Robin butts right in with her petition, I want an exquisite salmon.but please refrain yourself from keeping the eyes. That stuff makes me SICK! And make sure it is well-gutted, so I wont have to eat those disgusting intestines, and earn me a disease that can make nasty rashes erupt on my back, and even below, where…

Nami starts freaking out, ACK! ROBIN! Enough with that already! Youre making me lose my apetite!

Name: Nico Robin
Sponsor: Arcadefire
Origin: One Piece manga
Games: One Piece series
Company: Mostly Bandai and Banpresto
Won: Urza
Lost: Tiffany Lords
Fun fact: In case you didnt know, Robins measurements are B99 W59 H89, and her favorite foods are sandwiches, cakes that arent too sweet, and things that go well with coffee.

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Pic 2

Location: Hon-Maru Ruins, Tokyo, Japan

After a group of Jack-5s came and self-destructed themselves, apparently sending him to an untimely death, from amidst the rubble of what once was the ominous Hon-Maru shrine, rises Heihachi Mishima, the former leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu. His body aches all over and he must at least have a few broken bones from surviving such a huge explosion. He is actually a couple of miles away from the actual explosion, having propelled him to a nearby cemetery. Heihachi holds his head in pain, as some shady figure stands before him.

Well, look at the fate of the great Heihachi Mishima. Such a sad end for a pathetic old man.

Heihachi, amidst his very blurry sight, can distinguish the image of his adopted son, Lee Chaolan, mockingly smiling at the battered Heihachi. The eldest Mishima grumbles beneath his breath, Lee. What the hell are you doing here? Have you come to mock me in my defeat?

Lee rubs his chin while looking down at the ailing Heihachi, You knowfinishing you off would be pretty easy right about now. But I guess it wouldnt even matter now. Considering everything you lost.

Heihachi opens his eyes in alarm, Say what? What do you mean by that?

Lee holds his mouth in a fake display of surprise, Oh! Silly me and my big mouth! Well, it seems that during your beauty sleep, your grandson took possession of the Zaibatsu, and is now waging war on the whole free world!

Heihachi sits up at the speed of light, Come again now?! Jin assumed my role as leader of the Zaibatsu? I never thought the kid had it in him to run my empire! That scrawny little brat. How dare he steal the fruit of my work?!

Lee paces around looking contemplative, YOUR work? Heh, sorry pops, but you just took over what my grandfather did, and Kazuya also helped a little bit down the way. Bottom line, dad, is that only the strongest rule in that corporation, and now Jin rules it all!

Heihachi slowly gets to one knee, Me, the great Heihachi Mishima, defeated by a mere boy? I think not! I shall regain what is rightfully mine. And if you dare to get in my way, Lee, I shall destroy you, too!

Lee shrugs, Suit yourself, old man. While you lick your wounds, Ill be busy trying to lose myself in the shuffle, and win over the Zaibatsu in my OWN right! See you at the top, dad!

Lee loses himself amidst the fog that has settled down upon the cemetery. Heihachi is left alone standing in quite the morbid setback, Do you honestly think Ill just sit back and do nothing?! Foolish children! Witness now the power of angerthe power of a true MISHIMA!

Hehaichi plants his feet on the ground, and surrounds himself with several bolts of lightning. The patriarch of the Mishimas rises once more!

Name: Heihachi Mishima
Sponsor: Rekka1210
Origin: Tekken
Games: Tekken series
Company: Namco
Won: Cidolfas Orlandu
Lost: Link
Fun fact: Heihachi makes a cameo appearance in a Italian comic called Don Zaucker, where he fights (and loses) against a beefed-up exorcist. Hmmmyeah.

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Pic 2

Location: Earth (prehistoric era)

In a vast grassy plain, adorned with only some dry trees and several rocks scattered about, a lone velociraptor walks amidst the tall grass, as some clouds begin to clutter the once blue sky. The dinosaur seems to be in a complete state of awareness, looking from one side to the other, showing a completely focused mind. Suddenly, it notices some movement in the grass, and quickly pounces upon the source of the disturbance.

The predator seems to have landed upon nothing but plants as he closely surveys the area, and notices the motion going on once more. The velociraptor once again patrols the area, and in a swift motion, charges forward, and manages to encounter itself with a gorilla. Despite being caught off-guard, the primate manages to shove the dinosaur aside, making it skid on the dirt, but it soon recovers and turns around quickly. The gorilla is now at full attention, not separating his eyes from the wary velociraptor.

Must you always be in a mood to stalk people, Dinobot?, the gorilla suddenly blurted out. I do admire your persistence, but it DOES get out of hand sometimes.

The dinosaur rests his posture, and in some sudden swift motions, morphs from his animal self into a full-fledged robot, but keeping his menacing demeanor, And you are quite lacking the attention neccesary to be the Maximal leader, Optimus Primal! Had I been a regular Predacon, you would have been an easy victim, for sure.

The gorilla also starts to shift its shape into another full-sized robot, but seemingly wiser and less malicious than Dinobot, Spoken by a true warrior. Your skills are always honed to a sharp edge there, Dinobot. But I wonder if your spark ever knows peace?

Dinobot sneers with some annoyance, Why am I under all this questioning? The path of a warrior is always riddled with challenges and obstacles! And to become a true warrior is to surpass all these shortcomings. Nothing nor nobody can stand in my way, be it friend or foe!

Optimus Primal winces at the gesture, Such resolution is admirable, but to be constantly thrown into the fray of battlehow long can a Maximal go before it finally gets to them? Before life loses all meaning, and becomes just a constant struggle for survival?

Dinobot looks away, I care not about such meaningless trivia. My destiny is already determined. Whether I choose to accept it or not is irrelevant. May history be the one to judge my actions. The rest, I shall take care of myself.

Dinobot once again reverts back to his velociraptor form, and dashes away. Optimus Primal is left contemplating how his comrade runs into the distance, The fate of a fighter. Where shall it take you, Dinobot? And where do we fall into all this?

Name: Dinobot
Sponsor: P. Gorath
Origin: Transformers Beast Wars cartoon series
Games: Beast Wars series
Company: Takara
Won: Gilgamesh
Lost: The Beast
Fun fact: Dinobots famous last words in the Code of Hero episode (Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly; the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest… is silence) is actually an excerpt from Shakespeares Hamlet.

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Pic 2

Location: City of Wailing Demons

Inside of the walls of his very own metropolis, built over a barren wasteland in a world punished by nuclear disaster, Raoh stands in the balcony of his very own citadel, looking over his very own creation, where all his followers consider him a benevolent dictator, in contrast to the rest of the world, which considers him a bloodthirsty power monger. His tall and muscular build allow him to tower over most other humans, and his complex armor gives him the image of a terrible ruler. Raoh turns around to see a chained man before him, bounded by chains, and looking clearly untidy. The man was brought to him by his guards, surely from his very own Cassandra Prison, where he has imprisoned countless martial artists.

Do you see this now, Toki?, the imposing Raoh thunders over his weak prisoner. Look at what I have become! My people cherish me as their own savior, kiss the ground I step on, and will gracefully follow me to whatever fate may bind me to. You see, the true essence of Hokuto Shinken is not about personal achievements, but in the end, it is who remains standing!

Toki, who happens to be Raohs very own brother, looks at Raoh with misty eyes, clouded by the many months of imprisonment, Raoh…your strength is never to be challenged. That much is obvious. It is your delusional ambition that will end you. You honestly think crushing the opposition will make this crazy world go sane? It will only create more enemies for you, and thus will hatred NEVER be expelled from this world in crisis!

Raoh gives a slight smile as he walks down the stairs back into the room, Aaaaah…but you forget, my brother. Hatred and chaos are what now rule the world. Any other form of order shall not last long, for the natural instinct of man will then kick in, and we shall once again be in the same place we are now! No more doubting can be tolerated! The iron fist can be heard for miles as it plummets upon the weak!

Toki resists, but cannot move very far due to his own chains, Master Ryuuken would be saddened by those words, Raoh. He taught us the techniques of Hokuto Shinken to help the world, not plunge it deeper into darkness!

Raoh could not fight back a loud chuckle, You forget, Toki! It was I who sent our master to his grave! Now those old Hokuto Shinken philosophies are buried with him. Behold and cower before the new awesome might that is Raoh! And suffer in your weakness for it!

Tokis eyes saddened as he stared at his power-drunk brother, Raoh…

Raoh turns away, and motions to his guards, Take him away. May he leave my sight…

Toki is hauled out of the room by the guards, and Raoh remains alone once again. The cruel dictator pours some wine in a glass, and looks at it vaguely, Human feelings…such a dull excuse…

Raoh drinks up, but what really motivates this powerful ruler?

Name: Raoh
Sponsor: RockBogart
Origin: Fist of the North Star manga
Games: Fist of the North Star series
Company: Culture Brain, Sega, and Konami
Won: Kazuki Sanada
Lost: The King
Fun fact: Raohs death was so powerful, that it actually motivated the Fist of the North Star manga publisher (Shueisha) to hold a real-life funeral for his character on April 18th, 2007.

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Pic 2

Location: Planet Aiur

In the dark depths of a secluded valley, a sudden rain breaks out, falling in between the crevace created by the two mountains. In these far reaches, a lonesome cloaked figure dwells in the shadows, apparently going undisturbed by the pouring rain. He remains still for several minutes until another cloaked figure approaches. His face is more visible, revealing a somewhat metallic-looking face, sporting no mouth and shiny blue eyes.

The more visible figure stops right in front of the more hidden one, Lord Zeratulhas the time arrived yet?

Zeratul, a dark templar and member of the Protoss race, reveals his face as well by pulling down the upper part of his cloak, Indeed. It is high time that we advance to the land of the dark templars, Shakuras, where our fellow Protoss may find some shelter from the madness of the Overmind.

Tassadar, close friend to Zeratul, nods in approval, I see. Has Raynor also been informed of our plans?

Zeratul looks down to the floor, Indeed, he has. I usually dont trust Terrans that much, but I believe his military knowledge may be of some use to us in our struggle against the Zerg.

Tassadar sees some hesitation in Zeratuls words, Is something wrong, master? Certainly you are not troubled by the outcome of this surrogate war were having?

Zeratul now turns his head upwards, Maybe. I certainly hoped there would be a better way out of this, but alas, no one said this battle would be easy. But I will do anything to release my people from such a cruel fate. Are you with me, Tassadar?

Tassadar bows before the dark templar, You know you have my full support, my lord.

Zeratul returns the bow, Very good. Now, lets get a move on. The Zerg might be on the lookout as we speak. Lets reunite at the spaceport. There we can keep discussing our plans.

Tassadar nods in approval, Yes, sire!

Tassadar slithers out of sight, leaving Zeratul to look up at the downpour falling upon him, I hope it all pays off in the end.

A Protoss being a fugitive in his own home planet, Zeratul plans to tip the balance of power. But to which side will it incline to?

Name: Zeratul
Sponsor: #6 with Cheese
Origin: StarCraft
Games: StarCraft series
Company: Blizzard Entertainment
Won: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Lost: Holy Order Sol
Fun fact: Zeratul is actually 634 years old, which is actually around the mid-age mark for a Protoss, who can live around the 1000 year mark as an average.

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Pic 2

Location: Old Detroit

Somewhere in the near future, in the always-troubled city of Detroit, sounds of gunfire and screams can be heard echoing throughout the streets. The construction of the new Delta City that would take place over the ruins of the old-and-worn-down suburbs of Detroit is currently on hold due to some financial problems with OCP and their failure in previous projects that have placed the city in jeopardy. A lone police car runs down the streets, a couple of blocks away from where construction had begun, but was not stopped. The policewoman on the copilots seat looks up to the abandoned project from her window, as she sighs.

Murphydo you think this madness will ever end in this crazy town?

The driver is apparently no regular cop, as his whole body is covered in a metallic suit, and only the lower part of his face is the lone trace of humanity that can be found in him. His precise motions of his body, along with the weird buzzing noise that accompanies it, make him quite the sight to behold, either for fellow police members and for the hapless criminals that happen to cross his path.

Why so serious, Lewis? Is it not a beautiful day todayaside from all the smelly smog filling our precious air?

Anne Lewis turns around at the fabled Robocop with confusion, Did they tamper with your circuits again, Murphy? I swear, those OCP assholes are.

UhCRIME IN PROGRESS! Lets go, Lewis!

Robocop makes a sudden swerve to a street corner where a bunch of black guys seem to be minding their own business and smoking some weed. Robocop gets out of the vehicle, prompting the gang to act totally surprised as the lae enforcer makes an appearance.

SHIEEEEEEET, nigga! Its Robocop! DAYUM, that armor be SHINY, bra!

He be carrying some MAD BLING, SON! Riding round dem streets with his hoe!

Lewis frowns at the comment, Who are you calling a hoe, thug?

Robocop stops his partner short, as he confronts the gang, You are consuming drugs in public property. That is in direct violation of the law. I commend you all to surrender now, or there will be.TROUBLE!

The petty thieves look at each other, and then burst out in laughter, Aw, naw, you didnt, coppa! We just be mindin our own shit, offica!

Yeah, want some of this ganja, son? BE MIGHTY GOOD STUFF!

Without flinching, Robocop pulls out his gun from the compartment in his thigh, and shoots the incoming thug on sight. The other gangsters just watch in awe.

AW SHIT, MAN! Lets bail!

The gangsters run about as Lewis looks at Robocop with some anger, Murphy, you did it again! Didnt they program you to be a bit more civilized?

Robocop looks back at her, Dont worry, LewisOCP will clean our tracksthey always do! Thats what we cops do!

Lewis shakes her head in resignation and walks back to the car, Cmon, Murphy, lets get back to the precint and get ourselves some breakfast.

Robocop freezes in his track, Awmore Gerber! Hmmmthe breakfast of CHAMPIONS!

Robocop also heads back to the carbut not before picking up the downed criminals weed cigarette. Even superior cops need some of that shit!

Name: Robocop (real name: Alex J. Murphy)
Sponsor: ToyRobotTerror
Origin: Robocop film
Games: Robocop series. Robocop vs. The Terminator
Company: Data East, Virgin, and Ocean
Won: Metal Sonic
Lost: Grimlock
Fun fact: The Robocop character was based on comic book characters Deathlok, Judge Dredd, and even the infamous Iron Man, whereas the movie itself takes shots at Reaganomics and the consumerism present in the 80s (a certain trademark patented by the movies director, Paul Verhoeven).

Pic 1
Pic 2

Location: Moscow, Russia

The arena is packed with hundreds of rowdy fans expecting to see a fabulous wrestling match in the midst of a cold and snowy night in Moscow. While it would be freezing outside, the interior was hot enough as the seering crowd roared in anticipation of this highly-anticipated match. Of course, this encounter wouldnt even have half the hype if it werent for the special appearance of the great Russian champion, Russias own Red Cyclone, Zangief!

Coming out with his traditional red cape draped over his bulky self, Zangief calmly looks around at the whole ruckus boiling around him as he approaches the ring. As he climbs on the canvas, he disposes of his cape and raises his arms, and the crowd in attendance is just about to go nuts! Strangely enough, the expected opponent does not come out. A few minutes pass by, and still nothing occurs. The crowd whispers as some officials go backstage to check out the problem, as Zangief does some warm-up exercises in the ring. Suddenly, an assistant storms out, his face pale like a ghost.

Mr. Zangief! Quick! YYou better come see this!

Zangief quickly got out of the ring and ran backstage to the dressing room area. It was in there that Zangief discovered the prone body of his opponent, who was already dressed up in his wrestling gear, yet he was bashed into the lockers by some tremendous force, knocking him out cold. The whole room was pretty much a mess in itself, with objects thrown everywhere. The medical assistance was already attending the unconscious wrestler, as Zangief and his assistant conferred.

This is incredible, Mr. Zangief! A heavyweight professional wrestler dragged around like a rag doll? I find that pretty hard to believe! Do you think this was the doing of.the warrior with the red hair?

Zangief looked at his assistant with some conspcuos eyes, No, this could not be the work of that man. He would have throughly devastated this man, killing him without much of an effort. Although make no mistakethe man who did must have possessed incredible force to cause such a disaster.

The assistant scratched his head, This sure is getting more complicated! Let me try to explain this to the crowd to avoid any confusion.

As the assistant stormed out of the room, Zangief managed to catch a glimpse of someone standing around the corner in the hallway. From what Zangief could gather, it was someone rather tall, wearing a trenchcoat, a fedora hat, and his eyes had an eerie yellow glow to them. Zangief was left wondering to himself.

Just what in the world WAS that?!

Zangief looked about but found nobody. As the stretcher was pulled in to retrieve the other wrestler, the Red Cyclone was left with more questions than answers.

Name: Q
Sponsor: ToyRobotTerror
Origin: Street Fighter III Third Strike
Games: Street Fighter III Third Strike
Company: Capcom
Won: Kenshiro
Lost: Proto Man
Fun fact: Even though Qs identity is mostly a mystery, it is probably noteworthy that whenever Q gets hit, a metallic sound is heard, and when he gets electrocuted, no visible skeleton appears. Some food for thought.

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Location: S-Mart

Night falls upon the relativelu quiet supermarket known as S-Mart, a rather dull and run-of-the-mill store where boring music plays all day and customers come in and out in what almost seems like a parade. This night, however, seems to be pretty calm as the store is about to close. A single clerk walks down the aisles repeatedly, wearing his traditional store uniform, with the only particular feature that his right hand seems to be a metal glove of sorts. The simple-minded man whistles peacefully as he hears the typical voice echoing through the speakers.

Attention customers, we would like to inform you that we shall close in 20 minutes. Please head for the cashier aisles whe—uh? ACK! UhUWAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Ash Williams, the average store clerk, looks throughly puzzled as he hears the voice being muffled by some disgusting sounds. Surprisingly enough, Ash does not seem to overreact.

Hmmm? Something sounds.strange around here. Seems like I must be fixing things around here again. Groovy!

Meanwhile, near the store entrance, it appears that a bunch of zombies have infiltrated the supermarket, stalking around for possible victims to eat, of which they have already grabbed ahold of 2 mishappened souls who were wandering about. The walking dead keep looking erractically about for further snacks, but one of them suddenly gets his head blown up with a loud shot. Another zombie goes around to check, but is met with a raging chainsaw that impales his chest, and cuts through him like a hot knife through butter, making a whole mess of flesh and blood everywhere. All the zombies take notice as they see Ash step out of the aisle with a chainsaw grafted where his right hand used to be, and a shotgun in the other.

What, trying to get away without paying? We dont like your kind around here, cheap asses! So why dont you come get some?

One of the zombies mildly speaks up, And who are YOUUAHDHHAHAH?

Names Ash Williams… Ash cocks his shotgun, Housewares.

Ash aims and blows one of the zombies head off, making the rest furious as Ash simply smiles.

Hail to the king, baby!

Name: Ashley J. Williams
Sponsor: 9999
Origin: Evil Dead film
Games: Evil Dead series
Company: Palace Software and THQ
Won: Zitz
Lost: Trogdor
Fun fact: Although Ash is most well-known for his arrogant character (reflected in his cocky quotes), Sam Raimi (director of the first two Evil Dead films) said he intended for Ash to be more of a bumbling, unlikely hero.

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Location: Nakadai Gym

RIGHT! Him him with a right, dammit! GUARD! Raise your guard! The face! The face! THE FACE!!

The seasoned boxer Date Eiji gives the boxers in the sparring ring instructions on how to fight properly. The years (and the blows) have not been kind to Date, as he still sports the scar on the bridge of his nose from his world title match against Ricardo Martinez a couple of years ago. Nowadays, Date channels his knowledge into a new generation, anxious to repeat the success of their mentor.

The boxers inside the ring seem to be intimidated as they try to land some solid blows, but Date urges them on, Whats wrong, you asshats? Get your ass in gear and start throwing some REAL punches! Dammit, even my grandmother could kick you twos asses and still have time to piss in your eye sockets! Now GET A MOVE ON!!

Finally, one of the boxers takes notice, and starts wailing on the other with solid left and right combinations, until the other boxer no longer resists, and falls to the canvas. The other boxer seems enthusiastic, and removes his head protector in glee.

Mr. Eiji! Did you see that?! I won! I won!

Date rolls his eyes as he hands the young-in a towel to clean his sweat off, Yeah, yeah, Okita. Just remember to be more consistent in your offense, OK? If you keep stalling like that in a real fight, a true boxer would put your ass on the ground as fast as they can. Understood?

Okita nodded as he cleaned himself up, Got it, Mr. Eiji! I wont let you down!

Date looks around the gym, and notices a single woman waiting for him at the entrance, waving for his attention. Date smiles and pats Okita on the shoulder, Seems like my wife is already here. Do me a favor, Okita. Do some 50 push-ups and you can hit the showers, OK?

Before Date could leap off the ring, Okita grabbed his arm, Wait, Mr. Eiji! Do you have any advice for an up-and-coming superstar such as myself?

Date looked back at Okita, who seemed to be pretty full of himself, smiling largely like that, Yeah. Go get a facial. That face looks like something only a mother would love. YUCK!

Okita looks baffled as Date makes a way to his wife. Truer advice has never been given!

Name: Date Eiji
Sponsor: maxx
Origin: Fighting Spirit manga
Games: Victorious Boxers series
Company: Vivendi Universal
Won: Steve Fox
Lost: Ippo Makunouchi
Fun fact: Dudleys own Corkscrew Blow is similar in more ways than one to Dates special blow, the Heartbreak Shot (which would also make sense since both are boxers).

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Location: Malachor V

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

In a distant dark planet, a solitary spaceship cruises the skies at a moderate speed. Although not very big, it would fly about with gracious speed and, more importantly, under a stealth guise. Inside it, looking out a window, was a black cloaked figure, with what seemed like a red mask under its hood. A droid walks up to him with much confidence and self-assurance.

Notice: Master, which shall be our next destination?

The Dark Sith lord, Darth Revan, slowly turns around, Aaaaaahhh, my dear creation, HK-47. We are currently scanning the area for possible Jedi castaways. We must eliminate those undesirables if we wish to establish the Dark Force as the new power to rule over all!

HK-47 nods in approval, Agree, Master. Lets not leave one of those meatbags alive. We shall hunt them down likeuhhsomething that can be caught easily, my lord.

Revan seems a bit taken aback, I guess Ill take your word for it. I wish to enlist your aid for this fateful battle. Are you with me?

HK-47 salutes adequately, Complied! I will gladly use all those meatbags for target practice. They shall feel the wrath of the HEAVY METAL, and then dance to my requiem of death, of which I happen to be a great performer of.

Revan laughs heartily, 47, you really amuse me sometimes. I wonder what I actually programmed into you to make you act like that. Truly, a wonderful variation from the typical droid, thats for sure.

The warrior droid makes a dramatic pose, Reminder: I certainly have the HATE factor built into my system, sire. That makes me twice as dangerous, and three times as charismatic!

Revan nods as he watches HK-47s corny display of poses, No point in arguing that. Onward, my loyal servant! For the glory and honor of the Sith!

HK-47 raises its arm, And for the maiming of much meatbags!

The ship shoots into the distance, ready for yet another war of fate.

Name: HK-47
Sponsor: ToyRobotTerror
Origin: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Games: Star Wars series
Company: LucasArts
Won: Strider Hiryu
Lost: Rumble
Fun fact: Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer of Knights of the Old Republic, claims that the origin of the name HK-47 comes from a billiard team he had made up, where 4 players had the last name Harrison, while his was Karpyshyn (4 Hs and 1 K), which would come to be HK-41, but they changed it to HK-47 because of the intimidatory nature of the AK-47 rifles.

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Location: Sparta, Greece, circa 490 BC

The ancienty city of Sparta lies as gorgeous and strong as ever, with many citizens walking around the streets performing several mundane activities: shopping at the market, children playing, several soldiers walk in formation, etc… The ruler of this empire, King Leonidas, watches with some degree of satisfaction along with his wife, Queen Gorgo, from the entrance to their palace.

Gorgo smiles, My love, dont you love how our lands have progressed? Truly a prosperous city, that even Athens has to give credit for every now and then!

Leonidas just sighs, Yeah, sometimes its just too peaceful. My Spartan blood tells me that something is DEFINETLY wrong in the world when no one comes to start shit up in your face.

Gorgo looks at her husband, Tell me, my king. What are these rumors that you were beaten by someone who used this famous wrestling technique in the tournament you went to?

Leonidas grumbles, I dont want to talk about that. I want to believe it was all just a BAAAAAD dream.

Gorgo shrugs, I guess the Oracles arent the only people smoking some serious stuff.

With all the peaceful setting around him, Leonidas grows more and more impatient, his hands become sweaty, and his mouth starts twisting into deformed shapes as he cant really stand it anymore, and suddenly points out at some random bystander, Hey! YOU THERE!

One of the citizens turns around, confused, Whome?


Uhhh.Im your cook, my lord. I just made breakfast for you about an hour ago, dont you remember?

Leonidas grinds his teeth as a rather rudimentary ball made of animal skin and ropes falls to his feet, as some kids call out, Hey, sire, can you give us the ball?

But Leonidas mood was getting a bit foul, Children! COME AND GET THEM!

A Spartan soldier then walks up to Leonidas, looking quite cheerful, Salutes, my king! Say, do you see that amazing beauty over there? This is really hotness incarnated!


Leonidas looks around quite absently, and then his eyes turn on with raging fury, THIS.IS.SPARTA!!!

Leonidas kicks his soldierbut it just happens to knock him down a couple of steps, as he fell on the ground, startled and unable to speak. Leonidas looks at him with certain remorse.

We NEED to start digging more bottomless pits.

Name: King Leonidas
Sponsor: The Chief
Origin: Historic Greek figure from around 500 BC
Games: 300
Company: Warner Bros. Interactive
Won: Doctor Doom
Lost: Randy Orton
Fun fact: Leonidas taunt against the Persians in the movie 300 (Persians! Come and get them!) is actually a historically accurate quote (as well as many of the more famous quotes in the movie).

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