WC of 3S Results

  1. KO - yun
  2. Sugiyama - Necro
  3. Daigo - Ken
  4. Kokujin - Dudley
  5. RF - Chun, Pyrolee - Yun
  6. Victoly - Dudley, Chikyuu - 12, Necro
  7. KSK - Alex, Hungbee - Oro, 5 Star - Ken, Justin Wong - Chun
  8. Rockefeller - Urien, Eddie Lee - Chun, Hsien Chang - Ken, Mike Watson - Ken
  9. Arlieth - Makoto, Sean Kim - Chun, Nate - Ibuki, Amir - Chun, Aneursym X - Dudley, JR Rodriguez - Akuma, CRoyd - Ken, Paulee - Ken
  10. Nibor - Ken, Jared3S - Elena, MikeMenace - Hugo, Louis Kim - Chun, MtSacKid - Ken, Adam B. - Ken, TMS - Chun, Charlie Wang - Yang
  11. Rei - Chun, FatBear - Ken, Ty - Alex, Henry Cen - Hugo, Simon Yoo - Ken, Jammar Lewis - Necro, 527 - Dudley, Larry Dixon - Oro, Moe - Makoto, MutantXP - Necro, Mopreme - Chun, 720 - Hugo, Mike Lai - Yun, IronFist - Dudley, Ehud - Ken, Ken I. - Makoto
  12. Jason - Ryu, Will - Ken, Saizo - Makoto, Ali - Dudley, Koji - Dudley, Emil - Ken, Mr. Quotes - Makoto, KoFiend - Yang, Chris - Dudley, Josh - Oro, ShinContra - Ken, Ryan - Urien, Eric Chin - Ken, Matt Chin - Ken, ??? - ???, Kris Gill - Makoto

u can make whatever u want of these results. shit talk all u want or cockride all u want. have fun. GG’s thanks for coming down japan, texas, toronto, ny, and everywhere else. everyone is cool and hope to see you all again.

and yes were making a dvd of this as well as the 3on3 tourney we had a few days before this. we just need to get all the video together and this and that. ill keep everyone posted.

will the dvd be in direct feed? and big props to chikyuu for beasting with 12 again! looking forward to the vids.

Cant wait for this DVD. Are all matches recorded or just the winner’s bracket or what? Does the recording also have the Pyrolee -vs- Justin Wong money match?

Congrats to everyone who went. Maybe next year Ill go get my ass whooped out there.

Can’t wait to see Sugiyama’s Necro. Did Sugiyama ever have to fight Victoly or Kokujin? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a high level Necro win against a high level Dudley.

:o so, what happened to teh FFA CREW @ EVO? i mean i had my money on them placing highest out of the american contestants! If someone could explain this MALARKY that’d be great.

Nice, MALARKY word of the day lol

kokujin lost to sugiyama, but during casual play, necro vs. dudley is evenly matched, dudley with the slight upper hand. kokujin gets nervous during tournament play and makes mistakes.

EVO. not taken seriously by many ff players so many were not present or didn’t enter:

Yi: loses to wong and paulee
Rockefeller: loses to wong and hsien
Vic: loses to daigo and kokujin

I’m curious why sugiyama used magnetic storm against kokujin’s dudley. He uses the snake against everyone else.

FF scrub/fanboy: I think you have it switched around. It’s more like: Evo2k4 did not take FF players seriously.

You guys live in a bubble and got worked at Evo (those that had the balls to go)…and the other FF players got owned by the signup sheet…


Respect to Josh, Larry Dixon, and especially Hung. Keep pimping that old man!

instigation doesn’t work on the strong minded.

Great tourney. It was nice putting to faces to the names of srk. Canada, TX, and Ny crews were dope as hell. Big thanks to yi and ralph for making this event possible.

If you guys want to take the results of a console “play-in-your-lap” tournament over a real arcade one that’s on you. WC of 3s was my evo, not whatever that thing was at cal poly.


*note: so i take it u didnt even enter, not a console warrior huh? lol @ me thinking u got peaced out early from teh tourney!

Yup, I said the night before evo, what’s more important “sleep or evo” and I chose sleep.

how about just let me say this. all u shit talking fanboys, where the fuck were u at evo? where did u place? hey but seriously, let the americans that placed in the top 8 talk there shit. if watson, hsien and wong want to come into this thread and talk about how much FF players got worked at evo let them do so cuz they got the right to do it.

i have no beef with wong. he beat me in winners and we played a good match, the vid will probably be out. if u ask him, he’ll tell u i took him to the limit. afterwards we talked and we are cool. if wong wants to come out and say FF sucks at 3s, he can cuz he has the results, but the fanboys, what the fuck did u guys do? hsien was hella cool too, i wish i could play against him more, if he feels like he needs to tell FF how much we suck at 3s, obviously his top 8 will allow him too. and props to watson for beating mester and RF, he deserved to be there. phillybacker. dont u fucking think watson sucks? why dont u just stfu ok? i was talking to watson and he told me he honestly didnt think he would qualify for 3s this year.

the sticks sucked so bad me and paul played our match in the cal poly game room. yeah i paid $30 to go to evo to play in the gameroom. the match didnt even feel like a tournament match, everything was just retarded, whats the point of trying when i pretty much know half my moves wont even come out?

you are still my hero Yi. EVO wasnt a tournament, just keep that in mind. you paid to lose in casual matches :slight_smile:

you are still my hero in marvel korean jordan. i love playing 3s from the ground and from an angle.

good shit yi, i still look up to your ken … team ff WILL get them next time :slight_smile:


Fanboys make FFA sound like a bunch of haters. The fact is we welcomed EVERYONE to our arcade.
there is and never was beef with any heads, Wong, Texas, Watts, Japan, Canada, etc etc etc etc
During the WC tourney everyone was hella cool and nice. I got to meet alot of people


gg to everyone who played, esp. the out of state people :slight_smile: